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18 Things That Happen At The Start Of Every New School Year

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As school returns after the summer break, so to do the numerous situations and rituals that we all find ourselves sharing. Here are 18 things that happen at the start of every term, no matter what age your kids...


1. You plan something special for the last day of the school holidays, but then it rains and you’re tired and nobody can be bothered, so you all sit around watching Netflix in your pyjamas.

2. “What time do we need to set the alarm for? It’s been so long, I can’t remember how to get the kids ready for school.”

3. The night before school, over evening dinner, your child reveals that they’ve still got homework to do. LOTS of homework.

4. Despite waking up at 5am EVERY DAY of the holidays, you’re child is mysteriously reluctant to stir until 8am on their first day back at school. 

5. You finally get them out of bed and into their school clothes, and it’s only now that you discover that last year’s trousers are a size too small.

6. Breakfast beckons. All summer, the kids have been happy with a simple bowl of cereal. Only now, when time is at a premium, do they ask for poached egg on toast (with the crusts removed) and a side portion of home-made pancakes.

7. Inevitably, the maple syrup dribbles down their nice new jumper or cardigan. 

8. Five minutes before you’re due to set off, your child announces that something very trivial (but super-important to them) has gone missing. A frantic hunt ensues.

9. The object is found. But now a shoe has gone a-wandering. It eventually materialises in the very first place you looked.

10. “What’s the new teacher’s name again?”

11. There’s the inevitable conversation comparing your child’s new year to Harry Potter’s school progression. And...

12. “I wonder who’ll be the Dark Arts teacher this year?”

13. You suddenly remember that they need their gym kit. The thought is immediately followed by a sinking feeling, as you remember that it’s still all screwed up and wet, inside a plastic bag that hasn’t been opened since July. 

14. You’re five minutes down the road before you realise that nobody remembered to brush their teeth.

15. At the school gates, predictable smalltalk fills the air. “Good summer?”, “Go anywhere nice?”, “Well, here we go again, then.”, “Woah, little Johnny seems to have shot up over the summer.”, “It’ll soon be Christmas!”.

16. You’re on your way home from dropoff, and a thought suddenly enters your head: “Did I remember to snip the label off their new jumper?”

17. You pick them up from school, keen to hear about all their new adventures. “How was school?” “Fine. What’s for dinner?”

18. You totally feel that you made the most of the summer break, because you’re a Kidadl reader and lapped up all the summer ideas we suggested. 

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