83 Zimbabwean Shona Names For Girls, Boys And Pets

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Be it a mother or sister, Shona baby names for girls are considered extremely beautiful. Check out some Shona names here.
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The Shonas are a group of people that live in Zimbabwe and Kenya.

This African tribe has a remarkable history and follows some amazing rituals. Shona baby names are chosen according to tradition, and they mainly honor Mother Nature, Gods, and natural elements like wind and water.

The simplicity of pronunciation, the number of words necessary per description, and the connection and likeness of the language to languages you can speak all influence fluently how quickly you learn a new language. Of course, you'll need commitment and excellent tools to learn more quickly.

Intercultural social engagement with individuals of various languages who share a common language like English to aid interpretation is another way to learn a new language rapidly.

Some of the popular meanings of Shona names are happy, togetherness, faith, smile, story, answer, hope, and happiness. After reading the popular Shona names, also check food baby names and Hindu baby boy names.

Shona Baby Names

Are you looking for the ideal Shona baby name? The following is a full list of Shona Baby girl/boy names. Find a name for your newborn or expecting baby that has meaning.

This is a comprehensive list of all Shona Baby names for girls and boys, including traditional, modern, and religious names and modern, trendy, popular, adorable, short, humorous, and sweet names that are simple to pronounce.

Anaishe, comes from the Shona word Anashe, which means 'one who is with God.' It's appropriate for both men and women, although it has a feminine ring.

Anatswanashe, is a difficult name popular a few generations ago. It means 'perfected by God.'

Aneni, has a magnificent tone to it without being overbearing. It means 'God is with me.'

Anenyasha, have a soft spot for this feminine and beautiful name. Anenyasha is a Sanskrit word that means ‘God is merciful.’

Anerudo, will appeal to you whether you use it as a first or last name. It may indicate 'he is love,' yet it is only used for females.

Anochengata, is virtually solely used in its homeland. So, if you want a foreign given name, go ahead and choose one. 'The Lord keeps,' says Anochengeta.

Anoona, is a lovely and unusual name that means 'God sees.' Anoona's nickname Anu would be adorable.

Danai, is one of the most potential Shona girl names in this brief yet powerful name. It means 'loving each other.'

Fadziso, means 'one who provides delight' in Shona. It is one of the unique baby names you will be happy to give to your baby.

Maita, expresses thankfulness for a successful outcome. Depending on the speaker's origin, it might be spelt Mazvita or Mayita. It is one of the popular baby names.

Tadiwanashe, meaning 'God has loved us' is a Shona name suitable for both girls and boys. It can be a pet version of Anesuishe for females and a short form of Isheanesu for guys.

Funny Shona Names

Another reason to believe that Africa produces something new every day is that there are funny names for Africans. It's also impossible to go through this singularity and come out unchanged.

You'll either come out with many ideas or a lot of heart, which are both wonderful for the soul. With that in mind, appreciate every moment you hear a hilarious African name without passing judgment on the person who bears it. Rather, honor the individual and make them feel at ease with the name.

Akashinga, is a good name for a boy who wants to serve the world and battle the terrible things that plague it. Akashinga is a Japanese word that means 'brave'.

Akudzwe, which means 'praise,' is a warm and charming name.

Ariko, which means 'he has mercy' is one of the rare names for a child.

Banga, is derived from the Shona language and means 'sword'. Charles Banga, an Ivorian footballer, would be its namesake.

Chatunga, if you want your child to grow up to be a powerful warrior, this name can be a good choice as it means 'fighter'.

Chenziri, means 'born on the road', mothers who experienced rapid labor may be attracted to this Shona name for their child.'

Chuma, which means 'wealth' is a form of Shona name for males in Zimbabwe, and it refers to the beads used to build necklaces and bracelets.

Davidzo, means 'response to a prayer' sounds similar to former David but has a completely distinct derivation.

Gamba, means 'warrior' is a popular given name in Shola culture.

Garai, is a Shona name that means 'settled'.

Hondo, means 'war' and is the name shared by a former cricketer from Zimbabwe, Douglas Hondo.

Itai, means 'keep doing what you're doing.'

Kundai, is a Shona name for girls that means 'to succeed.' An impressive baby name.

