100+ Cool And Unique Hipster Girl Names

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Originally Published on Oct 22, 2020
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Parents want their kids to have the best name.

Searching for a name for your baby girl can take a lot of time. As for hipster parents, you want your baby’s name to be just as unique and beautiful as your baby is.

There are so many lists of hipster baby names out there, but you are sure to find a name that resonates with you on this list of baby girl names. After all, this might just be the ultimate collection of names for baby girls.

The list even includes the name Astrid, which,if you've watched the film 'How to Train Your Dragon', you will know is the coolest girl name.

If you are interested in seeing more names for your children, check out our articles on quirky boy names beginning with Q and edgy girl names.

Hipster Baby Names Inspired By Famous People

Here are some cute hipster girl names inspired by famous people.

1. Anaïs (French origin) - This is a great name meaning "grace", but it became a famous name likely because of writer Anaïs Nin.

2. Beatrix (Latin Origin) - Meaning "happy" or "she who brings happiness", this name became famous due to the writer Beatrix Potter.

3. Clementine (Latin origin) - This comes from the song 'Oh My Darling Clementine'.

4. Edie (English origin) - While it was originally an abbreviation for Edith, which meant “prosperous in war”, it became famous after Edie Sedgwick - a model in the '60s.

5. Ione (Greek origin) - A unique name meaning "violet", became popular due to the actress Ione Skye.

6. Ophelia (Greek origin) - Ophelia means "helper", but the name is most famous for being that of a tragic Shakespearean heroine.

7. Prudence (English origin) - Meaning "intelligent or cautious". Prudence became popular after it was used in a Beatles song.

8. Rhiannon (Celtic origin) - The goddess of fertility, 'Rhiannon' is a famous Fleetwood Mac song, and hipsters adore Stevie Nicks.

9. Tallulah (Native American origin) - A great baby name that means "leaping water’" the name gained traction due to the actress Tallulah Bankhead.

10. Xena (Greek origin) - While the name means "hospitable", this name became extremely popular due to the TV Show ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’.

11. Zelda (German origin) - Initially a nickname for the name Griselda, meaning "dark battle".

Unique Hipster Baby Names To Check Out

These are some of the most unique baby names you will ever find.

12. Calliope (Greek origin) - The name comes from the Greek name of Calliope, who was the Greek Goddess of epic poetry.

13. Idony (Icelandic origin) - This name was inspired by Iðunn, the Old Icelandic name of the Goddess of youth and apples.

14. Rayne (English origin) - Derived from English Culture, this name means "a strong counselor" or literally "the rain that falls from the sky."

15. Unica (Latin origin) - This baby name literally is the Latin word for "unique and sole".

16. Wren (Old English origin) - It comes from the word wroenna and means "small bird".

17. Ysauria (Macedonian origin) - This name comes from the Latin word Isaura, and it literally means "from Isauria".

18. Zoete (Danish origin) - This adorable name means "my beautiful angel".

Hipster Baby Girl Names Inspired By Nature

These are a few of the most aesthetic names for girls.

19. Azalea (Greek origin) - This gorgeous name means "dry flower."

20. Clover (English origin) - Meaning "meadow flower".

21. Dahlia (Latin origin) - Named after the Dahlia flower.

22. Daisy (American origin) - This popular flower is definitely a hipster baby name.

23. Flora (Latin origin) - This baby name means "flower".

24. Hazel (English origin) - This baby name simply means "the Hazel tree".

25. Ivy (English origin) - This baby name means "the Ivy plant".

26. Jasmine (Persian origin) - From the Jasmine flower.

27. Juniper (English origin) - This sweet name comes from a shrub that has berries and is used to make gin.

28. Lily (Old English origin) - Meaning a "Lily flower".

29. Livi (English origin) -  From Olivia, the name means "olive tree".

30. Magnolia (Latin origin) - Simply means "Magnolia flower".

31. Poppy (Old English origin) - Named after the Poppy flower.

32. Rose (English origin) - A symbol of love.

33. Sage (English origin) - Meaning "the herb of the prophet", this is a truly adorable name.

34. Violet (English) - From the blue or purple flower.

35. Willow (Middle English origin) - It means "the one who is from the willow's grove".

Gender Neutral Cute Hipster Names

If you are not sure if you are expecting a baby boy or a girl, here are some names you'll love.

Baby girl wearing yellow clothes sitting in kitchen

36. Arlo (Old English origin) - Means "fortified hill".

37. Auden (Danish and English origin) - Poet W.H. Auden served as inspiration for this uber-cool name.

38. Beckett (English origin) - Meaning "dweller by the brook".

39. Billie (English origin) - The name means “resolute protector.” and of course we have several amazing women with this name including Billie Jean King and Billie Eilish.

40. Blair (Scottish-Gaelic origin) - It was derived from many meadows in Scotland called Blair.

41. Dexter (Old English origin) - Means "the one who dyes".

42. Duke (Anglo-Norman origin) - Comes from a surname in Medieval England, and while it’s largely considered a name for boys, Duke can definitely be gender neutral.

43. Fallon (Irish origin) - Meaning "supremacy", this was in fact initially a name for girls.

44. Holden (Old English origin) - Meaning "hollow valley". This name became extremely popular due to Salinger’s ‘The Catcher In The Rye’.

45. Hopper (English and Scottish origin) - It was an occupational name for a professional tumbler or acrobat.

46. Hudson (Old English origin) - Literally means "son of Hudd" but is another example of the hipster trend of surnames turning into first names.

