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101 Wrestling Trivia Questions: Can You Fight Your Way To The Top?

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Are you intrigued by wrestlers as they throw each other down on the ground?

Wrestling originated in the 19th century. It grew into a huge display of strength, athletic performance, and collision, to showcase the techniques of the form.

We have compiled lots of information about 'WWE' wrestlers through this amazing pro wrestling trivia.  This 'WWE' history quiz will also delve into other fields, including football, movies, and many other business ventures. If you are a 'WWE' fan, you certainly follow some famous superstar wrestlers like Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton. This hard wrestling trivia is packed with wrestling trivia facts through questions about wrestling. Encouraged by the success of NFL trivia and NBA trivia in the past, we decided to come up with this set of difficult 'WWE' trivia questions and 'WWE' trivia answers to test the memory of the fans across the globe. Read on to take up the ultimate 'WWE' Quiz and answer these wrestling questions!

WWE Quiz

If you cannot stop watching professional wrestling matches like Royal Rumble, then play this wrestling trivia games trivia to find out if you know it all!

1. Question: Who is the only 'WWE' Superstar who has seized the Intercontinental Championship 8 times?

Answer: Chris Jericho.

2. Question: Which 2 'WWE' Superstars today and in the past attended 'WrestleMania VI' in the Toronto Skydome?

Answer: Edge and Christian.

3. Question: 'WrestleMania 2000', which McMahon was on the side of the Big Show in a Fatal Four-Way Match for the 'WWE'?

Answer: Shane McMahon.

4. Question: What is The Great Khali's finisher?

Answer: The Vise-Grip.

5. Question: Who brandishes the record for the longest time spent in the ring during a Royal Rumble?

Answer: Rey Mysterio.

6. Question: Which is presently the most watched wrestling tournament ever in North American history?

Answer: Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant 1988 rematch at The Main Event.

7. Question: How much does Hornswoggle weigh?

Answer: 130lbs-140lbs.

8. Question: Who won the first 'Money In The Bank' event?

Answer: Edge.

9. Question: What does MVP say when he does his finisher?

Answer: "Ball in!".

10. Question: What are Chris Jericho's two finishers called?

Answer: Codebreaker and Walls of Jericho.

11. Question: Who has won the maximum Royal Rumble, and how many?

Answer: Stone Cold' Steve Austin, three times.

12. Question: Who did Andre the Giant knock in a Bodyslam Challenge?

Answer: Big John Studd.

13. Question: Which football team does John Cena support?

Answer: Tottenham Hotspur.

14. Question: At 'No Mercy 2007', Batista beat who for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Punjabi Prison match?

Answer: The Great Khali.

Pro Wrestling Trivia

These WWE wrestling quiz questions are fun to play with family and friends! Test your pro wrestling knowledge with these amazing trivia questions.

15. Question: Who gained a victory in the 'King Of The Ring' tournament in 2000?

Answer: Kurt Angle.

16. Question: Who succeeded in Raw's 15th-anniversary Legends, Battle Royal?

Answer: Iron Sheik.

17. Question: Who is the longest-reigning Divas champion?

Answer: Nikki Bella.

18. Question: Name Nikki Bella's twin.

Answer: Brie Bella.

19. Question: Whose catchphrase is "this is my house"?

Answer: Paige.

20. Question: Who is the first Smackdown Women's Champion?

Answer: Becky Lynch.

21. Question: Name the diva who has the same last name as her first name.

Answer: Kelly Kelly.

22. Question: Name this red-headed diva, who is well-known for counterfeiting injuries to get out of a game.

Answer: Eva Marie.

23. Question: Name the chairman's daughter.

Answer: Stephanie McMahon.

24. Question: Name the first overall draft pick in the 'WWE'.

Answer: The Rock.

25. Question: What is the name of John Cena's former fiancé?

Answer: Nikki Bella.

26. Question: Who was the first 'WWE' Superstar to capture the  'Money in the Bank' contract?

Answer: CM Punk.

27. Question: What year did 'WrestleMania' officially debut?

Answer: 1985.

28. Question: What started the 'WWE – Alliance Conflict' in 2001?

Answer: Shane and Stephanie McMahon bought WCW and ECW and formed The Alliance.

