46 Great Soccer And Football Riddles

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Originally Published on Oct 26, 2020
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We all like to be the ones scoring the big goals, especially when it comes to football.

But if getting out on the pitch is not your thing, or you just don't fancy it today, here's a way you can flex your footie muscles. These brainteasing football riddles, guess the player games and trivia questions have something to offer for kids of all ages.

Riddles have a long history as a form of entertainment, with the oldest preserved riddle dating from 2350 BC.

In fact, the word 'riddle' in English shares the same root as the word 'read', because both are to do with deciphering meaning from words.

With football being such a broad and popular topic for kids, it's the perfect subject for some puzzling riddles to sink the mind into. Packed with football trivia and guess the player games, these riddles don't just have to be read out like a quiz, they make great messages for birthday cards addressed to big soccer fans.

Or they could even be used as a party game for a soccer-themed party - crack the riddle and the kids get to move onto the next clue, working their way towards a prize.

For more sporty fun take a look at these football jokes and these basketball jokes.

Long Soccer Riddles For Kids

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To get started with here are some long rhyming football riddles that younger children should be able to get. Hint: there's only one correct answer for them all!

1. Every four years in the world of sport, the World Cup celebrates this game.

In the UK they call it football, but the US knows it by this name.

Answer: Soccer

2. I am a sport played in teams, which uses a round ball.

I’m played by Barcelona, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Answer: Soccer

3. In this sport you must kick a ball, or you can also use your head.

Try not to foul the other team, or you’ll be shown a card that’s red.

Answer: Soccer

4. I’m a sport but I’m not rugby.

I have a round ball but I’m not basketball.

I’m played outdoors but I’m not lacrosse.

I have goals but I’m not hockey.

I have a Major League in the US but I’m not baseball.

What am I?

Answer: Soccer

5. My first is in sausage, but not in hamburger.

My second is in swimming pool, but not in swimming trunks.

My third is in acrobat, but not in trapeze.

My fourth is in candle, but not in wick.

My fifth is in everything, but not in nothing.

My sixth is in dancer, but not in ballet.

What am I?

Answer: Soccer

Funny Football Riddles

If you like to have a laugh while playing sports as much as we do, then these funny football riddles are the ones for you.

6. Why did the coach buy bibs for all the football players? Answer: Because they kept dribbling.

7. Why was it so windy on the football pitch? Answer: Because there were so many fans in the stadium.

8. Which soccer player takes the goal home every night after training? Answer: The goalkeeper.

9. Why doesn't Cinderella make a good goal keeper? Answer: She always runs away from the ball!

10. What is a champions league player's favourite thing to order in a cafe? Answer: A cup of penal-tea.

11. Why did the Liverpool players each get given lighters? Answer: Because they kept losing their matches.

12. A ghost made it onto a football team. Which position did it play? Answer: Ghoul keeper!

13. Why did the soccer ball retire from the game? Answer: Because it had had enough of getting kicked around!

14. Which part of the football pitch smells the nicest? Answer: The scenter spot.

15. How do chickens support their favourite football teams? Answer: They egg them on?

16. What do you call it when a T-Rex scores a hattrick? Answer: A dino-score!

17. What is black and white and black and white and black and white and black and white? Answer: A Newcastle fan rolling down a hill.

18. Why did the premier league player keep getting fouled? Answer: Because she got a kick out of it.

19. Why do soccer players do well in school? Answer: Because they know how to use their heads.

20. What did the magician call it when he pulled a soccer ball out of his top hat? Answer: A hattrick.

Football Brain Teasers

If you want those little brains to break a sweat then these mind-bending football riddles are the goal!

21. What runs around a football pitch but never moves? Answer: A fence.

22. Before the game, the spectator knew that the score would be nil-nil. How? Answer: The score is always nil-nil before the game starts.

23. It is kicked many times, it never sheds a tear but it may tear. What is it? Answer: A football.

24. A man kicks a football hard. It goes fiv feet and then it comes straight back to him. How is this possible? Answer: Gravity brings it back to him, he kicked it straight up into the air.

25. Which is the best American state for buying a new football shirt? Answer: New Jersey.

26. Why was the football pitch wet after a hot, sunny day? Answer: Because the team dribbled all over it.

27. Why did the Liverpool player bring string with her to the Champions League final? Answer: Because she wanted to tie the score.

28. What do a bad football team and a bad crockery cabinet have in common? Answer: They have no cups.

29. My first is in goldfinch but not in sparrow.

My second is double in poodle but half in boxer.

My third is in shoot but not in dribble.

My fourth is fourth but not in second.

My fifth is in glob but not in ago.

My sixth is in always but not in never.

My seventh is in foul but not in header.

My eighth is in goal but not in keeper

What am I?

Answer: Football.

Who Am I Football Players With Answers

The ultimate fun list of football player riddles and football quiz questions featuring players from the champions league and the premier league, to keep those football trivia enthusiasts guessing. Can you name the player?

30. I was born in Ivory Coast and I played for Lille until 2011. I have scored in a World Cup but I didn't win anything during my time in England or Italy. Who am I? Answer: Gervinho.

31. I have won six Premier League Player of the Month awards. I am Tottenham's third highest all-time goalscorer. Teddy Sheringham was my childhood idol. Who am I? Answer: Harry Kane.

32. I was born in 1976 and I finished runner up in the 2002 World Cup. In the early 2000's I was a Champions League Finalist. I did won league titles in both Germany and England. Who am I? Answer: Michael Ballack.

33. I was born in 1940. I scored over 600 times for Santos and won three World Cups. I played in the USA for two years. Who am I? Answer: Pele.

34. I was born in 1990, and have played in six different countries. I won a league title in two countries, as well as a Champions League winners medal. My team mates over the years have included Kevin-Prince Boateng, Christian Poulsen, Wilfried Bony, Eric Lamela and Oriel Romeu. Who am I? Answer: Bojan Krkic.

35. I was released from Chelsea's academy in 2014. At the end of last season, I was named as Young Hammer of the Year for the third time in a row. I switched my international allegiance to England in February 2019. Who am I? Answer: Declan Rice.

Football Trivia Riddles

This list of football quiz questions and answers will test even the most avid football fans - ideal for anyone writing a soccer quiz.

36. What does the acronym FIFA stand for? Answer: Federation Internationale de Football Association.

37. How long is a game of professional football? Answer: 90 minutes.

38. According to FIFA rules, official football matches cannot be held in stadiums that are at an altitude of above 2,500 metres. Which city is exempt from this? Answer: La Paz in Bolivia.

39. In which year did England win the World Cup? Answer: 1966.

40. Which nine players have scored for six different premier league clubs? Answer: Andy Cole, Les Ferdinand, Marcus Bent, Nick Barmby, Craig Bellamy, Darren Bent, Peter Crouch, Robbie Keane and Nicolas Anelka.

41. How many times has Brazil won the World Cup? Answer: Five.

42. How many lions are on the England badge? Answer: Three.

43. What links the families of José Mourinho and Pavel Nedved? Answer: Their children are both named after themselves and their wives. Mourinho’s children are José and Matilde, Nedved’s are Pavel and Ivana.

44. Which English Premier league team is known as the Red Devils? Answer: Manchester United.

45. How many teams play in the FIFA World Cup? Answer: 32

46. Which English premier league team are famous for wearing black and white vertical striped kits? Answer: Newcastle United.

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