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Colors Trivia: 80 Questions With Super Cool Answers All Artists Should Know

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From red to green to yellow, colors liven up our lives, and add beauty to the world around us!

They help us immerse in the world around us by making the surroundings look interesting and appealing to the eyes. It is unimaginable to think of the world without colors, or only black and white like old movies.

We bring you the trivia based on some interesting facts about colors and their impact on our lives. We have prepared the color trivia questions on some cool facts about colors. If you like our compilation of trivia questions about colors, do check out our other trivia on anime trivia and cartoon trivia for more colorful doses of trivia. For now, let's see how colorful an artist you are by trying out the color trivia questions below.

Easy Colors Trivia

We all have been acquainted with colors since our kindergarten days. Based on some simple color trivia facts, we have curated the easy trivia about colors. This will assess if you remember the simple facts about the colorful world around you. Play on!

1. Question: Which planet is called the Red Planet?

Answer: Mars.

2. Question: What pigment is present in all green plants that give them their color?

Answer: Chlorophyll.

3. Question: What is the color of the letters O and E in the logo of the search engine Google?

Answer: Red.

4. Question: How many squares of alternating colors are there on a chessboard?

Answer: 64.

5. Question: Which hair color is the rarest naturally-occurring in hair?

Answer: Red.

6. Question: Name the term used for describing people with two different colors of eyes.

Answer: Heterochromia.

7. Question: What is the science of color called?

Answer: Chromatics or colorimetry.

8. Question: Which reptile has the ability to change its color?

Answer: Chameleon.

Primary Colors Trivia

Primary colors are the main coloring components for an artist. We have compiled facts about the color red, color blue, and the color green in the following quiz about colors. Let's see if you can answer them all.

9. Question: What are the primary colors?

Answer: Red, blue, yellow.

10. Question: Why are the primary colors called primary?

Answer: Because they can not be formed by mixing any other colors.

11. Question: Which primary colors are present in the flag of the United States?

Answer: Blue and Red.

12. Question: What is the first color a baby sees?

Answer: Red.

13. Question: Which color has the highest wavelength in the spectrum?

Answer: Red.

14. Question: What are the two sets of colors that are never seen together by the human eye?

Answer: Red  and green, plus blue and yellow.

15. Question: What is the favorite color of America?

Answer: Blue.

16. Question: What is the color to which mosquitoes are most attracted to?

Answer: Blue.

Strange Colors Trivia

Did you know that the color blue has a calming effect on our human brain? And so is the color pink? Well, the world is full of amazing and strange facts about obscure colors. Answer the following to know more.

17. Question: Which two colors stimulate hunger?

Answer: Red and yellow.

18. Question: What is the color we see when we close our eyes?

Answer: Eigengrau, or brain gray.

19. Question: Which two colors are difficult to remember and recall?

Answer: Black and White.

20. Question: Which color is the safest color to prevent road accidents?

Answer: White.

21. Question: What is the name of the color invented which the human eye cannot see?

Answer: Vantablack.

22. Question: What word was used to describe the color orange before the word orange was coined?

Answer: Geoluhread.

23. Question: What is the fear of colors called?

Answer: Chromophobia.

24. Question: What color is used in the logo of the popular kid's channel Nickelodeon?

Answer: Orange.

Colors Of The Rainbow Trivia

Rainbows and mountains and a lake create beautiful colors combinations.

Did you know that the flag of the United States has all the colors of the rainbow excluding white, that is the mixture of all the colors in the rainbow. Strange, isn't it? Well, we have curated below such amazing facts about the seven colors for you. Answer the quiz and be colorful like a rainbow.

25. Question: Name the seven colors present in the rainbow.

Answer: VIBGYOR (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red).

26. Question: Name the scientist who explained the occurrence of the rainbow.

Answer: Isaac Newton.

27. Question: What is the angle of the rainbow, when stood in the opposite direction of the sun?

Answer: 42 degrees.

28. Question: The lower the sun is, the higher the rainbow is in the sky. True or False?

Answer: True.

29. Question: What is the Latin term for 'rainbow', from which the word is derived?

Answer: Arcus Pluvius.

30. Question: What do you call a bow formed by cloud and fog droplets?

Answer: Fogbow.

31. Question: In which US state is the maximum number of rainbows formed?

Answer: Hawaii.

32. Question: A rainbow is tangible. True or False.

Answer: False.

Color Wheel Trivia

The primary colors red, blue, and green are the main components of a color wheel. Along with three other colors, they were used first by artists to determine different colors to use in their artworks. And, Isaac Newton invented the wheel first. Do you know facts about color wheels like this? Let's see in the quiz below.

33. Question: How many colors are present in the color wheel?

Answer: Six.

34. Question: What is the opposite of blue on the color wheel?

Answer: Orange.

35. Question: How many colors are used to form a tertiary color?

Answer: Three.

