69 Awesome Afghan Girl Names And Meanings

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Parents with baby girls may wish to look for a list of Afghan baby girl names with meanings to select a name for their baby.

It is important that before you select any of the baby names, all aspects of the name's meaning should be understood as soon as the baby is born. Hence, while your family is brimming with joy as your daughter is born, it is important to look for Afghan baby girl names.

Read on for some of the most interesting Afghan girl names along with the name meaning.

Afghan Girl Name Starting With S

According to astrology, persons with a name starting with S have a matching number of one, which means they are warm, kind, understanding, empathetic, and caring about everything. Here are some Afghan baby names starting with S.

Saba (Arabic origin) meaning ‘a gentle breeze’. It is one of the most common Afghan Muslim baby girl names preferred by women.

Sabira (Arabic origin) meaning ‘patient’. Can be used as a baby name for both boys and girls. One of the most popular Afghan baby names.

Sabura (Arabic origin) meaning ‘tolerant or forbearing’. One of the most badass names among Persian women. One of the unique Afghan names for a woman.

Sabrina (Celtic origin) meaning ‘the name of a princess’. It is one of the common Afghan names for a woman.

Sadaf (Arabic origin) meaning ‘mother of pearl, sea shell’ is a cool baby name.

Sadiqa (Arabic origin) meaning ‘truthful’. It has multiple name meanings; hence this is an exalted name.

Safiya (French origin) meaning ‘pure’. It is one of the rarest names given to an Afghan girl child.

Saeeda (Arabic origin) meaning ‘happy, lucky’. Joyful fun women are mostly named after this meaning. They bring joy to everyone’s lives.

Sakina (Arabic origin) meaning ‘calm, comfort, presence of God’. This is also considered one of the most common names among girl children.

Saliha (Arabic origin) meaning ‘virtuous, god fearing’. Most intelligent families opt for this name suggested by the prophet. It is one of the Afghan baby names that can be used for a boy as well.

Sahar (Arabic origin) meaning ‘dawn’. Most commonly used among Persian and Muslim communities. It is a modern name that can be used as a name for both girls and boys.

Saleema (Arabic origin) meaning ‘healthy, protected’. Another popular name used by most parents for their Afghan girl child.

Salma (Arabic origin) meaning ‘safe, peaceful’. Many women wish to name their daughters Salma. One of the popular Afghan names for a woman.

Samia (Arabic origin) meaning ‘hearing, listening’ is a very common name for modern Afghan girl children.

Saptah (Persian origin) meaning ‘dawn' (the first appearance of light in the morning), this name is loved by most parents for its uniqueness.

Sara (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘princess, lady’. It imparts a pure, regal sense to the girl child.

Sarvenaz (Persian origin) meaning ‘name of a tall, slender tree, also a beautiful woman’, this name is like a gift to all goddess-like women.

Sayah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘shade, shadow’, this name is preferred by a lot of religious families.

Sayarah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘planet, galaxy’, this name is desired by a lot of modern women.

Sediqa (Arabic origin) meaning ‘friend, truthful’ is a cool name for a wise baby girl.

Setara (Arabic origin) meaning ‘star’. It’s a very simple and unique name for intelligent women.

Shabana (Arabic origin) meaning ‘nightly, nocturnal, by night’, is considered one of the wisest girl names.

Shabnam (Persian origin) meaning ‘dew’ is preferred by most modern parents for their daughters.

Shafia (Arabic origin) meaning ‘intercessor, mediator’, is another popular name preferred by many families for their daughters.

Afghan Girl Names Starting With M

People with names that begin with the letter M are thought to be exceptionally trustworthy, diligent, and security-conscious. They are also trustworthy and realistic in their daily lives. Here are some of the popular Afghan baby names along with the name meaning.

Madina (Arabic origin) meaning ‘the holy city of Islam’, is preferred by most parents for their wise daughters.

Mahbooba (Arabic origin) meaning ‘dear, sweetheart, honey’ adds a tenderness to the name of the girl child.

Mahdia (Arabic origin) meaning ‘rightly guided female of Mahdi’ is rumored to be used for exalted women.

Mahdokht (Persian origin) meaning ‘daughter of the moon’ is thought to add a certain kind of beauty to a woman’s character.

Mahfooza (Arabic origin) meaning ‘safeguarded, protected’ is a beautiful name for a beautiful soul.

Mahin (Persian origin) meaning ‘greatest’ and women named after this are considered morally strong women.

Mahjabeen (Arabic origin) meaning ‘one who has a forehead like a moon’. Most parents name their children this as they want them to have a bright future.

Mahnaz (Arabic origin) meaning ‘the moon's glory’ is one of the most beautiful Afghan Muslim baby names.

