55+ Funny Winter Jokes For Kids That Will Crack You Up

Moumita Dutta
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Originally Published on Apr 25, 2023
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A boy and a girl playing in the snow

Winter is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year due to numerous reasons.

The cold can be a little bother, but the snow can be fun. The holidays and Christmas treats only add to the fun.

Winter brings with it jolly days of festivities full of snow, delicious food, and holidays. Most kids usually love winter for all these reasons. But some don't like the cold that comes with it.

Even if they don't like winter, jokes about this season can help make them like the season a little better. These amazing jokes can also help break the ice in winter holiday parties. Read on and enjoy these funny winter jokes for kids.

Silly Winter Jokes For Kids

Being silly is fun, especially in the winter chill. These are some of the best winter jokes for kids about winter days, snow, snowman, cold cream, and more. Take a look and share them with your family!

  • What is something that falls during the winter but never really gets hurt? Snow.
  • Did you know that getting a job near the Arctic Ocean can be the greatest thing? It is because when the days become shorter there, you'll only have to work for a 30-minute work week.
  • Did you know that you can find one thing in December that can't be found in any other month? The letter 'D'.
  • What is the one thing in the world that you can catch during the winter, even with your eyes closed? A cold.
  • What does the grandma who loves winter say to her grandson? This is the ski-son to be jolly.
  • What should you send a friend is sick during winter? A 'Get Well Soon' card-igan.
  • What did the little girl say to her friend when she got extremely excited about the winter? I cold you! I absolutely love this season.
  • What does the kid who doesn't like winter say to her mother? This cold is absolutely un-brr-lieveable.
  • Why was the vampire taking cold medicine during winter? He was trying to stop coffin.
  • Do you know what food a polar bear loves to eat? An ice burger or a 'brrr-grrr'. 
  • What does Jack Frost use to look young? Cold cream.
  • Have you seen snowy owls that can do mathematics? Snowy owls are good at owl-gebra.

Winter Jokes About Snow And Snowmen

Children love playing with the snow and building snowmen. Here you can find a few funny winter, snow, and snowmen jokes that are not cold.

  • What would you call the kids of a snowman? Chill-dren.
  • What is the favorite candy of the kids of a snowman? Snowcaps.
  • What is the favorite breakfast of all snowmen? Frosted snowflakes.
  • What did the adventurer snowman do when he discovered a new magical place by himself? He screamed, "I found snow-man's land."
  • What did the snowman say when he got home after a hard day's work? There snow place like home.
  • What do the snowmen's high schools do for their annual function? They host the snowball.
  • What is the most famous pet among snowmen? They love b-lizzards.
  • What did the groom snowman say to his bride during their wedding? I love you snow much.
  • What did the snowman say to his friend when they made an impromptu vacation plan? Let's go! There is snow time like here and now. 
  • Did you know a snowman is the best at parties? Because they are experts at breaking the ice.
  • What does a snowman always order with his burgers? Cold-slaw.
  • What did one snowman say to his friend when he lost a good job opportunity? Time waits for snow man.
  • How did the snowman call a cab when he wanted to go home after the party? He hail-ed it.
  • What did the boy snowman say to the girl snowman to impress her? There snow one prettier than you.
  • Did you hear about the snow globe that could speak about its feelings? It was always a little shaken.
  • Have you heard about the 'ig'? It's just a snow house that doesn't have a 'loo'.
  • What would you call the little snowman's dog? It'd be a slush puppy.
  • Have you heard about the snowman's favorite snack? It's the ice Krispies treats.

Funny Winter Jokes For Kids

A boy playing ion the snow

Winter is unbearable at times. It is always a good idea to keep a reserve of hilarious winter jokes to bring someone out of the gloom. Find the funniest winter jokes about ice, snow, ice tea, ice caps, snowman, and more, and share your favorites with your friends and loved ones.

  • What did the icy road say when he met the truck for the first time? Would you like to go for a spin? 
  • What do snowmen say to each other when they meet? Ice day to you, my friend.
  • What is the favorite beverage of a British snowman? They love to drink iced tea.
  • What did one snowman say to her friend who had a recent eye surgery? "Hope everything went well. How's your icesight?" 
  • Did you hear the ice jokes the snowman has been telling everybody? No, when I went to him, he said the jokes slipped his mind.
  • What happens when a snowman turns into a vampire? The vampire starts giving frostbites to its victims.
  • What did the penguin say to his boss when he arrived late to his office? I would've come on time, but my iceberg just hit a ship.
  • What did all the snowmen do when COVID-19 hit? They all went into ice-olation.
  • What did the little girl who loves winter say to her father? Ice simply love it the moment it starts snowing.
  • What kind of greens do yetis love eating? They love iceberg lettuce.
  • What does a snowman play when he goes for a long drive? Ice Spy With My Eye.
  • What did one snowman say to his comedian friend when she told a difficult joke? Icy what you just did there.
  • What would you call it if your coffee accidentally froze when you kept it out in the winter? It would become a cold brew.
  • What was the salesman who was selling ice cream cones shouting to attract customers? First come, frost served.
  • Did you know that slippery ice is like music? Probably because you will B flat if you don't C sharp there.
  • What does a snowman wear to keep their head and face in the shade? Ice caps.

Winter Jokes About The Holiday Season

Winter is the season of holidays. It is a season to be merry and have fun with your family and friends. This is a list of winter jokes about the beautiful holidays, winter break, snow angels, snow, and more.

  • How do the kids of a snowman celebrate Christmas? They play with snow angels.
  • What medicine do elves take when they feel extremely stressed? They take chill pills.
  • What did the father say to his daughter when they visited a ski resort during Christmas? We will enjoy this to the fullest. The ski is the limit!
  • What did the father say to his kids when they complained about the cold and didn't want to celebrate Christmas? Stand around the corner for a while because it's 90 degrees.
  • Did you know that Santa's reindeer lost its tail, and Santa bought it a new one from a re-tail store?
  • What did Santa Claus say to his reindeer when he said that Santa looked old? That's very Rudolf you to say.
  • What did the father say to his kids when they were celebrating Christmas? Enjoy this vacation like there snow tomorrow.
  • Who gives Christmas presents to the little baby sharks? They get gifts from Santa Jaws.
  • What kind of cake does a snowman buy for the Christmas celebration? They buy cakes with thick icing.
  • What did Santa Claus say when his elves praised him for delivering presents to all kids so efficiently? All in a sleigh's work, my dear.
  • What did the snowman in Ireland say when he met the Easter bunny for the first time? Are you a nor'easter?
  • What did Santa Claus say when he wasn't getting his supplies of presents on time? This is a very frost-ating situation.
  • What did the wife say to her husband when he took her skiing for the first time for Christmas vacation? I'll make a good frost impression.
  • What did the bunch of guys call their friend who was a slow skier? They called him a slopepoke.
  • What did the guy say when he went skiing on his Christmas vacation and saw that it was perfect weather? It's an ice day to ski.
  • What vehicle does Jack Frost use to get by? A by-icicle.
  • Why does the Sun come up late in winter? He needs to shovel the snow in front of his house.

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