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The first man named Lawrence was born in Spain!
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Lawrence is a name derived from 'Laurent,' modified and used as Lawrence in the United States.

The masculine name denotes the meaning of 'Victory,' a deduction made from the initial bearer of the name, Saint Lawrence. It is also marked as the 'Shining One.'

Lawrence is often denoted as one of the strong nicknames like Mary and John, deriving its roots in ancient Spain. Many cultures have adapted to this name with various pronunciations like Lorenzo, Laurence, Laurent, and Lawrence.

This is not just a list of nicknames for Lawrence below that will help you get an idea, but it will also allow you to know more about this masculine name.

The nicknames for a friend or a close acquittance are best given based on his personality, traits, and what he reminds you of. However, to make it easier for you, we have provided an extensive list of nicknames for Lawrence.

Funny Nicknames For Lawrence

A funny nickname might be the most suited for a friend or someone you might have a humorous relationship with. Obviously, that needs to be Lawrence.

1. L-Wizzy- The wizzy Lawrence with a wizzy nickname.

2. Lack- A sarcastic nickname to remind Lawrence of his lack of sense of humor or something else!

3. Lanai- A name that denotes a porch.

4. Lars- Another cool name with a funny ring to it.

5. Law-rinsed- For a Lawrence, who got rinsed.

6. Lol-rence- The funny personality with a funny nickname.

7. Lol-rinsed- For the rinsed Lawrence, with a pun name.

8. Loo- When you have trouble pronouncing the full name, Lawrence, add a bit of humor.

9. Nemo- The fictional character from 'Finding Nemo.' The one who gets in trouble all the time.

Cute Nicknames For Lawrence

If you are looking for a cute nickname for someone close, ideally a spouse or a child, then you are in the right place to get inspired.

10. Awe- If you flabbergast people, a lot.

11. Larry- A common yet cute name to call your friend Lawrence.

12. Laurie-Pie- Taking the sweetness a bit forward.

13. Laurie- A cute girl name.

14. Law-able- Does it not sound like 'Lovable'?

15. Law-berry- Another cute name for your loved Lawrence.

16. Law-pie- It is as cute as it gets for your loved one.

17. Law-ver- The nickname for your Lawrence, also your 'Lawver.'

18. Lawrie- The feminine version of Lawrence, something to call his spouse or a close female relative by.

19. Lu- A cute name to call when you are in a hurry.

20. Master Lu- The Chinese way of naming your expertise or a pun?

Cool Nicknames For Lawrence

The names denote your character and what you want to convey in a relatively cool way. Here are some cool names for Lawrence.

