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'Doctor Who' Trivia: Only True Whovians Can Get All 40 Of These Right

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'Doctor Who' is a marvel comic that was released on 17 October 1979.

It was adapted into a show in 2005. It consecutively went for 12 seasons and starred David Tennant and Matt Smith.

'Doctor Who' was nothing short of a phenomenon that took the world on a magical ride through time and space. 'Doctor Who' fans consist of a huge community across the globe, which is why this test for trivia fans will quiz you on every fact about 'Doctor Who' that even the most dedicated fans will struggle to answer. Think you got what it takes? Read on to find 40+ questions on Dr Who trivia.

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'Doctor Who' Character Quiz

The following Doctor Who trivia questions will be based on the myriad of characters featured on the show through the years, including facts about the Doctor himself. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Want to make a call?

1. Question: Which actress played Amy Pond, the fiery redhead from season 5 to 7 of the modern 'Doctor Who'?

Answer: Karen Gillian.

2. Question: Who played the first Doctor from the modern 'Doctor Who'?

Answer: Christopher Eccleston played the ninth Doctor, the first Doctor in the modern instalment of 'Doctor Who'?

3. Question: Which Doctor was Rose Tyler's first companion?

Answer: The Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, saw Rose Tyler as the first and main companion.

4. Question: Who played the War Doctor?

Answer: John Hurt played the 8th Doctor, also known as the War Doctor, who fought in the Time War in Gallifrey.

5. Question: Who was the 12th actor to play Doctor Who?

Answer: Peter Capaldi portrayed the 12th Doctor at the age of fifty-five. He had previously appeared in a 'Doctor Who' episode called the 'Fires of Pompeii'.

6. Question: Who among the tenth Doctor's companions was a highly talented medical student who would later become part of Torchwood?

Answer: Martha Jones.

7. Question: Who was voted the most popular 'Doctor Who' companion by the users of Ranker.com in 2020?

Answer: Donna Noble. Sarah Jane Smith followed closely behind.

8. Question: When does the Doctor first meet River Song?

Answer: The Doctor first meets River Song while he is in his 10th reincarnation, in the Forest of the Dead.

9. Question: Who is the Doctor married to?

Answer: The Doctor marries River Song while he is in his 11th reincarnation across fifteen episodes.

10. Question: Who played the Eleventh Doctor, starting from 2010?

Answer: Matt Smith played the iconic character for three seasons, until the Christmas Special on 25 December, 2013.

'Doctor Who' Trivia Quiz

Let's step things up a bit with these facts about Doctor Who and the 'Doctor Who' quiz that delves deeper into the complex plot lines of the Timeverse. Can you take this ultimate quiz on time and name them fast?

11. Question: What language is spoken on the Doctor's home planet?

Answer: The Doctor hails from Gallifrey, where the mother tongue is Gallifreyan.

12. Question: What species does the Doctor belong to?

Answer: The Doctor, while anthropomorphic in appearance, is a Time Lord.

13. Question: Which organ do humans have one of that the Doctor has two of?

Answer: The Doctor has two hearts.

14. Question: According to what classification is Earth a Level 5 planet?

Answer: The Shadow Proclamation Planetary Classification Levels place Earth under Level 5.

15. Question: What does the TARDIS stand for?

Answer: The Doctor's time machine is called the TARDIS, short for Time and Relative Dimension in Space.

16. Question: Which companion was earlier known in the show as the Souffle girl?

Answer: Clara Oswald appeared in earlier episodes as the Souffle girl, and later became a companion for the Eleventh Doctor.

17. Question: Which companion got the chance to meet and create a special connection with the iconic impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh?

Answer: Amy Pond.

18. Question: Which Doctor ingeniously defeated the terrifying aliens called The Silence?

Answer: The Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith, defeated the Silence and exposed them to humanity.

19. Question: Which Doctor first encountered the Weeping Angels?

Answer: The Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, met the Angels first in the historic episode called 'Blink'.

20. Question: Which actor kept his Scottish accent for the role, unlike David Tennant, who chose to adopt a British accent instead?

