100+ Great Nicknames That Start With C

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Some cool nicknames that start with C are Canary, Cuddles, Cute Pie, Cereal Killer, and Care Bear.

Why Unique Nicknames that start with C?

Nicknames are essential to any person's identity and can often symbolize their personality. Nicknames are a great way to create a special bond with someone and show that you care about them.

They can help bring people closer, express affection, and build relationships. Also, nicknames often help people remember each other's names more efficiently since they are shorter and easier to recall.

A nickname also provides an extra level of familiarity between people, which is often beneficial in both personal and professional settings. Many people prefer choosing nicknames beginning with the letter C because this letter is often associated with positivity and new beginnings.

Choosing nicknames can be fun, and if you're looking for the ones starting with the letter C, then you're in the right place. Pick the one that suits you best from more than 100 cute and catchy nicknames that start with 'C'!

Unique Nicknames That Start With C

1. Caden - A perfect name for your free-spirited little prince, which means 'spirit of battle'.

2. Cadillac - If your friends or colleagues are automotive enthusiasts, this is a perfect nickname you can give them to.

3. Chatterbox - To tease your best friend who always talks!

4. Cake pop - If someone loves delicious gooey cakes, this cute nickname is the one for them!

5. Caramel – Perfect fit for a sweet-natured individual or someone with a sweet tooth!

6. Cricket - An excellent nickname for little ones who are energetic and hyperactive!

7. Chi-chi - A bubbly, fun-loving person's nickname.

8. Chipmunk - Cute nickname for your naughty ones!

9. Coco - Disney character name.

10. Chipper - Fitting nickname for a cheerful, upbeat, and optimistic person.

11. Crafty - You can use this name for someone who always finds ways to do things.

12. Camry - Do you need a cool nickname for a guy fascinated with Camry? Why not name him after his favorite vehicle?

13. Cruncher - Perfect for someone who loves to crunch numbers.

14. Canary - It's a bird name and can make a great nickname for your lovely daughter.

15. Candace - Candace is a name of Greek and Latin origin that means 'white, pure, or truthful'. Candace is an ancient title of an Ethiopian queen dynasty.

16. Candy - Just as the name implies, it is a perfect nickname for someone with whom you have a sweet relationship or someone who loves candies.

17. Canelo - If your child loves boxing, you can name him Canelo, as it's the name of a professional Mexican boxer.

18. Cap - It's an excellent choice for a nickname for Casper or Caspain.

19. Captain America - Your superhero kid will love this name! After all, when it comes to fighter nicknames, how can one top superhero?

20. Captain Cook - He was the greatest explorer of all time. It can make a perfect nickname for kids who love to explore!

Creative Nicknames That Start With C

21. Captain Crunch - If you have a friend who always loves eating snacks? Then this name virtually begs to be given to them.

22. Caramel - What better nickname for a lovely lady with incredible brown eyes?

23. Caramel Pie - Instead of the traditional Cutie Pie, try this sweeter variation.

24. Cardi - This one is for the biggest Cardi B fan.

25. Care Bear - For that loving buddy that is as adorable as a teddy bear and always has your back!

26. Cathee - The short form for Catherine is 'pure'.

27. Carol - Shortened form of name Caroline or Charlotte.

28. Celeste - An appropriate nickname for someone who is a bright star of cheerfulness.

29. Carrie - Derived from the German name Karl and means' freeman'.

30. Charmer – Apt nickname for someone who can charm anyone they meet.

31. Cary Fairy - For that wonderful lady that effortlessly grants all of your wishes, your mother or grandmother!

32. Cas - A perfect nickname for Casper, Cassy, or Cassie!

33. Casper - A cool name that is also the title of a fantastic spooky film.

34. Cassie - An adorable and short name for Cassandra.

35. Cat Eyes - Wouldn't this be a terrific moniker to praise a lady on her captivating eyes?

36. Centurion - A catchy nickname for your grandparents who have crossed the century mark! A centurion is a warrior in the ancient Roman army.

37. Cereal Killer - An ideal nickname for anyone who loves cereal.

Cool Nicknames That Start With C

38. Cookie Dough - For little ones who are sweet as cookie dough!

39. Charlie - A perfect nickname for your free-spirited little one, which means 'free man'.

40. Clio - An ancient Greek word for 'glory'.

41. Cheeky Baby - This moniker is for those cute newborns that melt your heart with their fluffy cheeks and charming smiles.

