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Top 10 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas For A Day To Remember

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Kids birthday parties can be difficult to get just right, and with our 10-year-olds reaching an age where tastes are changing quickly, it can be hard to know where to start planning.

However, birthday parties don't need to cost the earth, and with our tips, you won't need to compromise on the fun factor for your kids! There are so many creative ways to make this the best birthday party ever.

Organising birthday parties for this age can be a bit of a task: Trying to balance young playful kids filled with energy and excitement, with the fact they're growing up and might not be interested in all the things they once were. Throwing a fun party is a great way to strike that all-important balance, whilst still embracing all the fun and games that a 10-year-old birthday party should be filled with. Take a read below at some of the ideas for birthday parties everyone will love. This is sure to be the best kids party ever!

Backyard Camping

What better way for your 10-year-old kids to spend their birthday party than sleeping under the stars with all their best friends? This birthday party idea is simple but so effective and is a great sleepover party idea. Have fun as you make the tent, hang the fairy lights, get a little campfire set up and get the marshmallows on sticks ready to toast. Hot chocolate is also an all-time camping birthday party favourite that you know all your kids and their friends are going to love. Have them play some star gazing games, read some campfire stories and give your kid a special birthday party they will never forget!

Trampoline Party

Trampoline birthday party ideas for 10 year olds

If your 10-year-old is an active, sporty type, then a trampolining party may be just perfect. If you're lucky enough to have a trampoline already in your back yard, then perfect! All you need is some guests, some party music and some trampoline games and you're all set! This is one of the kids' party ideas that truly is a favourite amongst 10-year-olds. After all the fun and games of trampolining, use the kids' tiredness and have a lovely, relaxing dinner. Pizza is always a winner and well deserved after all the energy spent bouncing.

Please note: Any activity with a trampoline requires careful supervision at all times.

Cupcake Party

This is one of our favourite party ideas and is popular with girls and boys alike. Have a cupcake showdown, and see who can ice the best! Include cake themed party games, and get the adults to judge based on presentation, colour, taste and design. All you need are the cupcake ingredients, an oven and some excited 10-year-old kids ready to get stuck into baking!

Fancy Sleepover

If a sleepover party seems more appealing, why not turn it up a notch and make it super fancy? Transform your home into a hotel for the night, and give your kids the ultimate grown-up sleepover experience. As one of the party ideas friends just love, add extra special touches like a mani-pedi station, non-alcoholic bar and kids canapés! You could even have fun and make an exclusive hotel menu, so your kids and their friends can order room service and have some late-night snacks as they snuggle up to a film or two.

Fashion Party

Fashion birthday party ideas for a day to remember for 10 year olds

For your little fashionistas, this is one of the most fantastic birthday party ideas your kid will love. Put on a catwalk, and have the guests come wearing their most outrageously fancy outfits. It's a kids party that won't be forgotten. Have a music playlist ready as all the kids strut their stuff on the runway, and have a judging panel ready to see who's outfit is the best. Make use of any space you have in the house for this one, and if it's a sunny day an outdoor catwalk in the garden is a great idea.

Pamper Spa Night

Pamper spa night birthday party ideas for 10 year olds

Get the face masks and scented candles ready, and throw a pamper birthday party! Turn your home into a spa for the day, and use all your pamper knowledge to make this an extra special birthday Have some posh desserts and cake ready, play some soothing music and throw an unforgettable kids party. For an alternative option try different party venues, with some day spas offering party packages too.

Cooking Party

This is one of the best birthday ideas a child could ask for. Have a cook-off and play some party games seeing who's the best chef! You can then all eat the results after!

Movie Night

As cinemas aren't open yet, a film night is a lovely kids party idea where you can turn your sitting room into a home cinema. If you have a mini projector even better! Get the popcorn ready and let your kids pick their favourite movies to settle into.

Zoo Party

Petting zoo party ideas for 10 year olds

If your kids are animal lovers, then a trip to the zoo may be a super special way to spend a birthday. Have animal-themed games and food prepared. It's one of the most exciting party venues there is!

Skate Park Party

Let your kids run wild (with parental supervision) and have a birthday at a skate park! Make use of what your local area has to offer. If your kids and their friends are already skilled skaters, they could have skate-offs against each other. If they're less experienced, see if you can find an older family member who might be able to teach them a thing or two. Have some snacks on hand as they'll probably be a hungry bunch after all that skating; a picnic might be a good option.

Paintball Party

For the more adventurous types, why not head to your local paintballing centre and get messy! Paintballing venues have started to take bookings, which is great news for any 10-year-olds ready to practice their skills and have fun with their friends.

Pool Party

pool birthday party ideas for a day to remember for ten year olds

Be it a paddling pool in the garden, or an outdoor pool, grab some fun shaped inflatables, a beach summer playlist and have a pool birthday party. On a hot summer's day, this is just a perfect way to make use of the weather and have an amazing day. Play birthday games such as pool tag, swimming races or volleyball that 10-year-olds will just love!

Doughnut Party

A Pinterest trend and one not to miss out on, doughnut parties are all the rage at the moment. Grab some plain doughnuts, or for the more adventurous, make your own! Have great fun decorating, icing and eating! Party games to play include ring throwing games, but using doughnuts instead!

Doughnuts for doughnut party ideas for a day to remember for 10 year olds

Arty Party

For any little art lovers and creative minds, this birthday idea is perfect. Grab the paints, paintbrushes and canvases and let your kids go wild releasing all their creative energies. With some galleries re-opening too after lockdown, it's the perfect time to also organise a little art and cultural trip.

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