21. Cence- One of the inspiring and optimistic nicknames for Lawrence.

22. Cent- A resemblance of the famous rapper 50 Cent.

23. L-Capone- The gangster named Lawrence wants to give fewer hints about his real name.

24. Lachary- A name derived from 'Zachray' or cute.

25. Lackett- It can even be used to name a whole group, as it means 'Beehive'!

26. Lacob: He is the brother of 'Jacob' from 'The Twilight Series.'

27. Lance- A weapon used by nobles.

28. Lancentius- Adding some Latin touch to Lance.

29. Lancs- Derived from the name 'Lancashire.'

30. Lancy- You get a free fearless meaning with this name.

31. Landon- Sounds a lot like a country we know. Oh, London!

32. Lang- Nicknames for the tall Lawrence.

33. Larenzo- A slight variation from the Dutch version.

34. Larth- 'One who is brave with the spear,' 'Garth,' being the father of this nickname.

35. Latrick- For the noble Lawrence in your group. It was derived from 'Patrick.'

36. Laura- A feminine name that is symbolic of victory.

37. Laurence- The female version of Lawrence.

38. Laurent- The French masculine name.

39. Law-breaker- The one who is not on good terms with rules.

40. Law-Capone- The Italian gangster, Lawrence.

41. Law-ker- Derived from your favorite character 'Joker.'

42. Law- One who makes the rules or upholds them.

43. Lawmaker- The rule setter.

44. Lawrence Kroger- The fictional character from 'A Futile and Stupid Gesture' played by the American actor Paul Rudd.

45. Lawreth- Son of Gareth

46. Lawrister- Ever heard the name 'Lannister' from 'Game of Thrones?

47. Lawstair- Named after 'Alstair,' the name comes with a nice ring and a deep meaning.

48. Lawturn- The ability to bend the rules.

49. Laxter- 'Baxter,' the preceding term, means 'Baker.'

50. Lennox- A Scottish name with various meanings. It suits well for Lawrence.

51. Leo- The famous birth sign.

52. Leonardo- Who does not know Leonardo Di Caprio!

53. Lere- Derived from 'Jere,' meaning 'God Appointed.'

54. Liam- One with colossal willpower.

55. Linx- The lakeside colony originates from the name Lincoln.

56. Llex- The name that belongs to the 'Defender of Men', derived from 'Lex' of 'Alexander.'

57. Loz- One of the few nicknames for girls, which means peace and order.

58. Lth- From 'Eth,' meaning 'Strong.'

59. Luca- A short syllable of 'Lucas.' A cool nickname

60. Lucas- The Shining one, its hidden meaning.

61. Luke- The alpha werewolf from 'The Shadow Hunters'.

62. Lulus- This does not mean laughing out loud. It was taken from 'Julian,' meaning 'youthful.'

63. Lux- The famous penthouse from 'Lucifer.' That sounds like a cool nickname!

64. Ren- Add a meaning of humanity to your nickname.

65. Reni- The feminine version of 'Reno.'

66. Reno- A nickname which means 'Born Again.'

67. Renz- When you deduct the 'O' from Renzo.

68. Renzi- Minus the 'F' from Frenzy.

69. Renzo- An Italian term for 'Laurels.'

70. Saint Lawrence- Convey the meaning of your name by adding make it the same as Lawrence of Rome.

71. Wren- A unisex name symbolic of a small bird.

Japanese Ad-on Nicknames For Lawrence

Adding Japanese suffixes might convey what you want to be perceived as. A good way set the standards.

72. Lance-Kun- For someone closer to the noble weapon wielder.

73. Lance-Sama- The higher weapon and rank wielder.

74. Lars-dono- A suffix for 'Lord.'

75. Lars-San- A suffix that means 'dear.'

76. Laura-chan- A way to call out a sweet female adolescent.

77. Law-Kun- This uses a more semi-formal tonality.

78. Law-Sama- When you want to show a higher ranking.

Wren is often considered to be a nickname for Lawrence!

Creative Nicknames For Lawrence

79. Adventu-Rence- The adventure-loving Lawrence.

80. Aerie Larie- Another rhyming nickname for Lawrence, who likes to boast.

81. Airy Larry- The one who boasts a lot.

82. Ambi-Rence- The passionate and ambitious Lawrence deserves this name!

83. Bossy-Rence- Lawrence who likes to act bossy.

84. Calm-Rence- Another nickname that is symbolic of the calm attitude exhibited by Lawrence.

85. Clever-Rence- One with a clever approach to every situation deserves this name. It should be a Lawrence, though!

86. Coolrence- For Lawrence, who is always cool.

87. Ener-gence- For the energetic Lawrence in your group.

88. Fairy Larie- The fairy-hearted person.

89. Glenberry Larry- Appropriate name for Glen Lawrence.

90. Gossy-Rence- In case Lawrence in your group has undertaken the most challenging job of spreading rumors.

91. Hip-Rence- Is your Lawrence always following the latest fashion trends?

92. Igno-rence- The loners named Lawrence who choose to be alone.

93. Lacey- A commonly used, cute girl nickname.

94. Lannie- A nickname that symbolizes 'Awakening.'

95. Larie Barry- Rhyme the Larry from Lawrence!

96. Laroy- The interim king in local festivals.

97. Lathy- A feminine nickname derived from 'Cathy.'

98. Lawette- The masculine version of Laurette.

99. Lawgard- A straggler

100. Lawgish- When Lawrence acts sluggish.

101. Lawin- A nickname suitable for the young Lawrence

102. Lawis- Derived from 'Lewis,' a renowned warrior.

103. Lawme- The pun version of 'Lame' for Lawrence.

104. Lawrenspiring- When Lawrence is inspiring.

105. Lawtent- From the word 'latent.'

106. Lorne- A great nickname for Lawrence.

107. Lown- Another term to describe the introverted Lawrence.

108. Loya-Rence- associated with the term 'Loyalty,' the meaning of the nickname needs no explanation.

109. Mapillary- Knows every road and your group's walking map!

110. Merry Larry- Suitable nickname for the outgoing and happy Lawrence.

111. Minny Larry- The budding Larry, or someone with a modest height.

112. Oggy- Is your Lawrence an 'Oggy and The Three Cockroaches' fan?

113. Orry- Derived from the famous nickname 'Oggy.'

114. Pokeberry Larry- The Pokémon Lover.

115. Presi-Rarry- The President Larry of a club.

116. Relia-Rence- The one who can always be relied on.

117. Sharie Larry- The Lawrence who likes to share everything.

118. Short-Rence- For the modest heightened Lawrence. A nickname that is also appropriate for Lawrence with a short temper.

119. Since-rence- The Lawrence with a sincere attitude.

120. Skerry Larie- One who likes to scare people.

121. Smart-Rence- An appropriate nickname for the smart Lawrence.

122. Stu-Rence- A nickname to describe a stupid act with a pun.

123. Tall-Rence- The Lawrence who is blessed with a towering height.

124. Tole-Rence- One with high patience.

125. Vance- In case the Lawrence you know likes to live alone.

126. Verry Larry- Someone very similar to the Lawrence, you know.

127. Warmence- To signify the warm personality of Lawrence.

Royal Nicknames For Lawrence

Surnames have often been used to denote a noble lineage. A surname is also an excellent way to inform people about the personalities that can be expected of a person based on their family history.

