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Amber is a beautiful name inspired by amber-colored gemstones.

Amber is a simple, easy, and common name of Arabic origin, which means ‘the blue sky’. The popularity of this name increased when the author Kathleen Winsor mentioned this name in her novel 'Forever Amber'. 

Amber has different meanings in different languages. In Sanskrit, Amber means 'sky'. In French, it refers to a yellow gemstone.

Other names with similar meanings to Amber are opal, sapphire, ruby, and pearl. On the other hand, the word amber refers to a tree-based resin used in jewelry. Parents often give their girls this name out of fondness.

People love to be called various nicknames for Amber. Some of the common variations of Amber are - Ambre, Ambra, Ambrette, and Amberly. They are from different languages that mean the same thing.

Discover some catchy nicknames for Amber and their meanings from the collection.

Unique Nicknames For Amber

Amber is mostly used for girls, spanning all ages. It's a sweet name that has been used for generations across the globe. More so, with unique variations of the name Amber, you can spot this nickname among girls of different ages. Check out these unique nicknames for Amber that are perfect for friends.

  • Amb Lee - It means 'peacemaker'.
  • Ambear - Partners can call their other half by this nickname.
  • Ambee - A nice name to give to your buddy.
  • Amberlly - A medieval name to give to someone dear.
  • Amberlynn - A beautiful nickname for a beautiful girl in your family.
  • Amberrass - A perfect nickname for someone silly.
  • Amberts - A perfect nickname for someone intelligent.
  • Ambie - A cute nickname for little girls.
  • Ambii - A perfect nickname for little Amber.
  • Ambo - Siblings can lovingly call their sisters by this name.
  • Amboo - comes from Ambu, a word of Sanskrit origin that means 'water'.
  • Ambs - A suitable nickname for someone cool.
  • Ambster - A friend who enjoys food can be called by this nickname.
  • Amburrr - It means ‘a precious stone’.
  • Amby - Amby means ‘immortal’.
  • Amer - It means 'rich'.
  • Amer - Perfect for someone who has a prosperous life.
  • Ami - It means beloved. Call this someone who is lovely for you.
  • Amme - A sweet nickname for girls of any age.
  • Ammu - a sweet nickname used in India, which is used to address mothers in Hindi. 
  • Amy - It means 'beloved'. Use this nickname for someone you adore.
  • Bams - A perfect name for someone cute.
  • Bert - It means 'intelligent'.
  • Ember - Another way to write Amber.
  • Jamber - A strong character is depicted with this nickname.
  • Jewel - A priceless ornamental stone and a wonderful nickname.
  • Mber - Words that sound like Amber.
  • Slamber - Perfect for someone who loves to sleep.
  • Tamber - A funny way to call your closest pal.

Great Nicknames For Amber

Check out these great nicknames for Amber. These suggestions are perfect for friends and family. Friends always love to call their sweetest one in the group by nicknames.

  • Ambam - Someone who is always cheerful and expressive.
  • Amber Hammerin- A good masculine alternative for Amber.
  • Amber Head - This name is often used for characters in stories.
  • Amber Hennie- Another masculine variant of a nickname for Amber, which is sweet.
  • Amber Henny- Another good masculine name for Amber.
  • Amber Lukin- Another interesting masculine version of Amber.
  • Amber Rose - A nice name for a girl who is into music.
  • Amberbiotics - is a unique nickname but not a soothing one to call.
  • Ambere - If you have a very compassionate friend in your group? Call her by this.
  • Amberger - Perfect for someone who loves mountains.
  • Amberli - One of the best nicknames for Amber.
  • Amberlicious - Perfect for someone who has a charming personality.
  • Amberoo - Parents can often call their daughters by this nickname.
  • Amberry - Perfect for someone who loves berries.
  • Ambreen - It means 'sky'. Give this nickname to someone named Amber, who you know is a nature lover.
  • Amburger - Someone who loves a burger. An Amber who loves hamburgers.
  • Ambykin - It means ‘sky’. This name is very charismatic.
  • Amethyst - A precious jewel. Use this nickname for someone named Amber, who you value a lot.
  • Anam - It means ‘blessed’.
  • Anaya - A wonderful name to give to the newborn in the family.
  • Antary - It means ‘an attractive speaker’.
  • Asher - It means 'happy' or 'blessed'.
  • Aura - It means ‘a soft breeze’. This nickname for Amber itself has a charm.
  • Austin Amber - A sports enthusiast can be called by this nickname.
  • Autumn - Perfectly suited for someone as fresh as autumn.
  • Azure - It's the beautiful color of the sea.
  • Bambi - One of the cutest words for a nickname.
  • Barbie - A cute nickname for a cute girl in your family.
  • Belle Amber- A cute nickname for any Amber who likes literature.
  • Ber - It is a short form for bears.
  • Dr. Amber ll - If you have a medical practitioner in your family, call her by this.
  • Felix Amber- An interesting nickname for Amber.
  • Gem - Anyone you love can be nicknamed Gem.
  • Gember - It means ‘ginger’.
  • HairyAmber - Someone who has long hair.
  • Hal - A perfect name for a ruler.
  • Hein - It means ‘home leader’.
  • Heindrick Amber- A unique name for Amber.
  • Helen - A traditional nickname for Amber, prevalent in the '60s.
  • Henriette - It means ‘a keeper of the heart’.
  • Henrifer - It means 'the fair one'.
  • Honey-B - A romantic partner can call their beloved this name.
  • Indigo - It means ‘blue dye’. You can give this nickname to Amber if she has blue eyes.
  • Isabella Amber- A lovely name for girls named Amber.
  • Journey - Why not call your traveler pal by this name?
  • Liliac - It means ‘bluish’, a very sweet nickname for those Ambers who love lilacs.
  • L’ambrette- In French, it means 'Little Amber'.
  • Namby - A perfect pick for someone who makes lousy decisions.
  • Nina - A beautiful homely nickname for Amber.
  • Raymond Amber - An official name you can give during baptism.
  • Rick - An easy-to-call nickname for Amber.
  • Sapphire - A rare gemstone.
  • Tia A mbar - A unique nickname if you want to have a distinctive name.
  • Urbana - Someone who is very urban. Suitable for the Amber-named girl who loves city life.

