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120 Spring Trivia Questions (And Answers) To Help Kids Blossom

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Do you think you know enough about the season of blossoming flowers and chirping birds to match its vibrant energy in a game of trivia?

Get ready to show off your knowledge and learn some fascinating new facts about this time of year. From scientific occurrences behind the Spring Equinox to cherry blossoms and how seasons change, these trivia questions will explore the global significance of spring, from diverse spring festivals to the unique activities that take place during this season. So, grab your friends and loved ones and start attempting these spring trivia questions.

Scientific Facts About Spring For Kids

Did you know that spring is more than just blooming flowers and sunny days? These trivia questions will introduce you to the unique names of the seasons and teach you about the intriguing terms 'vernal' and 'equinox'. Discover the facts behind the changing seasons and expand your scientific knowledge along the way.

1. Question: What are the names of the four seasons?

Answer: Summer, spring, fall, and winter.

2. Question: When does spring occur?

Answer: After winter and before summer.

3. Question: What is the first day of spring called?

Answer: Spring Equinox.

4. Question: What is Spring Equinox also known as?

Answer: Vernal Equinox.

5. Question: What does 'vernal' mean?

Answer: Spring.

6. Question: What does 'equinox' mean?

Answer: Equal night.

7. Question: What happens on the Vernal Equinox?

Answer: The day and night are of equal length.

8. Question: Why is the day longer than the night during spring?

Answer: Earth is tilted towards the Sun.

9. Question: True or false? Tornadoes occur mostly during the spring season.

Answer: True.

Spring Flowers Trivia

In these spring-flower-themed trivia questions, you will learn all about petals and blossoms. From daffodils to tulips and cherry blossoms, get ready to discover how well you know the names and meanings of diverse spring flowers.

Blooming yellow and white flowers in field

10. Question: What is the name of the yellow spring flower famous in the UK?

Answer: Daffodil.

11. Question: In which country are cherry blossoms considered a sign of the beginning of spring?

Answer: Japan.

12. Question: What is the Japanese tradition of ‘Hanami'?

Answer: Appreciating the beauty of cherry blossoms.

13. Question: What is the festival during which spring is welcomed by organizing significant viewings of the cherry blossom flowers?

Answer: Hanami Spring Festival.

14. Question: What are the birth flowers for those born in March?

Answer: Daffodil and Jonquil.

15. Question: Why do people gift daffodils during spring?

Answer: These happy flowers symbolize new beginnings.

16. Question: What is the name of a spring flower that grows in woodland places?

Answer: Primrose.

17. Question: What is the name of the spring flower protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act?

Answer: Bluebell.

18. Question: What is the brown, papery fiber used to protect the bulb from damage called?

Answer: Tunic.

19. Question: Which spring flower produces mass pollens for early queen bumblebees?

Answer: Crocuses.

20. Question: True or false? Bulbs are planted before the ground freezes.

Answer: True.

21. Question: What are the four main parts of a flower?

Answer: Sepals, petals, stamens, and carpels.

22. Question: Do flowers attract pollinators?

Answer: Yes.

23. Question: When do tulips bloom?

Answer: spring.

24. Question: How many tulips are there in the world?

Answer: Over 3000.

25. Question: Which fragrant flower is often associated with spring and is known for its unique scent?

Answer: Jasmine.

26. Question: What is the name of the day that celebrates wattle blooming in Australia?

Answer: Wattle Day.

First Day Of Spring Facts

Did you know that the first day of spring is celebrated with zest and joy in various countries around the world? It's a time when people bid farewell to winter and embrace the new season. In these springtime trivia questions, you will learn facts about these festivals and their cultural significance. From Holi in India to Nowruz in Iran, get ready to immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of traditions and celebrations.

27. Question: True or false? The first day of spring marks the beginning of the Persian New Year.

Answer: True.

28. Question: What is the Hindu holiday known as the Indian festival of colors, that marks the beginning of spring?

Answer: Holi.

29. Question: What is the second festival celebrated in India to mark the onset of spring and the harvesting of crops?

Answer: Baisakhi.

30. Question: What is the name of the spring festival celebrated in Thailand?

Answer: Songkran.

31. Question: What is the name of the spring festival celebrated in China?

Answer: Lunar New Year.

32. Question: What is an important part of the Lunar New Year?

Answer: Family gatherings.

33. Question: What is the name of the spring festival celebrated in Central Asia?

Answer: Nowruz.

34. Question: What is the Easter week celebrated in Guatemala every spring break called?

Answer: Semana Santa.

