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30 Water Riddles That Are Sea-riously Puzzling

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Riddles are great exercises to help you use your brain more creatively.

Riddles about water are interesting because of water's changing states. You might find that water is behaving differently to how you first thought when it turns to ice or steam.

These water riddles for kids may be tricky to answer at first, but once they get the hang of them they'll start to think more imaginatively to find solutions.

What Am I? Riddles

This classic type of riddle is the most popular, kids will have fun getting in the flow of guessing the answer.

1. I have no mouth but eat many things. I fear water, but I love wind. What am I?


2. Wash me and I won't be clean, don't wash me, and I'll be clean. What am I?


3. I'm the child of water, but when you take me back to the water I'll die. Who am I?


4. I have five eyes but cannot see. What am I?

The Mississippi River

5. As big as a mountain, or small as a pea, I'm endlessly swimming in a waterless sea, what am I?


6. Give me food and I'll live, but give me water and I'll die. What am I?


Rhyming Riddles

Try to answer these rhyming water riddles, they're fun for kids and easy to remember.

7. I can help you clean your shirt, and always fall but I'm never hurt. Look for me to beat the heat, I can run without any feet.


8. What always runs, yet doesn't walk, often murmurs but doesn't talk. Has a bed, but doesn't sleep, has a mouth but never eats.

A river

9. You'll probably use me for fights in the summer, if I leak in your house, call the plumber!


10. I run forever, but do not move at all, I have no lungs or throat but a roaring call.


11. I am solid in freezers, in rivers I flow, my chemical formula is H2O.


A little boy swimming in water looks directly at the camera.

Tricky Brainteasers

Bonus points if you manage to think of the answer to a riddle about water from this section.

12. What lives in winter, dies in summer and grows with its root at the top?


13. When can a man walk on water?

When it becomes ice

14. What is covered in holes, but can still hold water?

A sponge

15. What is both water and land, but neither either, and still always wet.


16. What three letters mean solid water?


17. Which letter of the alphabet holds the most water?

The C

18. You can swallow this, and it can swallow you.


19. You see this in the water but it doesn't get wet.


20. What do the letter T and an island have in common?

They're both in the middle of water.

21. When does a net hold water?

When the water is frozen.

22. I get in the shower, but when I get out I'm completely dry. How?

I didn't turn the shower on.

Funny Riddles

If you're looking for a riddle that will make you laugh, we've got just the one.

23. If I drop a yellow hat in the Red Sea what does it become?


24. Imagine you're in a room full of water. There's no windows or doors. How are you going to get out?

Stop imagining

25. When does a bank have no money?

When it's a river bank

26. What kind of cup doesn't hold liquid?

A cupcake

27. What runs but never gets tired?

A tap

28. When will water stop running downhill?

When it reaches the bottom

29. If you're swimming in the ocean and an alligator attacks you, what do you do?

Nothing, there aren't alligators in the ocean!

30. What goes into the water green and is blue when it comes out?

A cold frog

Written By
Jennie Hughes

Jennie is a Manchester native who discovered a love of teaching and travel whilst teaching at a kindergarten in China, and has spent her time since then becoming an expert in both. Jennie mainly teaches KS2 children and still thinks she has the best job in the world. She also runs a tutoring and mindfulness company called ‘Recreate-U’ which helps people to reach their full educational potential through making them feel comfortable, safe, and happy in their learning environment. In her spare time she can be found up to her elbows in a craft project or curled up somewhere comfy with a book and a hot cup of tea.

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