Answer: Peter Capaldi kept his Scottish accent for his role to feel closer to the character.

'Doctor Who' Quiz About The Original Series

When we say original, we refer to the first few seasons produced by the BBC, starting from 1963. The following quizzes will test your knowledge if you are a 'Doctor Who' fan.

'Doctor Who' is a comic series.

21. Question: The first episode of 'Doctor Who' aired 80 seconds after the scheduled programming time on BBC One. Why?

Answer: On Saturday, 23 November 1963, the first episode of 'Doctor Who' aired on BBC One later than was scheduled because of the assassination of John F Kennedy the day before.

22. Question: Who played the Doctor in the first episode of 'Doctor Who'?

Answer: William Hartnell.

23. Question: For how many seasons did 'Doctor Who' originally run for on BBC One?

Answer: The show originally ran for 26 seasons from 1963 to 1989.

24. Question: What was the programme's original intent and target audience?

Answer: 'Doctor Who' was originally intended for kids and family, and was supposed to be educational, two of the original companions were teachers who taught science and history.

25. Question: Which iconic humour and science fiction writer wrote more than one 'Doctor Who' episodes?

Answer: Douglas Adams, who wrote the popular 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', wrote, among others, the highly popular episode called 'The City of Death'.

26. Question: Who replaced Patrick Troughton as the Third Doctor?

Answer: Jon Pertwee played the Third Doctor between the years 1970 to 1974.

27. Question: Who was the last actor to play the Doctor in the original 'Doctor Who' run?

Answer: Sylvester McCoy.

28. Question: Who played the Eighth Doctor in the film adaptation of 'Doctor Who'?

Answer: Paul McGann played the Doctor in 1996 in a 'Doctor Who' movie.

29. Question: Which actor stepped in to play the first Doctor in the episode, 'The Five Doctors' following William Hartnell's demise?

Answer: Richard Hurndall, and later David Bradley 34 years later.

30. Question: How many 9th Doctor Companions are there?

Answer: There are three companions for Christopher Eccleston's Doctor. These are Rose Tyler, Adam Mitchell and Jack Harkness.

The New 'Doctor Who' Quiz

After years of waiting for fans worldwide, the BBC restarted the series in 2005, one of the biggest comebacks in television history. The final ten questions are about the new 'Doctor Who' series that gripped fans of science fiction worldwide.

31. Question: Who plays the current Doctor?

Answer: The 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

32. Question: Which modern Doctor has a bowtie as a part of his costume?

Answer: Matt Smith's eleventh Doctor has a tweed jacket and a bowtie as his iconic costume.

33. Question: Which actor starred in an episode where the Daleks attack Britain under Winston Churchill's administration?

Answer: Matt Smith.

34. Question: Which was the first episode in season five of 'Doctor Who' where Amy Pond discovers a crack on her wall?

Answer: 'The Eleventh Hour'.

35. Question: For how many years has the new 'Doctor Who' been airing for?

Answer: 15 years, starting in 2005.

36. Question: For how many years did David Tennant's Doctor last before regeneration?

Answer: Two years, from 2008 to 2010.

37. Question: The Doctor lies about telling River Song his name in which episode?

Answer: In 'The Name Of The Doctor', the Eleventh Doctor lies about telling his wife his real name, one of the biggest secrets across 'Doctor Who'. The Tenth Doctor previously revealed that he would only reveal his name in extremely sensitive situations.

38. Question: What was the name of Amelia Pond's husband?

Answer: Rory Williams, played by Arthur Darvill, was a companion to the Doctor for a couple of years from 2010.

39. Question: Who was the first bisexual companion on 'Doctor Who'?

Answer: Jack Harkness, an official from Torchwood, is pansexual, who is openly a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

40. Question: Which iconic 'Doctor Who' villain looks a salt shaker?

Answer: Daleks are alien antagonists who are in the shape of a salt shaker.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Doctor Who' trivia, then why not take a look at 'Walking Dead' trivia or Comics trivia.

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