60+ Valentine's Day Trivia Questions For Cupids-In-The-Making

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Valentine’s Day fun is filled with Valentine cards, heart shaped chocolates and, most importantly, love.

People around the world celebrate the day by showing those around them how much they love them, whether it be their partner, parents, friends, siblings, pets, or anyone else they love. But how much do you actually know about Valentine's Day?

Are you a true romantic who knows all the fun Valentine’s Day facts ? Test your friends and family’s knowledge about this famous celebration of love with these Valentines Day facts quiz questions. Our trivia consists of fun Valentine's Day facts and some wonderful and weird facts about Valentine's Day that will make your day even more romantic. Play this amazing Valentine’s day quiz and enjoy the day!

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Valentine's Day Trivia Questions

If you want to do something different this Valentines, love trivia questions, and consider yourself to be a know-it-all of all the funny Valentine's Day facts, then why not try these fun Valentine's Day questions? Celebrate the day of St. Valentine by remembering him with these Valentine's Day trivia and answers.

1. Question: How many cards are gifted or sent on Valentine’s Day each year in the US?

Answer: 145 million cards.

2. Question: Who was the creator of the first Valentine’s Day box?

Answer: Richard Cadbury.

3. Question: What percentage of flowers bought on Valentine’s Day are red?

Answer: 69%.

4. Question: Do you know what the meaning of X and O is in “XOXO”?

Answer: X symbolises kisses and O symbolises hugs.

5. Question: How many states in the USA have cities named Valentine?

Answer: Four: Arizona, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia.

6. Question: Which country grows the majority of the roses that are sold in the USA on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Colombia.

7. Question: Valentine’s Day comes almost two months after which popular event on which cards are also sent?

Answer: Christmas.

8. Question: How many roses worldwide are grown for Valentine’s Day each year?

Answer: 224 million.

9. Question: What percentage of people who buy flowers as gift on 14 February are women?

Answer: 27%

10. Question: When was Valentine's Day originally celebration in Ancient Rome?

Answer: 15 February.

11. Question: Who receives the most Valentine's Day cards?

Answer: Teachers.

12. Question: Which mythological God is the symbol of Valentines?

Answer: Cupid.

13. Question: Who the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, whose son is Cupid?

Answer: Cupid's mother is Venus.

14. Question: What is the symbol of the source of all human emotions that is also associated with Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Heart.

15. Question: Whose favorite flowers are red roses?

Answer: A red rose is the favorite flower of Venus.

16. Question: When were ribbons first used symbolically?

Answer: It  originated in the Middle Ages. When knights went to tournaments their lovers gave them ribbons for good luck.

17. Question: The Goddess of love, Venus, is believed to have been born from what?

Answer: Sea foam.

18. Question: When was the first Valentine’s Day candy box invented?

Answer: 1861.

19. Question: How many wedding proposals are made on Valentine’s Day each year?

Answer: More than one million.

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Kids Valentine Trivia Questions About Valentine's Day

These questions are great for kids as well as adults. This Valentine's day trivia for kids includes Valentine's day fun questions that are based on the history of the day as well as some Valentine's Day movie trivia questions too! Do you know all about Valentines Day? Test your knowledge here.

20. Question: From which Latin word is the name Valentine derived?

Answer: Valor.

21. Question: Who declared 14 February as the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day?

Answer: King Henry VII of England.

22. Question: How many heart shaped boxes of chocolates are sold on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: 35 million.

23. Question: Which decorative item used on Valentine’s Day means “to snare or net”?

Answer: Lace.

24. Question: How much does an average man spend on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: $130.

25. Question: Every year, thousands of Valentine's cards are addressed to Juliet from the Shakespearean play, 'Romeo And Juliet'. Which city are they sent to?

Answer: Verona.

26. Question: Which US state produces the most roses?

Answer: California.

27. Question: What percentage of people buy their pets a gift on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: 27%

28. Question: Where are wooden love spoons carved and given as gifts on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Wales.

29. Question: When was it first considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card?

Answer: The Victorian period.

30. Question: Other than Valentine’s Day, which is the next biggest holiday for giving flowers?

Answer: Mother’s Day.

31. Question: What is a signature rose?

Answer: A single rose framed with Baby’s Breath flower.

32. Question: Where can you find the oldest Valentine’s Day card on display?

Answer: The British Museum in London.

33. Question: By what century did it become normal for friends and lovers to exchange handwritten notes on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: The middle of the eighteenth century.

34. Question: When did Hallmark launch its first Valentine’s Day product?

Answer: 1916.

More Valentine's Day Trivia Facts

Why not make this February 14th a little different by accompanying the roses and chocolates with some Valentine Day trivia facts and set up a Valentine's Day quiz? Include more interesting facts about Valentine's Day and personal trivia questions that will make your day even sweeter. How much do you know about St Valentine, Valentine cards, Cupid and Venus?

35. Question: Who popularized the giving of cards in America on Valentine's Day?

Answer: Esther Howland.

36. Question: Which record breaking kissing event held in the Philippines was first held in 2014?

Answer: Lovapalooza.

37. Question: In 2001, a movie was released titled 'Valentine'. What genre was the film?

Answer: Horror.

38. Question: Which popular website was founded on February 14, Valentine’s Day?

Answer: YouTube.

39. Question: Which company produces Conversation Hearts, a popular candy choice on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Necco.

40. Question: In which Shakespearean play will you find a mention of Valentine’s Day?

Answer: 'Hamlet'.

41. Question: What was the name of the "gift" that was sent to suitors that the sender did not like during the Victorian period?

Answer: Vinegar Valentines.

42. Question: In how many countries is Valentine’s Day an official holiday?

Answer: None.

43. Question: In which country do women traditionally buy chocolates for men on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Japan.

44. Question: On what day in Japan dp men who received chocolates on Valentine’s Day buy them for women in return?

Answer: White Day.

45. Question: Sometimes, Cupid is described as what?

Answer: Blind.

46. Question: Bouquets bought on Valentine’s Day traditionally contain flowers and one other thing. What is it?

Answer: Chocolates.

47. Question: How much chocolate is sold during Valentine’s week?

Answer: 58 million pounds of chocolate.

48. Question: Which color rose symbolizes purity, innocence and humility?

Answer: White.

49. Question: Which hormone is known as the love hormone?

Answer: Oxytocin.

50. Question: Which famous building was built and given as the ultimate gift of love?

Answer: Taj Mahal.

51. Question: Which fruit is also known as the 'love apple'?

Answer: Tomato.

52. Question: Which Goddess did Cupid fall in love with?

Answer: Psyche.

53. Question: A computer virus called 'ILOVEYOU' was detected on 1 May 2000. Where was it detected?

Answer: Hong Kong.

54. Question: Where will you find the oldest love poem written in the world?

Answer: On a clay tablet in Southern Iraq.

55. Question: As per the Farmers Almanac, if a woman sees a goldfinch on Valentine’s Day, whom will she marry?

Answer: Sailor.

56. Question: Which US State produces the most chocolates?

Answer: Pennsylvania.

57. Question: What is the name of the series of booklets written by Peter Quizumall to help those who could not think of their own Valentine verses?

Answer: Valentine Writers.

58. Question: Which actress born on Valentine’s Day (February 14) was the winner of six Academy Awards?

Answer: Thelma Ritter.

59. Question: In which year was St. Valentine of Rome believed to be martyred?

Answer: 269 AD.

60. Which village in England is famed for the production of Cadbury chocolate?

Answer: Bournville in Birmingham.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Valentine trivia facts and questions, then why not take a look at our St. Patrick's Day trivia, or 4th of July trivia for more?

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