50 League Of Legends Trivia Questions (And Answers): Will You Be The Next Champion? | Kidadl


50 League Of Legends Trivia Questions (And Answers): Will You Be The Next Champion?

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Inspired by the modified version of 'Warcraft III' called 'Defense Of The Ancients','League Of Legends' was developed for those aged 13 and over in 2009.

If you have played the game, take this 'League Of Legends' ultimate quiz and see if you emerge as a 'League Of Legends' trivia champion! For more, check out our cartoon trivia and 2000's trivia.

Basic 'League Of Legends' Trivia

Warriors who have stepped into the world of the legends are bound to get this legends quiz right, test your knowledge of 'League Of Legends' slang trivia, 'League Of Legends' dragon trivia, and more here!

1. Question:  In which year was 'League Of Legends' launched?

Answer: 2009.

2. Question: How many champions are there in the game?

Answer: 140 champions.

3. Question: What is a skin in 'League Of Legends'?

Answer: An alternate appearance or color scheme for any champion.

4. Question: What does Tristana carry in her pocket?

Answer: A rocket.

5. Question: Shaco's quote "Why so serious?" is a reference from which movie?

Answer: 'The Dark Knight'.

6. Question: What is the second highest paying competitive e-sport in the world?

Answer: 'League Of Legends'.

7. Question: How many champions are referred to as Marksmen?

Answer: 18.

8. Question: Before Kayn, what champion was released?

Answer: Xayah/Rakan.

9.  Question: How popular is 'League Of Legends'?

Answer: It is one of the most popular games in the e-sport industry.

10. Question: What is the premise of 'League Of Legends'?

Answer: It is a team based strategy game where two teams of five champions face off to destroy the other's base.

11. Question: Name the only champion you can kill with smite?

Answer: Zac.

Leona 'League Of Legends' Trivia

Leona is the legendary warrior, imbued with the fire of the sun. How well do you know her? Let's find out with these 'League Of Legends' quiz games.

12. Question: What happens when Zyra is hit by Leona's sunlight?

Answer: She and her plants grow slightly.

13. Question: What does Leona defend?

Answer: Mount Targon.

14. Question: How many skins does Leona have?

Answer: Nine.

15. Question: What is Leona's damage type?

Answer: Spell damage.

'League Of Legends' Trivia: Characters

With a wide array of amazing and powerful characters, 'League Of Legends' is a popular game. Find out about your favorite characters here.

A Legend can play defense as well as offense.

16. Question: Yorick was born with which ability?

Answer: The ability to speak to those who recently died.

17. Question: Who is the Ruined King?

Answer: The man who transformed the Blessed Isles into the Shadow Isles.

18. Question: Which character is named after the game's Design Director?

Answer: Zilean, the Chronokeeper, named after Tom "Zileas" Cadwell.

19. Question: Who created Blitzcrank?

Answer: Viktor.

20. Question: Who's curse transformed Cassiopeia into a serpent?

Answer: A Shuriman Tomb Guardian.

21. Question: What is Zoe's R ability?

Answer: Portal jump.

22. Question: What is Kog'maw's Q ability?

Answer: Caustic spittle.

23. Question: What is Gangplank's passive ability?

Answer: Trial by fire.

24. Question: What is Swain's W ability?

Answer: Nevermove.

25. Question: What is Quinn's W ability?

Answer: Heightened senses.

26. Question: Where does Jhin secretly work as a cabal assassin?

Answer: Ionia.

27. Question: Who is Kayle related to?

Answer: Morgana.

28. Question: Who is Taliyah's mentor.

Answer: Yasuo.

29. Question: Aatrox was inspired by characters from which movie?

Answer: 'Lord Of The Rings.'

Annie 'League Of Legends' Trivia

Annie, a child mage with immense pyromantic powers, is a popular character in the game.  Here are some interesting quiz games and questions about this magical outlier in 'League Of Legends'.

30. Question: What is Annie referred to as?

Answer: The Dark Child.

31. Question: After casting, how many spells does Annie's next offensive spell stun the target for?

Answer: Four.

32. Question: What is Annie's targeting input?

Answer: Passive.

33. Question: What is Annie's fireball ability called?

Answer: Disintegrate.

34. Question:  What was Annie's release date?

Answer: 21 February 2009.

35. Question: What is the name of the forest in which Annie dwells in?

Answer: Forests of Noxus.

'League Of Legends' Poppy Trivia

Check out some interesting trivia related to the mighty, yet humble Poppy here.

36. Question: How many skins does Poppy have?

Answer: 10.

37. Question: What is Poppy popularly known as?

Answer: Keeper of the Hammer.

38. Question: What is Poppy's hammer called?

Answer: The Hammer of Orlon.

39. Question: What is Poppy's difficulty level?

Answer: Moderate.

40. Question: What does Poppy search for in the game?

Answer: The Hero of Demacia.

'League Of Legends' Skin Trivia

Here is some more LoL trivia about the exciting skins in the games! Check out these 'League Of Legends' quizzes all about the skins. You can even play this 'League Of Legends' quiz game with your friends!

41. Question: Who has the most skins?

Answer: Annie.

42. Question: What skin will Illaoi receive soon?

Answer: Battle Cast Illaoi.

43. Question: Which is the only skin that costs 460 RP?

Answer: Phantom Karthus.

44. Question: Name the two skins that can be obtained through the Honor 5 reward.

Answer: Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch.

45. Question: What are the two skins that can only be obtained through the store's newbie package?

Answer: Goth Annie and Huntress Sivir.

How much do you know about 'League Of Legends'?

'League Of Legends' Hard Trivia

Test your knowledge with this 'League Of Legends' hard champions quiz!

46. Question: Who killed Vayne's parents?

Answer: Evelynn.

47. Question: What is the recipe to make an Abyssal Mask?

Answer: Catalyst of Aeons + Negatron Cloak + 1080g.

48. Question: How much does a Rejuvenation Bead cost?

Answer: 150.

49. Question: Who did Soraka protect that led her to sacrifice her immortality?

Answer: Warwick.

50. Question: What is the location of the Yordle Academy of Science and Progress?

Answer: Piltover.

Here at Kidadl, we have created lots of trivia for everyone! If you liked our 'League of Legends' trivia, why not check out our Lord Of The Rings trivia and anime trivia?

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