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Mongolian baby name consists of two elements– a noun and its modifier.

Mongolians are not given any surname. Mongolians put their father’s first name before the given name as Mongolian last name.

Mongolia is a northern central Asian country, located between Russia and China.

Ulaanbaatar is the capital city of Mongolia. The Mongols have a remarkable history, The Huns, a  community of people who lived in Central Asia were the ancestors of Mongols.

Before the spread of the Buddhist religion, Mongolians use to follow shamanistic belief, which was associated with  Earth and its natural phenomenon, that is why Mongolian baby names are generally descriptive names representing auspicious connotations or symbols that are believed to bring good luck and fortune to the bearer.

While pronouncing any Mongolian baby name or Mongolian last names, pronounce the vowels harshly. The vowels in Mongolian baby names sound more like longer vowels whereas in English we might pronounce them with a short vowel sound.

For example, the Mongolian word for wolf 'Chono' is pronounced as 'Chone' and the Mongolian word for warrior 'Daichin' is pronounced as 'Daichine' in the Mongolian accent.

There are several different ways of choosing a Mongolian baby name, the parents visit a Buddhist monastery and ask a lama before naming the baby.

While the Mongolian nomads prefer a traditional method, according to which, a child is named after the first object seen after the baby's birth. In Mongolian tribes the baby naming ceremony involves, writing different names on slips of paper and shaking a bowl of rice until a name pops up, then the emerged name is given to the baby.

Here is a list of names inspired by Mongolian culture and traditions.

For more baby names with meanings, take a look at Tibetan Names and Korean Boys' Names.

Popular Mongolian Names For Boys

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Mongolian name systems are done in the native language and they have been translated into languages of Chinese and Russian culture since they also have a long culture of nomadic society. Here is a  list of Mongolian baby names.

1. Abaka meaning "hunter".

2. Adya meaning "the sun".

3. Agujam meaning "great, vast".

4. Achujam Bugural meaning "vast grey".

5.  Altan meaning "golden". A variant of the name Altin. Mongol khan Altan was the chief, who terrorized China during the 16th century.

6. Arasen meaning "leather, hide, skin".

7. Arsi meaning "hermit".

8.Arslan meaning "lion". Arslan Khan was the prince of the Karluks, Mongol emperor Genghis khan gave him the title of Sartaqtai.

9. Baasan meaning "Friday".

10. Baagvai meaning "bear".

11. Bataar meaning "hero, a heroic figure."

12. Batsaikhan meaning "he who is strong and nice." Ariunbold  Batsaikhan is a Mongolian footballer.

13. Batu meaning "loyal, faithful, confidence, devoted individual". Batu Khan founded the Golden Horde.

14. Batuhan meaning "firm, hard or strong".

15. Batukhan meaning "a firm ruler".

16.  Batzorig meaning "courageous, and strong". Batzorig Vaanchig is a musical artist from Mongolia.

17. Baterene meaning "strong jewel".

18. Batbayar meaning "strong joy".

19. Batjargal meaning "firm happiness ". Baatarzorig Batjargal is a Mongolian painter who is famous for the techniques of Mongol Zurag painting.

20. Bayan meaning "rich, wealthy, fertile".

21. Bayar meaning "happy". A joyful name for your child.

22. Berke meaning "hard, strong, difficult".

23. Bilig meaning "knowledge, intelligent".

24. Boshigt meaning "fundamental".

25. Borte Chinua meaning "brindled, blue-grey wolf".

26. Buri meaning "muddy, dark".

27. Burkhan Khaldun meaning "mountain of the spirit Shaman". Place where Chingis Khan is buried.

28. Cagan Ebugen meaning "old man, a Tngri folk God".

29. Chaghagan meaning "pure, richness".

30. Chaghatai meaning  "baby". Chagatai Khan was the second son of the Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan and his descendants and successors.

31. Chuluun meaning "stone, or he who is strong as stone". Chuluun is a great name for your baby.

32. Dzhambul meaning "fortress". Dzhambul is a city in Russia and hence, this name has a diverse touch to it.

33. Eguden Yeke meaning "Tnigri great God of the door".

34. Erden meaning "treasure". Erden Alkan is a Turkish actor.

35. Gansukh meaning "steel axe". This can be one of the popular Mongolian baby names that you could go for.

36 .Genghis meaning "greatest and wise." Genghis Khan was the founder and first Great Khan and Emperor of the Mongolian Empire.

37. Ganbaatar meaning "steel hero". Ganbaatar is the captain of Oleg's army portrayed by Andrei Claude.

38. Ganbold meaning "steel-steel".

39. Gantulga meaning "steel hearth". Gantulga Ganeredene is a Mongolian professional sumo wrestler.

40. Ganzorig meaning "steel, courage, brave. A brave man." Maidarjavyn Ganzorig is a Mongolian scientist who Orders of Friendship, Medal "For Merit in Space Exploration"

41. Jochi meaning "son of Genghis Khan".

42. Khan meaning "king, ruler".

43. Monkhbat meaning "eternal firmness".  Mönkhbatyn Urantsetseg is  a World Champion of sports like sambo and judo.

44. Muunokhoi meaning "a vicious dog."

45. Narangerel meaning "sunlight". This name might look difficult but can be one of the great Mongolian baby names with a bit of shine in it.

46. Nugai meaning "dog".

47. Oktai meaning "he who understands". If you are looking for wise Mongolian baby names, this can be a great choice.

48. Otgonbayar meaning "youngest joy". Otgonbayar Ershuu is a Mongolian painter, popular as  OTGO.

49. Qoribucha meaning "twenty oxen".

50. Sanchir meaning "the planet Saturn, Saturday".

51. Sukh meaning "one with an axe". This can be one of the sweet Mongolian baby names for your boy.

52. Sukhbataar meaning "hero of the axe, axe hero". Damdin Sükhbaatar was a founding member of the Mongolian People's Party.

