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Aurora is a feminine name that originates from Latin, meaning 'morning star' or 'dawn'.

Aurora is the ancient Roman goddess of Dawn. Aurora is a very popular English name that is listed among the 100 most popular names for a newborn girl.

The name is also inspired by the Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis.

Aurora represents beauty, elegance, strength as well as integrity. Arora has been used by many characters on screen.

The most famous character is probably the Disney Princess, from the Disney movie 'Sleeping Beauty', named Princess Aurora. Also, there is a character named Aurora Lane in the Marvel movie, 'Passengers' (2016), a Hogwarts professor named Aurora Sinistra who teaches astronomy in 'Harry Potter', and the name has been the inspiration for various poets throughout the ages.

In this article, you can find a long list of ideas for Aurora nicknames, that will be helpful for you in choosing the perfect nickname for the Aurora in your family, whether she is cute, funny, unique, or creative, we have the best nicknames for you to pick from!

Cute Nicknames For Aurora

If you know someone called Aurora who is adorable, you will probably be wondering what cute nickname you can call her. Have a look at the list below, which consists of the cutest nicknames for Aurora, so you can pick your favorite for your sweet little Aurora.

1. Aurie - a cute nickname for Aurora.

2. Auro-nion - for the Aurora who loves 'The Minions'.

3. Aury-berry - for the Aurora who loves fruit.

4. Choco-roll - the perfect nickname for your Aurora who is sweet as chocolate.

5. Li’l A – a sweet nickname for a newborn baby or toddler.

6. Muffin – another nickname for a cutie who makes your day sweet by being around you.

7. Raisin - another food based nickname for Aurora.

8. Ro - a cute, short nickname for Aurora.

9. Rollie Pollie – this is a very cute nickname for an Aurora is can't sit still.

10. Rora - a simple and cute nickname, just taking the last four letters of the name Aurora.

11. Rora-cake - if your Aurora loves chocolate cake, this is the perfect nickname.

12. Rorange Pie – if your Aurora is sweet with a touch of tanginess!

13. Roro Bunny – for Aurora, who cannot stay still and always hops around like a bunny.

14. Oreo – this is the perfect nickname for an Aurora who loves cookies.

15. Teddy Baur – this is a clever play on words, taking the word 'bear' and using the first three letters of 'Aurora' to make 'baur', for your cuddly Aurora.

16. Uro – this is a unique and cute nickname for Aurora.

Funny Nicknames For Aurora

If you have a good sense of humor, you might want to call Aurora funny nicknames, that will make you both laugh. If you are looking for some funny Aurora nicknames, then have a look at the list below with the best funny nicknames.

17. Audio – for an Aurora who likes to project her voice.

18. Au-rage – a funny nickname for an Aurora with a short temper.

19. Au-ramble – for an Aurora who rambles like a chatterbox.

20. Bore-ora – a very funny nickname for an Aurora who gets bored very easily.

21. Euro – for an Aurora who loves to travel, especially to Europe.

22. Horrora – the perfect nickname for an Aurora who loves to watch horror movies.

23. Photora – the best nickname for an Aurora who is always taking photos or everything around her.

24. Roast-ora – a funny nickname for an Aurora who makes fun of other people with a great sense of humor.

25. Sephora – a fun nickname for Aurora.

26. Snora – this nickname is perfect for a sleepy Aurora, who snores at night!

27. War-ora – for the fierce and powerful Aurora, who is not afraid of anything.

Cool Nicknames For Aurora

If the Aurora you know if really cool, you might want to find the coolet nickname for her, to match her personality. Some of the cool ideas for Aurora nicknames are listed below.

28. AR – a classy nickname using two letters from the word Aurora.

29. Aurix – a really cool nickname for a scientific Aurora.

30. Au-radical – the best nickname for an Aurora who is wild and different.

31. Au-rifle – for the Aurora is a perfect shot.

32. Auro - a cool nickname for an Aurora who listens to cool music.

33. Queen Rora – the perfect nickname for the most regal Aurora you know.

34. Ranger Girl – perfect for the Aurora who has the traits of a fighter and is very fearless.

35. Robin Hood – is a heroine nickname for Aurora, who is ready to fight to protect her loved ones.

36. Roomie – a great nickname for a housemate named Aurora.

37. Rora Wrath – a fun nickname that uses alliteration and is perfect for a merciless Aurora, who will not let anything stand in her way.

38. Score-ora – for the sporty Aurora who always scores during matches.

Creative Nicknames For Aurora

For the girl special to you, adding a bit of creativity to her nickname will make her feel special. Have a look at these other nicknames for Aurora, that will make her feel it was made only for her.

39. Aroma – for an Aurora who always smells like flowers.

40. Aura – a great nickname for an Aurora who is always very positive and uplifting.

41. Auracle – a perfect nickname for an Aurora who believes in the signs from the universe.

42. Aurizon – for the Aurora who is always up with the sunrise, watching the horizon.

43. Au-ramp – a perfect nickname for a skater Aurora.

44. Beaurora – combining the words 'beautiful' and 'Aurora', to make her feel extra special.

45. Cinem-ora – a pretty cool nickname for an Aurora who loves watching movies at the cinema.

46. Dinosaura – a clever and cool nickname for the Aurora who is really into paleontology.

47. AuroRed – for the Aurora who loves the color red.

48. Roratouille – perfect for an Aurora who likes to cook and loves the movie 'Ratatouille'.

49. Rosebud – a cute and cool nickname for Aurora.

50. Sunshine – the best of the Aurora nicknames for the light in your life.

Unique Nicknames For Aurora

The nickname for your Aurora should be as unique as she is, so pick the name that suits her the most. Listed below are some names that are unique and will make her feel very special to be called these nicknames.

51. Au-ramona - a Spanish way to call her your protector, which will make her delighted.

52. Au-rose – a romantic nickname for the Aurora who is your rose.

53. Au-runner – a great nickname for an athlete Aurora.

54. Borealis – the Aurora Borealis is another name for the Northern Lights, so this is a perfect nickname for an Aurora who shines bright.

55. Decora – a funny and unique nickname for an interior designer named Aurora.

56. Flora – when Aurora is as beautiful as a flower in your eyes, and the sight of her brightens your day.

57. Orah – a stylish name for Aurora to charm her and make her feel special.

60. Robin – a cute nickname for Aurora who loves to sing and admires the trees.

61. Rockstar – for the Aurora who loves to sing and dance to her favorite songs.

62. Rory – this is a cool nickname for Aurora, and for fans of 'Gilmore Girls', it is perfect, as it is the name of the main character.

63. Sleeping Beauty – Aurora is the name of the main character of the Disney movie, 'Sleeping Beauty, so is a great nickname for an Aurora who is beautiful and loves to sleep!

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