50+ Pig Puns That Are So Funny They Will Make You Snort

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Originally Published on Dec 14, 2020
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Pig looking in the camera.

Pigs, without a doubt, are the sweetest and funniest creatures.

From their adorable snouts to their pink bodies, cute beady eyes, and sweet twisty tails, they make very amusing and lovable animals. Not only are they famously known as great domestic pets, but they are also a popular known farm animal kept across the world for their pork.

Just as amusing as pigs are, puns about them can be equally amusing. Puns about bacon, punny and silly pig names, and adorably cute pig sayings are bound to bring a smile to your face.

We're sure that bacon lovers love bacon as much as they love pork puns and puns about pigs in general. Pig jokes are in great taste because they make great pig captions for social media.

Many animals are social media stars, including domestic pigs.

They have blown up social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and people go crazy about them. Clever bacon puns also work great for food bloggers who often post Instagram pictures and stories about food, and catchy captions increase post engagement and online traffic.

Pig related puns about food that are witty can also include pulled pork puns, funny ham puns, and sausage puns. Food bloggers are always on the lookout for some punny piggy fun if they are focusing on bacon or pork-related food for a particular time being.

Even if you aren't a blogger or someone who enjoys pork, you will squeal at funny pig puns because they are that funny and punny. Pig humor is also widely used in cartoons and kid's films, and children of all ages are bound to enjoy such jokes with which they can relate.

Puns are a great way to introduce the tactful use of language and vocabulary to kids; hence, children who are usually very fond of these creatures will surely enjoy these punny jokes about pigs.

If you feel searching for the best pig jokes, pork-related humor, or some funny and punny names for a pig you love is like looking for something in a messy pig pen, fret not!

We have curated this awesome list of puns, jokes, one-liners, and names that will make you squeal with joy or make you crave some bacon or pork.

If you like more puns, you can look into our other articles: Cow puns and Pig jokes.

Cute Pig Puns That Are Sow Funny, They Will Never Boar You

Young pigs in the farm.

Looking for some punny pig-related jokes that will have you squealing with joy? This list of funny pig puns will bring out the oink in you.

1. The piglets threw a sowprize party for their mom on Mother's Day.

2. When pigs need to wash their clothes, they go to the Hogwash.

3. A pig with laryngitis is disgruntled.

4. When pigs show affection to their wives, they send them hogs and kisses.

5. Pigs write their top-secret messages with invisible oink!

6. Pigs can never be good football players because they hate playing with pigskin.

7. Pigs make awful basketball players because they are always hogging the ball.

8. The piglet yelled at his brother at the dinner table because he was always pigging out.

9. A famous athletic game tournament of pigs is called the Olympigs.

10. Pigs visit the casino because they love to play the slop machine!

11. When a pig is sick, give them some oinkment.

12. When the piglets were creating a ruckus in the car, the mother pig shouted, "Stop swining!"

13. Pig always have ink all over their faces because they live in a pen.

14. Obstinate teenage piglets always say, "Sow what?"

15. When pigs become good friends, they become pen pals.

16. A ballet performance played only by pigs is called swine lake.

17. The piglet was whining because he was very boared.

18. A charitable pig who gives a lot to the underprivileged society is called a philanthropig.

19. When I was reading a story about pigs' anatomy, I found a twist in the tale.

20. When the pig had a quarrel with his wife, he ended up having a gilt trip.

21. A pig basketball player is called a ball hog.

22. When the piglets returned from school, the mama pig asked them, "Hoofeels hungry?"

23. A pig which lives in the ground, is called a groundhog.

24. Pigs usually learn how to fly at Hogwarts.

25. The pig was given a red card at the football game because he was playing dirty.

26. When a pig wins the lottery, he becomes filthy rich.

27. When the little piglet got tired of walking it asked the swine for a piggyback ride home.

28. Hamsters are great at cracking guinea pig puns.

Hilarious Pork Related Puns

Looking for some puns that will have you porking with laughter? You will love this punny list.

29. A pig that gets their test answers incorrect is called mistaken bacon.

30. There was so much crackling on the line, I thought a pig was disturbing the phone.

31. The new house my pig friend made is quite stylish.

32. Please don't go bacon this relationship.

33. A pig thief who robs people is called a hamburglar.

34. When pigs get sick and need to the hospital, they call for a ham-bulance.

35. When you cross a cactus and a pig, you end up with a porky-pine.

36. When a group of pigs jumps on someone to scare them, it is called a hambush.

37. A pig from Spain is called a Porque.

38. When pigs come back after school, they sit down to complete their hamwork.

39. The famous musical that a pig loves to go to is Swiney Todd.

40. A pig who does karate is called a pork chop.

41. When you cross a pig with a dinosaur you end up with a Jurassic Pork.

42. When a pig opens up a pawn shop, it is called Ham Hocks.

43. It was a hot summer’s day when I heard a pig say "I’m bacon!"

44. When you cross a pig and a tortoise, you end up making slow-pork.

45. When you play tug-of-war with a pig, you end up with pulled pork!

The Punniest And Hilarious Pig Names

Are you boared out of your wits looking for funny names for pigs? Here's a list of funny pig pun names you will love! You can easily make a pig pun out of them.

46. One of the punny pig names for a pig that loves Shakespeare is Hamlet.

47. A perfect and punny name for a pet pig is Chris P Bacon.

48. The sweetest and punny name to call a pig is Mudpie.

49. A perfect name to call a pig that always talks too much is Hogwash.

50. A great name for a pig that brings magic into your life is Harry Porker.

51. A sweet name to call a pig of a 'Harry Potter' lover is Hogsmeade.

52. A great name for a philosophical pig can be Francis Bacon.

53. If you want to name a smart pig, name him Cunningham.

54. If your pig keeps running out of its pig pen, name him Ink.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Pig Puns then why not take a look at Farm jokes or Mushroom jokes.

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