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Where Exactly Does Peppa Pig Live?

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Peppa Pig’s world is clearly a big fantasy, where pigs, rabbits, dogs and other mammals live in houses, drive cars, and jump in muddy puddles - just like humans. 

But the series also flirts with real geography. Peppa has been on trips to places from our own world, such as London, Australia, New York and Italy. So, just for a bit of fun, can we figure out where Peppa actually lives? 


Peppa Probably Lives In The South Of England

Ever thought about the accents in Peppa Pig? There’s a wide range, but almost all are southern English. The main pig family have quite posh ‘received pronunciation’ voices, especially the grandparents. Mr Bull has a kind of Essex growl about him, while Mr Fox has a Cockney lilt. Miss Rabbit’s distinctive voice is hard to place but is definitely home counties. There are outliers - tortoise-loving veterinarian Miss Hamster has a Lancashire accent, while Mr Rabbit is Welsh… as in Welsh Rarebit - but the ensemble are overwhelmingly southerners. And we can be pretty sure that this *is* England. The Queen has appeared in two episodes, London is an easy train ride away, and Daddy Pig flourishes a burgundy-coloured passport. 

It’s A Hilly Part Of The Country

One thing even the casual Peppa viewer will notice is just how hilly the community is. Everyone seems to live on a hill (or under one, in the case of the Rabbit family). Some episodes even show snow-capped peaks in the vicinity. 

An Awful Lot Of Boating

Wherever Peppa lives, it can’t be far from the sea. Regular character Grampy Rabbit (voiced by Brian Blessed) has his own boat yard and lives in a lighthouse. He pops up often enough in Peppa’s neighbourhood that he can’t live too far away - hence, Peppa’s house must be close to the coast. The theory is supported by the presence of other nautical characters, such as the salty old Captain Dog, and Grandpa Pig who owns his own boat and is a member of a sailing club. In one episode (Sailing Boat) Grandpa Pig takes Peppa and George out onto the sea, where they get the tides wrong and end up stranded on a sand bank. Peppa’s community also live near a canal. In fact, the canal runs right alongside Grandpa Pig’s orchard. 

Peppa’s house must be close to the coast.

It’s Connected By Train To London

The episode in which Peppa and friends visit London also offers some telling clues. The first scene shows the group pulling into a London train terminus (in a steam train). It appears to be an amalgam of various London stations, but some of its features offer clues. A map of what appears to be the Northern line is visible on the walls. This line is served by Charing Cross, Waterloo, London Bridge, Euston and King’s Cross stations. It also has eight platforms, which would rule out Charing Cross which has six. The other detail we’re given is an ornate clock, suggestive of the one hanging on Waterloo’s concourse. A contradictory, and perhaps more important clue comes in the next scene. After leaving the station, the group are seen arriving at Buckingham Palace on foot, and from the left (as we view the Palace facade). That would heavily suggest Victoria station, the only mainline terminus that a party of small children could realistically walk from with ease - and it’s in the right direction, too.

It’s Connected By Train To London

Whichever station they use, it can’t have been a long journey. Their arrival time is 9am, suggesting that Peppa lives reasonably close to London.

So Where Is Peppa’s House?

Can we fit the various clues together to find one location? It’s tricky. The accents suggest somewhere in the south of England, yet this region has very few canals, and still fewer that go anywhere near the sea. One exception is the Wey and Arun Canal. This partially restored waterway runs north-south through Surrey and West Sussex before converging with the River Arun and heading down to Littlehampton on the south coast. The area around Pulborough, to the south of the canal, would be an excellent fit for several reasons.

  • It’s close to the Wey and Arun Canal, which can be navigated (via continuation on the River Arun) to the sea.
  • It’s just a 25 minute drive to the coast - an easy distance for Grampy Rabbit to cover from his boatyard and lighthouse.
  • Pulborough has direct trains to London, which terminate at Victoria station and take a little over an hour.
  • It’s on the edge of the South Downs, a notably hilly area.
  • Pulborough is home to the South Downs light railway, noted for its “miniature locomotives” (a pet hobby of Grandpa Pig).
  • The village is also a 15 minute drive from the hilltop Arundel Castle, a good match for Peppa’s Windy Castle.
  • According to Wikipedia, every September, Pulborough “hosts a traditional Harvest Fair complete with old time fair ground, welly wanging and a scarecrow competition, and in June the Pulborough duck race society holds its annual duck race, a charity event.” All of which sounds very Peppa Pig.

So there we have it. We reckon Peppa Pig is set in Pulborough in West Sussex - or a fictional village thereabouts. It’s a hilly area beside a canal with quick access to both the sea and London. What’s more, it’s just an hour’s drive from Paultons Park, the theme park home of Peppa and her family. Everything fits together!


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