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Discover 41 nicknames for Alice.

Alice is a popular name worldwide and evolved in the 18th century.

The popularity of the attractive and feminine name Alice skyrocketed in the latter half of the 18th century.

Because this is such a common name, there is a good chance that you know not just one but several ladies who go by the name Alice. The name Alice is thought to have been borrowed from the French words.

Many people believe that the origin of this name may be traced back to Germany and that the name Alice is a shortened form of the name Alis or Alais. According to this theory, the name Alice derives its meaning from a noble or an elevated person.

Finding the perfect nickname to suit your friend or family member's personality while being memorable can be challenging. Hopefully, you will find some inspiration in these nicknames for Alice. Some of the best nicknames for Alice include Alpha, Allie, Angel, and Ella.

If your inventiveness sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, then you are the type of person who will appreciate the unique nicknames that we have devised for Alice. Creative nicknames are some of the best names to help you start a conversation or make new friends.

They can be used to express your hobbies and interests, including the games you enjoy playing, movies you like to watch, and sports teams you belong to.

One of the most well-liked choices for a girl's name in this century, Alice is admired for both the elegance of its meaning and the airiness of its pronunciation. Here are 41 nicknames for Alice that you will surely love.

Funny Nicknames For Alice

The nicknames that contain some inside joke or caustic comment are the ones that are most likely to be remembered by their recipients. Nicknames don't always have to mean something - they could refer to a unique characteristic. The following is a list of humorous nicknames you can give your daughter or best friend.

  • Apple Pie – What's sweeter than a delicious nickname everyone loves?
  • Alpha – Alpha is the perfect short and simple nickname for tomboyish Alice.
  • Acai Bowl – If your Alice is a health-conscious person.
  • Alto – In Spanish, 'short' is referred to as 'alto.' This name is ideal for your pal Alice if she happens to be on the diminutive side.
  • Ceiling – Alternately, you could call your taller-than-average Alice' Ceiling' to make light of the fact that you are making fun of her height.
  • Little Almond – A clever name for an Alice baby. If you adore your niece.
  • Stardust – Unique nickname idea.

Cute Nicknames For Alice

Who wouldn't want a cutesy and corny nickname that reeks of warmth and affection? Cute nicknames are some of the most memorable names that will make you stand out. Pick a perfect nickname from the given suggestions that will make you say 'aww' when you hear them.

  • Ally – When people are asked to come up with cute-sounding nicknames for Alice, the name 'Ally' is the one that comes to mind first as the ideal candidate for a nickname.
  • Allie –Allie is merely a variation on the spelling of the name that was presented earlier; you can use whatever version best suits you.
  • Allyson – Allyson is a great feminine name that is incredibly nice, and you should give it to a woman in your life who has a particular place for you in her heart.
  • Ada – What more could we want in the way of a fantastic nickname than Ada, which is uncomplicated, adorable, and brief?
  • Ana – If you want to make your little girl happy, there is no better approach than to give her a charming nickname that is based on a Disney princess that she is completely enamored with.
  • Angel – Angel is the one name that is sure to be a success in any situation.
  • Celia – Celia is yet another beautiful name that might be given to the woman who won your love with her hypnotic grin and kind nature.
  • Cia – Do you like extremely brief nicknames that are only a single word long?
  • Eve – The narrative found in Genesis served as the impetus for us to give this character the name Eve.
  • Lisa –If you prefer nicknames that are well-known and well-liked by a lot of people, here is an additional sound recommendation from us that we think you will adore very much.
  • Lily – Flower-related monikers are so modern and stylish that they exude an atmosphere all their own, as in the case of Lily.
  • Mia Amore – If you are looking for a cute and romantic pet name for your girlfriend, who goes by the name Alice, here is a Spanish name that literally translates to 'My love.'
  • Olaf – Who could possibly say no to the adorable snowman named Olaf, who won our hearts over in the movie 'Frozen.'

Creative Nicknames For Alice

If your inventiveness sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, then you are the type of person who will appreciate the unique nicknames that we have devised for Alice. Creative nicknames are some of the best names to help you start a conversation or make new friends.

They can be used to express your hobbies and interests, including the games you enjoy playing, movies you like to watch, and sports teams you belong to.

  • Alicia – A classy and pretty name.
  • Alex – If you slightly alter the name Alice, you can come up with a name that sounds extremely similar to the original.
  • Aileen – We will always have fantastic moniker suggestions for you.
  • Alice In Wonderland – How can a list of nicknames for Alice even be complete without including this popular name from a classic book that helped popularize this name? Alice in Wonderland.
  • Al Pacino – When in doubt about what to call someone, a famous person's nickname is your best bet.
  • Bruce Lee – Use this name, which will be the perfect suit for Alice with a fighter personality.
  • Elena – Here's another lovely name that might suit a lady. We suggest using this name for any Alice who is a woman of taste if you happen to know one.
  • Lucy –Some names merit a high-ranking pedestal for being irreplaceably charming yet straightforward.
  • Lizzy –Here is another informal nickname that works well for you because it is both famous and pleasant.
  • Police – There is no better moniker for Alice than 'police' if she is the mother figure in your group who is constantly telling you not to do certain things.

Unique Nicknames For Alice

In this area of nicknames, where we have absolutely no rules whatsoever, welcome to the section of nicknames that will completely blow your head. Check out these unique nicknames for Alice. As parents, you can pick up the following sweet nicknames for Alice.

  • Alfredo –For Alice, a dedicated eater, there is a pleasant and cozy name named after an Italian sauce.
  • Alohamora – Alohamora is a well-known spell from the Harry Potter movies; thus, this name must be reserved for a devoted personality of the series.
  • Allu – Here is a cute name from the Hindi language that means 'potato.' It is Allu.
  • Alabama – Named after a state in the United States, dedicate this eccentric moniker to someone who enjoys exploring exotic locales.
  • All Mine – All Mine, it's fun to give your sweetheart a nickname that expresses your amorous and possessive feelings for her. We're confident she'll adore it.
  • Aliza – The lovely name Aliza signifies joy. Give this great moniker to a girl who makes your life better.
  • Ella – Ella means 'goddess' in Hebrew. This name is apt for an out-of-this-world person.
  • Elsie –How about this unusual nickname that appears voguish and deserving of an Alice-like diva personality
  • El-Sea – If your Alice like going to the beach, we have a unique approach to incorporating that information into a catchy nickname.
  • Luna – We adore how this short name as it is both playful and has an incredibly sweet personality, like honey.
  • Slice of Heaven – Slice of Heaven is a sweet moniker that would make anyone swoon. It will make your Alice weak in the knees.

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