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Penelope is a female given name with Greek origins, and it is often used in allusion to Homer's figure Penelope. 

Its origin is unknown, although it may have something to do with the Greek term penelops, which may indicate duck or another aquatic bird revered by the Ancient Greeks. It's also possible that the word comes from the Greek for 'web' (pene) and 'weaver' (ops) or 'unravelled' (lepo). 

Midway through the sixteenth century saw a resurgence of the name in the English-speaking world, and it has seen minimal usage since then. The number of people who use this name has risen in recent times.

It is a top ten name for girls in the United States, Canada, Australia, England, Wales, Italy, New Zealand, and Scotland. Read on for some of the best nicknames for Penelope.

Cool Nicknames For Penelope

Here are a few cool nicknames for Penelope:

  • Cantaloupe- is yet another refreshing and nutritious fruit name.
  • Lope- using just the second part of a name makes it sound cool.
  • Lala- is a very cool nickname.
  • Lolo- is indeed a fun nickname option for a girl.
  • Lupita- is also from the TV show 'One Day At A Time'.
  • Lupe- is also a character from the TV show 'One Day At A Time'.
  • P- using just people's initials to call them, which, trust me, is very cool.
  • Penelopa- is of Spanish origin, which automatically makes it sound cool.
  • Plum- is another name inspired by food, a fruit, to be specific.
  • Pe- using the shortest form of your name is considered cool in this era.
  • Pelcia- is a Polish nickname to add to the coolness of the name.
  • Pepsi- is a famous beverage brand around the world.
  • Poppet- is very similar to a puppet; the poppet is a cool nickname.
  • Punky- is best suitable for someone who likes punk music.
  • Lope- is a nickname that sounds very cool.
  • Peggy- is a little naughty but something a GenZ would use.
  • Peninsu - a name derived from the word Peninsula, a land surrounded by a water body known to nature.
  • Polo- is the name of a famous kids' candy that is refreshing to hear about and eat.
  • Popsy- is from the game PennyPops.
  • Penfold- is short and funny and does the job of a cool nickname.
  • Puppy- is an adorable and cool nickname for someone who likes dogs.
  • Pony- is for all the tall girls out there; this is the perfect name that symbolizes a horse.
  • Pingu- is from the cartoon character of a tiny penguin named 'Pingu'.
  • Piney- is for someone who is grumpy and keeps pinning all the time for something.

Cute Nicknames For Penelope

Cute nicknames are the ones that sound like music to the ears. If the Penelope you know is as sweet as pie, then these are some cute nicknames you should check out for her.

  • Lady P- is using the initiative to call the person and adding Lady sounds pretty.
  • Lola- is a nickname from the 'Gossip Girl' series.
  • Lollipop- is a cute edible sweet that looks and tastes yummy and is loved by everyone.
  • Loopie- This word sounds cute when used as a nickname.
  • Lollie- is another short version of lollipop that is very sweet to the ears.
  • Napoli Pizza- one of the words playing with the name's initials also sounds very yummy.
  • Nell- is again playing with the second half of the name; Nell can be a cute nickname.
  • Nellie- is playing with the second part of the name. This is an adorable nickname.
  • Pen- is also a nickname for the character of the same name in the 'Bridgerton' series on Netflix.
  • Penny- is a short and sweet name, which also means money, and is used in the show 'Big Bang Theory'.
  • PJ- is using the initial of the name; it also means pajamas.
  • P-Bean- is one of the nicknames with food names that are adorable and easy to remember.
  • Polly- is a name from the animated children's television series 'Polly'.
  • Phoebe- is the name of a character from the famous show in the USA named 'Friends'.
  • Pixie- is a famous animated movie for kids with 'Tinkerbell' as the lead character.
  • Peeps- is a word that also means people in the GenZ slang dictionary.
  • Peppa- is a cartoon character, 'Peppa Pig'.
  • Pie- is a famous sweet dessert that tastes like jelly.
  • Pen Is Lo- is a twisted version of the usual Pen nickname for Penelope.
  • Penelapie- is twisting the original name into a sweet one by adding a pun at the end.
  • Penn- the name of a famous American actor- inspired this nickname.
  • Pilliopino- is another pun-intended nickname for a Filipino Penelope.
  • Peanut- a type of famous nut and is also apt as a nickname for Penelope.
  • Poppy- is inspired by the cartoon Popeye, similar to the poppy flower.
  • Pippy- is a term with some alterations made to the above nickname; Pippy is a cute nickname too.
  • Ploppy- rhymes with sloppy, which means casual ploppy is a fun nickname.
  • Peone- is a word that comes from a beautiful flower with the same name, the peony.
  • Perpy- is Penelope with characters like preppy, perky, and pretty, all summed together.
  • PercyPhone- is used in a lot of the 90's movies.
  • Posey- the original meaning of it is to pose and execute your best features.

