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Laura Savage
Dec 12, 2023 By Laura Savage
Originally Published on Feb 05, 2020
Playgroups are a great way to spend a morning that allow the little ones (and grown-ups!)

Playgroups are a great way to spend a morning that allow the little ones (and grown-ups!) to interact with others their own age over toys, chats, treats and coffees.

Check out our list of London's best playgroups to find one near you, whether your kids are in their earliest months, preparing for nursery or ready for school, and fill your heart as you watch them learn and play!

‍West London

Fyn Play (Sensory Play)

Get curious at Fyn Play's sensory play class in St John's Wood! This free development play group for kids aged 8-24 months will encourage your child to explore their senses using a variety of creative materials. Check out Kidadler Rebecca's raving review here.

St. Mary’s Toddler Group

St. Mary’s Church in Marylebone run one of London's most popular playgroups during school term time on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Bring your toddlers along for free play, cookies and coffees or head to their Bump & Babies sessions for little ones under 12 months and expectant Mums-to-be!

St. Peter’s Poppets

St Peter's Eaton Square in central London host a relaxed drop-in playgroup every Monday and Friday morning for toddlers and nursery children. Kids can explore arts and crafts activities whilst parents enjoy some free refreshments!

The Ark Playgroup

Every Monday and Wednesday morning, St Michael's Church in Chester Square run their lively Ark Playgroup for nursery children with tonnes of space and toys to play with. Everyone gathers at the end for children's songs, a Bible story and some delicious homemade treats!

South London

Amanda's Action Club

With regular classes around London, Amanda's Action Club hosts wonderfully lively sessions for children 3 years and under. Expect loads of fun, fitness and funky music in this interactive family-focused workshop promoting the importance of being active from nursery!

Little Lambs Playgroup

Little Lambs at Community Church Putney run an interactive playgroup for local families with kids under 5 years old. This free Wednesday morning session offers songs, crafts, Bible stories, cookies/cake for the kids and tea/coffee for the grown-ups!

Monkey Music London

Monkey Music offers award-winning music classes tailored to babies, toddlers, and nursery children between 3 months and 4 years old. Support your child as they get singing, make new friends and learn the magic of music! With classes all over London, you'll be sure to find one near you.

East London

Barbican London

For kids under 2 years, head to the wonderful Barbican for their free Rhymetime sessions and Squish Space play area. These hugely popular Friday morning sessions offer the perfect storytelling, musical activities for your tiniest humans.

World And A Teacup

Head to St Peter's Barge in West India Quay for one of the tastiest play clubs in London! Nursery children from a few months old to 4 years can meet and play every Friday morning where kids and adults alike can enjoy tea, coffee and cake for just a £1 donation per grown-up!

North London

Highbury Fields Bandstand

With a soft play area, book corner, art activities, and enclosed garden featuring a sandpit, bikes and climbing equipment, Highbury Fields Bandstand offers heaps of excitement for all the family as well as expert care for your children under 5 years old.

Playgroup at Christ Church

Christ Church Highbury is home one of London's most renowned play centres for nursery children allowing them to learn, play and integrate with other children in a warm and friendly environment.

Caxton House Community Centre

Caxton House in Islington is a vibrant community centre offering a range of super fun family activities throughout the week including family zumba, archery and Monday and Fridays Stay & Play. Bring your children under 5 years along for messy play, story time, herb gardens and much more - check back for new activities being added!

Highbury Roundhouse

With their wonderful soft play sessions for children under 5 years, Highbury Roundhouse Soft Play Project is a fun-filled community play centre helping to prepare your child for nursery or school in the best way - through play!

Roundhouse also offer tonnes of services to provide the best care for your children, including day care, after school clubs, baby playgroups and childcare around London.

Hippo Club London

St Augustine's Church in Highbury offers wonderfully big, busy, bustling and super friendly playgroup Thursday morning. With a special baby area and play tailored to nursery children of various years, your child will love their mix of crafts, songs, stories, and refreshments.

Wesley's Chapel

Based in Islington, Wesley's Chapel aims to provide activities and care for children of various years in London. Nursery children can come along for their Wednesday Stay & Play or Tuesday Teddy Bear Service, and older kids over 5 years can get involved in their Sunday school and boys and girls Brigade.

For more indoor playgrounds, soft play areas and seasonal fun in London head to kidadl.com...

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