35. Question: Where do people celebrate spring break with a festival called Cimburijada, known as 'The Festival Of Scrambled Eggs'?

Answer: Bosnia.

36. Question: What month does spring start in Poland?

Answer: March.

37. Question: What do the Polish do on the first day of the spring?

Answer: Burn an effigy and throw it in the river.

38. Question: When is St Patrick's Day celebrated?

Answer: March 17.

39. Question: Which city has been turning the river green to celebrate St Patrick's Day?

Answer: Chicago.

40. Question: What is the major Jewish holiday celebrated in spring?

Answer: Passover.

41. Question: What is the Gaelic traditional festival that marks the beginning of spring break?

Answer: Imbolc.

42. Question: True or false? Imbolc is observed only in Ireland.

Answer: False.

Easter And Spring Season Facts

Uncover facts about the connection between the Vernal Equinox and Easter, as well as the origins and traditions of Easter. From the significance of painting eggs to the famous Easter Bunny, these Easter-themed spring trivia questions will teach you all about this phenomenon of spring break.

43. Question: What animal lays the Egg used for the Easter Bunny tradition in folklore?

Answer: Oschter Haws or Easter Hare.

44. Question: When was the first story about the Easter Bunny published?

Answer: 1680.

45. Question: Why is celebrated on Easter?

Answer: The resurrection of Jesus Christ.

46. Question: What does the ash used on Ash Wednesday signify?

Answer: Dust.

47. Question: What are the 40 days of fasting before Easter called?

Answer: Lent.

48. Question: What is one of the most purchased Easter candies in the United States?

Answer: Reese's Peanut Butter Egg.

49. Question: True or false? Egg dyes are made with onion peels.

Answer: True.

50. Question: What does the Easter Egg symbolize?

Answer: New life.

51. Question: What does ‘new life' mean to Christians?

Answer: The resurrection of Jesus Christ.

52. Question: What are two symbols of Easter?

Answer: A Hare and an Egg.

53. Question: Why are Easter Eggs dyed?

Answer: To represent the blood of Jesus Christ.

54. Question: Which country holds the record for making the largest chocolate Easter Egg in the world?

Answer: Italy.

55. Question: Which country did the Easter Bunny story originate from?

Answer: Germany.

56. Question: What environmental protection event is held during the spring season?

Answer: Earth Day.

Spring Equinox Trivia

Did you know that spring's arrival and departure differ in both the northern and southern hemispheres? With these informative trivia questions, you will better understand why it varies in different parts of the world as well as the dates of the season's arrival.

57. Question: What is the date of the arrival of spring in the US in 2023?

Answer: March 20.

58. Question: Which Zodiac sign is associated with the start of spring?

Answer: Aries.

59. Question: When does spring begin in the Northern Hemisphere?

Answer: Between March 19-21.

60. Question: When does spring begin in the Southern Hemisphere?

Answer: Between September 21-23.

61. Question: When does spring end in the Northern Hemisphere?

Answer: May 31.

62. Question: When does spring end in the Southern Hemisphere?

Answer: December 22.

63. Question: What is the name of a Jewish spring festival?

Answer: Pesach.

64. Question: On what day in 2022 did the spring season start in India?

Answer: March 20, 2022.

65. Question: What are the spring months in the United States of America?

Answer: March, April, and May

66. Question: What is the name of the annual country tulip festival celebrated in Canada?

Answer: The Canadian Tulip Festival.

Interesting Facts About Spring

Learn about the land and sea animals that symbolize the arrival of spring, as well as their unique characteristics, with these trivia questions and answers. Discover the mythological details of the Greek gods and goddesses associated with the season and much more!

67. Question: What animal hibernates and then wakes up in spring?

Answer: Bear.

68. Question: Why do birds sing a lot in spring?

Answer: To attract mates.

69. Question: What are baby bunnies also called?

Answer: Kittens.

70. Question: Which of the baby animals can sense the Earth's magnetic field?

Answer: Baby fox.

71. Question: Which majestic sea animal is known for traveling thousands of miles to its breeding grounds during spring?

Answer: The gray whale.

72. Question: Which season do babies grow faster?

Answer: Spring.

73. Question: Which spring animal is the mascot of spring?

Answer: The bunny.

74. Question: What vegetable has the name 'spring' attached to it?

Answer: Spring onions.

75. Question: True or false? Baby fawns live with their mothers for two years.

Answer. False.

76. Question: What spring mammal makes use of the 'balling up' defense mechanism?

Answer: Hedgehog.

