Computer Trivia: 25+ Super Cool Questions (And Answers) Only The Geekiest Will Get Right | Kidadl


Computer Trivia: 25+ Super Cool Questions (And Answers) Only The Geekiest Will Get Right

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Put your knowledge to the test with some super fun computer trivia questions! From the evolution of bulky desktops to sleek laptops and palm-sized palmtops, computers have truly worked their magic in our lives.

Get ready to uncover fascinating facts about these genius machines, from their intriguing history to the latest mind-blowing software and hardware innovations. It's time to challenge yourself and your friends to see who reigns supreme in the realm of computer knowledge. So, buckle up, and have a blast while expanding our computer horizons! How many questions can you ace?

Computer History Trivia

In this special trivia section, you'll explore the major events that shaped the computer landscape, meet the brilliant minds behind groundbreaking innovations, and witness the technological advancements that continue to shape digital lives. Get ready to discover the fascinating world of computer technology!

1. Question: When was the first computer invented?

Answer: 1822.

2. Question: What was the name of the first computer invented?

Answer: Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC).

3. Question: Who is known as the father of computers?

Answer: Charles Babbage.

4. Question: What was the first computer that used color display?

Answer: The Apple II.

5. Question: What was the first mass-produced computer?

Answer: The IBM 650.

6. Question: When was the first 1GB disk drive released in the world?

Answer: 1980.

7. Question: What was the name of the first computer programmer?

Answer: Ada Lovelace.

8. Question: How many generations of computers have been invented?

Answer: Five generations.

9. Question: Which popular company designed the first CPU?

Answer: Intel Corporation.

10. Question: What is the name of the first automatic electronic digital computer?

Answer: Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC).

11. Question: Who invented the first computer mouse?

Answer: Douglas Engelbart.

12. Question: What was the name of the first computer virus?

Answer: Creeper.

13. Question: What is the era where the widespread use of computers occurred called?

Answer: Computer Age.

14. Question: What was the first computer network called?

Answer: Advanced Research Projects Agency Network(ARPANET).

15. Question: Who coined the term 'computer virus'?

Answer: Fred Cohen.

16. Question: What was the name of the first search engine ever created?

Answer: Archie.

17. Question: What is a computer program?

Answer: Instructions.

18. Question: Who developed the first high-level programming language, Fortran?

Answer: John Backus.

19. Question: What was the name of the computer language named after a French philosopher and mathematician?

Answer: PASCAL

20. Question: Which computer language is an acronym that is the same as the name of the world's first computer programmer?

Answer: ADA.

Fun Computer Trivia Questions

In this exciting quiz, you'll explore the fascinating world of computers through a series of mind-bending trivia questions. From the awe-inspiring history of computers to the latest jaw-dropping technological trends, this quiz is designed to challenge even the savviest computer enthusiasts. It's time to see just how well you truly know your digital companions.

21. Question: What personal computer became a video production system with the addition of New Tek's Video Toaster?

Answer: Amiga.

22. Question: Hal, the computer in '2001: A Space Odyssey', got its name how?

Answer: From a Heuristically programmed Algorithmic computer.

23. Question: What is the name of the evil computer in the film '2001: Space Odyssey?

Answer: HAL 9000.

24. Question: What did the Electronic Frontier Foundation name its $250,000 computer designed to crack the US government's outdated DES cryptographic code?

Answer: Deep Crack.

25. Question: Movie maker George Lucas filed a lawsuit against President Ronald Reagan to get him to stop referring to an outer space computer-controlled defense system as what?

Answer: Star Wars.

26. Question: After breaking into physicist Tsutomu Shimomura's computer on Christmas in 1994, what famous hacker was taken down?

Answer: Kevin Mitnick.

27. Question: Which year marked the discontinuation of the Aptiva brand computer?

Answer: 2001.

28. Question: What are the individual parts or elements that make up a computer system called?

Answer: Computer hardware.

29. Question: What do electronic components affect?

Answer: Electrons.

30. Question: Which company was sued by Digital Equipment Corporation DEC in 1997 for patent infringement related to their Alpha microprocessors?

Answer: Intel.

31. Question: Pixar created a 1995 blockbuster hit movie using computer animation. What was the title of the movie?

Answer: 'Toy Story'.

32. Question: What is the term for the speed at which computer chips can process instructions?

Answer: Clock speed or clock rate.

33. Question: Which law states that the number of transistors on computer chips doubles approximately every two years?

Answer: Moore's Law.

34. Question: Which video production system is often used in film and television post-production, known for its visual effects and color grading capabilities?

Answer: DaVinci Resolve.

35. Question: In what year was the first internet home page created?

Answer: 1991

36. Question: Which computer language, named after a programming pioneer, is used for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications?

Answer: Lisp.

