69 Common And Unique Girl Names With AK And KA

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Girl names with AK are popular with parents across the world.
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Choosing a name for your baby girl is one of the most enchanting and slightly overwhelming tasks that parents get to do. Names hold power and tell stories. Prepare to explore a delightful spectrum of girl names that have something uniquely dazzling about them; they either begin with or end with 'AK' or 'KA'!

These names often have strong, meaningful roots and carry an essence of charm and poise. Whether you're looking for something traditional or want to dabble in the realm of the unique, this list has a potpourri of names that might just resonate with the song of your heart.

Common Baby Girl Names That Start With AK

Have you noticed the charm of names that begin with 'AK'? These two letters come together to create some timeless classics and hidden gems. Whether it's the vibrant 'Akira' or the elegant 'Aksana', the 'AK' combo never disappoints. Dive in and find that perfect 'AK' name for your little girl!

1. Akai (Sanskrit origin): means 'to rise', 'flower', or 'flourish'.

2. Akanya (Sanskrit origin): means 'peace and humility'.

3. Akela (Hawaiian origin): means 'noble'.

4. Akina (Japanese origin): means 'flourishing' or 'prosperity'.

5. Akriti (Sanskrit origin): means 'form' or 'shape'.

6. Akshaana (Sanskrit origin): means 'eye'.

7. Akshita (Sanskrit origin): means 'limitless' or 'immortal'.

8. Aksiti (Sanskrit origin): means 'imperishability'.

9. Aksaya (Sanskrit origin): means 'everlasting'.

10. Akumi (Japanese origin): means 'dark beauty'.

11. Akuti (Sanskrit origin): means 'princess'.

Rare And Unique Girl Names That Start With AK

A picture of a smiling toddler in a dress, sitting down

Looking for a baby name that stands out in a crowd? Read through this delightful list of rare and unique girl names starting with 'AK'. These names not only have a ring to them but are also packed with charm and character. Get ready to be inspired and perhaps find the perfect name for your little girl!

12. Aki (Japanese origin): means 'born in autumn', 'bright', or 'sparkle'.

13. Akabi (Armenian origin): means 'love'.

14. Akalka (Sanskrit origin): means 'free from impurity' or 'moonlight'.

15. Akamai (Hawaiian origin): means 'intelligent', 'clever', or 'smart'.

16. Akansha (Sanskrit origin): means 'desire' or 'ambition'. It is an alternate spelling for the name 'Akanksha'.

17. Akhila (Sanskrit origin): means 'whole' or 'complete'.

18. Akiko (Japanese origin): meaning 'bright child' or 'autumn', is the name of a Japanese drummer and vocalist, Akiko Matsuura.

19. Akira (Japanese origin): meaning 'bright' or 'clear', is the name of a Japanese female rock vocalist, Akira Sudou.

20. Akiye (Japanese origin): means 'autumn' or 'bright'.

21. Akosua (Ghanaian origin): means 'born on a Sunday'.

22. Akriti (Sanskrit origin): meaning 'form' or 'shape', is the name of an Indian singer, Akriti Kakar.

23. Akshada (Sanskrit origin): means 'blessings of gods' or 'God's blessings'.

24. Akshata (Sanskrit origin): meaning 'divinity' or 'immortal', is the name of an Indian businesswoman and fashion designer, Akshata Murty.

25. Akshaya (Sanskrit origin): means 'immortal', 'eternal', or 'goddess Parvati'.

26. Akshita (Sanskrit origin): means 'seen', 'immortal', or 'limitless'.

27. Akua (Ghanaian origin): meaning 'born on Wednesday', is a name associated with the Akan people and culture in the region of West Africa, particularly in Ghana.

28. Akulina (Russian origin): meaning 'eagle', this name is derived from the Latin word 'aquìla', meaning 'brown' or 'dark'.

29. Akuti (Sanskrit origin): means 'princess'.

Popular Girl Names Starting With KA

Ever notice how 'KA' girl names have a certain star quality to them? From 'Kaira' to 'Kalinda', these names that start with 'KA' are taking the limelight and are also timeless.

So if you're looking for a baby girl name that's both trendy and classic, the 'KA' lineup might just have your winner! Spotlight's on; dive into the 'AK' fame!

30. Kaashi (Sanskrit origin): means 'devotional place' or 'pilgrimage spot'.

31. Kaia (Scandinavian origin): meaning 'pure', is the name of an American actress and model, Kaia Jordan Gerber.

32. Kailani (Hawaiian origin): means 'sea and sky' or 'ocean and heaven'.

33. Kaira (Latin origin): means 'beloved' or 'friend'.

34. Kaj (Danish origin): means 'Earth'.

35. Kalani (Hawaiian origin): meaning 'heavenly' or 'royal one', is the name of the American actress and dancer, Kalani Hilliker.

