40+ Boat Puns That Will Float Your Boat

Joan Agie
Dec 12, 2023 By Joan Agie
Originally Published on Sep 25, 2020
Fact-checked by Monisha Kochhar
Small fishing boat on the sea water in a secluded bay.

It's time to set sail on a playful journey into the wonderful world of boat puns. While boats make quite the splash and inspire countless funny jokes, nothing tugs at your mind like a clever boat pun.

You see, the world of seafaring is as enchanting as it is mysterious, teeming with fun facts and nautical superstitions.

For instance, have you ever heard about sailors fearing a whistle at sea, or ships harboring cats to ward off ravenous rats? And did you know a water vessel officially graduates to 'ship' status at 500 tons?

Now, as your newfound sea knowledge buoys you, dive headfirst into this treasure trove of the wittiest boat puns guaranteed to set you adrift in a wave of hearty chuckles. Share away, and let the laughter flow!

The Best And Funniest Boat Puns

Ready to embark on a journey of giggles and guffaws? Puns are like the life jackets of humor, always ready to buoy your spirits.

And when they're nautically themed, they're sure to make waves. So, here's a collection of some of the finest, funniest boat puns around. Perfect for brightening a friend's day, these puns are just the ticket to set everyone laughing.

1. This big speedboat shot past me the other day. Turns out it was Usain Boat.

2. My friend was late for our sailing trip. When she finally arrived, it was a-boat time.

3. A car ferry just sailed past. Our captain thought it was a ferry impressive boat.

4. The baby boats are all scared of the boat teacher. It's very stern.

5. This boat tells really good stories. They always have a ferry tale ending.

6. A brother and sister were arguing about oars in their boat. You could say they were having a row.

7. I'd like to get my friend a row boat, but I better a-skiff she wants it first.

8. There's a huge sail happening at the boat store today, who knew?

9. It's important for boat race teams to show some sportsman-ship.

10. I'm knot shore if you noticed, but I'm on a boat.

11. Leaving boating school was sad. I hated saying bye to my piers.

12. What would a boat say when getting bored? "I'd much rudder move at my pace".

13. The canoe was annoyed the paddle fell over the side. Getting it back would be an oar-deal.

14. I love kayaking. Canoe think of a better way to spend your time?

15. A canoe asked a tug whether it'd been to the Atlantic. "Oh, no," it replied. "I wouldn't go there. I have very Pacific tastes."

16. I called my canoe's paddle the wrong name. There was an oar-kward silence afterwards.

17. The other boats think the canal boat's pushy. He keeps barging through them.

18. The canal boat kept ruining all the other boats' plans. What a sa-boat-eur!

19. A barge and a speedboat left on a trip. The barge arrived at the destination, but the speedboat wasn't there yet. I guess it wanted to take the sea-nic route.

20. This poor barge feels sick. It'll have to go to the dock.

Yachts on blue sea water in tropical lagoon in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Hilarious Ship Puns

Anchors aweigh for some rip-roaring humor! It's time to seize the day, or rather, 'seas' the day, with a sprinkle of ship-themed puns.

This curated list is chock-full of the most hilarious ship puns guaranteed to bring about waves of laughter. Ready to be the captain of comedy at your next gathering? Then get ready to set sail and dive into this sea of wit and merriment!

21. Your ship is very polite. It's always got a bow for everyone.

22. This ship is slower than the one with three masts, but we'll get there schooner or later.

23. Two cruise ships were in the harbor. One said, "I'm empty. Where is everyone?" The other replied, "I haven't got a crew".

24. This ship keeps banging into rocks. It's cruising for a bruising.

25. A ferryboat came and dropped off a load of meat and cheese at my house. It was a deli-ferry.

26. All angry ship captains get sent to the same place. Anchor-management classes.

27. Titanic was supposed to be an unsinkable ship. But then the unsinkable happened!

28. I spent my children's college fund on a boat. I'm going to call it 'The Scholarship'.

Sailing Puns

Feeling a bit like a landlubber amid all these boat puns? Don't fret, because you're about to change tack and navigate the breezy realm of sailing puns!

These clever play-on-words are your perfect co-captains, leading you into a sea of laughter. Ideal for any situation, they're here to ensure you're never adrift in a conversation. So hoist the sails, and let's catch the wind for a fun-filled journey into the best sailing puns!

29. We had a party on our boat the other day. It was a great sail-abration.

30. My anchor rope started talking to me, so I asked if it was a person now. "No," it replied, "I'm a frayed knot."

31. Buoy, that big ship floating in the water sure is red!

32. We weren't planning to go sailing before, but we decided to seas the day.

33. I asked the Spanish fisherman. "Do you want to go sailing? Where?" He replied, "Sea, señor. Sea."

34. A rope asked if it was getting a Christmas present. "Depends on if you're knotty or nice", the sailor replied.

35. A kid put a tied-up piece of rope on a sailor's wrist. "Knot on my watch!" the sailor shouted. "That's knot funny."

36. 'Why is the anchor on a measuring scale?' shouted the captain. "You told me to weigh anchor", said the sailor.

37. I tried to tell my friends a sailing pun, but unfortunately, it sailed right over their heads.

38. These boardwalks are upsetting my yacht. She doesn't like mooring here because of the pier pressure.

39. A yacht moored at the pier. "What's up, dock?" it said.

40. A rock band's yacht moored then fell over sideways. I guess it liked to dock and roll.

41. This yacht loves to spoil all my puns. What a keel-joy!

42. Did you hear about the yacht builder who had to work from home? His sails went through the roof.

As you dock at the end of this pun-filled voyage, hope you've enjoyed navigating these seas of laughter. While some puns might feel like a knot too many, they're all part of the joyous journey of wordplay.

Remember, a good pun can liven up any conversation, bringing a smile or even a hearty guffaw. So don't be shy!

Make waves with these boat and sailing puns, share them, and watch as they spark joy in your loved ones' faces. After all, life's too short not to ride the wave of laughter.

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