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100 Spring Trivia Questions (And Answers) To Help Kids Blossom

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Here at Kidadl, we love spring!

It’s a great time of year to do some fun family activities. So why not assemble your family members and have a blast answering these 100 spring season questions?

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Scientific Facts About Spring For Kids

Looking for scientific spring facts for kids?  This activity will give your family some crazy spring season information. Let's start this trivia about spring!

1. Question: Name the four seasons.

Answer: Summer, spring, fall and winter.

2. Question: When does spring occur?

Answer: After winter and before summer.

3. Question: What is the first day of spring called?

Answer: Spring equinox.

4. Question: Spring equinox is also known as?

Answer: Vernal equinox.

5. Question: Vernal means?

Answer: Spring.

6. Question:  Equinox means?

Answer: Equal night.

7. Question: What happens on a vernal equinox?

Answer: The day and night are an equal length.

8. Question: Why is the day longer than the night during spring?

Answer: Earth is tilted towards the sun, hence day is longer than night.

9. Question: True or false? Tornadoes occur mostly during the spring season.

Answer: True.

Spring Flowers Trivia

At spring time all the flowers are blooming and there is greenery everywhere. Here are some fun trivia facts about spring flowers. Brush up your knowledge on spring flowers with this amazing springtime trivia.

These spring flower trivia questions and answers will challenge you.

10. Question: Name a yellow spring flower.

Answer: Daffodil.

11. Question: In which country  are cherry blossoms considered as a sign of the beginning of spring?

Answer: Japan.

12. Question: What is the birth flower for those born in March?

Answer: Daffodil.

13. Question: Why do people gift daffodils during spring?

Answer: These happy flowers symbolize new beginnings.

14. Question: Name a spring flower that grows in the woods.

Answer: Primrose.

15. Question: Name a blue flower that is protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Answer: Bluebell.

16. Question: What is a tunic?

Answer: It is a brown papery fiber used to cover the bulb of a spring flower.

17. Question: True or false? A tunic is used to protect the bulb from any damage.

Answer: True.

18. Question: True or false? Bulbs are planted before the ground freezes.

Answer: True.

19. Question: What is the largest part of a flower?

Answer: Petals.

20. Question: Do flowers attract pollinators?

Answer: Yes.

First Day Of Spring Facts

Everything about spring is refreshing, here are some of the best first day of springtime facts for you and your family to learn more about this season and the vernal equinox.

21. Question: True or false? The first day of spring marks the beginning of Persian New Year.

Answer: True.

22. Question: What is Holi?

Answer: It is the Indian festival of colors, marking the beginning of spring.

23. Question: Name the second festival celebrated throughout India to mark the onset of spring.

Answer: Baisakhi.

24. Question: Name the spring festival celebrated in Thailand.

Answer: Songkran.

25. Question: What is Semana Santa?

Answer: It is the Easter week celebrated in Guatemala every spring.

26. Question: How do people celebrate spring in Bosnia?

Answer: With a festival called Cimburijada, known as “the festival of scrambled eggs”.

27. Question: What do the Polish do on the first day of spring?

Answer: Burn an effigy and throw it in the river.

28. Question: Why is Easter celebrated?

Answer: To celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

29. Question: What is Imbolc?

Answer: Gaelic traditional festival that marks the beginning of spring.

30. Question: True or false? Imbolc is observed only in Ireland.

Answer: False.

Easter And Spring Season Facts

Out of all the exciting things that happen in spring, Easter is one fun festival. It usually falls on the Sunday following the vernal equinox. Here are some fun facts about Easter for you to enjoy.

How much do you know about Easter?

31. Question: When was the first story of the Easter Bunny published?

Answer: 1680.

32. Question: What is Lent?

Answer: Lent is the 40 days of fasting before Easter.

33. Question: What is the most purchased Easter candy?

Answer: Chocolate.

34. Question: True or false? Egg dyes are made with onion peels.

Answer: True.

35. Question: What is The White House Easter Egg Roll?

Answer: A race where children push an egg through the grass with a long handled spoon.

36. Question: When did the first Easter Egg Roll occur in the US?

Answer: 1878.

37. Question: What does the Easter egg symbolize?

Answer: New life.

38. Question: What are two symbols of Easter?

Answer: A hare and an egg.

39. Question: Why are Easter eggs dyed?

Answer: To represent the blood of Jesus Christ.

40. Question: Which country holds the record for making the largest chocolate Easter egg in the world?

Answer: Italy.

41. Question: Where did the Easter Bunny story originate from?

Answer: Germany.

42. Question: Where will you find the largest Easter egg in the world?

Answer: Alberta, Canada.

43. Question: True or false? An easter egg was once sold for nine million Euros.

Answer: True!

Spring Equinox Trivia

Numerous holidays and festivals fall during the spring season around the world. We have compiled a fun date trivia quiz, all about the vernal equinox for you to enjoy.

44. Question: What is the date of the arrival of spring in the US in 2021?

Answer: 20 March.

45. Question: When does spring begin in the northern hemisphere?

Answer: Between 19 March and 21 March.

