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American Trivia: 100+ Questions All Patriots Should Be Able To Answer

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How well do you and your family know your country?

The best way to learn about the great and illustrious history of the United States of America is through a fun history trivia game! These are American history questions everyone should know.

Perfect for your family’s post-dinner chill session, our exhaustive list of questions of American history will test your knowledge of the United States and determine whether you’re a true patriot or not! If you liked this article, check out our related lists of 4th of July Trivia Questions and Inauguration Trivia.

Trivia About American Presidents

The President of the United States is always one of the most powerful people in the world and is usually a unique and interesting individual. Therefore, any American trivia list of questions must include some trivia about the long line of Presidents who have served the United States.

1. Question: Which American President do people commemorate on National Freedom Day?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

2. Question: Who was elected as the 12th President of the United States?

Answer: Zachary Taylor

3. Question: How did President Zachary Taylor die?

Answer: From eating too many cherries.

4. Question: How many American Presidents were single children?

Answer: Zero! All America Presidents have had at least a step-sibling.

5. Question: Which President had his sister as the First Lady?

Answer: James Buchanan, the 15th President of the US.

6. Question: Who was the first President in American History to declare war?

Answer: James Madison

7. Question: Which widely used phrase of affirmation was coined by President Martin Van Buren?

Answer: "OK."

8. Question: What were Abraham Lincoln's false teeth made of?

Answer: Animal tusks and gold.

9. Question: Which American President was polyglot and ambidextrous?

Answer: James A. Garfield

10. Question: Which President had fake dentures made from the teeth of slaves?

Answer: George Washington

11. Question: Who is the only President to have a Ph.D.?

Answer: Woodrow Wilson

12. Question: Which President has two Grammy awards?

Answer: Bill Clinton

13. Question: How did Richard Nixon fund his political campaign?

Answer: With poker money.

14. Question: In which language did President Hoover talk to his wife to protect their privacy?

Answer: Chinese.

15. Question: Which new President won the most votes in the history of American Elections?

Answer: President-Elect (at the time of writing) Joe Biden.

Fun United States Trivia Questions and Answers: Geography

A quiz about the United States would be incomplete without an exploration of American's unique geography. Here is an American Trivia quiz about US states and their beautiful terrain. While we have picked our favorites, look out for more state trivia questions out there!

16. Question: How many languages are spoken in the city of New York?

Answer: 800

17. Question: Which state has the densest population in the US?

Answer: New Jersey.

18. Question: Which city is home to the most billionaires in the world?

Answer: New York City.

19. Question: Which state forgot to ratify itself as an official state?

Answer: Ohio.

20. Question: Which is the largest state in America?

Answer: Alaska

21. Question: Which is the smallest state in America?

Answer: Rhode Island

22. Question: Where is Mount Rushmore located?

Answer: the Black Hills from South Dakota

23. Question: Which two countries does the US share national borders with?

Answer: Canada and Mexico.

24. Question: Which is the second-largest city in the United States?

Answer: Los Angeles

25. Question: Which state is the least populated in the country?

Answer: Wyoming

26. Question: Name the highest mountain in the US?

Answer: Mount Denali.

27. Question: Which river flows through seven states in the country?

Answer: Missouri River.

28. Question: What is special about Badwater Basin?

Answer: It is the lowest point in the North American continent.

29. Question: Which is the hottest place in the US?

Answer: Death Valley.

30. Question: Name the highest waterfalls in the continental US?

Answer: Colonel Creek Falls in Washington.

31. Question: Where is the tallest waterfall in North America, the Oloupena Falls, located?

Answer: Hawaii.

32. Question: Which town in the US has just one resident?

Answer: Monowi, Nebraska.

33. Question: What is Thor's Well?

Answer: Thor's Well, located near Cape Perpetua, is a naturally formed hole in the sea that looks like it is draining the ocean.

33. Question: Where is the largest underwater lake in the US located?

Answer: Sweetwater, Tennessee.

34. Question: Where is the world's largest known geode located?

Answer: Cyrstal Cave, Ohio.

35. Question: Where is the world's longest known cave system located?

Answer: Mammoth Cave, located in Kentucky.