28. Question: How many 'WrestleMania's were held in the city of Houston?

Answer: Two.

29. Question: In one of Monday Night RAW's incredible times, what did former RAW GM Eric Bischoff swear Chris Jericho and John Cena in their match for the 'WWE' Championship later that evening?

Answer: The loser will be fired.

Wrestling Trivia Questions And Answers

This hardest 'WWE' quiz will test your wrestling knowledge! So put your game face on and answer these questions.

30. Question: How long did Tommy Dreamer's  domination last?

Answer: Less than one hour.

31. Question: How many episodes of SmackDown have been so far?

Answer: Over 600.

32. Question: Have all the songs in John Cena's career been rap songs, true or false?

Answer: True.

33. Question: At Judgement Day 2008, Triple H and Randy Orton battled in what stage?

Answer: Steel Cage Match.

34. Question: Who did John Cena debut against?

Answer: Kurt Angle.

35. Question: Who was the first unanimous 'WWE' Champion?

Answer: Chris Jericho.

36. Question: Which season of NXT was the debut season of Daniel Bryan ?

Answer: Season 1.

37. Question: How many 'WWE' championships were won by Hulk Hogan?

Answer: Six.

38. Question: Who was Mark Henry's first official match against?

Answer: Jerry King Lawler.

39. Question: Which superstar was never a part of the Ministry of Darkness?

Answer: Kane.

40. Question: In which year did the famous Ric Flair retire from the 'WWE'?

Answer: 2008.

41. Question: How many times did Jeff Jarret win the Intercontinental Title?

Answer: Six.

42. Question: Who did Mr. Fuji never manage?

Answer: Andre The Giant.

43. Question: At what age did Brock Lesnar won his first WWE title?

Answer: 25.

44. Question: Who was John Cena's first PPV opponent?

Answer: Chris Jericho.

45. Question: Who was the first female wrestler in WWE?

Answer: Mary Lillian Ellison.

Wrestling Trivia Game

This 'WWE' Wrestling Trivia filled with fascinating 'WWE' questions will surely compel you to think!

46. Question: How many championships has Kurt Angle won?

Answer: Six.

47. Question: How many 'WrestleMania' matches did Steve Austin have?

Answer: Seven.

48. Question: What number of SummerSlam matches won by Shawn Michaels ?

Answer: Nine.

49. Question: What year did Goldust make his debut?

Answer: 1995.

50. Question: At which venue did the first 'WrestleMania' match take place?

Answer: Madison Square Garden.

51. Question: What was the name of V McMahon's father?

Answer: Vincent James McMahon./?

52. Question: Who were the three important guests referee's at Cyber Sunday 2008?

Answer:‘Stone Cold' Steve Austin, Shawn Micheals, and Randy Orton.

53. Question: Which superstar's entry music quotes are, 'They broke the mold when they made me'?

Answer: Dolph Ziggler.

54. Question: Which former member of the Shield is the only one to have the Intercontinental championship?

Answer: Dean Ambrose.

55. Question: Which superstar was the first to hold the Divas championship in 2008?

Answer: Michelle McCool.

56. Question: Which superstar believes that 'I am not the biggest, I am not the strongest, But I am damn sure the toughest'?

Answer: Daniel Bryan.

57. Question: Which 'WWE' Hall of Famer has the lengthiest Women's Championship reign?

Answer: Fabulous Moolah.

58. Question: How long did Fabulous Moolah's supremacy last?

Answer: 10,170 days.

59. Question: Who was the winner of the first-ever 'WrestleMania' match in 1985?

Answer: Tito Santana.

60. Question: Which 'WWE' Hall of Famer won the first-ever intercontinental championship?

Answer: Pat Patterson.

'WWE' Quiz Game

This Pro Wrestling quiz will keep you engaged and informed. Aren't these 'WWE' tests fascinating?

61. Question: What does 'WWE' stand for?

Answer: World Wrestling Entertainment.

62. Question: Who has won the most championships in 'WWE'?

Answer: John Cena.

63. Question: Which bleached-blond superstar under a mask was beat by Tito Santana in the first-ever match of 'WrestleMania' history  ?

Answer: Buddy Rose.

64. Question: The Party Foul is which wrestler's signature move?

Answer: Adam Rose.

