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For the Wiccan and Pagan parents, gods, nature or even the elements are perfect Wiccan baby names or Pagan baby names inspirations.

Being Pagan means to be closer to nature, regardless of religious affiliations. Looking to the natural world for Pagan baby names can only bring positive associations.

Wicca and witchcraft sometimes mean the same thing. Choosing Wiccan baby names with a spiritual heritage and lots of symbolism, Wiccan beliefs combine Celtic, Norse and Shamanic systems into customs and rituals.

Witches practice magic, trying to bring harmony and peace between nature and themselves. Giving a Wiccan baby name to your child (or a Wiccan-inspired name) is a spiritual decision that has strong natural connotations.

Pagan and Wiccan Boy Names

Pagan baby names for boys can take inspiration from nature or the gods. Look at Celtic, Native American, Roman or Gaelic mythologies and find perfect Wiccan baby names for your child.

1.Achak - Native American origin, meaning "spirit."

2.Adonis - Greek god of beauty and desire, meaning "one who is extremely good looking."

3.Aiden/ Aidan - Celtic, meaning "little fire."

4.Ailill (AL yil)- Gaelic, meaning "elf."

5.Albus - Meaning "white" in Latin.

6.Alchem - Abbreviation of the word "alchemy."

7.Alun - Welsh, meaning "harmony."

8.Angus - Celtic god of wisdom, meaning "special" or "unique."

9.Astro - For your baby boy born under auspicious stars. Meaning "of the stars," Greek origin.

10.Bearach (BAR akh)- Gaelic, meaning "sharp."

11.Blade - A somewhat self-explanatory name for your child.

12.Brenin - Welsh, meaning "king."

13.Brion (BREE un) - Gaelic, meaning "noble."

14.Cadmun - Anglo-Saxon, meaning "warrior."

15.Caradoc - Welsh, meaning "dearly loved."

16.Caron - Welsh, meaning "loving."

17.Castor - One of the twins in the Gemini constellation.

18.Cedric - Celtic, meaning "bounty."

19.Cernunnos - Celtic god of life.

20.Chatan - Native American, meaning "hawk."

21.Cormac - Gaelic, meaning "son of charioteer."

22.Desmond - Irish, meaning "a knowledgeable man."

23.Dragomir - Slavic, meaning "something precious and peaceful."

24.Emrick - Welsh, meaning "immortal."

25.Evander - Greek, this version of the Gaelic name Iomhar (Ivor) means "good man."

26.Fergus - Pictish, meaning "strong and manly."

27.Fial (FEE ul) - Gaelic, meaning "honourable."

28.Finn - Irish, meaning "white, fair."

29.Fox - Sleek and cunning, Fox is a beautiful name for your baby boy.

30.Gawain - Defender of the weak in the Arthurian legends.

31.Gwydion - Welsh, meaning "born of trees."

32.Herne - English origin, god of the hunt.

33.Huritt - Native American, meaning "handsome."

34.Janus - Roman god of beginnings.

35.Jupiter - In Roman mythology, the King of the Gods, god of the sky and thunder.

36.Kegan - Irish, meaning "descendant of the fiery one."

37.Khonsu - Egyptian god of the moon, meaning "traveller."

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38.Lazarus - Hebrew, meaning "god is my help."

39.Leaf - A sweet name for a nature baby.

40.Leigh - Old English, meaning "wood dweller."

41.Llyr - A King in Celtic mythology, god of the sea.

42.Lumin - Latin, meaning "the light."

43.Lysander - A variant of Alexander, meaning "liberator."

44.Neptune - Roman god of the seas.

45.Nikan - Native American, meaning "my friend."

46.Oberon - King of the faeries, made famous by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

47.Omen - Prophecies at the ready. Omen is perfect for a Wiccan baby.

48.Pagan - Meaning "from the country."

49.Pan - Greek god of pasture, meaning "shepherd."

50.Percival - Knight of the Round Table, French origin, meaning "piercing the valley."

51.Pollux - The twin of Castor in the Gemini constellation. Meaning "crown."

52.Roane - Irish, meaning "red-haired."

53.Rowan - Celtic, meaning "a lush tree."

54.Sahale - Native American, meaning "falcon."

55.Stone - Conveys strength.

56.Takoda - Native American, meaning "friends to all."

57.Terrwyn - Welsh, meaning "brave."

58.Trevor - Irish, meaning "ambitious" or "prudent."

59.Ukko - Finnish god of the sky.

60.Varden - Celtic, meaning "from the green hill."

61.Wild - Unbridled, this name conveys everything natural and untamed.

Pagan and Wiccan Girl Names

Pagan girl names and Wiccan baby names can take inspiration from the wild or mythology. Look no further to find a witchy name for your little girl.

62.Aether - Primordial deity in Greek mythology.  The name means "upper regions of the air beyond the sky."

63.Aine - Irish, meaning "radiance."

64.Akasha - Indian, this name means "spiritual essence."

65.Alawa - Native American, meaning "pea."

66.Amaya - Arabic, meaning "night rain."

67.Amber - Gemstone.

