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100 Summer Trivia Questions (And Answers) To Brighten Your Day

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We can't help but admit that summer is the season we just can't wait for!

There are so many things to cherish about summertime. Hot dogs, ice creams (and ice cream sandwiches!) cheeseburgers, swimming pools, fireworks and, of course, sunshine; the list is never ending.

Summer is that time of year when everyone is cheerful and everybody has a spring in their step when the sun shines, the days are long, and the birds sing. Why don’t you put a smile on your face and test yourself with these fun summer questions filled with educational facts about summer? These summer themed trivia questions are packed with scientific facts about summer as well as lots of fun summer holiday facts, which will keep you on the edge of your seat. Therefore, these summer facts in the form of trivia about summer are both engaging and fascinating for a summertime fun activity!

So, what are you waiting for? Have a go at this set of wonderful summer trivia for kids, loaded with strange summer facts to test the knowledge of all summer lovers across the globe. Once you have aced this quiz about summer season facts and summer vacation facts, you can also have a go at our spring trivia and April trivia to test your knowledge of all the fun facts about seasons.

Super Quiz Questions About The Summer Season

This fun trivia quiz is filled with summer facts for kids that are all about summer, of course! Try out this fun summer quiz to see if you can learn some first day of summer fun facts, try your hand at some summer solstice trivia questions and answers and test your summer knowledge with the best beach trivia questions around. This is, without a doubt, a fun summer activities quiz!

1. Question: The English word 'summer' came from which Proto-Germanic word?

Answer: 'Sumaraz'.

2. Question: Summer solstice happens on which two sequential days in the northern hemisphere?

Answer: It happens on either 20 or 21 June.

3. Question: Which three zodiac signs are summer signs of the Zodiac?

Answer: Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

4. Question: In the US, what is the best selling BBQ meat throughout the summer?

Answer: Hotdogs. 

5. Question: Which season is proven to be the most joyous season?

Answer: Summer!

6. Question: Which of the former US President Barack Obama's daughters was born on 4 July?

Answer: Malia Obama.

7. Question: Two vegetables experience higher sales in August than during all the other months of the year in the US. What vegetables are they?

Answer: Corn and squash.

8. Question: What vitamin can you get from direct sunlight?

Answer: Vitamin D.

9. Question: In which year was Don Henley’s nostalgic song, 'The Boys Of Summer' released?

Answer: 1984.

10. Question: Which summertime smell is said to elicit happy memories in humans?

Answer: The smell of freshly cut grass.

11. Question: 'In The Good Old Summertime' by George Evans and Ren Shields was composed and published in which year?

Answer: 1902.

12. Question: What was the most traditional way to make pink lemonade?

Answer: By adding a few drops of beet juice to regular lemonade.

13. Question: The summer’s Dog Days are named after whom?

Answer: Sirius, the Dog Star.

14. Question: What is a prominent unofficial month of festivities in the summer in the US?

Answer: National Barbecue Month.

15. Question: Which summer blockbuster film was the first to be promoted to the audience by expensive television advertising?

Answer: 'Jaws'.

Fun Summer Trivia Questions

This section is loaded with amazing facts about summer days. Try to solve them all!

16. Question: Who is the public service mascot that was first inducted to the US on 9 August 1944?

Answer: Smokey Bear, the fire prevention bear.

17. Question: What is the traditional birthstone for August?

Answer: Peridot.

18. Question: The month of July was named after which historical personality?

Answer: Julius Caesar.

19. Question: Using clothespins to attach baseball cards to your bike was a famous summertime activity. What was the purpose of doing this?

Answer: To make it sound like the noise of a motorcycle as you cycle.

20. Question: Which three fresh fruits outsell all other fruits during the summer in America?

Answer: Watermelon, tomatoes and peaches.

21. Question: Who had a summer hit with 'Sealed With A Kiss'?

Answer: Brian Hyland.

