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Originally Published on Nov 17, 2020
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Do you have a specific baby name in mind that you love, but want to make sure that your child still stands out?

Simple, why not switch the name up a bit by changing the spelling?  Almost every baby name has at least one spelling variation, which may or may not affect the meaning of the name.

If you want to find baby names that will be more unique for your child, this list is a good place to start!

We have gathered over 100 different baby names and listed all of the alternate spellings for each name. Often using the phonetic spelling of names is a good way to find an alternative to an already popular name, and many of these spellings feature on this list.

With boy names, girl names and gender neutral names, there are unique ways to spell  names to suit everyone on this list.

For more baby names ideas, take a look at these baby names that end in S or these boys' names that start with Z.

Girls' Names With Alternative Spellings

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Some of your favorite baby girls' names have plenty of spelling variations that will make your child stand out.. Take a peek at these spelling variations of girl names if you are stuck on a name for your baby girl.

1. Abigail (Hebrew origin) means "my father's joy", and can be spelled as Abigale, or Abagail.

2. Amelia (German origin) means "striving", also spelled as Amalia or Amilea.

3. Aubrey (French origin) means "powerful elf", also spelled as Aubri, Aubree, or Aubrie.

4. Ava (German origin) means "like a bird", different spellings include Ayva or Avah.

5. Avery (English origin) means 'king of the elves", and can also be Averie or Averi.

6. Brylee (Irish origin) means "noble" or "strong", can also be Bryleigh.

7. Carley (German origin) means "free woman", can also be Carleigh, Carlie, and Karlee.

8. Chloe (Greek origin) means "fertility" or "blooming", also spelled Chloey and Khloe.

9. Charlotte (French origin) means 'petit", also Charlette or Charlote.

10. Danica (Slavic origin) means "venus" or "morning star", also Danika

11. Destiny (American origin) means "fate" also Destinee.

12. Eliana (Hebrew origin) means "God has answered", also Elianna.

13. Elise (French origin) means "God is my oath", also Elyse.

14. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) means "God is my oath", also Elizybeth or Elizibeth.

15. Ella (Spanish origin) means "young girl", also Ellah.

16. Emmaline (German origin) means "peaceful home", also Emmalynn.

17. Emily (Latin origin) means "rival" and is also Emilie, Emely, and Emilee.

18. Evelyn (English origin) means "a child that was long wished for", also Evilyn or Evelynn.

19. Giselle (French origin) means "bright pledge", also Gisele and Gisell.

20. Hailey (English origin) means "dweller in the hay meadow", also Haley, Hailee, Hayleigh, Haylie, Hayley, and Haleigh.

21. Harper (English origin) means "an occupational name for a harp player", also Harpur.

22. Isabella (Italian origin) means "pledge of God", can also be Isybella or Izabella.

23. Janiyah (American origin) means "God is gracious", also Janiya.

24. Kailey (Welsh origin) means "slender", also Kailee, Kayleigh, Kaylie, Kaelyn, and Kailyn.

25. Kalyn (English origin) means "pure" or "keeper of the keys", also Kailyn, Cailyn, Kaelynn, Kaelyn, Kailynn, Kaylen, Kaylynn, Kaylyn. Kailyn, Kaylen, Kaelyn.

26. Katelyn (Iris origin) means "pure beauty", also Kaitlyn, Katelynn, Caitlyn, and Kaitlin.

27. Madison (English origin) means 'son of Mathew", also Madisyn or Maddison.

28. Mai (Italian origin) means "ocean goddess", also Miya.

29. Natalie (French origin) means "Christmas day", can also be Natalee or Nathalie.

30. Olivia (English origin) means "olive tree", also Oliviah or Olivea.

31. Sophia (Greek origin) means "wisdom", also Sofiah, Sofia, or Sofiya.

32. Sylvia (Latin origin) means "forest", also Sylveeah and Sylvie.

Unique Boys' Names With Different Spellings

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These different spellings of names will set your baby boy apart from other boys with the same name. Did you know that Kalyn is the name with the most different spellings? Find more wonderful (and some weird!) name spellings for your baby boy in the list below.

33. Aiden (Irish origin) means "fiery one". Different ways to spell Aiden are Aidan, Aaden, Ayden, Aden, and Aiden.

34. Alexander (Greek origin) means "defender of the people", also spelled Alixander, Alekzander, or Aleksander.

35. Andrew (Greek origin) a popular name for boys, means "strong", can also be Andru.

36. Benjamin (Hebrew origin) means "son of the right hand", can also be Benjamen or Benjamyn.

37. Brendan (Irish origin) means "prince", can also be Brendon and Brenden.

38. Braelyn (Latin origin) means "primrose", also Braelynn.

39. Brayden (English origin) means "dweller near the broad valley", can also be Braiden, Bradyn, Braden, and Braeden.

40. Cameron (Scottish origin) means "crooked nose", can also be Kameron, Camryn, Camron, Camren, or Kamryn.

41. Colton (English origin) means "from the coal town", can also be Colten, Kolton, and Kolten.

42. Connor (Irish origin) means "lover of wolves", there are three different ways to spell Connor: Conor, Conner, and Konner.

43. Damian (Greek origin) means "to tame", also Damion and Damien.

44. Daniel (Hebrew origin) means "God is my judge", can also be Danial.

45. Dominic (Latin origin) means "belonging to God", also Dominick or Dominik.

46. Elijah (Hebrew origin) means "my God is Yahweh", also Elija.

47. Eric (Norse origin) means "ever ruler", also Erik and Erick.

48. Ethan (Hebrew origin) means "firm" or "strong", which can also be Ethyn or Ethen.

49. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) means "God is my strength", can also be Gabryel or Gabrial.

