69 Religious Vedic Names For Baby Girls

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Originally Published on Apr 21, 2022
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Sanskrit names are amongst the most popular girl names in India and are highly preferred by parents.

Most Vedic baby names have their origin in different religious deities, to form a bond with the divine. Choosing the name of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, and Lord Krishna is a preferred choice for a male child, while the name for a woman would draw inspiration from natural elements of goddesses and the Earth.

Here are some popular baby names that can add to the personality of a young woman as what the name means could form an integral part of the life of a baby.

Vedic Names For Baby Girls Starting With 'Ma'

People believe that names always signify something, whether it is to honor Lord Vishnu, or to represent the lotus flower, sometimes, names shape our entire identity. Here are some of the best Vedic names for baby girls starting with 'Ma' and what each name means, to consider for your baby girl. 

Mandara (Hindu origin) meaning ‘coral tree’ is of Indian origin. The tree of coral is known to be the most beautiful of all trees and is evidently depicted in most of the Vedic myths. 

Mahika (Hindu origin) meaning ‘the Earth’ is one of the best baby girl names you can choose for your child. It is a Sanskrit name that sounds both pretty and meaningful. 

Manishika (Hindu origin) meaning ‘intelligence’ and in the original language, the word was derived from Sanskrit, making it a holy name.

Mayra (Hindu origin) meaning ‘beloved’ is a beautiful baby name you can choose for your precious baby girl. A Sanskrit name that reflects grace and beauty.

Maya (Hindu origin) meaning ‘illusion’ according to Vedas and Upanishads, is an illusion and the only reality is God. Maya also happens to be one of the most popular Hindu baby girl names. 

Manya (Hindu origin) meaning ‘worthy of honor’ is a baby name adorned by many, so do consider this baby girl name. A word that can be considered a symbol of power.

Mansi (Hindu origin) meaning ‘woman, the voice of heart’ is one of the beautiful-sounding baby girl names and is perfect for your cute baby girl. 

Manna (Hindu origin) meaning ‘heavenly’, also means human, brave, and strong and is one of the best baby girl names.

Manisha (Hindu origin) meaning ‘desire and wish’, as per Hindu mythology, Manisha is the goddess of the mind. Consider this baby name for your child; she will surely turn out to be a smart one. A Sanskrit name that reflects the power of the person.

Manini (Hindu origin) meaning ‘self-respected’, normally means lady or noble and is also very feminine by nature. 

Manika (Hindu origin) meaning ‘jewels’, also refers to the desire of a person, but the Sanskrit name Manika is very feminine. It is one of the best baby girl names. 

Mani (Hindu origin) meaning ‘gem’. It is an obvious fact that every parent sees their kids as gems of their life. The baby name Mani Kanta denotes Lord Shiva, a deity whose worship is performed by many.

Mangala (Hindu origin) meaning ‘auspicious’. Consider this baby name for your child if they were born on a blissful occasion on Earth. 

Mandira (Hindu origin) meaning ‘melody’, also means temple. It is one of the popular names in north India for a female baby. A truly inspirational baby name for a young woman.

Mana (Hindu origin) meaning ‘mind’ is not popular, but it signifies a sense of smartness and is one of the best baby girl names. 

Malavika (Hindu origin) meaning ‘princess of Malawa’. As the meaning itself suggests, she was the Queen of Malawa. A really inspiring person, like the sun.

Maithili (Hindu origin) meaning ‘Goddess Sita’. It is another baby name meaning Sita, after the great epic Ramayana. A unique Sanskrit name from Rig Veda for a daughter.

Mallika (Hindu origin) meaning ‘jasmine’ is a sweet-smelling flower and it is one of the notable baby names among Indians who believe in God. 

Mahiya (Hindu origin) meaning ‘happiness’ is a Sanskrit word and it also happens to have its origin in the Middle East. A popular name from Rig Veda.

Madhuri (Hindu origin) meaning ‘sweetness’ is the name that is getting increasingly popular among the Indian crowd and there are many girls named Madhuri in India. 

Madhavi (Hindu origin) meaning ‘goddess Lakshmi'. The name is sacred and revered. So, for good luck and the best chance in life, consider the name Madhavi. A unique name from Rig Veda for your daughter.

Maanika (Hindu origin) meaning ‘jewels’ in India, has significant importance. There are many names that signify a jewel.

Maari (Hindu origin) meaning ‘rainy season’ is the favorite season for many and brings new life. It brings good luck, helps the farmers, and bathes mother nature. A popular name from Rig Veda for a daughter.

Malmi (Hindu origin) meaning ‘youthful’ denotes a variety of meanings, like the beautiful youth of the child, and it is one of the perfect baby girl names. A name that is as bright as the light of the sun.

