100 Top Indonesian Last Names With Meanings

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Local honorifics are extremely prevalent throughout Indonesia and are commonly used in daily conversation.

Many multi-ethnic groups like the Chinese-Indonesians chose to retain their traditional surnames after migrating. This created an abundance of ethnically diverse family names in the Indonesian culture.

Indonesian citizens don't need to mandatorily divide their name into a first name and a family name, as most of the time the given name is considered a full name. Therefore many common Indonesian names are often treated as full personal names and many groups such as the Javanese, employ this strategy.

That's why a lot of South Asian last names are not included in local directories. Currently, Siti is the most common name in Indonesia.

If you are interested in learning more about different surnames, you can look at our other articles Indonesian Names and Vietnamese Last Names.

Here is a comprehensive list of Indonesian last names and meanings.

Popular Indonesian Last Names

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Here is a list of popular Indonesian last names.

1. Anwar meaning "more luminous". Anwar is used as a first name and a family name in Indonesian families that identify as Muslim.

2. Arifin meaning "saints". Many Indonesian surnames are derived from Sanskrit words, which has resulted in the creation of similar-sounding names in both languages.

3. Astuti meaning "subject of praise". Astuti is a popular surname used in Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, and Semara.

4. Batubara meaning "coal". Batubara is a surname that is relatively prominent in Indonesia.

5. Bayu meaning "wind". Many Indonesian surnames reference nature.

6. Bulan meaning "moon". Bulan is a popular Indonesian name used by many families in South Asia.

7. Chaniago meaning "commerce". Chaniago is an extremely well-known Malay family name. Hasril Chaniago is an Indonesian journalist.

8. Fauzi meaning "glory". Fauzi is a popular Indonesian surname.

9. Hadi meaning "guide". The surname Hadi can be found in people with various ethnic backgrounds like Hebrews, Arabs, Turks, and Persians.

10. Hidayat meaning "guidance". Hidayat is an example of a Malay surname with an Arabic origin. Taufik Hidayat is an Indonesian badminton player.

11. Kurniawan meaning "gift of God". If you're on the lookout for 'Indonesia surnames', Kurniawan is a good place to start as any.

12. Lestari meaning "abiding". If you're looking for popular Indonesian names often used as surnames, this is a great choice.

13. Marga meaning "group". Marga is a common Indonesian surname used in the Batak community.

14. Nugraha meaning "gift from God".

15. Piliang meaning "the deity".

16. Pratama meaning "first". Pratama is a popular Indonesian last name.

17. Rahayu meaning "greeting". Rahayu is the most common Javanese surnames.

18. Rahmawati meaning "merciful woman". Rahmawati is a surname example used by people in diverse ethnic groups.

19. Santoso meaning "peaceful". Santoso is an extremely common last name used in East Java.

20. Sari meaning "essence". Sari is the most common surname in Indonesia.

21. Setiawan meaning "loyal". Setiawan is the last name in Indonesian and Malay that refers to the loyalty between friends.

22. Sikumbang meaning "beetle". Sikumbang is an Indonesian last name

23. Sinaga meaning "the dragon". Sinaga is included in the list of common Indonesian last names.

24. Susanto meaning "soft". Susanto is a common surname used by Javanese families.

25. Tanjung meaning "headland". Tanjung is a family name based on Indonesian geography.

26. Wahyu meaning "revelation". Wahyu is a standard Indonesian last name.

27. Wati meaning "woman". Wati is a surname used prominently in Malay families.

28. Wibawa meaning "power". Many Indonesian surnames are derived from Sanskrit words with similar phonetic sounds.

29. Widodo meaning "healthy". Widodo is a surname used by Joko Widodo, the president of Indonesia.

30. Wijaya meaning "victory". Wijaya is a common family name used by Indonesian people.

Traditional Indonesian Last Names

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Here is a list of traditional Indonesian last names.

31. Agung meaning "large". Agung is one of Indonesia's most traditional last names.

32. Angkasa meaning "the sky". Angkasa is one name that can be used both as a family name and a first name.

33. Bakti meaning "filial piety". Bakti is one of the most common South Asian surnames since it is used ubiquitously in multiple countries such as Indonesia, India, and Malaysia.

34. Baskoro meaning "the sun".  Many families have the name Baskoro as their official last name.

35. Bintang meaning "star". Bintang is one of Indonesia's most popular last names.

36. Budiwata meaning "culture". This is a common South Asian surname that has various interpretations, specifically in Indonesia.

37. Cahya meaning "the light". Cahya is an example of a conventional last name.

38. Citra meaning "image". Citra is a name that is currently used both as a first name and a family name by different Indonesian ethnic groups.

39. Gerung meaning "growled".

40. Ginting meaning "unequal thread".

41. Guntur meaning "thunder". The name is also sometimes used as a first name for boys.

42. Hatta meaning "until". Hatta is an example of a conventional Indonesian family name.

43. Inten meaning "diamond".

44. Legi meaning "sweet". Legi is an example of a regular Indonesian family name.

45. Mentari meaning "the sun". Mentari is a prominent Indonesian surname.

46. Murni meaning "a pure soul". Murni is one name that can be used both as a family name and a first name.

47. Mustika meaning "magical stone". Many families chose the last name that is in line with their beliefs and spirituality.

48. Ndari meaning "full moon". Ndari is one name that can be used both as a family name and a first name.

49. Ningrum meaning "inside the soul".  Ningrum is a common family name used in Indonesia.

50. Pasaribu meaning "road". People who are searching for information related to traditional Indonesian family names can look at Pasaribu as a good example.

