50 Rhyming Riddles That Are Really Hard To Solve

Emily Munden
Dec 12, 2023 By Emily Munden
Originally Published on Sep 28, 2020
Fact-checked by Monisha Kochhar
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Riddles are an amazing way to shake up your thinking and use your creative mind.

They'll make kids think differently by engaging their problem-solving brain. Rhyming riddles are great fun and easy to remember, so kids will have great fun challenging their friends once they manage to work out the answers.

Rhymes and riddles are a great way to bond as a family as you all work together to try to work out the answer to a riddle. When kids work out the answer on their own, they love the feeling they get, and it's a brilliant boost to their self-esteem.

Our rhyming riddles and answers below should be your first stop in your quest for the best rhyming riddles out there.

Object Rhyming Riddles

Look around you and you might find the answers to these rhyming riddles if you think very carefully.

1.I get stamped but no foot is pressed on me. Inside me, you place letters for mail delivery.


2.I look very sorry when you feel sad, and I love to look happy if you're feeling glad.


3.I stand up tall and can be very grand. My secret isn't hidden, it's right at hand.


4.I can be all colours or no colour at all, sometimes I'm empty, and others I'm full.


5.You use me from your head to toe, the more I work, the smaller I grow.

A bar of soap

6.I draw a picture with my tip, if you don't know the answer, I could get bit. I break a lot, and get a bit dull, one day there will be nothing left of me - nada, null.


7.I often have a window, and a stamp, when you need to seal me, make my back damp.


8.It's shorter than all the rest, when you're happy you raise it like it's the best.


9.I'm found on people's faces, I'm something you wear, I help correct your eyesight and I come in a pair.


10.I hide what's real and conceal what's true, at times I bring out the courage in you.


11.If your windows upstairs are dirty, and outside they must be cleaned, you'll use me to climb up and reach them, once against the wall I'm leaned.


Nature Riddles That Rhyme

These all natural riddles and rhymes are a challenge to answer, even if you spend most of your free time exploring the great outdoors.

12.I reach for the sky, bare fingers when cold. In warmth I wear an emerald glove, in between I dress in orange and gold.


13.I am tiny, but in me the power lies to change my form and substance to much bigger size.

A seed

14.Red, orange, yellow and green. The king could never reach me, and not even the queen. Blue and violet also are seen, some shading between.


15.After a fall, I decide to take over. Then life starts to stall, or starts to grow slower.


16.I touch the Earth and sky. If I touch you, you'll probably die.


17.I live in oceans, rivers and seas. I float when I'm cold, when I'm hot I'm free.


18.Not for an elephant, or one for clothes but I'm a trunk and I grow and grow.

Tree trunk

19.I have an eye, but I can't see. You'll run for shelter when you notice me.


20.Although I'm made of blades, I am something that loves to grow. I'm not sharp like a razor, I am something you can mow.


21.I am very thin and flat, on a branch I shall be found. When I'm from a deciduous, you'll find me falling on the ground.

A Leaf

22.If someone's floating out of doors, their arms and feet are in motion. There is going to be a good chance they're swimming in the _______.


23.You will hear it rumble after flashes of lightening. They named it after Thor who's the Norse God of this thing.


24.You can see my effects, yet I'll never be seen, I come after cross, whirl and wood and come before mill, sock and screen.


Young girl reading a book.

Animal Rhyming Riddles

If you love your furry best friend, you'll have the edge when answering these rhyming riddles.

25.Some say I smell but I like to be clean. If you mess with my mud I could get pretty mean.


26.I'm warm and fuzzy but I don't cuddle. Spot me then run (even through puddles). I'm brown, or black, and even grizzly. I'll gobble up your barbecue if your sausages are sizzly.


27.Buzzing little hummer, I'm busy all summer. No time to shirk, no man is able to do my work.


28.I'm a little fuzzball you keep in a cage, I look young forever, no matter my age. I'm a bit like a rat but my cheeks are more fat.


29.I'm the biggest mammal in the sea, most other fish let me be. I can shoot water from my head, when I sleep I need no bed.


30.In a tree I will move as slow as can be, my name is a sin yet from them I'm free.


31.A warrior in the flowers with a sword, he'll use it if he must, to defend his gold hoard.


32.Fast on my feet, driving dogs mad. My tail flicks when I'm angry, I hum if I'm glad.


33.I like to hop around on my four green feet, but sadly it's my legs, that French people love to eat.


34.I live in Africa, and from tall trees I peck. I am mostly just well known for my extremely long neck.


35.A stallion is the male of me, a female's called a mare. You might get to ride me on the carousel at the fair.


Maths Rhyming Riddles

Even great mathematicians might struggle to answer these tricky rhyming riddles for kids, do you think you have what it takes to find one or more of the answers?

36.Jasper, Tom and Flynn had 29, 19 and 15 beans, now can you help them find the mean?


37.You'll find me at the bend, or in a triangle at the end.

An angle

38.Surfaces? Of those I have six, Each is exactly the same, you won't find a mix.

A cube

39.Some say two and two are always four, but how can these numbers become eighteen more?

When you write 22

Science Rhyming Riddles

These science riddles that rhyme aren't easy to answer but you might just have a shot at the answer if you love science.

40.I'm not gas or a solid, but something more unique, I'm the water you find flowing through a river or creek.

A liquid

41.Can you see me? Usually you can't. I can surround you though, and surround your aunt!


42.Atoms are cool, but stars definitely rule. You could spy a twister or two in the area of science I choose to do.


43.I can be soft and hard, you can hold me in your hand like a rock on the land.

A solid

44.I'm the smallest unit, need I say more? There's nothing else to it.

An atom

45.Dinner plates and lots of coins, pizza bases and rings. It's also the letter that comes after N, what shape are all of these things?


Abstract Rhyming Riddles

By far the most difficult riddles to answer, these rhymes are all about the things we can't touch.

46.I can be cracked, and also played. I'm sometimes told, and often made.

A joke

47.By moon or sun, I'll always be found, but I am undone if no light is around.


48.I make people fear, and it's been said I come out of your ears. Quiet as a mouse, and not welcome in the house.


49.You saw me where I couldn't be, yet often you do see me.


50.The more I appear, the less you'll see. Riddle me this then, what could I be?


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