45 Animal Riddles That Are Bear-y Puzzling

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Originally Published on Sep 25, 2020
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What do you get if you cross an animal with a riddle? Kidadl's list of amazing riddles on animals, of course!

Many kids love guessing games and a good riddle is a great opportunity to help children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills - and they're just plain fun.

Animals are also always a firm favourite with kids, so we've decided to combine the two into this list of animal-related riddles that will keep little brains busy for hours finding that elusive answer.

Now that your kids are riddle experts, why not try Kidadl's list of water riddles and impossibly tough riddles, or if they want a laugh to lighten up, take a look at these animal jokes.

Easy Riddles For Kids

When it comes to simple riddles for kids, they don't make the answer much easier than this. The easiest of animal riddles, KS1 children (and some of the older ones) will love these.

1. I have horns but I can't beep. I like to bleat but I'm not a sheep. Goat.

2. I'm covered in feathers, I cluck, and you might get called my name if you're scared. Chicken.

3. My start goes on toast, and my end's how birds move. My baby eats leaves but I drink flowers. Butterfly.

4. You say "hey" but I eat it. I say "neigh". Horse.

5. I hide my treasure in the ground, my tail is big and fluffy. If you spot me in a tree, please don't call me scruffy. Squirrel.

6. I'm big and fluffy, and a little bit scruffy. I live in the woods and give big hugs, and if I live on your bed you might call me Ted. Bear.

7. I've got lumps on my back and I live on the sand. I'm strong and I carry you over the land. Camel.

Who Am I Animal Riddles For Kids

These bear-y puzzling "Who am I?" riddles about animals will keep you guessing. All these riddles have the name of an animal as their answer.

8. I am a fruit, a bird and a person. Who am I? Kiwi.

9. I hang upside-down on trees. I'm the opposite of busy bees. I sleep and sleep, I'm very slow, and on each foot I have three toes. Who am I? Sloth.

10. I live upside down. I see with my ears and don't use my eyes, and on Halloween I'll give you a big surprise. Who am I? Bat.

11. I build a home of sticky string and catch my prey with a bite or sting. Who am I? Spider.

12. Play me with a ball and bat or hear me chirp in a top hat. Who am I? Cricket.

13. I have black circles round my eyes even when I'm not tired. Who am I? Panda.

14. I have a mane but I'm not a lion and I wear my shoes to bed. Who am I? Horse.

15. I have no eyes, legs or ears but I can move the earth if you give me time. Who am I? Worm.

16. I grow from eye to fish to creature. I burp when I talk and jump when I walk. Who am I? Frog.

17. I join you at parties every year, but I never get to enjoy them. Who am I? Turkey.

What Am I Animal Riddles For Kids

These funny animal riddles are always good for a laugh with your friends. Give it your best guess until you get the answer, but don't let them catch you "lion" about having it all worked out.

18. A prickly house, the face of a mouse, I'm a ball you can't throw when I spot a foe. What am I? Hedgehog.

19. I never leave water but I breathe air. I live in a school all my life. What am I? Dolphin.

20. You might use me on your hair or eat me for dessert. What am I? Moose.

21. I munch leaves from treetops but my feet never leave the ground. What am I? Giraffe.

22. A king without a crown, I sound untruthful but can't talk. What am I? Lion.

23. I row with four paddles but never leave home. What am I? Turtle.

24. The alphabet goes from A to Z but I go Z to A. What am I? Zebra.

25. I'm spotty and speedy, but not at all greedy. I look like a leopard, but don't try to play me at cards. What am I? Cheetah.

26. I jump when I walk and sit when I stand. What am I? Kangaroo.

27. I'm a backwards dog but I'm not a god. I wag my tail when I'm angry and growl when I'm happy. What am I? Cat.

Man with earphones stroking dog.

Rhyming Riddles

You'll have a "whale" of a time working out the answers to these fun rhyming riddles for children.

28. I slither around with my home on my back. I've never been rich but I leave silver tracks. Snail.

29. I wear a tuxedo in the snow and skate on my tummy across the ice floe. Penguin.

30. I'm bigger than a house, scared of a mouse, have great big toes and a hose for a nose. Elephant.

31. I've a hole in my back and legs I lack. I live where I can't breathe and I eat without teeth. Whale.

32. I've a crown on my head like a king, but sound a disgrace when I sing. I've fewer eyes on my face than my tail, especially when I'm a male. Peacock.

33. I sizzle like bacon, came from an egg, change shape with my food and haven't one leg. Snake.

34. Cupid without a bow, Donner with no kebab, one who dances, one who prances, all dragging present-giving dad. Reindeer.

35. I plough fields but never sow, I've a corkscrew tail and snuffly nose. Pig.

36. I hum, I don't buzz. I'm covered with feathers not fuzz. I whizz around for hours, sipping nectar from flowers. Hummingbird.

Spelling Riddles

If you can find the answer to all of these, you're clearly "bear-y" clever indeed. These spelling riddles will give you "paws" for thought AND make a fun way to practice your spelling while you work out the answer.

37. My first's in follow but not lead, my second's in write but not in read.

My third's in sky but not cloud, my fourth's in humble but not in proud.

My all turns circles in a bowl, and lies on a plate fried up whole.

Answer: Fish

38. My first's in cloud but never in sky, my second's in roll but never in lie,

My third's in water but never in trees, my whole gives yoghurt, milk and cheese.

Answer: Cow

39. My first's in old but never in young, my second's in whistled but never in sung.

My third's in lunar and in light, my whole is a creature that flies at night.

Answer: Owl

40. My first's in sea but never in ocean, my second's in change but never in motion.

My third's in boat but never in ship, my fourth's in travel and also in trip,

My fifth's in dark but never in caves, my whole has a triangle that pokes from the waves.  

Answer: Shark.

Tough Animal Riddles

These puzzling animal riddles would leave even the Sphinx scratching its head. See how many answers you can find. If you get every single one, you're clearly not monkeying around!

41. A black dog lies on a black road. No streetlights are on. A car with broken headlights comes down the road but avoids the dog. How did the driver see the dog?

Answer:It was daytime.

42. A cat can jump up to two metres. There's a window one metre from the ground, but the cat can't jump through. Why not?

Answer: The window's closed.

43. A monkey, a sloth and a squirrel are climbing an apple tree to see who can get to a coconut first. Who wins?

Answer:Nobody, coconuts don't grow on apple trees.

44. What colour chicks would hatch from brown and white rooster eggs?

Answer: They won't. Roosters don't lay eggs.

45. There is a house with four walls that all face south. There's a bear standing outside. What colour is the bear?

Answer: White. If all the walls face south, the house must be at the North Pole, so the bear is a polar bear.

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