Mahnoosh (Persian origin) meaning ‘drink of the moon’. This is also used to name baby boys.

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Popular Afghan Muslim Baby Girl Names

It is true that a child's personality is influenced by his or her name. Here are some of the most popular Afghan Muslim baby girl names.

Malalay (French origin) meaning ‘friendly’ is a cute name for both baby daughters and sons.

Jahedah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘diligent, industrious, female of Jahed’ is a beautiful name for a girl and holds a lot of power.

Jalila (Arabic origin) meaning ‘great, honorable, female of Jalil'. This name brings great honor to the family of the child.

Afia (Akan origin) meaning ‘good health, welfare’. It is said that this name brings good fortune to the child.

Afrooz (Arabic origin) meaning ‘illuminate’ is used to name female Muslim daughters.

Jamilah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘handsome, beautiful, reputable’ is a great name for a beautiful Afghan Muslim girl child.

Malekah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘queen’ is very frequently used by parents to name their Muslim baby girls.

Vida (Spanish origin) meaning ‘life’. This is a beautiful name with a deep meaning.

Maliha (Arabic origin) meaning ‘beautiful’. This name brings out the beauty of one’s character.

Camellia (Latin origin) meaning ‘flower name Camelia’ and this name imparts beauty.

Chehrah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘face, cheek, countenance’. It is a cute name for a cute baby girl.

Manija (Afghan origin) meaning ‘a female character of Shahnamah, daughter of Afrasiab’ is one of the most blessed common names for daughters.

Rare Afghan Baby Names And Meanings

Having a rare name makes people remember you no matter what. Not everyone can pull off such beautiful rare names in this modern world, it needs a strong character to pull off such a name. Here is a list of the rarest Afghan names with meanings.

Afhak (Persian, Afghan origin) meaning ‘dew’. This is a golden name for a wise baby girl.

Afri (African origin) meaning ‘name of a character in Shahnameh, Siamak's daughter-in-law’ and this has a lot of religious value.

Afshaneh (Arabic origin) meaning ‘sprinkling or scattering’. It’s a pretty rare and cute name.

Katayon (Persian origin) meaning ‘a female character in Shahnamah’. This is a beautiful and unique baby name for beautiful baby girls.

Kawkab (Arabic origin) meaning ‘star’. This can be used to name both wise baby boys and girls. This is a very modern unique name.

Khadija (Arabic origin) meaning ‘first wife of Prophet Muhammed’. This name imparts a great deal of importance to the child.

Khandan (Arabic origin) meaning ‘laughing, smiling’. Apart from being rare, this name is also very righteous.

Khaterah (Iranian origin) meaning ‘reminiscence, remembrance, memory’, is used to name pretty female babies, who’ll grow up to be great female leaders.

Khojasta (Islamic origin) meaning ‘happy, auspicious’. This is a simple name for a sweet girl.

Khurshid (Arabic origin) meaning ‘the sun’. This is a rare find.

Haliah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘aware, knowing’. These are rare beautiful names liked by all.

Halimah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘gentle, patient, mild-tempered’. This is another rare find among all the other rare names put out there.

Hamedah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘praiser, female of Hamed’. This name is loved by all those who realize its meaning and therefore is used by many.

Hamidah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘praiseworthy, female of Hamid’. This is a wise name for wise cute baby girls.

Hangamah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘uproar, scene, great crowd’ and this name helps the girl to stand out in a crowd.

Hanifah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘true believer’. This name is believed to bring power to the child.

Hasibah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘noble, respected, highborn, female of Hasib’. This is one rare gold name for a precious little woman.

Hasinah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘pretty, beautiful’. This name is also used as a compliment, or to describe someone as sweet as honey.

Hasti (Arabic origin) meaning ‘existence’. This is again one rare find and could also be used to name a boy.

Hawa (Arabic) meaning ‘eve’ and is known to enhance one’s beauty.

Nadera (Arabic origin) meaning 'rarity, curiosity, anecdote. Female of Nader’. This name is a unique name that represents strength and power.

Naderah (Arabic origin) meaning ‘rarity, curiosity, rare. Female of Nader’. It is a rare name that is loved by all modern women around the globe.

Nadia (Persian, Arabic) meaning ‘caller, announcer’. This name holds a lot of significance in this generation.

Nadima (Arabic origin) meaning ‘Boon companion, king's jester. The female of Nadim’, adds a sense of power to one’s character.

Nafisa (Arabic origin) meaning ‘precious, exquisite. Female of Nafis’ is definitely a name that attracts people.

Naghma (Arabic origin) meaning ‘melody’. This name can be chosen by parents who are fond of music.

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