36. Question: Which is the largest living organism on Earth?

Answer: Pando, an Aspen Grove, is over eighty thousand years old and is located in Utah.

37. Question: Where is the deepest lake in the US located?

Answer: Crater Lake is located in Oregon.

39. Question: Which state has the longest coastline in the country?

Answer: Alaska.

40. Question: Which is the tallest mountain in the world (counting height below sea level)?

Answer: Mauna Kea, located in Hawaii.

Fun Trivia Questions on American History

US History Trivia can reveal fun facts about the great country that few people know about. Time and time again, decisions made by the United States have steered the course of history, as have the great men and women who pioneered inventions, diplomacy, and doctrines that are now used all over the world. Read on to find fun facts about American history.

New York City is one of the most densely populated places in the world.

41. Question: Who was the first American to know about Joseph Stalin's death?

Answer: Musician Johnny Cash, who worked as a code intercepter for the US Military.

42. Question: Who was the first American to win a Nobel Prize?

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt.

43. Question: When did the Founding Fathers sign the Declaration of Independence?

Answer: August 2nd, 1776.

44. Question: When was the text in the Declaration of Independence finalized?

Answer: July 4, 1776

45. Question: When did the Great Chicago Fire take place?

Answer: 1871.

46. Question: Which country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the United States?

Answer: France.

47. Question: Which city is called the Windy City?

Answer: Chicago, because of the inclement weather.

48. Question: In which state did the famous Salem Witch Trials take place?

Answer: Massachusetts.

49. Question: When did the Great Depression officially end?

Answer: March 1933

50. Question: What is the Afghan War Diary?

Answer: One of the biggest document leaks in US military history was released by Wikileaks.

51. Question: Who was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings?

Answer: The Brothers Tsarnaev

52. Question: Who infamously leaked surveillance information from the National Security Agency in 2013?

Answer: Edward Snowden.

53. Question: The death of which martyrs sparked the historic #BlackLivesMatters movement?

Answer: Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

54. Question: How many US Presidents have been assassinated?

Answer: Four - The President's position is statistically one of the most dangerous positions in the country.

55. Question: Which Founding Father inspired a blockbuster Broadway show?

Answer: Alexander Hamilton.

56. Question: Is "Hamilton" entirely faithful to history?

Answer: No. There is evidence to prove that several founding fathers shown in the play, including Hamilton himself, were slave owners.

57. Question: When did Abraham Lincoln create the Secret Service?

Answer: He created it the day of his assassination.

58. Question: At what point in history did the US Government poison alcohol?

Answer: The Government poisoned alcohol during prohibition to keep people from drinking.

59. Question: Who is the first person to appear on US currency?

Answer: Salmon P. Chase.

60. Question: For how much money did Russia sell Alaska to the United States for?

Answer: 2 cents per acre.

61. Question: Which two states do not practice Daylight Savings?

Answer: Arizona and Hawaii.

62. Question: Which is the only native spirit of the USA as declared by the Congress in 1964?

Answer: Bourbon.

63. Question: When did the Centralia Mine Fires start burning?

Answer: 1962.

64. Question: When did Alabama repeal laws against the marriage of interracial couples?

Answer: 2000.

65. Question: How many copies of the Declaration of Independence exist today?

Answer: Twenty-six copies.

Fun American Trivia Questions about Culture and Entertainment

As a country that has a strong influence on the global cosmopolitan culture of our time, all American Trivia lists should include fun questions about the highly influential entertainment industry that shapes the way the world's cultures evolve.

66. Question: Who primarily directed the 1939 musical film 'The Wizard of Oz'?

Answer: Victor Fleming.

67. Question: Who played Elizabeth in the 1950s TV Series 'Life with Elizabeth'?

Answer: Betty White.

68. Question: On which show did the last TV advertisement for traditional cigarettes air and when?

Answer: On the 'Johnny Carson Show' in 1971.

69. Question: Which famous American actor and screenwriter found his start as a martial teacher?

Answer: Steven Seagel.

70. Question: Which American songwriter could only play the piano in the key of F sharp?

Answer: Irving Berlin.

71. Question: Where was Sweet Betsy from the American ballad 'Sweet Betsy' originally from?

Answer: Pike.

