99 Beautiful Female Pakistani Names And Meanings

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Originally Published on Jun 07, 2022
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Female Pakistani names are regarded as a blessing of health and beauty for girls.
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If you want your daughter to stand out, giving her a distinctive baby girl name that not many others will have, this is a great place to start.

It can be difficult to search the internet for the best baby girl names for your darling daughter. When it comes to baby names, there is no shortage of options.

Some choose the name of a family member, while others choose the name of a beloved television or movie actress. Choosing a unique and modern name for your kid can be difficult. Every parent desires a name that is fashionable, elegant, and meaningful.

Old Pakistani Names

Here is a list of names used since ancient periods in Pakistan, and this list contains some very interesting and beautiful names.

Aaeesha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘ life, vivacity, prosperity, youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad.’ A pious name related to the wife of the Prophet.

Afifa (Arabic origin), meaning ‘chaste, virtuous, and truthful,’ is a very beautiful name. A name that highlights the beauty of the god.

Afizah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a person who can recite the Quran.’ A pious and pure name related to a wife of the Prophet.

Ahlam (Arabic origin), meaning ‘ a person who is witty and imaginative, and who has happy dreams.’ A delicate name for the happiness of a girl.

Ajradah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a powerful worshiper who worshiped late into the night, sometimes until daybreak.’ A delicate name for a sweet and bright girl.

Anum (Arabic origin),meaning ‘benefit, blessings, and profit, Allah's blessings, Allah's favors on humans,’ is one of the commonly used Pakistani girl names.

Aqidah (Arabic origin), meaning  ‘faith or confidence in anything', 'the highest point, the furthest point, or the apex,’ is a very beautiful Muslim baby name.

Arafaa (Arabic origin), meaning ‘the name of a mountain near Mecca,’ is a tall towering beautiful girl name.

Arfaana (Arabic origin),meaning ‘wise and deliberate' or 'a knowledgeable and astute woman.’ A beautiful girl name for a Muslim baby.

Aroofa (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a woman who is knowledgeable, patient, and wise,’ is a commonly used baby girl name.

Aroos (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a stunningly gorgeous person,’ is one of the shortest baby girl names.

Arshi (Arabic origin), meaning ‘belonging to a throne, worthy of a throne.’ A noble name for a daughter.

Arubiyyah (Arabic origin),meaning ‘one who speaks fluently and persuasively,’ is a very good name for Muslim girls.

Atiyyatullah  (Arabic origin), meaning ‘Allah's bestowal,’ is a unique Muslim girl name.

Atubah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘someone gentle, soft, and delicate,’ is a very good female name. One of the most popular Pakistani girl names.

Ayat (Arabic origin), meaning ‘sign and proof of Allah's greatness', from a Quran Verse, is a very famous name for Muslim girls.

Ayna (Arabic origin), meaning ‘one with broad, gorgeous eyes.’ A pure name for a baby with big beautiful eyes.

Ayyubia (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a woman with the patience of Prophet Ayyub,’ is a very beautiful girl name.

Baghisha (Arabic origin),meaning ‘enlightenment and charisma,’ is a very good Islamic name.

Baharan (Arabic origin),meaning ‘spring’ is one of the popular girl names for Muslim girls.

Basira (Arabic origin), meaning ‘wise, endowed with insight.’ A name with the radiance of spring.

Daima (Arabic origin), meaning ‘someone who would stay with her for the rest of her life,’ is a very meaningful name.

Zakiyyah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘an intelligent lady with a sharp mind and keen awareness.’

Eiliyah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘the lovely one who will develop in peace and love with God.’

Eshal (Arabic origin), meaning  ‘the name of a flower in heaven.’ A bright and sweet name.

Ezzah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a person who bestows honor and esteem.’ A name with a sweet rain-like radiance.

Fareedah (Arabic origin),meaning ‘one-of-a-kind valuable gem.’

Farnaz (Arabic origin), meaning ‘wonderful coquetry.’ A name for a girl as delicate as a flower.

Fatinah (Arabic origin),meaning ‘enthralling, compelling, appealing, and fascinating,’ another alternative is Fatimah.

Fayroz (Arabic origin), meaning ‘the lovely turquoise tone.’ A noble name in the world.