53. Tabudai meaning "fifth, as in birth order".

54. Taimoorkhan meaning "he who is the king and the ruler". Inspired by Turkic-Mongolian ruler Tai

55. Tarkhan meaning "he who is skillful".

56. Temujin meaning "iron or strong, he who is strong as iron". Genghis Khan's real name was Temüjin Borjigin.

57. Timicin meaning "one who is of iron, a strong person". Dr Timicin's role was played by David Ogden Stiers.

58. TimurIron meaning "a person who is as strong as iron".

59. Tomorbaatar meaning "iron, hero or strong".

60. Turgen meaning "fast".

61. Ulagan meaning "a worldly man".

62. Yul meaning "from the far horizon".

Popular Mongolian Female Names

Mongolian names female are often derived from color or from any beautiful object. Here is a Mongolian names list of Mongolian girl names.

63. Alan meaning "red".

64. Alan Ghora meaning "red beautiful women".

65. Altantsetseg meaning "golden flower". Byambajavyn Altantsetseg is a Mongolian sports shooter.

66. Altansarnai meaning "golden rose".

67. Bayarmaa meaning "mother of joy". Namkhaidorjiin Bayarmaa is a Mongolian weightlifter

68. Bolormaa meaning "crystal mother".

69. Bolortsetseg meaning "crystal flower". Bolortsetseg Minjin is a popular Mongolian paleontologist.

70. Chambui meaning "Kublai Khan's wife".

71. Chimeg meaning "ornament".

72. Etugen Eke meaning "earth mother".

73. Enkhjargal meaning "peaceful happiness or peace blessing". Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig is a famous musician.

74. Enkhtuya meaning "ray of peace".

75. Erdenechimeg meaning "jewel ornament". Erdenechimeg is a musical artist, popular for pop music.

76. Erhia meaning "musical instrument".

77. Gerel meaning "light".

78. Geriel meaning "a light or a bright light".

79. Goa meaning "beautiful women" One of the short and sweet Mongolian baby names.

80. Hogelun meaning "Chingis Khan's mother".

81. Khongordzol meaning "thistle".

82. Khulan meaning "wild donkey". It was the name of Genghis Khan's wife.

83. Munkhtsetseg meaning "eternal flower". Munkhtsetseg Jalkhaajav is a prominent Mongolian contemporary artist.

84. Naranbaatar meaning "sun hero" A great name for your Mongolian baby.

85. Narantsetseg meaning "sunflower".

86. Odtsetseg meaning "flower".

87. Odval meaning "chrysanthemum flower". Odval is a fictional character from the TV show 'Disenchantment'.

88. Oyunchimeg meaning "wisdom ornament".

89. Oyuunchimeg meaning "decorated or noble mind".

90. Qacha meaning "flank". Qachas Nek is a South African city.

91. Sarangerel meaning "moonlight".

92. Sarantsatsral meaning "moonbeam".

93. Sarnai meaning "rose''. Sarnai is a Mongolian voice-over actress.

94. Sechen meaning "a girl raised by a tiger in folklore".

95. Silugukhan Qatakhan meaning "little straightforward and hardy".

96. Solongo meaning "rainbow". Solongo Batsukh is a Mongolian beauty queen, model.

97. Sorghaghtani Beki meaning "female chieftain".

98. Tsetseg meaning "flower". It is the name of a place in the western Mongol. Bayar Tsetseg.

99. Tsolmon meaning "Venus". Adiyaasambuugiin Tsolmon is a Mongolian judo player.

100. Uranchimeg meaning "artistic decoration".

101. Uuliinyagaantsetseg meaning "pink flower of a mountain".

102. Uyanga meaning "melody". Uyanga is a Province in southern Mongol.

103. Yesuntei referring to Genghis' second wife.

104. Zaya meaning "fate, destiny". Zayasaikhan Sambuu known as Zaya is popular for fusing traditional Mongolian painting with contemporary art.

Gender-Neutral Mongolian Names

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Mongolian name consists of a noun and a modifier. Here is a list of unisex Mongolian given name.

105. Arban meaning "a fluent man".

106. Dolgoon meaning "quiet, calm".

107. Gan meaning "the bold one".

108. Khenbish meaning "nobody".

109. Khunbish meaning "not a human being".

110. MedekhguiI meaning "don't know".

111. Mongolekhorniiugluu meaning "morning".

112.  Monkh meaning "eternal family".

113. Naimanzuunnadintsetseg meaning "eight hundred precious flowers".

114. Nekhii meaning "sheepskin".

115. Nergui meaning "no-name". Nergui is a character in the video game series 'Assassin's Creed'.

116. Och meaning "sparkle". Och means 'and' in Swedish.

117. Od meaning "star". Od is considered as a hypothetical power, it pervades nature and accounts for various phenomena.

118. Odgerel meaning "starlight".  Sonomyn Udval, a Mongolian author, wrote the novel 'Odgerel', which was published in 1957.

119. Ogtbish meaning "not at all."

120. Qadan meaning "cliff, an edge of the mountain".

121. Qara meaning "cloudlet". Qara is a place in Syria.

122. Temuulen meaning "striving, aspiring". Battulgyn Temüülen Mongolian is a judo player.

123. Terbish meaning "not that one".

124. Taban meaning "splendid or glittering".

125. Xanadu referring to a place in China, which was once Mongolian ruler Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty. 'Xanadu' is also a 1980's American musical fantasy film.

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