Popular Nicknames For Penelope

The name Penelope originated from a Greek word. It has now taken a special place in everyone's hearts and is known worldwide; therefore, there are many nicknames for Penelope, including those listed below.

  • Pin- is a short and sweet word and the first thing that comes to mind after hearing the name Penelope.
  • Pene-apple- is a nickname where Penelope kind of rhymes with Pineapple.
  • Princess- is a pretty lovely name that starts with P.
  • Pillow- is a random yet well-known nickname for a sleepy head Penelope.
  • Pinky- is for a Penelope that likes pink.
  • Picasso- is for anyone creative, especially for Penelope. It's the name of a famous artist.
  • Penne- is named after a pasta that sounds very similar to Penelope.
  • Pinny- is a nickname for every Penelope.
  • Pope- is very popular again, especially if she's very religious.

Unique Nicknames For Penelope

Penelope is the goddess of war and wisdom, according to mythology. As unique as the name's meaning, there's also got to be just as unique nicknames for it, right?

  • Chanelope- is an excellent choice; if the Penelope you know is a complete diva, then name her after Chanel.
  • Cinelope- is for your movie-addict friend.
  • Elly- is an excellent word if she likes elephants.
  • Loopy- is a very lazy yet sweet name for a dear friend.
  • Lopster- is essentially the word Lobster but with a little Penelope twist.
  • Lola- is one of the best nicknames for Penelope.
  • Li’l pie- is for the sweet little delicacy that she is.
  • Nelly- is a word that means sunshine in Greek and has a particular kick.
  • Penelope Jane- is a popular nickname option for your Penelope.
  • Polar bear- is a term that can never go wrong with a cute animal name.
  • Pickle- is a great nickname, just in case she likes pickles.
  • Penal- is for the law graduate Penelope.
  • Popi- is a great nickname where the Greek meaning just sits right for a dainty girl.
  • Pepper- is one of the unique nicknames.
  • Pinterest- is an excellent nickname if she's a Pinterest lover.
  • Pennie- is a name that sounds like it's for a Penelope that's very doll-like.
  • Penna- is for an adult who is taken very seriously.
  • Pena- is a great nickname that means vibrancy in Spanish.
  • Pearly- is short for a precious Penelope.
  • Pinestar- is for a Penelope who's your own superstar.
  • Pin-win- is for Penelope, who is a winner.
  • Plippy- is a name that sounds fun and carefree for Penelope.
  • Pinatge- is for a vintage-loving Penelope.
  • Penelopia- is Great for a countryside Penelope.
  • Piggy- is such a sweet little perky name.
  • Punelope- is for Penelope, who loves using puns.
  • Pixie Persephone- is one of the unique nicknames.
  • P Peeps- is one of the unique nicknames.
  • P Pie- is a popular nickname option for your Penelope.
  • Pippi- is indeed a superb nickname option for a girl named Penelope.
  • Pippa- is one of the uncommon nicknames.
  • Pip- is indeed a cool nickname option for a girl named Penelope.
  • Pene- is a popular nickname option for your Penelope.
  • Rebelope- is for your badass Penelope.
  • Sweet P- is a popular nickname option for your Penelope.
  • Sweet Pea- is a cool nickname option for a girl named Penelope.
  • Single Pingle- is for a Penelope who is single and ready to mingle.
  • Vinylope- is an interesting name for someone who likes collecting vinyl.
  • Penina - This name has a Hebrew Origin and means pearl or coral.
  • Nels - The meaning of this nickname is Chief.
  • Pipitsa - Pipitsa is mainly used in Greek, although it has Old Greek roots. The name Pipitsa is a Romanian and Bulgarian version of Penelope.
  • Lopa - Lopa means 'wife of the sage' or 'weaver' in Hinduism. It has roots in Hindi, where the number eight is considered very auspicious.
  • Pelecia - The Philippines is where the Pelecia nickname is most common.
  • Poe - The name Poe has its roots in Norse mythology. This name, however, is perhaps best known for the author Edgar Allen Poe and his macabre and cryptic works of fiction.

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