22. Question: While spending a week at Camp Runamuck, you can achieve the rank of Junior Lifesaver. Who certifies this swimming certificate?

Answer: The American Red Cross.

23. Question: In Stickball, a broomstick is used as the bat, but what is the ball called?

Answer: Spalpeen.

24. Question: If you're "caught" while playing a game of '1-2-3 Red Light', what happens?

Answer: You have to go back to the start line.

25. Question: Which month of the year is National Ice Cream Month?

Answer: July.

26. Question: True or false? Summer solstice is also the longest day of the year.

Answer: True.

27. Question: In which two months are the summer Olympics held?

Answer: July and August.

28. Question: How did the popular summertime game 'Frisbee' get its name?

Answer: It was the name of a bakery, The Frisbee Pie Bakery.

Summer Vacation Trivia

This section is packed with facts about the summer season you are bound to enjoy! It is the perfect selection of fun facts about summer for kids!

29. Question: In which year was the beach ball invented?

Answer: 1938.

30. Question: Which was the year without a summer in the northern states?

Answer: 1816.

31. Question: Which state is the Slurpee capital of the world?

Answer: Winnipeg.

32. Question: What’s the Guinness World Record for the longest barbecue?

Answer: 80 hours.

33. Question: Who holds the record for the maximum home runs?

Answer: Barry Bonds.

34. Question: Which is the longest continuous beach in America?

Answer: Long Beach, WA.

35. Question: In which city were the summer Olympics held in 2012?

Answer: London, England

36. Question: In which country is the biggest waterpark in the world?

Answer: Germany.

37. Question: What year was 'Jaws' released?

Answer: 1975.

38. Question: True or false? The month of June is named after a Greek goddess.

Answer: False, June is named after the Roman Goddess, Juno.

39. Question: Which song spent three weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the summer of 1985?

Answer: 'Shout' by Tears For Fears.

40. Question: True or false? Watermelon contains over 90% water?

Answer: True.

41. Question: In which city in the USA were ice cream sandwiches believed to have been invented?

Answer: New York.

42. Question: True or false? A typical Chicago-style hot dog has tomato slices on it.

Answer: True.

43. Question: How many long distance summer trips are made in the USA each year?

Answer: 650 million.

44. Question: Before they were used for playing, Frisbees served what objective in the kitchen?

Answer: They were a pie tin.

45. When did the first ever swimming school open in the United States?

Answer: 1827

Amazing Summer Quiz Questions On Summer Fun Facts

Baby sitting on sand near beach on a summer day

46. Question: What does SPF stand for?

Answer: Sun protection factor.

47. Question: Which president hosted the first barbecue at the White House?

Answer: Lyndon Johnson.

48. Question: Which volcano  erupted in 1815, causing the year without a summer in 1816.

Answer: Mount Tambora.

49. Question: Name the oldest beach in America.

Answer: Revere Beach in Revere, MA.

50. Question: Which US holiday unofficially implies the end of the summer season?

Answer: Labor Day.

51. Question: Which is the most sold item in summer in America?

Answer: Swimsuits.

52. Question: Before the US Civil War, kids had school in which seasons?

Answer: Spring and fall.

53. Question: In southern England, where do people assemble to see the summer solstice?

Answer: Stonehenge.

54. Question: What do goats climb on every June in Morocco?

Answer: Argan trees.

55. Question: Who owns the biggest collection of surfboards?

Answer: Donald Dettloff.

56. Question: Where does the largest summer bikini procession take place?

Answer: Huludao City, Liaoning, China.

57. Question: When is International Refugee Day commemorated?

Answer: 20 June.

58. Question: When did Congress approve the Great Seal of the United States, with the emblem of the bald eagle?

Answer: 20 June.

59. Question: How did ancient Pagans enjoy their midsummer?

Answer: They would light bonfires.

60. Question: Which beach sport became official in 1986?

Answer: Beach volleyball.

Exquisite Summertime Trivia

Keep your brain active over the summer months with these trivia questions.