36. Question: What colors would you mix to give purple?

Answer: Red and blue.

37. Question: What are the colors located near to each other called?

Answer: Analogous colors.

38. Question: What form of communication is color?

Answer: Non-verbal form of communication.

39. Question: What are the earth tones in a color wheel called?

Answer: Neutral colors.

40. Question: What would you call an image that has one color?

Answer: Monochrome.

Colors Of Nature Trivia

Imagine our lives in black and white only. We are thankful for the colorful world we are blessed with. The following quiz is all about color. Let's see how well you love nature.

41. Question: Name the substance present in carrots that gives them the orange pigment.

Answer: Carotene.

42. Question: What is the color of the dye produced from the woad plant?

Answer: Blue.

43. Question: What color does saffron produce?

Answer: Yellow.

44. Question: What is the color of the stripes on a newly born zebra?

Answer: Brown.

45. Question: What is the color of the eggs laid by emus?

Answer: Green.

46. Question: What is the color of the skin of a polar bear?

Answer: Black.

47. Question: What is the color of the blood of insects?

Answer: Green or yellow.

48. Question: Goldfish lose their yellow-orange color if they are kept in a low light environment. True or False?

Answer: True.

Facts Around Colors Trivia

Colors of the Fall are stunning to look at.

The world around us is colorful. But, have you thought why? What is the scientific explanation of the color in the world around us? We have curated a quiz to quench your thirst for such knowledge and understand the reason behind such color. Play on, you color scientist!

49. Question: Which chemical element gives turquoise its blue color?

Answer: Copper.

50. Question: Which component in human blood produces its red color?

Answer: Haemoglobin.

51. Question: Name the colors present in the Swiss flag.

Answer: Red and white.

52. Question: Which plant provides the primary component of inks for colored newspaper?

Answer: Soybean.

53. Question: Name the country where you would find the yellow river.

Answer: China.

54. Question: What element is responsible for the red color of Mars?

Answer: Iron.

55. Question: Why is the sky blue?

Answer: Blue light is reflected.

56. Question: Why do specific hens lay brown color eggs and others lay white eggs?

Answer: Hen genetics.

Facts About Colors Trivia

Do you know the colors well? Their origin, their uses, their stories, and histories are fascinating. We have listed questions on colors, and maybe, one on your favorite color as well. Let's see if you can answer the color questionnaire.

57. Question: What is the most commonly occurring color of human eyes?

Answer: Brown.

58. Question: What is the color of zero on Russian Roulette?

Answer: Green.

59. Question: Which sea is the smallest sea by surface area?

Answer: White Sea.

60. Question: What color is formed when the 3 primary colors are combined?

Answer: White.

61. Question: Name the famous painting by the artist Thomas Gainsborough.

Answer: The Blue Boy.

62. Question: What is the color formed in the absence of colors?

Answer: Black.

63. Question: Which color is the favorite color for most people across the world?

Answer: Blue.

64. Question: What does CMYK stand for?

Answer: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Kohle (Black).

History Of Colors Trivia

Did you know the stories and histories of the colors well? Maybe the one color used as a warning sign, or the one color used to camouflage. We have curated the quiz below about the history of colors. Let's see if you come first in the quiz below.

65. Question: Which city is called the Pink City?

Answer: Jaipur.

66. Question: Which was the first movie to be converted to color electronically?

Answer: 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'.

67. Question: Who is the author of the book 'Anne of the Green Gables'?

Answer: L.M. Montgomery.

68. Question: Which country has a golden yellow color star in the center on a red background and was designed in 1940?

Answer: Vietnam.

69. Question: In which country did 'The Orange Revolution' take place?

Answer: Ukraine.

70. Question: What color were stop signs before 1960?

Answer: Yellow.

71. Question: What were the four colors during the renaissance?

Answer: Red, blue, yellow, and green.

72. Question: Who invented the color wheel?

Answer: Sir Isaac Newton.

Hard Colors Trivia

The final round is here! Presenting the impossible color trivia for the artist in you. Can you secure the perfect score first, before anyone else around you? Play on and let us find out if you can crack the following quiz!

73. Question: Which animal can see the widest range of colors?

Answer: Mantis Shrimp.

74. Question: Which cells of the human eye are sensitive to colors?

Answer: Cones.

75. Question: Which material in amethyst stones are responsible for giving its violet color?

Answer: Manganese.

76. Question: Dogs can see only two colors. Name them.

Answer: Blue-violet, and yellow.

77. Question: Name the gas that gives Neptune its blue colour.

Answer: Methane.

78. Question: Name the pink dye responsible for turning feathers of flamingos pink color.

Answer: Canthaxanthin.

79. Question: Who had a horse named Black Bess?

Answer: Dick Turpin.

80. Question: Cells called  ________ allow squid and cuttlefish to change colors.

Answer: Chromatophores.

Here, at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for colors trivia then why not look at Artist trivia and Comic Book trivia.

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