42. Cheese Ball - Cute nickname for cuddly cute babies!

43. Cheesecake - A fun nickname for your sweetheart or little princess!

44. Copycat - If your friends or siblings copy you, you can call them Copycat.

45. Chels - Great nickname for the name Chelsey or Chelsie.

46. Cream Puff - Another adorable made-up nickname!

47. Cherry - A delightful and fruity nickname for a girl you care about.

48. Cheryl - It means 'darling' or 'beloved'.

49. Chevrolet - Another possible pet name for an automobile enthusiast always gushing about new models and automobile technology.

50. Christo - It means 'follower of Christ' and is of Latin origin and is the short form of Christopher.

51. Chuckles - Give this sweet nickname to someone who makes you laugh with ridiculous jokes.

52. Cinderella - Any little girl will love this princess name!

53. Ciro - Ciro means 'sun' and is of Italian origin.

54. Clara - The nickname of Clarette, which means 'clear or bright'.

55. Clay Dough - As babies are adorable and soft like clay dough, we can call them that.

56. Cuteness - Cute nickname for a baby you can't seem to have enough of.

57. Cherrybum - This nickname tells your significant other how sweet they are.

58. Carlee - Short for Carly, which means 'sunny' or 'playful'.

59. Curt - Short form of Curtis, which means 'polite'.

60. Cissy - Short for Cecilia, which means 'unaware of one's beauty'.

61. Celine - For someone who likes to sing or is a fan of Celine Dion.

62. Cookie - Easily one of the loveliest nicknames.

63. Cookie Monster - For those who love cookies.

64. Cora - It means 'heart' and is of Greek origin.

65. Curious Kitten - For those who're always curious, like kittens.

66. Corolla - Did you know that the name of this automobile means Flower Petals?

67. Cia - The short form of Cynthia, which means 'moon goddess'.

68. Calli - It means 'beautiful flower' and is of Greek origin.

69. Cristel - Cristel is a girl's nickname with a Latin variation called Christina.

70. Cuckoo - This bird's call is an endearing name for close ones.

71. Cuddle Bunny – An apt nickname for a very special person in your life.

72. Cuddles - Sprinkle some love on your special someone or infant who enjoys cuddling with you with this adorable nickname.

73. Cuddly - A cute nickname for your significant other.

74. Cam - Short for Camilla or Camellia.

75. Cupcake - A cute nickname for kids or close ones.

76. Cupid - Cupid is the deity of passion, love, and desire. You can nickname someone cupid, who loves setting up couples.

77. Curls - An ideal nickname to give someone whose curls you love.

78. Curly Head - A fitting name for any person with curly and beautiful hair.

79. Cutie - Another lovely nickname for your friend friends or babies.

80. Chel - It means 'rainbow' and originated from Mayan mythology.

81. Cyborgs - It's a perfect nickname for someone who is all about computers.

82. Cyra - Cyra is a feminine name of Persian origin, meaning 'sun' or 'throne'.

83. Cyrus - Cyrus is a masculine name of Persian origin, which means 'sun'.

84. Candy Cane - Cute and sugary name for little ones.

Best Nicknames That Start With C

85. Cindy - It means 'light' and is of Latin origin.

86. CeCe - A cute nickname for a girl named Cecilia.

87. Cyan - It means 'rainbow'.

88. Cleo - Means 'to celebrate' and is of Greek origin.

89. Captain Marvel - For your supergirl.

90. Coral - 'Finding Nemo' fan will love this name.

91. Cara Mia - It means 'my beloved' and is of Italian origin.

92. Champ - A perfect name for your little champion!

93. Chica - She can only be your best BFF!

94. Chickadee - Name of a bird.

95. ChocoMallow

96. Cotton Candy

97. Cutey-Boo

98. Cutie Head

99. Chickpea

100. Cottonball

101. CakeMuffin

102. Cinnamon

103. CheeryCheeks

104. Colt

105. Chuck

106. Cute bug

107. Chocopie

108. Crazy Pants

109. Choco Pop

110. CloudBunny

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