61. Question: Which flower thrives in the sun because it loves the sun?

Answer: Sunflower.

62. Question: Which insects are the most widespread in the summer?

Answer: Mosquitoes.

63. Question: What date is understood as the last day of summer?

Answer: 23 September.

64. Question: Which insect's sound can you use to find the temperature?

Answer: Cricket chirps.

65. Question: When is International Parents Day celebrated?

Answer: 1 June.

66. Question: Which tower grows in the heat of summer?

Answer: Eiffel Tower.

67. Question: When did Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous 'I have a dream' speech?

Answer: 28 August 1963.

68. Question: How long is largest cruise ship?

Answer: The length of four football fields.

69. Question: When's America's Independence Day celebrated?

Answer: 4 July.

70. Question: Which team sport made its debut in the 2016 summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?

Answer: Rugby Sevens.

71. Question: Which sport has been a part of the Olympic Games since their inception in 1896?

Answer: Cycling.

72. Question: How many varieties of watermelons exist?

Answer: More than 1000.

73. Question: Name the '80s summer band which sang about the cruellest summer break-up ever?

Answer: Bananarama.

74. Question: Which song was in the movie 'Caddyshack'?

Answer: 'Summertime Blues'.


Delightful Trivia Questions About Summer

Still looking for more summer trivia questions? Dig into these!

75. Question: Where is an underwater music festival held?

Answer: Looe Key Reef in Florida.

76. Question: The first modern Olympic Games were held in the summer of which year?

Answer: 1896

77. Question: Where were the first modern Olympic Games held?

Answer: Athens, Greece.

78. Question: When were ice pops invented?

Answer: 1905

79. Question: How old was the inventor of ice pops?

Answer: 11 years old.

80. Question: Which game once featured in the Olympics but now does not?

Answer: Tug of war.

81. Question: Which water sport is not a part of the summer Olympics?

Answer: Surfing.

82. Question: Which days are known as the Dog Days of summer?

Answer: 3 July- 11 August.

83. Question: Where does the word 'season' come from?

Answer: Old French, meaning "sowing/planting".

84. Question: Which famous Shakespeare play takes place on Midsummer's Eve?

Answer: 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

Summer Quiz Questions Full Of Interesting Facts About Summer

These quiz questions about summer can be played all year round if you wish!

85. Question: When does the summer begin according to Chinese astronomy?

Answer: 5 May.

86. Question: Which is the busiest season in theatres?

Answer: Summer.

87. Question: Which resort boasts the highest number of pools, at 639?

Answer: Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson.

88. Question: Which day is understood as the first day of summer?

Answer: 20 June.

89. Question: Which season is most likely to witness a thunderstorm?

Answer: Summer.

90. Question: When does New York become the home to a fascinating sunset phenomenon?

Answer: Twice a year, around 28 May and 12 July.

91. Question: Which place holds a hot dog contest on 4 July?

Answer: Coney Island, Brooklyn.

92. Question: Which music artist had a popular dance called 'Summer Love'?

Answer: Justin Timberlake.

93. Question: How tall was the tallest bonfire ever?

Answer: 155 feet.

94. Question: Where is the World Margarita Championship held every summer?

Answer: Tucson, AZ.

95. Question: Which year will breakdancing be introduced to the summer Olympics.

Answer: 2024

96. Question: In which year was table tennis introduced to the summer Olympics.

Answer: 1988

97. Question: What national competition was first held on 17 June 1925?

Answer: The first National Spelling Bee.

98. Question: How is the summer solstice celebrated in Alaska?

Answer: A midnight baseball game.

99. Question: Which is the sunniest province in Canada?

Answer: Manitoba.

100. Question: When do the most impressive meteor showers of the year happen?

Answer: Mid August.

101. Question: How many baths can be taken from the Olympics swimming pool?

Answer: 9400 baths.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 100 summer trivia questions (and answers) to brighten your day then why not take a look at October trivia, or 4th of July trivia questions too?

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