37. Question: True or false: Integrated circuits (ICs) are electronic components that contain multiple interconnected electronic devices on a single chip.

Answer: True.

38. Question: Which modern computer interface standard allows for high-speed connection of external devices such as printers, storage drives, and monitors?

Answer: Universal Serial Bus (USB).

39. Question: Which modern computer technology allows for wireless communication between devices over short distances?

Answer: Bluetooth.

40. Question: Which Play Station line introduced the concept of backward compatibility, allowing players to play games from previous generations?

Answer: PlayStation 2 (PS2).

Computer Parts Trivia

Close up of computer motherboard

Challenge your inner tech explorer with this thrilling computer parts trivia quiz! Discover the fascinating world of computer components, from powerful processors to intricate motherboard pieces. Test your knowledge and have a blast while unraveling what makes computers tick. Whether you're a seasoned tech wizard or a curious beginner, this quiz is designed to entertain and educate.

41. Question: What does 'CD-ROM' stands for?

Answer: Compact Disc Read-Only Memory.

42. Question: Which computer hardware device performs functions like click, point, drag, or select?

Answer: The mouse.

43. Question: What is the computer's main circuit board called?

Answer: Motherboard.

44. Question: What is the name of the system that manages and programs hardware resources for a computer?

Answer: Operating system.

45. Question: Which information storage is used to store short-term running programs and data in a computer?

Answer: The RAM (Random Access Memory).

46. Question: Which input device is used to enter letters, numbers, and other characters into a computer?

Answer: Keyboard.

47. Question: Which output device is used to display information in visual pictorial form?

Answer: The monitor.

48. Question: Which part of the computer fetches, decodes, and executes the programming instructions?

Answer: CPU (Central Processing Unit).

49. Question: 'Laser', 'Dot Matrix', and 'Inkjet' are types of which output computer devices?

Answer: Printers.

50. Question: What is the full form of UPS?

Answer: Uninterruptible Power Supply.

51. Question: What is a general-purpose computer designed for individual use called?

Answer: Personal computer or PC.

52. Question: What are two common types of portable computers?

Answer: Notebook and laptop computers.

53. Question: Which type of computer is specifically designed for portability and can be easily carried and used on the go?

Answer: Laptop.

54. Question: What is the primary input device used to enter text and commands into a computer?

Answer: Computer keyboard.

55. Question: Which electronic component is commonly referred to as the "brain" of the computer?

Answer: Central Processing Unit (CPU).

56. Question: What device revolutionized communication by making it portable and accessible anywhere?

Answer: Mobile phone.

57. Question: When talking about computer memory, what does the acronym ROM stand for?

Answer: Read-only memory.

58. Question: Computer virus strikes what part of a computer?

Answer: Software.

59. Question: What is the key combination used to perform the Undo function on a computer keyboard?

Answer: Ctrl + Z.

60. Question: Which computer language is used for building iOS applications?

Answer: Swift.

Computer Companies Trivia

Prepare to learn about computer companies with this thrilling trivia quiz! From the pioneers of the past to the innovators of today, you'll explore the fascinating history and trends of the computer industry. Get ready to test your knowledge and uncover remarkable facts about the companies that shape our tech landscape.

61. Question: Popular computer brands like Apple, Dell, and Microsoft started their offices from which place?

Answer: A garage.

62. Question: Which two people co-founded Apple Inc. in 1977?

Answer: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

63. Question: What is the name of the first operating system designed by Microsoft?

Answer: It was called MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System).

64. Question: Which computer company invented the first floppy disks, hard disk drives, and DRAMS?

Answer: IBM.

65. Question: Who are the founders of HP?

Answer: William Hewlett and David Packard.

66. Question: Who is the CEO of Microsoft as of 2022?

Answer: Satya Nadella.

67. Question: What is the name of Apple's desktop operating system?

Answer: Mac OS.

68. Question: Which is the single most popular computer ever sold?

Answer: The Commodore 64.

69. Question: What was the name of the first IBM computer?

Answer: The IBM 5150.

70. Question: Which company invented the USB port?

Answer: Intel Corporation.

71. Question: What is the full form of the famous computer company IBM?

Answer: International Business Machines.

72. Question: Which computer company was founded by Michael Dell?

Answer: Dell Inc.

73. Question: Which operating system is widely used in Windows computers?

Answer: Windows.

74. Question: Which company developed and produced the popular Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) gaming console?

Answer: Nintendo.

75. Question: Which brand of computers was known for its Aptiva line of desktop computers?

Answer: IBM.

76. Question: What company bought Digital Equipment Corporation in 1998?

Answer: Compaq.

77. Question: Which computer company dropped the word 'Computer' from its name in 2007 to reflect its broader range of products?

Answer: Apple Inc.

