100 Best Futuristic Names For Your Baby

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Originally Published on Nov 02, 2020
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Sci-fi movies and fantasy characters' meaningful names are all the rage these days.

You may have been watching sci-fi movies and television series, when you wondered about finding a perfect name for your baby. So why not choose a futuristic name for your little angel, which in fashion, is adorable yet meaningful!

Most parents are looking for a unique and modern name for their baby. And in doing so, they select a name that can easily turn into their child's nightmare.

As a child reaches teenage, they often feel the need to change their names, so why undergo the unnecessary burden of selecting a name that might not be good for your baby in the future.

The latest trend is to choose a futuristic name, which helps your child stands out among their peers and, at the same time, the name is relevant in the time to come. In this article, we will share 100 futuristic baby names with their meanings relevant for boys, girls, and non-binary.

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Good Futuristic Names For Boys

Your boy is your pride, so, why not give him a name which means all that and so much more. Select a cool futuristic boy name from our list:

1. Adlai (Hebrew origin) means “God is just". It's a unique and futuristic name for a boy.

2. Alaric (Old German origin) means “all-powerful king or ruler". In the Roman era, he was also a ruler who once conquered Rome.

3. Anakin (American origin) means “warrior". Famous name bearer Anakin Skywalker from the 'Star Wars' film series.

4. Arsenio (Spanish origin) means “strong and virile". It is also the name of a Roman emperor.

5. Auryn (Welsh and Celtic origin) means "gold".

6. Azriel (Hebrew origin) means “God is my help".

7. Cael (Irish-Gaelic origin) means “slender". One of the cool cyberpunk boy names for your little one.

8. Calihan Irish origin) means “one who loves churches".

9. Carrew (Welsh origin) means “fort situated close to a slope".

10. Cashel (Irish origin) means “stone castle".

11. Caspian (Toponymic origin) means the “Caspian Sea". Famous name bearer Prince Caspian, a character by C.S. Lewis's 'Chronicles of Narnia' series.

12. Cedro (Spanish origin) means “strong gift” or a “special gift".

13. Cian (Irish origin) means “ancient".

14. Cillian (Irish origin) means “church". Famous name bearer Hollywood actor Cillian Murphy.

15. Crispin  (Latin origin) means “one who is curly-haired".

16. Drake (Latin origin) means "male duck". The name is derived from the Old Norse word “Drake”, which is also a beautiful nickname.  Famous name bearer rapper Drake.

17. Derry  (Irish origin) means “like an oak".

18. Edsel (English origin) means “a wealthy man’s estate” or “noble and bright".

19. Elwyn  (English origin) means “noble friend".

20. Esai (Spanish origin) means “God is my salvation". In Hebrew, the name is also written and Isaiah.

21. Espen (Scandinavian origin) means “God bear".

22. Evander (Scottish origin) means “bow warrior".

23. Everard (Old English origin) means “hardy".

24. Eythor (Old German origin) means “thunder".

25. Finian (Irish origin) means “fair". The name originates from the Irish name “Finian”, who also happened to be a 3rd-century legendary Irish hero.

26. Fio (Italian origin) means “flowering". It's one of the futuristic names for boys.

27. Harlin (English origin) means “a rocky land".

28. Jacob (Hebrew origin) means “supplanting".

29. Jax (English origin) means “God has shown favor".

30. Jonas (Hebrew origin) means “God is gracious". It is also a perfect last name, like that of the famous singer Nick Jonas.

31. Kaiser (Old German origin) means “a king or a ruler".

32. Kalel (Hebrew origin) means the “voice of God".

33. Kasper (Persian origin) means “treasurer". Another of the futuristic names for your baby.

34. Klay (English origin) means “one who works with clay".

35. Knox  (Scottish origin) means “round hill". It's another of the great sounding futuristic names.

36. Ludek (French & German origin) means “a famous warrior".

37. Micaiah (Hebrew origin) means “who is like God".

38. Mircea (Romanian origin) means “peace".

39. Noe (Biblical origin) means “consolation or repose".

40. Nye (Welsh origin) means “honor".

Good Futuristic Baby Names For Girls

Futuristic names for girls will help your daughter stand out among her friends. Some names on our list are new and some are old, but all the same, you are going to love them no matter what.

41. Alessa (Greek origin) means s “noble". The name Alessa also means a “defender”.

42. Annora (Latin origin) means “honor".

43. Archie (Latin origin) means s “brave". It is a unisex name and the famous name bearer is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's firstborn Archie.

44. Ariana (Latin origin) means “pious or holy". Famous name bearer American singer, and actress Ariana Grande.

45. Ariella (Hebrew origin) means “lion Of God".

46. Arvilla (Old German origin) means “eagle ruler".

47. Arwen (Welsh origin) means “noble maiden”. In J. R. R. Tolkien’s 'Lord of the Rings', she is the famous princess of the Elves.