77. Question: Which spring mammal has the thickest fur?

Answer: Otter.

78. Question: When do butterflies hatch and take their first flight?

Answer: During the spring season.

79. Question: What is spring fever associated with?

Answer: Daydreaming.

80. Question: What is the most common spring outdoor activity for kids?

Answer: Flying a kite.

81. Question: In what century did the word 'spring' originate?

Answer: The 14th century.

82. Question: What is cleaning your house and getting rid of any waste at the start of spring called?

Answer: Spring cleaning.

83. Question: What does the term 'spring chicken' mean?

Answer: A young chicken.

84. Question: What three activities can you carry out during spring?

Answer: Bike rides, family picnics, and gardening.

85. Question: How do children dress during spring to stay comfortable and adapt to changing temperatures?

Answer: By wearing lightweight and breathable clothing.

86. Question: Which Disney movie begins and ends in the spring season?

Answer: 'Bambi'.

87. Question: When does the population in Fort Lauderdale spike?

Answer: During spring break.

88. Question: True or false? 36% of Americans list spring as their favorite season.

Answer: True.

89. Question: Complete the proverb “April showers bring _______".

Answer: May flowers.

90. Question: Which Roman god is March named after?

Answer: Mars, the god of war.

91. Question: Who wrote a poem called 'Daffodils'?

Answer: William Wordsworth.

92. Question: Who is the Greek goddess of spring?

Answer: Flora.

93. Question: What is the birthstone for those born in March?

Answer: Aquamarine.

94. Question: What are the spring Zodiac signs?

Answer: Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

95. Question: On the Spring Equinox, the Sun aligns with the symbols of Egypt's Great Sphinx. True or False?

Answer: True.

96. Question: What was the spring season previously called?

Answer: Lent.

97. Question: In which century was it named 'spring'?

Answer: 16th century.

98. Question: What are English spring buns traditionally called?

Answer: Hot cross buns.

99. Question: On what day is it a tradition to eat hot cross buns?

Answer: Good Friday.

100. Question: True or false? Maple syrup tastes the sweetest in spring.

Answer: True.

101. Question: What are spring superfoods?

Answer: Foods that are specifically high in nutritional value during the spring season.

102. Question: What are the names of two fabric types that are traditionally used for spring dresses?

Answer: Cotton and silk.

103. Question: What is one way to avoid a spring break traffic accident?

Answer: By walking.

Geological Spring Trivia Questions

You are nearing the end of this fun and exciting quiz about spring. It's time to take a look at these fun facts and trivia about the geographical phenomena that occur during the spring season. These questions include facts and information about daylight saving, the North Pole, and other geographical terms associated with the spring season.

104. Question: True or false? While the Northern Hemisphere experiences spring, the Southern Hemisphere experiences fall.

Answer: True.

105. Question: What is Summer Solstice?

Answer: The longest day of the year.

106. Question: True or false? The Polar region experiences a long spring.

Answer: False.

107. Question: The start of spring coincides with what?

Answer: The Vernal Equinox

108. Question: When does the Summer Solstice occur?

Answer: Either June 21 or June 22.

109. Question: During which season does daylight saving time typically begin?

Answer: The spring season.

110. Question: Why is it good to plant seeds in the spring season?

Answer: The once-frozen ground becomes softer and absorbs more water to yield plants.

111. Question: What is the average spring temperature in Greenland?

Answer: 14 F (-10 C).

112. Question: When did the world's deadliest tornado take place?

Answer: April 26, 1989.

113. Question: Where did the world's deadliest tornado take place?

Answer: Bangladesh.

114. Question: What is the name of the world's deadliest tornado?

Answer: Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado.

115. Question: In which month does Greenland experience spring?

Answer: May.

116. Question: What causes the beginning of longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures in spring?

Answer: The axis of the Earth tilting towards the Sun.

117. Question: Which region in spring, experiences the return of Sunlight after months of darkness during Winter?

Answer: The North Pole.

118. Question: What causes spring allergies?

Answer: An increase in Pollen.

119. Question: Who is the composer of ‘The Four Seasons'?

Answer: Antonio Vivaldi.

120. Question: True or false? Mint is found in the late spring season.

Answer: True.

By attempting these 120 spring trivia questions and answers, you've not only learned about festivals, animals, and the Vernal Equinox but also gained a deeper appreciation for the details and diversity of the spring season. Now share this wealth of trivia knowledge with friends and family because there is a lot to learn about every season of the year.

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