47. Jagger (Northern English origin) - This one became popular due to Mick Jagger!

48. James (Latin and Old English origin) - This was the English version of the Hebrew name Jacob.

49. Jude (French origin) - A pet form for the name Jordan, this name, of course, became popular due to the Beatles song.

50. Kai (Hawaiian and Japanese origin) - In both the languages, it means "sea or ocean".

51. Kingston (Old English origin) - Literally means "the king's settlement". It is a great gender-neutral hipster name.

52. Lennon (Irish-Gaelic origin) - Meaning "cloak", "blackbird" or "lover", this name, inspired by John Lennon is a popular option for all children.

53. Lincoln (Old English origin) - After Abraham Lincoln, this is a great gender neutral name.

54. Lux (Latin origin) - Meaning "light", this is a great gender neutral name.

55. Miller (Middle English origin) - Comes from the occupation "mill keeper". Follows the regular trend of hipsters turning last names into first names, and this is definitely one to remember.

56. Monroe (Irish origin) - An unconventional one which means “river delta or red marsh”. A very hip sounding name for a young girl.

57. Nico (Greek origin) - Meaning "victory of the people". A gender neutral one which is hip and cool.

58. Orion (Greek origin) - Meaning "son of fire". This is a great name for those astronomical hipsters.

59. Phoenix (Greek origin) - From the mythical bird which bursts into flames every time it is close to death, and then is reborn from its own ashes.

60. Piper (German, English, French and Scandinavian origin) - It literally means "the one who plays the pipe" and became extremely popular due to the show ‘Charmed’.

61. Poe (English and Norse origin) - Initially a nickname for Peacock. This was taken from the last name of poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe. This causes it to be a fun and pretty cool name.

62. Reagan (Irish-Gaelic origin) - A great choice for young children. After all, it literally means “little king”.

63. Remy (French origin) - Meaning "oarsman". While the small little rat in Ratatouille is named that, it is an incredibly cool name for women as well.

64. Ryder (Old English origin) - Meaning “knight” or “warrior”.

65. Walden (English origin) - Meaning “from the valley of the Britons”, this is such a wonderfully poetic name.

66. Zephyr (Latin origin) - This comes from the Latin word for west wind, and while it is a great option for a baby boy, it works equally wonderfully for girls.

Cool Hipster Baby Names For Girls

Baby girl wearing summer dress and hat on beach

Below is a list of some other cool baby names for your little girl.

67. Alden (Old English origin) - Derived from the word 'aldwine', it means "an old friend."

68. Amethyst (Greek origin) - This comes from the name of the purple gemstone.

69. Aspen (American origin) - Meaning "quaking tree", while this name sounds unique, it has become increasingly popular over the years.

70. Astrid (Scandinavian origin) - Meaning "fair Goddess", this is a name for legends.

71. August (English origin) - Meaning "great" and is a great name to use for your daughters.

72. Aurora (Latin origin) - The name has a beautiful meaning being "Goddess of the dawn."

73. Autumn (Latin origin) - This sweet and innocent name simply means "fall season."

74. Cadhla (Irish origin)- Means “beautiful”.

75. Cleo (Greek origin) - Meaning "pride and glory", an incredible name, after all, it is the nickname of Cleopatra.

76. Crystal (Latin origin) - The name Crystal means "earth mineral" or a "brilliant glass."

77. Dawn (English origin) - The name Dawn simply means "sunrise."

78. Delilah (Hebrew origin) - Meaning “delicate”.

79. Dixie (Latin and French origin) - This cool and savvy first name means "tenth."

80. Enid (Middle Welsh origin) - This first name which is making a comeback means “spirit” or “life”.

81. Fia (Latin origin) - This unbelievably cool name means “flame”.

82. Harmony (English origin) - It means a “musical combination of chords”.

83. Inez (Spanish, Portuguese, and French origin) - It means “holy” “pure” or “virginal”.

84. Isla (Spanish origin) - This baby name, pronounced eye-la means "an island."

85. June (Roman origin)- This name of the month was derived from Juno, the Roman Goddess.

86. Leonora (Greek origin) - This beautiful name has an equally beautiful meaning: “compassionate” and “merciful”.

87. Luna (Roman origin) - This hipster baby name is a comeback vintage name which means “the moon”.

88. Mabel (Latin origin) - This comeback name means “beautiful”, “loving” or “loveable”.

89. Mae (English origin) - It is a variant of May, and comes from the month of May, which is named after the Roman goddess Maia.

90. Millie (Multiple European origins) - This cool name means “industrious”.

91. Minerva (Roman origin)- This is the name of the Roman goddess of wisdom and is now making a smart comeback.

92. Nikita (Greek and Sanskrit origin) - Meaning "victory", or the name of the goddess of Victory.

93. Nola (Irish origin) - This unique name means “fair shoulder”.

94. Pearl (Hebrew origin) - This hipster baby name comes from the gemstone.

95. Ramona (Spanish and German origin) - This hipster baby name means “protecting hands” or “wise protector”.

96. River (English origin)- This hipster baby name means exactly what it is, “river”.

97. Rosemary (Latin origin) - While it appears to come from the names Rose and Mary, it can also come from the Herb Rosemary.

98. Ruby (Latin origin) - This name comes from the gemstone and is a beautifully sassy name.

99. Sadie (English origin) - This hip name means “princess”.

100. Savannah (Native American origin)- The name means an "open plain."

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for hipster baby girl names then why not take a look at our list for girl names with boy nicknames, or for something different take a look at these non-binary names.

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