130 Birthday Trivia Questions: How Well Do Your Friends Know You? | Kidadl


130 Birthday Trivia Questions: How Well Do Your Friends Know You?

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Why Birthday Trivia Questions?

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to celebrate a special birthday with your loved ones? Then some birthday trivia questions are the way to go! Not only are they great conversation starters and party games, but they're also an excellent way to pass the time and learn something new about birthdays and the traditions surrounding them. Trivia questions are perfect for people of all ages, and they can help to spark conversations and encourage interaction between family members, fostering a sense of connection and togetherness. And if you're celebrating your birthday or are far away from loved ones on your special day, trivia questions about birthdays can be a meaningful way to feel connected and engaged with the celebration. Learning about birthdays as a topic can be fascinating and informative for families too. It's an excellent way for children to understand the significance of birthdays beyond just receiving gifts and having a party. Plus, it's an opportunity for parents to share their cultural traditions surrounding birthdays and learn about others. So, why not give birthday trivia questions a try and make your next celebration even more memorable?

Biography Trivia Questions

Birthday Cake

1. Question: In which year was [the person] born?

2. Question: What is [the person]'s middle name?

3. Question: Where did [the person] go to high school?

4. Question: What is [the person]'s father's name?

5. Question: How many siblings does [the person] have?

6. Question: What is [the person]'s mother's name?

7. Question: Where does [the person] live now?

8. Question: What is [the person]'s hometown?

9. Question: Where was [the person] born?

10. Question: Who does [the person] get along with best in their family?

11. Question: What is [the person]'s nickname?

12. Question: What is [the person]'s height?

13. Question: Does [the person] wear spectacles?

14. Question: What is [the person]'s eye color?

15. Question: What does the [the person] want to be when they grow up?

Favorites Trivia Questions

16. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite band?

17. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite sports team?

18. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite song?

19. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite tourist destination?

20. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite author?

21. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite TV show?

22. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite food?

23. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite ice cream flavor?

24. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite color?

25. Question: Which is [the person]'s favorite computer font?

26. Question: Which is [the person]'s favorite book?

27. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite pastime?

28. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite clothing brand?

29. Question: Which is [the person]'s favorite dessert?

30. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite movie?

This Or That Trivia Questions

31. Question: Does [the person] prefer Apple devices or Samsung devices?

32. Question: Does [the person] prefer mango or orange?

33. Question: Does [the person] prefer a movie date or dinner?

34. Question: Does [the person] prefer books or TV?

35. Question: Does [the person] prefer a shower or bath?

36. Question: Does [the person] prefer summer or winter?

37. Question: Does [the person] prefer to stay home or go abroad?

38. Question: Does [the person] prefer Switzerland or Australia?

39. Question: Does [the person] prefer to be comfy or stylish?

40. Question: Does [the person] prefer a cat or a dog?

41. Question: Does [the person] prefer the rain or the sun?

42. Question: Does [the person] prefer to go out or stay in?

43. Question: Does [the person] prefer friends or family?

44. Question: Does [the person] prefer watching a movie or a TV series?

45. Question: Does [the person] prefer a romcom or a sitcom?

46. Question: Does [the person] prefer burgers or pizza?

47. Question: Does [the person] prefer a sweatshirt or a jacket?

48. Question: Does [the person] prefer a road trip or a train journey?

49. Question: Does [the person] prefer soccer or baseball?

50. Question: Does [the person] prefer ketchup or mayonnaise?

Least Favorites Trivia Questions

51. Question: Which song does [the person] like least?

52. Question: Which pizza topping does [the person] like least?

53. Question: Which movie is [the person]'s least favorite?

54. Question: Which sport does [the person] like least?

55. Question: Which food is [the person]'s least favorite?

56. Question: Which singer does [the person] like least?

57. Question: Which high school subject is [the person]'s least favorite?

58. Question: Which animal is [the person]'s least favorite?

59. Question: Which place in the world is [the person]'s least favorite?

60. Question: What is [the person]'s least favorite drink?

Funny Moments Trivia Questions

61. Question: Did [the person] ever get pranked?

62. Question: Did [the person] ever fall asleep during a test?

63. Question: Did [the person] ever call the cops accidentally?

64. Question: Did [the person] ever get caught cheating on a test?

65. Question: Does [the person] scream while watching horror movies?

66. Question: Did [the person] ever step on chewing gum?

67. Question: Did [the person] ever fall over while walking?

68. Question: Did [the person] ever miss their flight?

Fun Birthday Questions

69. Question: If [the person] could dye, their hair, what color would it be?

70. Question: Does [the person] sing in the shower?

71. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite hobby?

