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How To Have The Best Virtual Holiday To Disney World

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Who needs a vacation at Disneyland Florida when you could have a Disney staycation week at home?

Disney doesn't have to be a once in a lifetime holiday or a sore subject because of lockdown because you can now bring the excitement of Disney to you with this virtual holiday idea that we've put together. Using our ideas, you and your family can plan and experience a week in Disney - the rides, the rollercoasters and the food - we've covered it all.

You could start by turning a room in your house into a hotel; this could be your bedroom (as it's less familiar than their own rooms) or the living room, and they could have sleepovers in here every night of the week to make it really feel like a holiday! Then label all of the rest of the rooms in the house with the names of the different parks/lands to host an assortment of attractions in each room. For example, in one room named 'Adventureland', you can set up a laptop and some bean bags and snacks, to host some YouTube videos of Disney shows and movies. Another room can be dedicated to Disney crafts. Then, after a day full of activities and movies, make some Disney recipes for dinner and enjoy the evening like you are actually there! You can have plenty of fun bringing the magic of Disney to you during the lockdown, all you'll need is the internet and a bit of imagination.

Every day, you can pick a different themed activity in each room, to give your week some variation. And, what's even better about this staycation, is that it doesn't have to cost you any money, as most of these ideas are free and easy to set up - meaning that anyone can get involved. We've put together an example week below, but you can pick and choose whether to add some extra activities in or to skip a few to tailor it to your family.

Watch a disney film on your virtual holiday trip to Disney

Image © Disney•Pixar

Day 1

First activity: Disney+ movie day!

If you haven't seen this yet we'd be very surprised, as the whole of the internet seems to be talking about it, but Disney+ is possibly the best and most easy Disney activity that you can do at home at the moment. With a subscription, you can get tonnes of movies and TV shows! Lockdown is a perfect time to go back and rewatch old favourites or find some you haven’t seen yet. Feel free to keep these playing throughout the week as a backdrop to your exciting stay-cation.

Second activity: Plan your character for the week

If you're looking to buy a costume ready for the week ahead of role-play on your virtual holiday, visit The prices range from £10 - £20, which is pretty good value if your kids are big fans and are likely to wear them multiple times during the week. They have every character that you could want, so encourage the kids to pick which they'd like to be and let their imaginations take over for the week.

Third themed foodie activity: Dole Whip

For another dessert, try making one of the most popular Disney treats there is - Dole Whip. This delicious delight can easily be made at home with minimal ingredients whenever you want a little taste of Disney! Again, head to Disney In Your Day.

Day 2

First activity: Read a Disney book and discuss it

Start by reading your family's favourite Disney book or even acting it out. If you haven't already been reading, now is the perfect time to start. There are lots of Disney books available online to buy, and if you've enjoyed getting through them, why not try getting involved with a Facebook Disney book club? The private Facebook group welcomes all Disney fans, so you're welcome to join on behalf of your younger child. The posts and discussions revolve around reading and talking about Disney related books, and there are frequent votes on favourite reads. Then, every month, there will be a featured book that members are encouraged to read, in order to spark a month of discussion about it! This is great for young literature fans who may be interested in joining and attending actual book clubs in future and could be carried on as a long-term hobby.

Second activity: Craft time

To start, try using to find some inspiration for a morning of Disney-themed crafts, with their ten easy-to-make craft ideas for kids of varying ages to follow. Crafts are always an easy way to entertain kids and some of them can be done with items that you find lying around in your house, such as old socks! Feel free to incorporate them into the rest of the week too.

Third themed foodie activity: Grey Stuff

Then, for dinner time (well, dessert...) try Disney's 'Grey Stuff' recipe! We love the one on - it's super easy to make and so delicious (although it may not look it!). It tastes just like the recipe from the 'Be Our Guest' restaurant. The smooth mixture is made with vanilla and chocolate pudding mix, milk, cool whip, and Oreos and then topped with sprinkles!

rewatch beauty and the beast during your virtual holiday to disney

Day 3

First activity: Disney's hidden secrets

If your family have visited the Disney Parks lots of times, then you're likely to know all about the resort. But do you know the '7 Hidden Secrets at Disneyland'? What some people don't know is that throughout the theme park there are so many little hidden details and secrets scattered throughout it, just waiting to be discovered. Disneyland's hidden secrets can be found in the King Arthur Carousel, the Red Rose Taverne and Snow White's Grotto all throughout Fantasyland. Mickey's Toontown also has many hidden secrets scattered throughout the land. But don't worry, you don't actually need to visit to find them! TPMvids have released a video revealing lots of Disney secrets that are bound to really excite fans and Disney-know-it-alls. Maybe try and create your own hidden secrets around the house for your kids to spot!

