77 Interesting Names Without Vowels For Boys And Girls

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Listing animal names without vowels and country names without vowels test the skill of every individual.
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When it comes to selecting baby girl names and baby boy names without vowels, parents often have a tough time.

You may have heard people say that there are never many options for selecting boy names and girl names without vowels. But there is not much truth in this, as there is more than one option, each better than the other, for choosing the best baby names without vowels.

From where to take social inspiration for selecting the words without vowels? Well, there are many options for you to explore, such as movie names without vowels, animal names, bands without vowels in their names, and Czech names without vowels.

Read this list of a whole range of words without vowels that you can start considering for your babies. Afterward, also check the meaning of these names.

Girl Names Without Vowels

First, we will look for girl names that do not have any vowels. Yeah, it’s difficult to absorb this, but this is true. Here is a list of new ideas for girl names without vowels:

Brynn (Welsh origin), meaning 'hill', is among unique name words that will remind you of soft eyes.

Chrys (Greek origin), meaning 'golden', is a beautiful name for a girl that will suit your princess better than any other fancy name.

Cymry (Welsh origin), meaning ‘someone born in Wales’, is used often in the tribal groups of Wales. It also includes Cornish and Bretons. One of the best names ever.

Cyndy (Greek origin), meaning, ‘mount Kynthos’, is derived from yet another very popular name which is Cynthia. There is no question that it is indeed a new name option for girls.

Glynn (Cornish origin), meaning ‘someone who lived in a valley’, is derived from a name called Glynllifon. One of the best answers to your search for the first name for your baby.

Gwyn (Wales origin), meaning ‘blessed or white in Cornish language’, stands for holy, bright and light. A name that would even impress an author.

Gwynyth (Welsh origin), meaning ‘blessed or fair’, came from the land of Gwynedd. A new name option to end your search.

KT means ‘thanks’. Though it has several meanings, thanks is the most common one.

Kyly (Australian origin) means ‘boomerang’. Sometimes, depending on the place where it is used, it can also refer to graceful or beautiful.

Kyrtgyz (Persian origin) means ‘flower’. If this name is used in Arabic countries, then it might mean princess as well.

Kyryn (African origin) means ‘gift of god’. A name that sounds really great.

Llyn (Welsh origin), meaning ‘from the lake’, is another good name.

Lyn/Lynn (Biblical origin), meaning ‘waterfall’, is a very beautiful name and easy to say. Lynn can also be used for boys but it is mostly used for girls. The name can be written using different letters.

Lyryc (English origin) means ‘lyrics’. The spelling for this name is quite simple.

Qwynn (Irish origin), meaning ‘counsel’, is mostly used for both girls and boys but usually for girls.

Rhythm (Indian origin) means ‘a repeating sound’, is a lovely name with some rhythmic letters.

Trynt (Welsh or English origin) means ‘a person living nearby rapid stream’, is used for both girls and boys but is mostly used for girls.

Zry (Unknown origin) implies ‘compassionate and caring’, and is derived from other names such as Zuri, a Swahili girl's name, which means ‘lovely’. A simple name with simple spelling to end your search.

Last Names Without Vowels

It is very difficult to find the last name without a vowel. However, we have a few options for you to consider.

Ng (Chinese origin) means 'yellow' is a popular last name in Asia.

Symth (Scottish origin) implies ‘blacksmith’.

Boys Without Vowels

For the name of the boys, it won’t be difficult to find a name without vowels but it is not going to be that easy. Removing vowels is not enough. That name should hold some meaning as well. So, take a look at some top names.

Brys (Welsh origin) represents ‘legendary son of Brysethach’, though usually given to boys, it can also be used for girls, considering that it sounds neutral.

Chng (Chinese origin), meaning ‘period of warring state’. It is pronounced Zheng and is quite a famous name in Singapore and Malaysia.

Cnychwr (Welsh origin) means ‘son of Nes’.

Crwys (Welsh origin), meaning ‘cross’, is a unisex name but is generally given to boys and should be pronounced as Kruw-iy-z.

Dyvyr (Welsh origin) implies ‘Legendary son of Alun’, and stands for harmony and peace.

Gwyr (Welsh origin) means ‘pure’.

Gwystyl (Welsh origin), meaning ‘Legendary son of Nwython’, is also a character in a book by Llyod Alexander.

Gwythyr (Welsh origin) means ‘Legendary son of Greidyawl’, and is used for conquerors. Gwythyr's place in mythology is uncertain but he symbolizes the never-ending fight between winter and summer.