36. Kalinda (Sanskrit origin): means 'the sun'.

37. Kalindi (Sanskrit origin): means 'the sun'.

38. Kalya (Sanskrit origin): means 'pleasant', or 'praise'.

39. Kamari (Arabic origin): means 'moon'.

40. Kamila (multiple origins): meaning 'noble', 'perfect', or 'complete', is the name of a Russian figure skater, Kamila Valeryevna Valieva.

41. Kamya (Sanskrit origin): means 'beautiful', 'pleasing', or 'successful'.

42. Karunya (Sanskrit origin): means 'compassion', 'praiseworthy', 'merciful', or 'compassionate'.

43. Kassidy (Irish and English origin): means 'curly-haired'.

44. Katalina (Spanish origin): meaning 'pure', is a variant of the names 'Catherine' and 'Katherine', which are of Greek origin.

45. Katriel (Hebrew origin): means 'God is my crown' or 'my crown is God'.

46. Kavya (Sanskrit origin): means 'poetry in motion', 'with qualities of poet learning', or 'poem'.

47. Kayal (Sanskrit origin): means 'with beautiful eyes', 'pleasing' or 'successful'.

48. Kayla (Hebrew and Arabic origin): meaning 'laurel' or 'crown', is the name of an Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur, Kayla Itsines.

49. Kaylee (multiple origins): meaning 'who is like God?’, 'laurel' or 'pure', is the name of an American actress and model, Kaylee Bryant.

50. Kayra (Turkish origin): means 'gift from above' or 'gift from God'.

51. Kate (Greek origin): meaning 'pure', is the name of a British actress, Kate Elizabeth Winslet.

52. Katie (Greek origin): meaning 'pure', is a short form of the name Katherine and the name of a Georgian-British singer and songwriter, Katie Melua.

53. Katyayani (Sanskrit origin): is an epithet of the Hindu goddess Parvati, who is the goddess of fertility and maternity, and is often depicted dressed in red.

54. Kaitlyn (Irish origin): meaning 'pure', is the name of an American journalist and sports presenter, Kaitlyn Vincie.

55. Kashni (Sanskrit origin): means 'goddess Lakshmi', 'flower', or 'special girl'.

56. Kashvi (Sanskrit origin): means 'shining', 'bright', or 'glowing'.

57. Katherine (Greek origin): meaning 'pure', is the name of an American actress, Katherine Marie Heigl, and a British-American actress, Katherine Boyer Waterston.

58. Kaustubhi (Scandinavian origin): means 'stone in Lord Vishnu's necklace' or 'a jewel in Lord Vishnu's necklace'.

59. Kayra (Turkish origin): means 'gift from above' or 'gift from God'.

60. Karen (Danish origin): means 'pure'. It was the name of an American singer and drummer, Karen Carpenter.

Popular Girl Names Ending With KA

Ever noticed the catchy charm of baby names ending in 'KA'? It's like a fun twist at the end of a delightful story. Names like 'Annika', 'Erika', and 'Mika' are just a few that have been stealing the limelight.

And guess what? These 'KA' endings are like a splash of confetti, celebrating every time you call out to your daughter. So, if you're in the mood for something chic with a hint of surprise, the 'KA' finale might just be your golden ticket!

61. Ambika (Sanskrit origin): means 'mother of the universe' or 'mother'.

62. Anka (Hebrew origin): meaning 'favored grace', is a variant of the Hebrew name 'Hannah'.

63. Danika (Slavic origin): means 'morning star'.

64. Erika (Scandinavian origin): means 'always ruler' or 'everlasting ruler'.

65. Kamalika (Sanskrit origin): means 'lotus' or 'Goddess Lakshmi'.

66. Kannika (Thai origin): means 'flower'.

67. Malika (Arabic origin): means 'queen'.

68. Neinika (Sanskrit origin): means 'beautiful eyes'.

69. Raaka (Sanskrit origin): means 'brilliant', 'bright', or 'full moon'.

Navigating the vast sea of names, especially ones with the enchanting 'AK' and 'KA' blends, has been quite the journey! The pros are clear; these names for girls have a unique blend of tradition and trendiness.

The only potential con might be having too many delightful options to choose from. Remember, always say the name aloud, pair it with the family surname, and feel its resonance in your heart. At the end of the day, it's all about finding that perfect harmony that speaks to you.

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