48. Arya (Latin origin) means means “song” or “melody”. In George R. R. Martin's 'Game of Throne', Arya is one of the children of the House of Stark. It's one of the beautiful sounding sci-fi girl names.

49. Astoria (English origin) means “like a Hawk".

50. Astra (Greek origin) means “star". One of the popular futuristic names for your baby girl.

51. Astrid (Scandinavian origin) means “one who is divinely beautiful".

52. Ayelet (Hebrew origin) means s “gazelle” or “deer". It's a popular name in the US and UK.

53. Azura (Spanish origin) means “blue sky".

54. Baila (Spanish origin) means “dance".

55. Blythe (English origin) means “carefree and happy”.

56. Caia (Latin origin) means “to celebrate or rejoice".

57. Calla (Greek origin) means “beautiful".

58. Callista (Greek origin) means “most attractive” or “most beautiful". A beautiful name for your princess.

59. Camila (Italian origin) means “a young ceremonial attendant". Famous name bearer American-Cuban singer Camila Cabello.

60. Candela (Spanish origin) the name means “Candlemas". In Spain, it is a lighting festival to celebrate the purification of the Virgin Mary.

61. Carabelle (Latin origin) means “a dear one.”  

62. Ceres (Latin origin) means “Goddess of agriculture".

63. Charolet (French origin) this one of the futuristic names means a “free man”.

64. Dael (Hebrew origin) means “knowledge of God.” In Old English, the name means “valley".

65. Dalla (Swedish origin) means “Dahl’s flower”.

66. Dawnelle (English origin) means “the first appearance of daylight".

67. Delya (Greek origin) means “individual born on the island of Delos".

68. Drea (Greek origin) means “one who is courageous".

69. Eila (Hebrew origin) means “tree".

70. Elenyi (English origin) means “shining bright light".

71. Eliette (Spanish origin) means “my God has answered".

72. Elowen (Cornish origin) means “elm”.

73. Elya (Slavic origin) means “The Lord Is My God”.

74. Fantasia (Greek origin) means “imagination”. Among the creative and futuristic names for your princess.

75. Harper (English origin) means “one who plays the harp”.

76. Ivara (German origin) means “archer”. In Hebrew, the name also means the “yew tree.”

77. Jada (Spanish origin) means “jade”. It's one of the cool-sounding futuristic names.

78. Karis (Greek origin) means “grace”.

79. Mazarine (French origin) means “deep blue color”.

80. Thyra (Scandinavia origin) means “Goddess of thunder”.

Popular Futuristic Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk Names

The next set of names on our list is some cool and funky names. These futuristic names will help your child stand apart from the crowd. We hope that some of these names will win you over.

81. Alura (English origin female) means "godlike advisor". It is also a fictional character from the DC Comics, she was the mother of 'Supergirl.'

82. Anastasia (Greek origin female) means "resurrection". For 'Battlestar Galactica' fans, such galaxy names for girls is a must. Anastasia was an Officer Crew Specialist in, one of the most famous television series.

83. Bastian (Latin and Greek origin male) means “from Sebaste”. It is also the name of American actor Jeremy Sisto's children.

84. Bernard (Germanic origin male) means "bear" or "bold, hearty, brave, strong". A perfect boy names for your unique boy.

85. Emmett (Hebrew origin male) means "truth".

86. Fox (English origin unisex) means "quirky".

87. Gaius (Latin origin unisex) means "I am glad".

88. Iris (Greek origin female) means "rainbow". In the CW Sci-fi series, ‘The Flash’, Iris West Allen, is the partner of the protagonist, Barry Allen.

89. Kael (Gaelic origin female) means "slender".

90. Luna (Italian and Spanish origin female) means "moon". Luna Lovegood was a fan-favorite character in the 'Harry Potter' series.

91. Leta (Latin origin female) means "glad, joyful". It was also a character from the 'Harry Potter' book series.

92. Malcolm (Scottish Gaelic origin male) means "devotee of Saint Columba". It was a favorite character from the tv show 'Firefly.' Unique space names for boys.

93. Orion (Greek origin unisex) means "son of fire". In the comic book series New Gods, he is the warrior god.

94. Perseus (Greek origin male) means "avenger or destroyer". In Greek mythology, he is the son of Zeus.

95. Quinn (Irish origin unisex) means “wisdom and intelligence”.

96. Rufus (Latin origin male) means "redhead".

97. Sirius (Greek origin unisex) means "the brightest star in the night sky".

98. Westley (Old English origin unisex) means "western meadow".

99. Xavier (Spanish origin male) means "new house". For the X-Men fan, this name means Professor X, a mutant telepath who can control and read minds.

100. Ziggy (German origin unisex) means "victorious peace". Famous name bearer Jamaican musician Ziggy Marley.

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