50. Gavin (English origin) means "white hawk" or "Godsend", also Gavyn.

51. Grayson (English origin) means "son of the grey-haired one", also Greyson and Graysen.

52. Gunner (Scandinavian origin) means "warrior", also Gunnar.

53. Jason (Greek origin) means "healer", can also be Jayson.

54. Jackson (American origin) means "son of Jack", can also be Jacksyn or Jaxon.

55. Jacob (Hebrew origin) means "seizing by the heel", also Jaycob and Jakob.

56. Jayden (Hebrew origin) means "thankful", can also be Jaiden, Jaden, Jaydon, and Jaeden.

57. John (Hebrew origin) means "God is gracious", also Jon or Johnn.

58. Joseph (Hebrew origin) means "He will add", also Josef or Jozeph.

59. Josiah (Hebrew origin) means "Jehovah has healed", also Joziah.

60. Liam (German origin) means "guardian", can also be Liahm.

61. Logan (Irish origin) means "descendant of the warrior", can also be Logyn or Logen.

62. Mason (English origin) means "one who works with stone", can also be Masen, Mayson, and Maison.

63. Nicholas (Greek origin) means "victory of the people", can also be Nicolas, Nikolas, and Nickolas.

64. Noah (Hebrew origin) means "rest", can also be Noa and Noaah.

65. Xavier (Spanish origin) means "new house", can also be Xzavier.

66. Zachary (Hebrew origin) means 'God remembers", can also be Zackary.

Unique Non-Binary Baby Names

Not every parent wants to know the sex of their child before the big day. If you are one such parent then a gender neutral name will allow you to pick a beautiful name before your baby is born.

These gender neutral baby names make great baby names regardless of whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl. This list has the best non-binary baby names that we hope you will like, each with a spelling twist for your new baby.

67. Billie (German origin) means "resolute protector", also Billy. Also, a character in the popular TV show 'Supernatural'.

68. Charlie (English origin) the baby name means "free person", can also be Charli or Charley.

69. Dakota (American origin) a popular name meaning "friendly", variants include Dakotah, Dakoda, Dacota, or Dacotah.

70. Eden (Hebrew origin) means "delight", can also be Eadin or Eaden, this baby name is among the most popular girl names.

71. Emery (English origin) the baby name means "work", can also be Emerie, Emmarie, or Emory.

72. Finley (Scottish origin) means "fair warrior", can be Finlay.

73. Haven (English origin) means "safe place", different spellings include Havin, Hayven, and Hayvin.

74. Hayden (English origin) means "heathen", can be Haiden.

75. Jalen (Greek origin) means "healer', can be Jaelyn.

76. Jaylen (Greek origin) means "healer", can also be Jaylin, Jaylon, and Jaylen.

77. Jordan (Hebrew origin) means "the river that flows between Israel", also Jordyn and Jorden.

78. Kendell (English origin) means "valley of the river Kent", can also be Kendalle, Kindle, Kendelle, Kendal, and Kendell.

79. Kyrie (Greek origin) means "Lord", can also be Kyra.

80. London (Latin origin) this name is the name of the capital city of England, it can also be spelt Lundin, Londen, and Lunden.

81. Mackenzie (Scottish origin) means "child of a wise ruler", can also be Mckenzi and Makenzie.

82. Marcus (Roman origin) the meaning of this name isn't quite known, it can also be spelt Marquis and Markus.

83. Marley (English origin) means "pleasant seaside meadow", can also be Marlee, Marly, and Marleigh.

84. Morgan (Welsh origin) means "sea chief", can also be Morgaine, Morgen, and Morgain.

85. Parker (French origin) means "keeper of the park". Parkour can be a variant.

86. Peyton (English origin) the baby means "Peaga's town", can also be Payten or Paityn.

87. Phoenix (Greek origin) means "bright red", can also be Feenyx, Pheonix, and Phenix.

88. Quincy (French origin) means "estate of the fifth son", can also be Quency, Quinsey, Quinsy, Quinzy, Quincy, and Quince.

89. Reese (Welsh origin) means "enthusiasm", can also be Rhys, Rees, Reace, and Reece.

90. Reign (English origin) means "rule", can also be Raine, Rayne, and Rain.

91. Remington (English origin) means "place on a riverbank", which can also be Remmington, Rimmington, and Rimington.

92. Riley (Irish origin) means "rye clearing", variants include Ryleigh, Rilee, and Rylee.

93. Rylan (English origin) means "island meadow", can be Ryland.

94. Sage (French origin) means "sensible" or "learned", can be Saige or Sayge.

95. Sawyer (English origin) the occupational name of someone who saws wood for a living, variants include Sawer, Sawier, and Sayer.

96. Skyler (Dutch origin) derived from the surname Schuyler, variants include Skylar, Skielar, Skyelar, and Schyler.

97. Sloan (Irish origin) means "warrior", can also be Slowan and Sloane.

98. Sterling (English origin) refers to the British currency of the, can be spelt Stirling.

99. Taylor (Latin origin) means "cutter", can be Tailor.

100. Zayn (Arabic origin) means "beautiful", the name Zain is a variant.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for these wonderful (and some weird!) ways to spell names, then you may also like this list of boy names ending in R, or for something different maybe you will pick one of these one syllable girl names.

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