Funny Nicknames For Amber

Choosing a funny nickname is what most friends look out for. Check out these funny nicknames for Amber.

  • Childish Ambino- Good name for a girl named Amber who keeps the child inside her alive.
  • Amb-itious - Give this nickname to an Amber in your group who is very focused on her goals.
  • B-Ber- A shortened version of Amber.
  • Berry - A funny nickname for Amber.
  • Amberoni - One of the funniest nicknames for Amber.
  • Honey - A passionate nickname for Amber.
  • Red - A quick-to-call nickname for Amber.
  • Lamber- A humorous take on Amber
  • Ambi - A lovely nickname to call your friend.
  • Ambs- A funny name to call Amber.
  • Ambsy - Give this nickname to the one who is dear to you.
  • Am-bear- Another funny variant of Amber.
  • Ambi-Ambi- A sweet and funny repetitive version of Amber.
  • Ambi-Pambi- Another cute repetitive version of Amber.
  • Ambers- A cool name to call Amber.
  •  Amberta- An elegant and funny name.
  • NovAmber- For an Amber born in November.
  • Amberstein- For someone as clever as Einstein.
  • Amberina Jolie - A passionate name to give to is dear to you.
  • Ambert Downey Jr.- An Amber who loves movies and is a fan of Robert Downey Jr.
  • Amberland- someone named Amber who is intrigued by the Netherlands.
  • Amb Lee- A cool alternative for Amber.
  • Ambourghini- A cool name for car lovers.
  • AmbeRose- A sweet name for nature lovers.
  • Amber Temple- An interesting nickname for Amber.
  • Ambernow- Ideal name for the Amber with a 'now or never' attitude.
  • Amber Enrique- referring to the singer Enrique Iglesias.
  • Rio - A cool name to give to your cool girl.
  • Big Amber- A good name to call your big sister.
  • Anyusya - An eastern and Middle-eastern nickname for Amber.
  • Amber Hawk- For the one who looks after things with a hawk-eye
  • Amber les- A good name to tease your friend or sister.
  • Rye Amber- An interesting name for Amber.
  • Adelaide - An English-speaking nickname to give to your friend.
  • Amber the fifth- a nickname that associates Amber with royalty.
  • Princess Amber- Parents use this nickname for their daughter out of love.
  • Amber Indiana - An Indo-American name to give your classmate, especially the Indiana Jones lover.
  • V Amber- A cool nickname for Amber.
  • Goodfella Amber- For the kindhearted Amber.
  • Amber Panky- The Amber who panics.
  • Amber ette- A good alternative for Amber.
  • Ambridge- An interesting nickname for Amber.
  • Ambo- A funny nickname for Amber.
  • Ram-ber- Ideal for the one who rambles.
  • Samber- A unique name for Amber.
  • Ambster- An interesting alternative to Amber.
  • Camber- A word that rhymes with Amber and sounds like a cool nickname.
  • Am-dog- For the one who loves dogs.
  • Amb-ski- For the one who loves to ski.
  • Big A- For your big sister.
  • A-B- A shorter version of Amber
  •  Gember- For the one who loves gaming.
  • Amberitious- For the one who is full of herself.
  • Amberulatory- For the happy-go-lucky Amber.
  • Amberful- For the cheerful one.
  • Amberly- For the one who loves to do things her way.
  • Amberica- A funny name mimicking ‘America’.
  • Ambertiful- For the beautiful one.
  • Amberlicious- For the lovely looking sweet Amber.
  • Amberivalent- A cool term mimicking ‘Ambivalent’.
  • Prime Amber- Another unique name for Amber.
  • Ambroid- For the one who loves Android phones.
  • Amberosia- An interesting nickname for Amber.
  • Ambread- For the one who loves baking.
  • Ambergency- An interesting name mimicking ‘Emergency’.
  • Ambearable- A teasing nickname for Amber.
  • Amberista- Ideal for those who like a hot cuppa.
  • Ambernastic- Another cool nickname for Amber.
  • Amberoidery- Ideal for those who love embroidery.
  • Ham-ber - For those fond of eating, especially bacon and ham.
  • Amberts- A cool alternative for Amber.
  • Berty- Another cute nickname for Amber.
  • Amb-erino- A funny alternative for Amber.
  • Ambra - You can lovingly call your other half by this name.
  • Amber Arrigo - A funny way to call a partner.

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