There is no great way of introducing personality other than adding the surnames of the noblest families in the world. Check these out; a few sound pretty cool as well.

128. Lawrence Agilolfings- The noble family that ruled Bavaria.

129. Lawrence Alpin- Another Scottish surname to choose from!

130. Lawrence Barclay- Be a part of the famous German family.

131. Lawrence Borgias- The title of the noblest family during the Renaissance.

132. Lawrence Bourbon- The opportunity to be a part of the famous French-ruling family.

133. Lawrence Bruce- Bruce was a noble lineage from Scotland.

134. Lawrence Capet- The royal family from France.

135. Lawrence Churchill- The nobility of Winston Churchill is now yours to command.

136. Lawrence Cobenzl- Add some noble Slovakian flavors to the mix.

137. Lawrence Contarini- The nobility from Italy, founded in Venice.

138. Lawrence Doukas- Revive the glory of a high-ranking Byzantine family.

139. Lawrence Eleanor- A family linked closely to the French crown is a great choice.

140. Lawrence Ernust- Add some Jewish ancestry with the noble lineage from Hungary.

141. Lawrence Godswin- A chance to carry on the work of the last Anglo-Saxon King.

142. Lawrence Habsburgs- The Swiss royalty seeks a new heir!

143. Lawrence Spencer- Add the lineage of the noblest family in England.

Fictional Nicknames For Lawrence

The masculine name has often been a choice for different fictional characters. Here are some which might resemble your favorite ones.Doctor Lawrence Gordon: A fictional character in the film series 'Saw.'

161. L- The 'Death Note' protagonist can never be missed out.

162. Larry the Cucumber- An alter-ego of Larryboy, in 'VeggieTales.'

163. Larry the Lobster- This name is sure to bring back memories. The lifeguard from 'SpongeBob SquarePants.'

164. Larry- The Anaconda from the Disney Movie, 'The Wild.'

165. Lawrence Alamain- Will remind you of the American soap opera, 'Days of our Lives.' Portrayed by the American actor 'Michael Sabatino.'

166. Lawrence Ashdown- The elder Lawrence in 'Shadow Hunters'.

167. Lawrence Durell- A novelist by profession and a travel writer by passion. Not a fictional character!

168. Lawrence Fletcher- The funny dad from 'Phineas and Ferb.'

169. Lawrence- The famous fictional character from the school of rock.

Adapted Culture Nicknames For Lawrence

Different cultures have different pronunciations of the same name. This is a blessing in disguise, as some of the names listed below sound cool.

170. Clarence- Another girl's name, derived from Clary.

171. Laurens- That is what the Dutch will call you.

172. Laurentius- The origin, or the Latin version.

173. Lavrentiy- A girl's name with Russian pronunciation.

174. Llorente- The Spanish variation comes with a nice ring.

175. Lorentz- The German variant of Lawrence.

176. Lorenzo- The Italian version of Lawrence.

177. Lourenco- A bit royal and Italian, but it is a Portuguese variant.

Famous Nicknames For Lawrence

Resemble a famous character or one of your favorites with this list. You can get an idea, at least if you don't find your favorite character.

178. D.H Lawrence- An English Poet, novelist, and essayist.

179. L'Bing- The lovers of sarcasm, here's a reminder of 'Chandler.'

180. L'Everdeen- The protagonist of 'Hunter Games' in your nickname!

181. L'Holmes- For all the 'Sherlock Holmes' fans.

182. L'Morningstar- For all the 'Lucifer' fans out there.

183. L'Odinson- We cannot miss our beloved fictional character, 'The God of Thunder,' can we?

184. L'Parker- Quite a resemblance with 'Peter Parker' from 'Spiderman.'

185. L'Potter- This needs no guessing for the 'Harry Potter' fans.

186. L'Prime- Here's one for the lovers of 'Optimus Prime.'

187. L'Shelby- The next Thomas Shelby from 'The Peaky Blinders.'

188. L'Stark- For the philanthropist and genius like 'Tony Stark.'

189. L'Tribbiani- The food lovers like 'Joey Tribbiani' from 'Friends.'

190. L'Wayne- For all 'Batman' lovers!

190. Lawrence Cecil Adler- A famous American Harmonica Player.

191. Lawrence Fraley- A famous pastor in Alaska Orthodox Church, Langley.

192. Lawrence Mack Sampleton- An American football player.

193. Lawrence Ng- English singer and songwriter.

194. Lawrence Okolie- A professional boxer hailing from England.

195. Lawrence Okoye- A British field athlete.

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