72. Question: Which American artist has all four of the biggest albums on the Billboard 2oo dating back to 2016?

Answer: Taylor Swift

73. Question: Which is the most popular television show in history?

Answer: 'Baywatch'.

74. Question: Which movie was Walt Disney's favorite film?

Answer: 'Bambi' and 'Dumbo.'

75. Question: What is superstar Tom Cruise's real name?

Answer: Thomas Mapother.

76. Question: What is Chester Arthur Burnett, better known as?

Answer: Howlin' Wolf.

75. Question: Where was the world's first drive-in theater opened?

Answer: Camden, New Jersey.

76. Question: Which US film was the first to feature the flush of a toilet?

Answer: 'Psycho'.

77. Question: Which was the first Marvel superhero?

Answer: The Human Torch.

78. Question: Who plays Captain America in the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe'?

Answer: Chris Evans.

79. Question: Which neighborhood does Spiderman belong to?

Answer: Queens, New York.

80. Question: What is the name of the federal prison located on an island in San Francisco Bay?

Answer: Alcatraz.

Fun American Trivia About The Citizens of The United States

To finish off this fun list of American trivia, let's take a look at questions about what lies behind the spirit of the United States - its citizens! From the time of its conception, we can find that the country has found its way to express its passion for freedom, fun, and compassion.

81. Question: Most Americans only use just 8% of this. What is it?

Answer: An average American family only uses 8% of all TV channels they have access to.

82. Question: How much time does an average American family spend picking up after themselves, especially things off the floor?

Answer: 18 minutes every day.

83. Question: When did Oklahoma finally legalize Christmas celebrations?

Answer: Oklahoma legalized Christmas only in 1907. Christmas wasn't appreciated by the Puritan population in the US and was considered to be a little too Pagan for their taste.

84. Question: Which fast-food chain has employed one out of eight Americans?

Answer: McDonald's.

85. Question: What animal outnumbers humans in Montana?

Answer: Cows.

86. Question: One in three Americans suffer from this lifestyle disorder. What is it?

Answer: Obesity.

87. Question: Which is the only state in which it is illegal for children to smoke?

Answer: Nevada.

88. Question: For what amount of time does an average American stay in a job?

Answer: 4.4 years.

89. Question: How many people live in New York City (approximately)?

Answer: Over 8.5 million people.

90. Question: How many commercial airplanes find their way across the US at any given time of the day?

Answer: 5000.

91. Question: What is the official language of the United States?

Answer: The United States does not have an official language.

92. Question: How much pizza is eaten every day by Americans (in acres)?

Answer: US Citizens consume around a hundred acres of pizza every day.

93. Question: Where is the Darth Vader Gargoyle located in Washington, DC?

Answer: The National Cathedral.

94. Question: Which is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles coexist?

Answer: Florida.

95. Question: How big is Jimmie Luecke's signature across his Texas farmland?

Answer: Luecke's sign is 2.5 miles long.

96. Question: California Senator George Murphy started filling up his desk with this item starting from 1964. What is it?

Answer: Candy!

97. Question: What public position is the highest paid in over half of the United States?

Answer: Football Coach.

98. Question: How did Abraham Lincoln end up in the Wrestling Hall of Fame?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln only lost one in three hundred matches.

99. Question: Where is the town of Hell, located in the US?

Answer: Michigan.

100. Question: Where is the only diamond mine that allows the public to pick diamonds from located?

Answer: Arkansas.

United States Trivia: Sports

The sportspersons from America have made their mark in all kinds of venues and events across the world. Let's look at some of their remarkable achievements.

101. Question: Who was the first American woman to win three gold medals in one Olympic Games?

Answer: Wilma Rudolph.

102: Question: How many gold medals does Michael Phelps hold?

Answer: Michael Phelps has taken home 23 gold medals along with several bronze and silver medals.

103. Question: How many gold medals did Simone Biles win at Rio 2016?

Answer: Simone won four gold medals in 2016 for gymnastics

104. Question: Which US Olympian sold his medal?

Answer: Mark Wells.

105. Question: Which US Tennis player has won the maximum number of Grand Slam titles in history?

Answer: Serena Williams.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for American trivia, then why not take a look at superbowl trivia and Canada trivia.

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