51. Persik meaning "peach".

52. Petiwi meaning "earth". Petiwi is a simple name used by many nuclear and joint families in Indonesia.

53. Siahaan meaning "eldest son". Siahaan is a family name used by various ethnic groups in Indonesia.

54. Sihombing meaning "son of Hombing".  

55. Sikumbang meaning "beetle".  Sikumbang is a good example of a traditional last name.

56. Sisingamaraja meaning "the great lion king".

57. Tanjung meaning "cape".  Tanjung is an example of a common Indonesian surname.

58. Tjay meaning "gift of God". Tjay is a prominent name in many Indonesian communities.

59. Utama meaning "prominent". Utama is one of Indonesia's most conventional last names.

60. Wening meaning "quiet".

Famous Indonesian Last Names

Here is a list of famous Indonesian last names.

61. Albar meaning "bright". Ahmad Albar is the founding member of an Indonesian rock band called God Bless.

62. Alwi meaning "follower of Ali". Des Alwi was a writer, historian, and diplomat from Indonesia.

63. Antara meaning "lovely Goddess".  Oka Antara is a Balinese actor.

64. Arwana meaning "dragon fish". Tukul Arwana is an Indonesian host and comedian.

65. Astria meaning "of the stars". Nicky Astria is a musician from Indonesia who began her career with the music label AMK records.

66. Azra meaning "maiden". Azyumardi Azra is a famous Muslim intellectual and member of the UNDEF (UN Democracy Fund).

67. Bachar meaning "full of joy". Carmit Bachar is an Indonesian-American model, singer, and dancer.

68. Bakrie meaning "starts work early". Aburizal Bakrie is a prominent Indonesian businessman and politician.

69. Bella meaning "beautiful". Lauday Bella, also called 'Bella',  is a pop sensation from Indonesia.

70. Chong meaning "hanging bell". Billy Chong is an actor and martial artist of Indonesian descent.

71. Datubara meaning "coal". Adam Malik Datubara was a notable journalist and Indonesian politician who held various esteemed positions in Indonesia, such as the position of vice president, foreign minister, and parliament speaker.

72. Dewi meaning "deity". Komala Dewi is a leading badminton player of Indonesian descent.

73. Dhani meaning "rich". Omar Dhani was an Indonesian Air Force commander.

74. Dimas meaning "leader". Angger Dimas is an Indonesian music producer, electronic musician, and DJ.

75. Endang meaning "quiet". Hetty Koes Endang is a traditional Indonesian singer.

76. Gunadi meaning "meaningful". Tania Gunadi is a Chinese-Indonesian producer and actress.

77. Hakim meaning "a judge". Christine Hakim is an Indonesian activist, film producer, and actress who grew up in a mixed-race family in Jambi.

78. Hartono meaning "wealth". Hartono is a common Chinese-Indonesian surname.

79. Harun meaning "strength". Donna Harun is a Dutch-Indonesian model and actress.

80. Iskan meaning "settlement." Dahlan Iskan was the CEO of various prominent Indonesian newspapers.

81. Ismail meaning "heard by God". Usmar Ismail was a well-known film director and pioneer of Indonesian cinema.

82. Karmela meaning "garden". Lala Karmela is a Filipino-Indonesian songwriter and singer.

83. Karno meaning "the warmth". Rano Karno is a politician and actor from Indonesia.

84. Latief meaning "elegant". Abdul Latief is the former Minister of Labor for Indonesia.

85. Lesmana meaning "foolish night". Indra Lesmana is a prolific jazz musician who was born in Indonesia.

86. Mekel meaning "similarity to God". Once Mekel is the former vocalist of an Indonesian pop band called 'Dewa 19'.

87. Munaf meaning "exalted". Sherina Munaf is an Indonesian songwriter who launched her first album at the age of 9.

88. Saleh meaning "righteous". Chaerul Saleh was Indonesia's vice prime minister during the Sukarno administration.

89. Sani meaning "brilliant". Asrul Sani was a screenwriter and poet from Indonesia.

90. Saphira meaning "beautiful gem". Nadia Saphira is a lawyer, model, and actress from Indonesia who starred in the rom-com 'Jomblo'.

91. Sarasvati meaning "possessing water". Isyana Sarasvati is an Indonesian songwriter who appeared in the '30 under 30' list by Forbes in 2020.

92. Slamet meaning "safety". Bing Slamet was a prolific singer, comedian, and songwriter who acted in more than a dozen films and TV productions.

93. Sondoro meaning "sound of gold". Sandhy Sondoro is an Indonesian artist best known for winning the 'New Wave' Contest in 2009.

94. Surya meaning "the sun". Yohanes Surya is the coach of the Indonesian Physics Olympiad team and a prominent physicist.

95. Tingting meaning "slim". Ayu Tingting is a famous Indonesian singer.

96. Utami meaning "principal". Trie Utami is a popular pianist and singer who was a part of the Indonesian band 'Krakatau'.

97. Uwais meaning "small wolf". Iko Uwais is a stuntman, martial artist, actor, and choreographer from Indonesia.

98. Wiradikarta meaning "mind". Djoehana Wiradikarta was a highly acclaimed professor of serology, microbiology, and medicine at two major Indonesian universities, the Bandung Institute of Technology and Padjadjara University.

99. Yeo meaning "river". Kuei Pin Yeo is an educator and pianist from Indonesia who was one of the first Indonesian recipients of a music doctorate.

100. Yue meaning "moon". Catalina Yue is a prominent businesswoman, actress, and producer of Indonesian ancestry.

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