Fazzilet (Arabic origin), meaning  ‘Allah's Blessings.’ One of the interesting name meanings related to god.

Firdaus (Arabic origin), meaning ‘heaven, paradise,’ is a very famously used fragrant name.

Gul'adhar (Arabic origin), meaning ‘delicate like a flower and has a pleasant odor. They are gentle, caring, and sensitive.’ It is one of the most popular Muslim baby girl names.

Laiba (Arabic origin) is a very famous name that highlights happiness for a girl.

Maiza (Arabic origin), meaning ‘distinguisher', is someone who can distinguish between what is good and harmful, or between what is true and untrue. One of the uncommon Islamic baby names.

Mawiya (Arabic origin), meaning ‘essence of life or  bright mirror.’ A brilliant name for a princess.

Mayesha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a shining star, alive and well, and gentle.’ A chaste name for an exalted lady.

Umera (Arabic origin), meaning ‘long-lived, high-rise.’ One of the popular baby names.

Yameena (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a woman who has been raised correctly.’ A blessed and brilliant name.

Zarnab (Arabic origin), meaning ‘pure gold, the name of a plant known for its pleasant aroma.’ A pious name for a princess. An intelligent name that highlights beauty.

Fatima is a popular name that is related to the daughter of the prophet.

Common Female Pakistani Names

Here is a list of some commonly used names in Pakistan that are very popular among the local natives of the country for females. Here is a list of some good, commonly used names.

Afiyah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘good health, devoid of illness and bereavement.’ A soft name blessed by Allah.

Alaya (Arabic origin), meaning ‘high status, exalted, sublime and superb, greatness, highness, and sublimity.’

Anoushey (Arabic origin), meaning ‘eternal, immortal, firm and strong, happiness and fortune’.

Arisha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘highness', is one who is constructing something magnificent.

Arsheen (Arabic origin), meaning ‘princess of the sky, is a beautiful, soft-hearted, compassionate princess who helps, respects, shares, and is adored by all.’

Dua (Arabic origin), meaning ‘worship, prayers, one who makes a request (for some cause),’ is a commonly used name.

Durnaz (Arabic origin), meaning ‘beautiful like a pearl.’

Effat (Arabic origin), meaning ‘virtue, or chastity.’ A precious name for a girl.

Eshaal (Arabic origin), meaning ‘enlivened or excited'. is one of the beautiful girl names.

Hazeema (Arabic origin), meaning ‘one who is wise and intelligent.’

Hoorain (Arabic origin), meaning ‘ lovely-eyed, wonderful paradise partner, with a humble glance.’

Hukaymah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘the granddaughter of Umaymah and Ruqayqah.’

Hurrem (Arabic origin), meaning ‘blooming, fresh, green, merry, pleasant, and happy.’ A truly fragrant name.

Isra (Arabic origin), meaning ‘Nocturnal trip; the Prophet's night trek from Makkah to Jerusalem.’ A holy name related to heaven of happiness.

Jinani (Arabic origin), meaning ‘heavenly, or from paradise.’ An interesting Islamic name for woman-girl.

Kulsoom (Arabic origin), meaning ‘plenty of flesh around the face and cheeks, rosy, healthy cheeks, chubby cheeks.’ A name that highlights the heaven of happiness.

Minha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘anything given by Allah, a gift from Allah or a blessing from Allah.’

Minsa (Arabic origin), meaning ‘peace, forgive difficulties,’ is a beautiful name for women.

Qudrah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘the woman’s capacity.’

Rahumah  (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a merciful and compassionate woman’.

Rida (Arabic origin), meaning ‘the state of being content and obedient to God,’ is a very beautiful name blessed by the prophet.

Riza (Arabic origin), meaning ‘the state of being content and obedient to Allah, the state of attaining Allah's approval and pleasure.’ One of the name meanings related to god.

Rizwana (Arabic origin), meaning ‘beautiful, heaven's guardian,’ is a unique name for females.

Rohina (Arabic origin), meaning ‘bejeweled steel, steel item, such as a sword, embellished with jewels.’ A soft woman girl name blessed by the prophet of Allah.

Rutaba (Arabic origin), meaning ‘reputation.’

Samaira (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a night companion.’ A great name for a good-natured girl.