78. Question: Which computer company is known for its production of the popular Inspiron and XPS laptop models?

Answer: Dell computers.

79. Question: What is the collective term for companies that sell complete computer systems including hardware and software?

Answer: Computer vendors.

80. Question: Which computer company was known for its line of mainframe computers in the mid-20th century?

Answer: IBM (International Business Machines) Corporation.

81. Question: Which computer company dropped the Play Station line and created an Aptiva brand computer for home users?

Answer: IBM Corporation.

82. Question: In what year was the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) founded?

Answer: 1990.

83. Question: Which computer company introduced the concept of 'PC clones' and contributed to the widespread adoption of personal computers?

Answer: Compaq.

84. Question: Who co-founded Microsoft and played a significant role in the development of personal computers?

Answer: Bill Gates.

Computer Software Trivia

Prepare to be amazed as you explore the vital role software plays in our modern lives, from browsing the web to enjoying video games. This trivia adventure will test your knowledge of software development history and introduce you to the latest tech trends. Get ready for a fun-filled journey where you'll uncover fascinating facts and deepen your understanding of the software that power the digital world.

85. Question: What is the term used to describe errors or mistakes in a computer program?

Answer: Bugs.

86. Question: What type of application is MS Word?

Answer: Word-processor program.

87. Question: Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are what type of computer software?

Answer: Web browsers.

88. Question: In what type of application can we add slides, text, images, graphics, and videos?

Answer: Presentation software.

89. Question: 'XLS' is a file extension used in which application?

Answer: MS Excel Binary.

90. Question: What application programs are used to organize, store, and modify data in computers?

Answer: Database Management Systems.

91. Question: Which programs are used to translate high-level language into machine language code?

Answer: A compiler.

92. Question: What type of computer applications have an intersecting area called cells and can perform calculations with formulas and functions?

Answer: Spreadsheets.

93. Question: VLC media player and Windows media player are what type of programs?

Answer: Multimedia programs.

94. Question: What is an open-source operating system known for its flexibility and community-driven development?

Answer: Linux.

95. Question: What do we call the ability to connect to the internet and browse websites?

Answer: Internet access.

96. Question: What are programming languages used for writing computer programs and software commonly called?

Answer: Computer languages.

97. Question: The display commonly found in notebook and laptop computers is called what?

Answer: Liquid Crystal display.

98. Question: What system of interlinked hypertext documents is accessible via the Internet?

Answer: World Wide Web (WWW).

99. Question: What term is used to describe malicious software that can replicate itself and infect computers?

Answer: Computer virus.

100. Question: In 1988, which computer virus caused widespread damage by infecting thousands of computers connected to the internet?

Answer: The Morris Worm.

101. Question: What popular open-source operating system, developed by Google, is widely used in mobile devices?

Answer: Android.

102. Question: Which computer virus, discovered in 2000, spread rapidly through email attachments and caused significant damage to computers?

Answer: The ILOVEYOU virus.

103. Question: What programming language is often used for building dynamic web applications and is a key component of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack?

Answer: PHP.

104. Question: What was the name of the first commercially available spreadsheet software?

Answer: VisiCalc.

105. Question: Which computer language is named after a comedy group from the '70s?

Answer: Python.

106. Question: What is the process of designing, coding, testing, and maintaining software called?

Answer: Software development.

107. Question: What type of company provides internet access to customers?

Answer: An internet service provider (ISP).

108. Question: True or false: A computer program is a physical component of a computer.

Answer: False

109. Question: What type of user interface allows users to interact with a computer using visual elements such as icons and menus?

Answer: Graphical User Interface (GUI).

110. Question: What is the process of creating moving images and visual effects using computer graphics called?

Answer: Computer animation.

111. Question: What is an alternative operating system to Windows or macOS that is known for its customizability and flexibility?

Answer: Linux.

112. Question: What specific type of software helps computer users access the internet?

Answer: Web browsers

113. Question: What is the purpose of a firewall?

Answer: To protect a computer network.

114. Question: Red Hat and Yellow Dog are computer outfits that distributed an alternative computer operating system. What was the name of the system?

Answer: Linux.

115. Question: True or false: Chrome OS is an alternative computer operating system developed by Google primarily for web-based applications.

Answer: True.

116. Question: What is the process called when a computer program is tested to ensure it works correctly and meets the specified requirements?

Answer: Software testing.

117. Question: Which information storage is used to store short-term running programs and data in a computer?

Answer: RAM (Random Access Memory).

There you go, you tech explorer! You've completed the exhilarating computer trivia adventure, and hopefully, you've gained some incredible insights along the way. Remember, the world of computers is vast and ever-evolving, so keep feeding your curiosity and expanding your knowledge. Whether you aced every question or discovered areas to delve deeper into, this journey has hopefully sparked your passion for all things tech.

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