A Christmas Story Trivia: 60+ Questions And Answers About The Story, Cast, And Production

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'A Christmas Story' is definitely a top trending Christmas movie every holiday season.

It is the perfect movie to keep you and your family entertained every holiday season. The movie surely reminds you of the joy of making a Christmas gift list and then patiently waiting till the final day when you can actually see if you got the items from your list.

If you are someone who has made it a tradition to re-watch the movie every year and have probably memorized the script and scenes and are in love with the whole cast and the cute boy Ralph then wait no more and take this A Christmas Story quiz. If you enjoyed our 80s movie trivia and The Grinch movie trivia, you will surely like 'A Christmas Story' trivia. Let’s see how well you do.

Movie Plot Trivia

A Christmas story is a beautiful and fun storyline about a boy named Ralph who wants a Red Ryder shot range model air rifle as a gift for Christmas. There are several scenes from 'A Christmas Story' that are eye-catching but also have certain hidden traits that only a mega-fan can remember or find out. For example, not everyone would be able to figure out what 'A Christmas Story' time period or timeline it follows and is set in. You think you know it well, give the quiz a try.

1. Question: Ralphie’s father was referred to as ‘the old man’, but what was the name given to him in the film?

Answer: Ralphie’s father was never named in the film.

2. Question: Question: A piece of music is played when Ralphie says ‘fudge’, and the lamp breaks for the second time. Where is that music from?

Answer: It is the opening of ‘Hamlet’ by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

3. Question: In what magazine does Ralphie insert the flyer of his Red Ryder BB gun to get his mother’s attention?

Answer: The ‘LOOK’ Magazine

4. Question: How many times did Ralphie say that he wanted a Red Ryder BB Gun

Answer: 28 times

5. Question: What does the Parker family eat for dinner every night?

Answer: Mashed potatoes, red cabbage, and meatloaf.

6. Question: Which Christmas Carol plays in the opening of the movie?

Answer: Deck the Halls

7. Question: In ‘A Christmas Story’, how old was Ralphie?

Answer: Nine years

8. Question: What was the name of the book written by Jean Shepherd on which the movie is actually based?

Answer: In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash

9. Question: When Ralphie tells his mother, teacher, and Santa about wanting a Red Ryder air rifle for Christmas, what line does everyone use to discourage Ralphie from getting it?

Answer: “You’ll shoot your eye out.”

10. Question: What was the name of the department store where Ralph sees the BB gun.

Answer: Higbee’s was the name of a department store.

11. Question: What is the color of soap in Ralphie’s mouth

Answer: Red

12. Question: What grade did Ralphie get on his assignment, ‘What I want for Christmas’?

Answer: A C+

13. Question: What car does Ralph’s father drive?

Answer: An Oldsmobile

14. Question: What time does the store close where Ralphie and Randy go to meet Santa?

Answer: 9:00 ‘o’ clock.

15. Question: What did Flick gift his father for Christmas?

Answer: A rose that squirts water

16. Question: What does the Parker family usually eat for Christmas dinner?

Answer: A turkey

17. Question: What was the name of the host of the radio show, Little Orphan Annie?

Answer: Pierre Andre

18. Question: According to Ralphie, what imaginary villain pestered the Parker clan?

Answer: Black Bart

19. Question: Which city have the filmmakers shown as 'A Christmas Story town?

Answer: Hammond, Indiana

20. Question: In the dream where Ralphie defeats Black Bart, what does he call his Red Ryder BB gun?

Answer: Ol’ Blue

21. Question: Which character from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ visited Randy and Ralphie while they waited in the line to see Santa?

Answer: The Wicked Witch

22. Question: What did Ralphie gift his teacher for Christmas?

Answer: A fruit basket

23. Question: What was the name of the Chinese restaurant where the Parker family ate Christmas dinner

Answer: Chop Suey Palace

24. Question: Which soap did Ralphie eat for his punishment?

Answer: Lifebuoy

25. Question: What gift did Mrs. Parker give Mr. Parker for Christmas?

Answer: A bowling ball

26. Question: Who gifted Ralphie a pink bunny suit?

Answer: Aunt Clara

27. Question: How did Ralphie break his glasses?

Answer: He stepped on them

28. Question: Which soap did Ralphie prefer eating when he got punished?

Answer:  Lifebuoy Soap

29. Question: What street did Ralphie and his family live on?

Answer: Cleveland Street

Happy family on dining table.

The Cast Trivia

The cast of 'A Christmas Story' couldn't have been better. Bob Clark, the director, went through thousands of auditions before choosing the actual Christmas story characters and assigning them the perfect roles, making the film a hit among the audience. The Cast was very wisely chosen, and they made the true essence of the movie come out.

30. Question: ‘A Christmas Story’ was the debut film of which actor?

Answer: Zack Ward

31. Question: Who narrates the film as the adult Ralphie?

Answer: Jean Shepherd narrated Christmas Story.

32. Question: Who plays Scout/'Scut' Farkus?

Answer: Zack Ward

33. Question: Who played Randy?

Answer: Ian Petrella

34. Question: The director Bob Clark made a cameo appearance as what character?

Answer: As Swede, the parker family’s neighbor.

