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Discover 90+ nicknames for Amelia.

The name Amelia is typically given to a female. 

Named from the Germanic word Amal for ‘work’, Amalia is a form of Amelia that has made its way into English. Amy, Emma, Millie, and Mel are all diminutive forms of Amy. It is also possible to find this name in other languages, like Spanish and Romanian.

Etymologists have concluded that Amelia is unrelated to the Latin name Aemilia, where the English name Emily starts. The classic character with a modern edge has many cute nicknames like Olivia, Mia, Lia, and Amy. The popularity of the name Amelia dipped in the 16th century but rose in the 18th century.

The word reached its peak of popularity in 2020. This elegant and feminine name represents hard work, ambition, ingenuity, and integrity. These are the most precious values for a person to lead a successful life.

There are many celebrities named Amelia. Amelia Lily is an English singer, and Amelia Voght is a famous character in ‘Marvel Comics’.

Popular nicknames for Amelia

You've come to the correct place if you're looking for an appropriate, traditional nickname for your coworker Amelia. The sweet nicknames for Amelia listed here are ones that anyone would value possessing.

  • Allie – Charming and forever-in-trend nickname.
  • Ama – A perfect new buddy name.
  • Amal – You may get this nickname from the original name itself.
  • Ames - A trendy nickname for Amelia.
  • Amia – This means to be loved.
  • Amie - It is a less common alternative spelling of this popular nickname.
  • Amy - The most apparent moniker for Amelia is Amy, and 'Big Bang Theory' fans will understand this.
  • Ella – This means a goddess.
  • Emily – It means to emulate.
  • Emma - We are already in love with the nickname Emma, and we bet you will be too!
  • Emmy – If you feel Amelia is an award, this nickname is for you.
  • Lee – If Amelia loves Kung-fu, this name is for her.
  • Lia – Short and crisp name for anyone.
  • Liam – A boyish name that is unique from other characters.
  • Lily – A nickname after a flower.
  • Max – A nickname to reach heights.
  • Melania – This name is class.
  • Mia – Fits best for the diva.
  • Mila - If you enjoy short names, Mila is a good choice.
  • Miles – This name is simple yet elegant.
  • Molly – Given to someone who is like a mother figure.

Cute Nicknames for Amelia

If the person is someone you love or adore is named Amelia, a sweet moniker could help advance your relationship.
Here are some cute nicknames for Amelia that will help her feel cherished and memorable.

  • Alia – An elegant and aesthetic nickname.
  • Angel – For a baby girl who has brought you so much joy.
  • Anna - It is a trendy nickname that means grace.
  • Aria - It is an Italian word that means melody or song.
  • Ava - It means birdlike or lively. It is a perfect nickname for someone who is free-spirited.
  • Emu – This short name is stylish and cute. This can be given to a baby.
  • Inny Minny – This nickname feels magical enough to take you back to childhood.
  • Lulu – A short name that adores a person.
  • Mama Bear – A nickname for someone who loves to cuddle.
  • Milli – The name belongs to someone sweet.
  • Millie - It means gentle strength.
  • Milo – This might remind you of the good old days.
  • Mimi - It means rebellious.
  • Mine – This may be suitable for the love of your life.
  • Moon –This nickname belongs to a traditional family.

Funny nicknames for Amelia

Here are a few amusing moniker suggestions for Amelia that will make people laugh. Here are a few ideas for funny nicknames.

  • Amul - It means valuable.
  • Anime - For all the anime fans!
  • Cheese - A cute and funny nickname.
  • Lemony - Call her by this name if you feel fresh around the individual.
  • Lime - When she is bitter but still has a good heart.
  • Limo - Riding fancy wheels is her interest? This one is dedicated to her.
  • Meow - This may be a good fit for someone wild and adventurous.
  • Mill - This nickname is for someone hardworking.
  • Minnie Driver - One who is a great driver. Amelia Minnie Driver is also the name of an English actress.
  • Momo - A momo fan will always admire this name.
  • Picachu - A nickname for someone as cute as Picachu.
  • Pizza - If she loves Pizza, this is the best nickname for her.
  • Violet - Perfect for someone who loves the color violet.

Cool Nicknames for Amelia

The key to a successful moniker is inventiveness and invention when it concerns nicknames. We have worked hard to come up with some incredibly popular nicknames for you to make you smile. Here are cool nicknames for Amelia.

  • Adelina – A traditional Latin origin name that means 'royal or aristocracy'. The name belongs to a caring individual.
  • Amaze/ A Maze – This moniker can be used for a woman who confounds you or a subtle tribute for just a woman that impresses you. Nice, huh?
  • Amira – For the one who is the heart of the whole group.
  • Amway – Amway means the American way. It is a perfect nickname for an American girl.
  • Amy - This is usually a Spanish name famous for Amelia.
  • Camilla – One who is bold and unique, this name is the best fit for her.
  • Emma - Calling a baby, Emma is the best pick.
  • Lexi – We love the vibe behind this name.
  • Leyli – A diva-like girl deserves this nickname.
  • M – Initial nicknames are hard to beat when it comes to girl nicknames.
  • Mali – A unique name that derives from a South African country.
  • Melia - Spanish nickname for baby Amelia.
  • Mi –By adding I to M, you get a cute name for your best friend.
  • Millie - As new parents, you can call your daughter by this name if she has blessed your life.
  • Mimi - This is the sweetest nickname Amelia deserves.

Common Nicknames for Amelia

There are various nicknames for Amelia. You may choose a name according to the baby. One can select a German word or commonly used words as a nickname. This tells how much you love the individual. Here are some common nicknames for Amela.

  • Amiga – This Spanish name is an easy-going nickname for your friend.
  • Ayms - This is a common nickname for Amelia. This is a cute version of the name Amy.
  • Emy - This is a common nickname for Amelia. The meaning of the name is eager.
  • Ilia – This means God is lord.
  • Lemonade – One who makes everyone feel refreshed.
  • Malia – This means dark, rebellious, and bitter.
  • Mica –A mineral selected as a nickname for Amelia.
  • Monalisa – A famous painting by Leonardo de Vinci. Suggested for the one who loves to paint.

Perfect nicknames for Amelia

Here is the list of topic nicknames for Amelia. You may select the best fit for your friends.

  • Adelaide - It means noble-natured.
  • Agatha - It is derived from a Greek word that means good.
  • Camellia - It means a helper to the priest.
  • Caterina - It means pure.
  • Ces - It is a beautiful name that means queen.
  • Elena - It means shining light.
  • Eleonora - It is a beautiful name that means 'shining light'.
  • Lucia comes from the Latin word 'Lux', which means light.
  • Lucienne - It means elegant and ethereal.
  • Marie is a beautiful name that means 'star of the sea'.
  • Millie - It means gentle strength.
  • Olivia - This name means olive tree. This is also a perfect nickname for Amelia.
  • Priscilla - A beautiful name that means ancient.
  • Reka - It's a cute name that means sweet.
  • Mel - Mel is a short, charming, gender-neutral name with various origins.
  • Emzy - Emzy is a name with a solid connection to the Earth element.
  • Melbel - is a competent, intelligent, and attractive person.
  • Amu - The Amu is the name of a river that flows across much of Central Asia.

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