Second activity: Printables

Everyone loves a free printable activity right? Try visiting to get the choice of hundreds of Disney-inspired printable colouring pages, mazes, games, and activities for every age and occasion. These are bound to entertain the kids for the whole afternoon.

Third themed foodie activity: Cooking tutorial

Try watching the cooking tutorial below to get some inspiration for your themed meal for tonight. Allie features six different recipes and the host has her own Instagram platform where she combines her two favourite things - Disney and eating! She asks for you to post your photos and to use her hashtags, to create a little Disney cooking community.

Day 4

First activity: Test your knowledge with these Disney discussions

If you're avid fans of Disney and you hold a lot of knowledge about the movies, try Disney In Your Day's series of open-ended questions all about Disney – the movies, theme parks, and more! They are bound to spark up some interesting discussions and keep the excitement of Disney alive. This is perfect for older children who love to debate and talk about their interests. Just download the question cards, print them off and cut them out, and then you’ve got your very own Disney questions to discuss with family and friends. Remember, this could also be used to do online with friends and family who you can't visit at the moment - it's a great way for relatives to engage the kids in some long-distance conversation.

Second activity: DIY dressing up costumes

Pinterest is always a great place to start if you're looking for DIY dressing up ideas with minimal materials. They always manage to find some easy-to-make ideas and get them to look amazing, with simple tutorials and printables.

Third themed foodie activity: Disney recipe collection

Tonight for dinner, try a delicious Disney recipe from They have featured five recipes that are bound to add some magic to your mealtimes, whether you’re looking for a full meal, an all-important sweet treat or just a fun drink.

Enjoy a walking tour of Orlando on your virtual holiday

Day 5

First activity: Walking tour of Disney Orlando

CityPedia on YouTube offer a complete walking tour video of the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida. The magical park is divided into six uniquely themed 'lands': Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Frontierland, and Adventureland - and this video will give you a real-life view of all of the attractions! Experience the sights and sounds of the park as if you were there - on a beautiful day in Orlando, Florida. It was filmed in January 2020, so just a couple of months before the lockdown using a GoPro from a first person perspective - which makes it really feel like you're there. At one hour long, it's a great video to set up in the background to really get the Disney atmosphere going!

Second activity: Makeshift characters

Next, try looking through the many DIY Disney costumes people have made online, from hilarious mishaps to amazing homemade feats. You'll find tonnes of tips and tricks across Pinterest and YouTube sure to inspire your kids to make their own DIY outfit. See what you can fashion from just your wardrobes and then dive into an afternoon of Disney-themed role play. You can also lookup 'Disneybounding' to be inspired into making Disney-inspired outfits for every day, even after your staycation is over.

Third themed foodie activity: Disneyland Tokyo food reviews

With resorts all of the world, older kids will love watching fun food review videos from different Disneyland locations from Tokyo to Florida. See the fantastical foods on offer at different theme parks, and even search for the 'Ultimate Disneyland Food Challenge' where one woman eats seventeen magical treats in one day!

Day 6

First activity: Ride simulators

If your family have some favourite rides that you're missing from Disney, then have a look on YouTube to find some real-life, first-hand videos of them. You could even get creative simulating your own ride using washing baskets, large boxes and plenty of cushions for safety!

Second themed foodie activity: Disney food films

To warm up your tastebuds for dinner time and maybe even get some cooking inspiration, try watching some of Disney's top foodie films and moments. Getting adventurous in the kitchen with Remy from Ratatouille, cosy up over some spaghetti watching Lady And The Tramp's famous scene, or have a song and dance preparing dinner along to Beauty And The Beast's 'Be Our Guest'.

Third activity: Light display

Before bed, watch the amazing Disney World Resort light display that they've recently filmed for fans who are missing the resort in Paris. Although the park may be empty, there is still magic happening within their walls, and it's even more spectacular at night. So, embark on an imaginary trip to Disney with this video, as you relive some of your favourite Disney moments, illuminated onto the water, the sky and Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Day 7

Finally, we thought we'd leave this day up to you. If you've enjoyed any of the activities in particular, try doing them again today - to finish off the week with a bang! Let your kids take the reins and ask them which activities they'd like to do and encourage them to plan their finale - whether it be a performance, karaoke, a movie, or a craft session. Maybe they want to create their own Disney parade with their toys or recreate their favourite scenes from Disney movies. Whatever you decide to do together, we hope you enjoy your week!

Written By
Annabelle Beaumont

Originally from Bournemouth, Annabelle spent her childhood travelling and exploring. She moved to Bahrain at the age of 13 and then to London at 19 where she attended Chelsea College of Arts, UAL. She loves all things creative - especially if they involve recycling materials, as this is what she is most passionate about. Aside from art, Annabelle also enjoys walking her dogs and cooking for friends and family.

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