35. Question: Wil Wheaton auditioned for the role of which character from the movie?

Answer: Role of Ralphie

36. Question: Which actress was pregnant during the production?

Answer: Teddy Moore

37. Question: Which actor sued Warner Bros Studios over merchandising under the movie, ‘A Christmas Story?’

Answer: Zack Ward

38. Question: Which character can be seen in the movie but was not a part of the book written by Jean Shepherd on which the movie is based?

Answer: Scut Farkus

39. Question: Who was the first child to audition for the role of Ralphie?

Answer: Peter Billingsley

40. Question: Who all made a brief cameo in the department store scene where Ralphie and Randy were

waiting to see Santa?

Answer: Jean Shepherd and his wife  

41. Question: Which actor almost played the role of Ralphie’s father but wasn’t cast in the movie

because of the high fee?

Answer: Jack Nicholson

42. Question: Who was the onscreen actor that went to play the same role in one of the sequels to the movie?

Answer: Teddy Moore as Miss Shields

43. Question: Name another Christmas movie in which Peter Billingsley (Ralphie) starred?

Answer: Elf


The Production Trivia

Making a film is not an easy task; the production is a very integral and crucial part of the process of filmmaking. Production is what puts the script of the film into actual action. It was Bob Clark and his production team that decided the location setting of 'A Christmas Story'. Production involves a big team who work day and night to finish the shoot while working day and night.

44. Question: In which two cities was the movie originally filmed in?

Answer: Cleveland, Ohio, and Toronto, Canada

45. Question: What was used to create the illusion of Flick’s tongue sticking the flagpole?

Answer: A suction tube

46. Question: Although Peter Billingsley occupies most of the screen time, how many dialogue lines did he actually have?

Answer: Ninety-five dialogue lines.

47. Question: Which museum owns some props used in the film?

Answer: The St. Catherine’s Museum

48. Question: What did the family eat every night

Answer: The family eats meatloaf, red cabbage, and mashed potatoes for dinner every night. The only time they didn't eat it was Christmas Day, when they went to Bo Ling's.

49. Question: For how much was the house from the movie sold and to whom?

Answer: $150,000 to a collector named Brain Jones

50. Question: What was the name of the show which was inspired by ‘A Christmas Story?’

Answer: 'The Wonder Years'

51. Question: To how many cities did Bob Clark send his scouts to before finalizing the locations?

Answer: 20 cities

52. Question: Who created and styled the leg lamp in the movie ‘A Christmas Story?’

Answer: Reuben Freed

53. Question: How many leg lamps were made and broken on set during filming for the movie?

Answer: Three

54. Question: The film was released before what festival?

Answer: Thanksgiving

55. Question: What indicates that the movie takes place in December 1940?

Answer: The radio, The Orphan Annie decoder pin that Ralphie receives.

56. Question: What was the name of the real leg lamp on which the award leg lamp was based on?

Answer: An Illuminated Nehi Logo

57. Question: How many subpar sequels have been made for the movie?

Answer: Two

58. Question: The short stories written in the book by Jean Shepherd were originally written for which magazine?

Answer: Playboy Magazine

59. Question: What is the name of the documentary that portrays two ‘mega fans’ of the film who visit all the production sites and locations?

Answer: Road Trip for Ralphie

60. Question: What song plays in the background during the scenes of Scut


Answer: Peter and the wolf

61. Question: What networks play a 24-hour marathon of the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ on Christmas Eve?

Answer: TBS and TNT

62. Question: In which year did the movie premier in Cinema halls?

Answer: 1983

63. Question: After the film gained popularity, which company started selling Red Ryder BB gun during the Christmas Season?

Answer: Daisy Rifle Company

64. Question: What is the run time of the movie?

Answer: 94 minutes

General Trivia

This movie s one of the most loved Christmas movies of all times and even though it was released just before thanksgiving, it was kept on screens due to popular demands even after the new year. Here are some interesting trivia questions about this movie.

65. Question: For the scene in which Flick's tongue sticks to the flagpole, a hidden suction tube was used to safely create the illusion that his tongue had frozen to the metal. True or False

Answer: True

66. Question: What novel is “A Christmas Story” based on?

Answer: “In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash” by Jean Shepherd

67. Question: When was “In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash” published?

Answer: In January of 1966

68. Question: What iconic item in the Parker home does Ralphie Parker’s father (Darren McGavin) win in a contest?

Answer: A leg lamp

69. Question: What happened to the Parker’s turkey on Christmas Day?

Answer: The “Bumpas Hounds" destroy it.

70. Question: What do the Parkers eat for Christmas dinner?

Answer: Peking Duck at a local restaurant

71. Question: Who bullies Ralphie Parker?

Answer: Scut Farkus (Zack Ward)

72. Question: Who gives Ralphie Parker the rabbit pajamas for Christmas?

Answer: Aunt Clara

73. Question: What became of the Cleveland, Ohio home used to film the exterior shots of “A Christmas Story”?

Answer: It was converted into a tourist attraction, and is open for tours and overnight stays.

74. Question: Who was initially offered the role of Ralphie’s father (Darren McGavin) in the film?

Answer: Jack Nicholson

75. Question: Tedde Moore was eight months pregnant at the time of filming. True or False?

Answer: True. Miss Shields could not be shown as an unmarried mother in the 1940s, so the filmmakers padded the rest of her to match her belly, making her just appear stout.

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