68.Aradia - Tuscan moon divinity. A witch in the book Gospel of the Witches by Charles Leland.

69.Ariadne - Greek goddess of fertility.

70.Astral - Meaning "related to the stars."

71.Athena - Greek goddess of wisdom.

72.Aura - Latin, meaning "breath or wind."

73.Aures - Welsh, meaning "gold."

74.Aurora - Latin, meaning "dawn."

75.Autumn - Season.

76.Branwen - Welsh, meaning "beautiful."

77.Brigitte - French, meaning "strength."

78.Bronwen - Daughter of the Irish sea god Llyr.

79.Calliope - Musical instrument.

80.Celeste - Latin, Meaning "heavenly."

81.Ceridwen - Celtic divinity of poetry.

82.Crisiant - Welsh, meaning "like a crystal."

83.Daisy - Flower.

84.Demeter - Greek goddess of the harvest.

85.Devanna - Russian goddess of the hunt.

86.Ember - English, meaning "spark."

87.Ezrulie - Voodoo family of spirits associated with water and femininity.

88.Fae - Variation of Fay. Meaning "fairy."

89.Fianate (FEE uh nit) - Gaelic, meaning "wild creature" and the perfect name for a little witch.

90.Fiona - Scottish, this name means "fair."

91.Fionnula - Llyr's daughter in Irish mythology (sea god). She was a swan for 900 years.

92.Freya - Old Norse, meaning "lady."

93.Gaia - Greek, earth mother, divinity.

94.Galatea - Statue carved of ivory by Pygmalion who came to life in Greek mythology.

95.Galilahi - Native American, meaning "mother."

96.Glenys - Welsh, meaning "holy."

97.Glinda - Welsh, this name means "fair, good."

98.Grainne - Daughter of Cormac mac Airt (High King of Ireland) in Irish mythology.

99.Grian (GREE un) - Gaelic sun goddess.

100.Ionait (EE nit) - Gaelic, meaning "pure."

101.Iris - Flower.

102.Isaura - Greek, the name means "gentle breeze."

103.Jade - Gemstone.

104.Kali - Hindu divinity of time.

105.Kaida - Japanese, meaning "little dragon."

106.Larissa - Sea nymph in Greek mythology.

107.Liadan - Gaelic, this name means "grey lady."

108.Litha - Midsummer festival, summer solstice.

109.Luna - Latin, meaning "moon."

110.Mabon - Festival of the Autumn equinox.

111.Maeve - Irish, warrior queen. Meaning "intoxicating effect on others."

112.Mantra - Chants to induce trance and a fascinating name for a little witch.

113.Medea - Greek witch who descended from the gods. She fought her enemies with magic.

114.Morgana - French, meaning "a circle in the sea."

115.Nimue - Witch who steals Lancelot in the Arthurian legend. This name means "memory."

116.Ostara - Germanic, goddess of spring.

117.Persephone - Queen of the underworld in Greek mythology. Goddess of spring.

118.Raven - Bird, this name means "wise" or "dark-haired."

119.Rhan - Welsh, meaning "fate."

120.Rhea - Daughter of Gaia, the Greek divinity of Earth.

121.Rhiannon - Celtic moon goddess.

122.Roisin - Irish, meaning "little rose."

123.Rose - Flower.

124.Rosemary - Protection herb and a great name for your Pagan baby.

125.Rowena - English, meaning "slender and fair."

126.Ruby - Gemstone.

127.Saffron - Spice.

128.Sage - Someone with wisdom, or the herb.

129.Soleil - French, meaning "sun."

130.Solstice - Astronomical event.

131.Tablita - Native American, this name means "crown."

132.Thalia - Greek, meaning "to blossom."

133.Vesta - Greek divinity of the home and family.

134.Willow - Tree believed to have magical powers and a great name for a Pagan baby.

135.Winona - Native American, meaning "first daughter."

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Gender Neutral Names

These neutral Pagan baby names can work for a Wiccan baby of either gender.

136.Brynn - Welsh origin, this name means "hill."

137.Dancer - What could be more natural than dancing?

138.Echo - Nymph in Greek mythology.

139.Emerald - Gemstones are beautiful names for Pagan babies.

140.Forrest/ Forest - Go to the wood and get inspired by nature for your baby name.

141.Mage - Practitioner of magic.

142.Moon - The moon reflects the light of the sun at night. A perfect Pagan name.

143.Mountain - Nature is always a good place to look for baby names.

144.Mystic - A magical name for a baby boy or a baby girl.

145.Opal - Gemstone.

146.Rain - Refreshing and indispensable, Rain is a sweet name for a child.

147.Rainbow - All the colours are included in this name.

148.River - For your nature baby, River is a great name.

149.Scryer - All-seeing, to scry is to foretell the future.

150.Singer - You cannot have a dancer without a singer.

151.Sun - The sun is at the centre of our planetary system and the most important source of energy for Earth.

152.Topaz - Gemstone.

153.Weaver - Refers to weaving magic and is a great Pagan baby name.

154.Wind - Find inspiration in the natural movement of the air.

155.Wolf - Wild, Wolf is a name that conveys strength and freedom.

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