Shafaq (Arabic origin), meaning ‘horizon redness, evening and morning twilight.’

Sufiya (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a mystic who believes in Sufi,’ is a very pretty name for baby girls.

Umaiza (Arabic origin), meaning 'a person with good attributes, nature, and habits,' who is bright, lovely, and soft-hearted.

Yaquta (Arabic origin), meaning ‘gold, ruby, pearl, and coral,’ is also used for gemstones.

Zaima (Arabic origin), meaning ‘leader, a woman with leadership qualities.’

Zainab (Arabic origin), meaning ‘generous.’

Zaneerah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a wise woman.’

Zara is also the name of the Prophet Muhammad's daughter. It also means 'high rank, exalted, eastern brilliance, a princess'.

Zoya (Arabic origin), meaning ‘love, life, and passion.’

Zuhr (Arabic origin), meaning ‘ the first three nights of the lunar month, light or brilliance.’

Zuhriyyah (Arabic origin), meaning ‘ flower vase,’ is a very beautiful name.

Zumurrud (Arabic origin), meaning ‘emerald or precious stone.’

Zunaira (Arabic origin), meaning ‘guiding light, paradise flower,’ is a famous holy name for your woman girl.

Pakistani Female Actress Name List

Pakistani actresses are very beautiful and stunning, as their name suggests. So, if you are someone who wants baby names inspired by a Pakistani actress, this list is perfect for you.

Aiman (Arabic origin), meaning ‘blessed or lucky.’ Aiman Khan is one of the most renowned actresses in the Urdu broadcast industry.

Ayesha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘womanly.’ Ayesha Khan is a beautiful Pakistani actress.

Ayeza (Arabic origin), meaning ‘noble.’ Ayeza khan is a very renowned Pakistani actress, and she is also known as Kinza khan.

Hania (Arabic origin), meaning ‘place to rest or be happy.’ Hania Aamir is a very cute Pakistani actress. It is one of the rare Islamic baby names.

Mahnoor (Arabic origin), meaning ‘moonlight.’ Mahnoor Baloch is a famous Pakistani actress from the ’60s.

Maryam (Arabic origin), meaning ‘rebellious.’ Maryam Tanveer is also known as Maya Ali.

Mawra (Arabic origin), meaning ‘ of the sea.’ Mawra Hussain is a beautiful actress who has also worked in the Bollywood movie 'Sanam Teri Kasam'. A great Islamic name for a woman girl.

Mehwish (Arabic origin), meaning ‘moon or beautiful.’ Mehwish Hayat is a delightful Pakistani actress. A soft Islamic name for a woman girl.

Momal (Arabic origin), meaning ‘ pure love.’ Momal Sheikh is a famous actress who has also played a role in the Bollywood movie 'Happy Bhaag Jayegi'.

Mahira (Arabic origin), meaning 'skilled, talented.' Mahira Khan is a popular Pakistani actress.

Sabar (Arabic origin), meaning ‘patience.’ Sabar Qamar is a famous actress who has won many awards.

Sajal (Arabic origin), meaning ‘moist.’ Sajal Aly is a gorgeous Pakistani actress who has also worked in the Bollywood movie 'Mom'. An interesting Islamic name for a woman-girl.

Sanam (Arabic origin), meaning ‘beloved or mistress.’ Sanam Baloch is one of the adored actresses.

Syra (Arabic origin), meaning ‘fate.’ Syra Shahroz is a stunning Pakistani actress.

Popular Female Pakistani Names From Movies

Many good names are used in Pakistani movies for their characters, and here are some of the popular names taken from the movies.

Irtiza (Arabic origin), meaning 'approbation.' is a popular Islamic baby name.

Meesha (Arabic origin), meaning ‘a marigold flower in Persian,’ is a very beautiful name.

Noori (Arabic origin), meaning 'my light' is a very graceful name for girls.

Nargis (Arabic origin), meaning ‘loves beauty.’ It is one of the soft and distinct Islamic girl names.

Salma (Arabic origin), meaning ‘peace,’ is derived from the Arabic phrase Salam.

Somy (Arabic origin), meaning ‘beautiful.’ is one of the popular Muslim girl names.

Zeba (Arabic origin), meaning ‘adorned, beautiful, proper, graceful, and pretty,’ is a very popular name.

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