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Sagittarius Vedic Names For Your Baby Girl

Sagittarius is a well-known zodiac sign. It is said that people born with this sign grow up to be people who have a liking for adventure. Of course, there are many more qualities associated with the sign. Presenting you some of the supreme Sagittarius Vedic names for a baby girl and what each name means. 

Bhaarati (Hindu origin) meaning ‘Goddess of knowledge and education’ is a name that is hugely popular among Indian families. One of the unique names which means a lot to a mother.

Bhadra (Hindu origin) meaning ‘gentle blessed’ is one of the Sagittarius names and is used for almost both baby boy and baby girl names. A popular Sanskrit name for a daughter.

Bhagya (Hindu origin) meaning ‘luck’. Bring your daughter a life of good luck by giving her this name.

Bhagyashree (Hindu origin) meaning ‘bringer of luck’ is the Sanskrit name extensively known in India and speaks well for the Sagittarius sign. 

Bhargavi (Hindu origin) meaning ‘a melody in classical music’ is also another name for Goddess Parvati, Goddess Durga, or Goddess Lakshmi. 

Bhanumati (Hindu origin) meaning ‘famous’, but there is another bright meaning for the name, that is ‘shining’ or ‘bright’. A holy baby name that carries forth the light of God.

Bhanuja (Hindu origin) meaning ‘River Yamuna’ is the name of a river that flows in the north of India, that is said to be a sacred and revered river in Hindu mythologies. A Sanskrit name meaning that every mother wants for a daughter.

Bhagyalakshmi (Hindu origin) meaning ‘goddess of wealth’ is the most ancient-sounding Sankrit name which is hugely powerful and popular in the modern-day. 

Bhakti (Hindu origin) meaning ‘devotion’ is a Sanskrit name that is appreciated by everyone in the Hindu community. 

Scorpio Vedic Names For Your Baby Girl

Babies born with the Scorpio side of the zodiac sign are considered to be extremely powerful, possessing great strength. They are also known to be intelligent and observant babies.

Thus, it is obvious that the name you keep for them should resonate with their sign. Down below, we present you with some of the best Scorpio Vedic names for baby girls and what each name means.

Nachni (Hindu origin) meaning ‘dancer’. Consider this Sanskrit name for your baby girl who knows she wants to be a beautiful and elegant dancer. 

Nagalakshmi (Hindu origin) meaning ‘snake Goddess’. Goddess Lakshmi also goes by the name Naga Lakshmi.

Naganika (Hindu origin) meaning ‘serpent maiden’. People who are named Naganika are generally Hindu by tradition and are named to honor Goddess Naga Lakshmi.

Nagaratna (Hindu origin) meaning ‘snake's diamond’ is a Sanskrit name and is of Indian origin. 

Nagashree (Hindu origin) meaning ‘snake goddess’ is one of the famous names in the Hindu religion, with its main origin in Hindi.  

Nalini (Hindu origin) meaning 'lotus' a beautiful flower name.

Nandini (Hindu origin) meaning ‘to rejoice and delight’ is the name that derives its roots from Sanskrit verbal root ‘nand’.  

Narayani (Hindu origin) meaning ‘Goddess Lakshmi or Durga’ is a feminine name and is very much Hindu by origin. 

Nayana (Hindu origin) meaning ‘eye’ is a pleasant-sounding name.

Niharika (Hindu origin) meaning ‘dew drop’ is one of the most popular Scorpio-related zodiac names.

Netravati (Hindu origin) meaning ‘beautiful-eyed’ is derived from the Sanskrit language, and it is one of the most sweet-sounding names.

Nirmayi (Hindu origin) meaning ‘pure, clean, without blemish’ is a name that is not well known, but that is what makes it special. Do consider it; it sounds extremely pleasant.

Niranjana (Hindu origin) meaning ‘the night of the full moon’, also happens to be the name of the Goddess Durga. The name of Goddess Durga derives its roots from the Sanskrit language.

Vedic Names For Baby Girls From A

Due to their sacredness and reverses, Vedic names from Veda are extensively popular, not just in India but the whole world. Here are some of the best Vedic names for baby girls starting with A.

Atreyi (Hindu origin) meaning ‘container of glory’ is extensively used in Telugu regions like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. One of the divine baby girl names.

Anjasi (Hindu origin) meaning ‘honest’, also happens to be the name of a heavenly river.

Aditi (Hindu origin) meaning ‘free’ is also the name of the Hindu Goddess of fertility and the name has its roots in Sanskrit.

Aastha (Hindu origin) meaning ‘hope or belief’ is mentioned in great epics like Ramayana and other sacred Hindu texts like the Vedas and the Puranas.

Aadrika (Hindu origin) meaning ‘small mountain’ is derived from the Sanskrit language and is feminine by nature. Aadrika was also the name of a celestial nymph.

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