72. Question: Does [the person] like nachos?

73. Question: What was [the person]'s first car?

74. Question: Does [the person] watch anime?

75. Question: Which sport does [the person] play?

76. Question: What is [the person]'s idea for a perfect pizza?

77. Question: What is [the person]'s favorite video game?

78. Question: Does [the person] eat pizza with pineapples?

79. Question: Has [the person] ever pranked someone?

80. Question: Does [the person] play mobile games?

Trivia Questions About Birthdays

81. Question: At what age do Jewish boys celebrate their Bar Mitzvah? Answer: 13.

82. Question: Everyone knows the melody to ‘Happy Birthday To You'. But where did the melody come from? Answer: A nursery rhyme called ‘Good Morning To All’.

83. Question: How many birthday cards on average are sent each year in the US? Answer: Over 2 billion.

84. Question: How many people around the world are celebrating their birthdays right now? Answer: 15 million.

85. Question: How much does ‘Happy Birthday To You’ make every year due to copyrights? Answer: Over $2 million.

86. Question: How much does the average children’s birthday party cost? Answer: $500.

87. Question: If your birthday is in August, what is your star sign? Answer: Leo or Virgo.

88. Question: If your birthday is on Valentine’s Day, what star sign would you have? Answer: Aquarius.

89. Question: In the Caribbean, what do you get covered with on your birthday? Answer: Flour.

90. Question: In what country does 'buon compleanno' mean 'happy birthday'? Answer: Italy.

91. Question: In what country does 'penblwydd hapus' mean 'happy birthday'? Answer: Wales.

92. Question: In which country can you not celebrate your birthday on July 8 and December 17? Answer: North Korea.

93. Question: In which year did Stevie Wonder record his rendition of ‘Happy Birthday To You’? Answer: 1981.

94. Question: Irish singer Caroline Corr celebrates her birthday on which notable date? Answer: St. Patrick’s Day.

95. Question: On average, how many babies are born every year? Answer: 76,570,430.

96. Question: On average, how many birthday cards does someone receive on their birthday? Answer: 7.

97. Question: On which birthday was Anne Frank given a diary? Answer: 13th.

98. Question: On which popular holiday does Annie Lennox celebrate her birthday? Answer: Christmas Day.

99. Question: Seaweed soup is a traditional birthday breakfast in which country? Answer: South Korea.

100. Question: True or false - 'Happy Birthday' is the most popular song in the world. Answer: True.

101. Question: True or false - people in South Korea have 2 birthdays. Answer: True.

102. Question: What day of the week are most babies born? Answer: Tuesday.

103. Question: What day of the week is the least amount of babies born? Answer: Sunday.

104. Question: What did Andy from 'Toy Story' receive as a birthday present? Answer: Buzz Lightyear.

105. Question: What do children typically eat on their birthday in China? Answer: Noodles.

106. Question: What do Mexican children hit at birthday parties until candy falls out? Answer: A piñata.

107. Question: What do you receive on your 100th birthday in England? Answer: You receive a birthday card from the Queen.

108. Question: What group is said to have first celebrated birthdays? Answer: Egyptians.

109. Question: What group of people invented birthday cakes? Answer: Germans.

110. Question: What happens to your nose when celebrating your birthday in Canada? Answer: Your friends will rub it in butter.

111. Question: What is a Golden Birthday? Answer: When you turn the same age as the date of your birthday.

112. Question: What is the least common birthday in the US? Answer: May 22 and December 25.

113. Question: What is the most common birthday in the US? Answer: October 5 and September 9.

114. Question: What percentage of cards sold in the US are birthday cards? Answer: 58%.

115. Question: What year was the traditional 'Happy Birthday' song written? Answer: 1912.

116. Question: When celebrating their birthdays, why do children in China slurp their noodles for as long as they can? Answer: For good luck in the year ahead.

117. Question: When do Eastern churches celebrate Jesus’ birthday (Christmas)? Answer: January 7.

118. Question: Where would you be if you got your earlobes pulled on your birthday? Answer: Hungary.

119. Question: Which ‘Fairytale Of New York’ singer celebrates his birthday on Christmas Day? Answer: Shane MacGowan.

120. Question: Which activist did Stevie Wonder write ‘Happy Birthday’ for? Answer: Martin Luther King Jr.

121. Question: Which are the three most important birthdays in Japan? Answer: The 3rd, 5th, and 7th birthdays are the most important.

122. Question: Which child actress received 135,000 presents for her 8th birthday? Answer: Shirley Temple.

123. Question: Which country considers the 100th day and the 60th birthday to be the most important? Answer: South Korea.

124. Question: In which country is it considered rude to open your presents in front of other people? Answer: Malaysia.

125. Question: Which country likes to use black and white wrapping paper for their birthday presents? Answer: India.

126. Question: Which 'Queen Of Countdown' celebrates her birthday on Christmas Eve? Answer: Carol Vorderman.

127. Question: Which religion does not celebrate birthdays? Answer: Jehovah’s Witnesses.

128. Question: Who is believed to have started the tradition of giving birthday presents? Answer: The Romans.

129. Question: Who wrote the 1959 children’s book ‘Happy Birthday To You!’? Answer: Dr. Seuss.

130. Question: William Shakespeare passed away on which birthday? Answer: 52nd.

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