Hrdy (Czech origin) means ‘proud’.

Krshn (Indian origin), meaning ‘the one above all’, is derived from Sanskrit shlokas. It also stands for the attractive one.

Kym (English and Indian origin) means ‘bold family or ship victory’, and is a neutral name for girls and boys. It also stands for Cyneburg’s field.

Kyndmryn (Welsh origin) means ‘Legendary son of Ermid’.

Kynwyl (Welsh origin) means ‘title of saint’.

Kywrkh (Welsh origin), meaning ‘legendary son of Cleddyv’, might not seem very good to ears but it’s a strong name.

Llwybyr (Welsh origin), meaning ‘legendary son of Caw’, is indeed difficult to pronounce.

Llwyd (Welsh origin) means ‘grey’. After getting old, if you are willing to change the name, don’t worry, because it also stands for grey hair.

Llwyr (Wales origin) means ‘legendary son of Llwyryon’.

Llyr (Welsh origin) means ‘the sea’.

Lyndzy (Old English origin), meaning ‘island full of linden trees’, can also mean Lincoln’s marsh.

Lynx (Greek origin) means ‘brightness’.

Ng/N gis (Chinese origin) has five different meanings based on how it is spelled. Its meanings include ‘yellow', 'king', 'reign', 'great', or 'to fall through’.

Plys (Welsh origin) means ‘Ryhs’ son’.

Rhys (Welsh origin), meaning ‘enthusiasm’, is voiced as Rees.

Ryn (Welsh origin), meaning ‘chief’, is usually for boys but if it is given to girls, then it will stand for pure.

Shng (Chinese origin), meaning ‘either charming or optimistic’, is said as Shung.

Shw (English, Irish or Scottish origin) means ‘habitant of the woods’.

Sky (Old Norse origin) means ‘mirror', 'clouds' or 'shadow’.

Srpsky (Serbian origin) means ‘official language used by Serbs’.

Syvwkh (Welsh origin) represents ‘acclaimed son of Cleddyv Kyvwlch’.

Twm (Welsh origin) implies ‘god’s gift' or 'twins’. In Wales, it is used for Tom.

Ty (American origin) means ‘one who belongs to the land of Eoghan’.

Vlk (Polish, Czech, or Slovak origin), meaning ‘wolf', 'a person born under the sign of the wolf', or 'someone who possesses the traits of a wolf’, was once widely used in the middle ages as one of the Old Slavonic personal names.

Wyldr (German origin) means ‘huntsman' or 'someone who likes outdoor adventurous activities’.

Wynn (Welsh origin), meaning ‘blessed', 'fair', and 'friend’, was a name for boys that eventually became unisex.

Zvy (Hebrew origin), meaning ‘deer’, is a very famous Jewish name.

It is hard to find names without vowels, but not impossible.

Band Names Without Vowels

There are a lot of bands that exist without a vowel in their name. It can be all caps and can be an acronym or maybe just a name. Read on to know more:

BLK JKS is a South African rock band. It is pronounced as blackjacks. It was formed in Johannesburg.

CHLLNGR is a band from California.

CRNKN is an artist who specializes in electronic music.

DFHVN is a metal band. They are known as deaf heaven, and it is a band from San Francisco.

DLRN is pronounced as Dolorean.

DTCV was founded in Los Angeles.

DWNTWN is an American rock and pop band.

HTRK is a band from Melbourne. Their genre of music is rock and electronic.

JPNSGRLS is Japanese girls, and a popular name without any vowels.

KMFDM is a German band, and their genre is metal music. It is derived from Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, which means, ‘no pity for the majority’.

KSHMR is an Indian American musician, songwriter, DJ, and electronic music producer.

Lynyrd Skynyrd! is an American band from Florida that is into rock music.

MGMT is an American rock band that was formed in 2002, and MGMT definitely does not stand for management here.

MNDR is read as mander.  She is an American songwriter, singer, and producer.

MSTRKRFT is a Canadian band that is into electronic music. It is pronounced as a master's craft.

PWR BTTM is a band that originated from Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. This is pronounced as a power bottom.

SBTKRT is pronounced as subtract. They are English music producers and composers.

SHXCXCHCXSH is again into electronic music and is a Swedish band.

STRFKR is a Polish band and is into Indie Pop music. They were famously known as Starfucker, but because the name seemed offensive, they changed it. If you try to read it as a name, you will realize it's the same.

W & W is a dutch music producer who originated from the Netherlands.

XXYYXX was founded in Florida and is into electronic music.

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