65. Question: Can you name the first U.S. city to host two 'WrestleMania' tournaments?

Answer: New York.

66. Question: What color was Shawn Michaels' outfit in his popular tournament against The Undertaker at 'WrestleMania 25'?

Answer: White and Gold.

67. Question: Who enabled 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin to win in the major event of  'WrestleMania X-7'?

Answer: Vince McMahon.

68. Question: At which 'WrestleMania' did The Rock debut?

Answer: 13.

69. Question: Which year was Austin Aries released from his 'WWE' contract?

Answer: 2017.

70. Question: Which season of the original NXT did Alex Riley make his 'WWE' debut?

Answer: Two.

71. Question: What is the full form of APA?

Answer: Acolytes Protecting Agency.

72. Question: Who did Andre The Giant face in the first match of the following round in the WWF Championship competition at 'WrestleMania IV'?

Answer: Hulk Hogan.

73. Question: Apollo Crews was trained by which former 'WWE' Superstar?

Answer: Mr. Hughes.

74. Question: Which of the Superstars was not a part of The Alliance?

Answer: Edge.

75. Question: What was 'WWE' called originally?

Answer: WWF.

76. Question: Is President Donald Trump a part of the 'WWE' Hall of Fame? Yes or no?

Answer: Yes.

77. Question: Where is the 'WWE' performance center?

Answer: Orlando, Florida.

78. Question: How many times has John Cena won the 'WWE' Championship?

Answer: 16.

'WWE' Quiz Name The Wrestler

Wrestling Referee is checking on the wrestlers

Do you think you know wrestlers well? Play this ultimate Name the Wrestler quiz and test your knowledge.

79. Question: Who has won more than 20 consecutive WrestleMania matches?

Answer: The Undertaker.

80. Question: Who is the only 'WWE' superstar to have attended the Academy Awards?

Answer: The Rock.

81. Question: Who is the oldest 'WWE' Champion?

Answer: Vince McMahon.

82. Question: Who is the first African-American to hold a world title?

Answer: Jacqueline.

83. Question: Who holds the record for most 'WWE' titles reign?

Answer: John Cena and Ric Flair.

84. Question: Stone cold Steve Austin has entry music inspired from which song?

Answer: 'Bulls on Parade'.

85. Question: Who has won the most 'WWE' women's Championship?

Answer: Trish Stratus.

86. Question: Who never won a single belt in his entire 'WWE' career?

Answer: Jake The Snake Roberts.

87. Question: Who played the only cage match in the history of 'WrestleMania'?

Answer: Hulk Hogan Vs. King Kong Bundy.

88. Question: Who featured on the cover page of the first-ever 'WWE' magazine?

Answer: Vader.

89. Question: Name the only 'WWE' wrestlers to have won five separate titles.

Answer: Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Jericho Christian.

90. Question: Who is the youngest 'WWE' Champion in any category?

Answer: Rene Dupree.

Pro Wrestling Quiz

Only a true 'WWE' fan will be able to answer the 'WWE' questions below! Challenge your friends with this ultimate pro wrestling quiz!

91. Question: Who won the shortest match in the 'WrestleMania' Championship?

Answer: The Rock.

92. Question: Does 'WWE' have its own TV channel?

Answer: Yes.

93. Question: Who was the first undisputed champion?

Answer: Chris Jericho.

94. Question: What year did Rick Flair retire from 'WWE'?

Answer: 2008.

95. Question: Name the brother of  Vince McMahon.

Answer: Bob McMahon.

96. Question: Which ECW original never wrestled in 'WWE'?

Answer: Miley Whipwreck.

97. Question: Who has the longest 'WWE' heavyweight championship reign in history?

Answer: Bruno Sammartino.

98. Question: What are Rey Mysterio's finishers?

Answer: 619 and West Coast Pop.

99. Question: What are the Undertaker's four main finishers called?

Answer: Tombstone Piledriver, Chokeslam, Triangle Choke, and Last Ride.

100. Question: Which wrestling diva is married to the Miz?

Answer: Maryse.

101. Question: Who is Ric Flairs' daughter?

Answer: Charlotte.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our wrestling questions and answers, why not look at Super Bowl trivia or basketball trivia.

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