46. Question: When does spring begin in the southern hemisphere?

Answer: Between 21 and 23 September.

47. Question: When does spring end in the northern hemisphere?

Answer: 21 June.

48. Question: When does spring end in the southern hemisphere?

Answer: 22 December.

49. Question: Question: Name a Jewish spring festival.

Answer: Pesach.

50. In which month does spring always start?

Answer: March.

Interesting Facts About Spring

Learn more about animal life, the history of spring season and other interesting facts with these wildlife and springtime trivia.

51. Question: Name an animal that hibernates, then wakes in spring.

Answer: Bear.

52. Question: Why do birds sing a lot during spring?

Answer: To attract other birds.

53. Question: What are baby bunnies also called?

Answer: Kittens.

54. Question: Which spring animal can see the earth's magnetic field?

Answer: Baby fox.

55. Question: Babies grow faster in which season?

Answer: Spring.

56. Question: Which animal is the mascot of spring?

Answer: Bunny.

57. Question: True or false? Baby fawns live with their mothers for two years.

Answer. False.

58. Question: True or false? Baby goats each have unique accents.

Answer: True.

59. Question: Which spring mammal has the thickest fur?

Answer: Otters.

60. Question: What is spring fever associated with?

Answer: Daydreaming.

61. Question: What is the most common spring outdoor activity for kids?

Answer: Flying a kite.

62. Question: In which century did the word 'spring' originate?

Answer: 14th.

63. Question: What is spring cleaning?

Answer: Cleaning your house and getting rid of any waste at the start of spring.

64. Question: What does the term 'spring chicken' mean?

Answer: Young.

65. Question: Name three spring activities.

Answer: Bike rides, family picnics and gardening.

66. Question: Which Disney movie which the spring season beautifully?

Answer: 'Bambi'.

67. Question: True or false? 36% of Americans list spring as their favorite season.

Answer: True.

68. Question: In the proverb, April showers bring what?

Answer: May flowers.

69. Question: March is named after which God?

Answer: Mars, the Roman God of war.

70. Question: Who wrote a poem called 'Daffodils'?

Answer: William Wordsworth.

71. Question: Who is the Goddess of spring?

Answer: Goddess Flora.

72. Question: What is the birthstone for those born in March?

Answer: Aquamarine.

73. Question: What are the spring zodiac signs?

Answer: Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

74. Question: What is special about the Great Sphinx in Egypt at springtime?

Answer: On the vernal equinox, the sun aligns with the symbols on the Great Sphinx.

75. How many different names has the spring season had?

Answer: Four.

76. Question: What was the season called before 'spring'?

Answer: 'Lent', then 'springing time', then 'springtime', then 'spring'.

77. Question: In which century was it named 'spring'?

Answer: 16th century.

78. Question: What are English spring buns traditionally called?

Answer: Hot cross buns.

79. Question: On what day is it a tradition to eat hot cross buns?

Answer: Good Friday.

80. Question: True or false? Maple syrup tastes sweetest in spring.

Answer: True.

81. Question: True or false? Eating seasonally is very beneficial for your health.

Answer: True.

82. Question: What are spring superfoods?

Answer: Foods that are specifically high in nutritional value during the spring season.

83. Question: Which spring superfood has over 500 varieties?

Answer: Mango.

84. Question: Name two different types of fabrics traditionally used for spring dresses.

Answer: Cotton and linen.

Geological Spring Trivia Questions

We near the end of this fun and an exciting quiz about spring. Take a look at these spring fun facts and trivia to learn some geological fun facts about spring. This set of questions includes lots of spring facts and information.

85. Question: True or false? Whilst the northern hemisphere experiences spring, the southern hemisphere experiences fall.

Answer: True.

86. Question: True or false? Temperatures rise after the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere.

Answer: True.

87. Question: What is 'summer solstice'?

Answer: Summer solstice is another way to describe the longest day.

88. Question: True or false? The polar region experiences a long spring?

Answer: False.

89. Question: When does summer solstice start?

Answer: Summer solstice occurs on either 21 or 22 June.

90. Question: True or false? The earth's axis is not pointed towards or away from the sun during spring.

Answer: True.

91. Question: Why is good to plant seeds in spring?

Answer: The once frozen ground becomes softer and absorbs more water to yield plants.

92. Question: What is the average spring temperature in Greenland?

Answer: -10 degrees celsius.

93. Question: When did the world's deadliest tornado take place?

Answer: 26 April 1989.

94. Question: Where did this tornado take place?

Answer: Bangladesh.

95. Question: What was the name of this deadly tornado?

Answer: Daulatpur-Saturia tornado.

96. Question: In which month does Greenland experience spring?

Answer: May.

97. Question: An increase in what causes allergies in the spring?

Answer: Pollen.

98. Question: Who is the composer of ‘The Four Seasons’?

Answer: Vivaldi.

99. Question: True or false? Mint is a spring herb.

Answer: True.

100. Question: Which country is Easter Island part of?

Answer: Chile.

Here at Kidadl, we have created lots of interesting trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for spring trivia, why not check out our St Patrick's Day trivia, or April trivia too?

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