Kutenda, means 'to thank', it is another unisex Shona baby name, sounds more masculine. Kutenda is a Tendayi term of Shona origin.

Masimba, is a Shona name has a variety of meanings. However, most individuals believe it is most likely a plural for Simba, which means 'strength.' As a result, Masimba implies 'a lot of power.'

Miriro, Miriro is a Japanese word that means 'one who has been waiting. One of the popular baby names.

Mudiwa, Mudiwa is a lovely sounding name that means 'my affection.' One of the more unique names.

Mugabe, means 'the powerful one', as weakness has no place in this hard and terrible world.

Munesu, meaning 'God is inside us.' God is, indeed, within everyone. A popular given name.

Ropa, is a Shona word that means 'strong blooded woman'. Ropa is a female name of Shona origins.

Ropafadzo, means 'God's blessing,' which every baby is to their parents. It is one of the rare baby names.

Rudo, is a simple and wearable Shona newborn boy name that means 'love' in Shona.

Rufaro, Rufaro is a name that has a rustic feel to it and sounds like something a Southerner would wear. It also has a pleasant connotation (happiness).

Runako, is an abbreviation for Runakorwashe, which means 'beauty and virtue.'

Shohiwa, meaning 'respected one' is a popular given name.

Shona, meaning 'God is gracious', is one of the popular baby names.

Takudzwa, meaning 'we have been honored' is one of the rarely given names.

Tanaka, is not an average name, yet it is unmistakably gender-neutral.

Tinashe, means 'God is with us.' A great name for a baby born in Shona culture.

Tonderayi, means 'remembrance,' would be a lovely memorial to a loved one who has died.

Vimbo, is one of the few 'o' ending names with a lovely tone and appearance. It is one of the popular baby names that signify 'hope', trust,' or 'faith' in a child born in Shona culture.

Wataida, is a bold and contemporary choice for your boy while being a traditional name with a sense of Shona magnificence. It signifies 'the one you cared about.'

Zendaya, is a name derived from the Bantu language, which means 'to give gratitude.'

Zuva, is a gender-neutral African Bantu name that means 'day' and comes from Zimbabwe.

Every family in Shona culture looks for an interesting name meaning for a baby.

Unique Shona Baby Boy Names

Choosing a name for your infant is an exciting and significant process, but you may discover that selecting the ideal and distinctive name for your baby boy is a little more difficult than you imagined!  Here a list is given below for your perusal.

Farai, is a gender-neutral name of African, Bantu origin from Zimbabwe that means 'rejoice'.

Nyasha, is a Shona name from Zimbabwe whose meaning is God's mercy and favor.

Shingai, is a Shona name from Zimbabwe that means to be strong/to have strength, to endure.

Tamuka, means 'we've awakened' is a popular name to give to your baby.

Tauya, is an African word that signifies 'we have come'.

Tinotenda, is a Zimbabwean name that translates as 'Thank you'.

Tofara, is a name that conjures up images of rationality.

Tongai, is a Shona name that means 'ruler'.

Zimbabwe Shona Names

Here are some of the most popular Zimbabwe Shona names for you to select a great name with an interesting origin.

Chaipa, is a Shona name that means 'what has gone wrong.'

Kapomba, is a male name that means 'very old' in Shona.

Maiba , is an African word that means 'grave' (Shona).

Pasi, the meaning of the name Pasi in Shona is: Boy, the ground eats up, the earth is cruel.

Pirai, is of Zimbabwean origin and means 'appease the ancestors.' In a way, it's ancestor worship.

Rafara, is a Shona girl name that means love in a specific manner with individuality.

Sande, is a Shona girl's name that means 'Sunday.'

Sando, is a Shona girl's name means 'hammer.'

Sarai, is a Shona name that means 'stay behind.'

Shona, are Bantu people that live in Zimbabwe and a few adjacent countries.

Shona Names For Dogs

If coming up with a name for your puppy has proven difficult, know that you are not alone. Many people struggle to come up with the perfect nickname for their dog, which is natural; after all, you'll be calling your dog by that name for many years to come.

But you want one that makes you happy! Here are some of the best name choices along with the meaning for your perusal:

Arcturus, is Mashonaland West province's settlement

Bulawayo, is the city of Harare is Zimbabwe's second-biggest.

Chegutu, is a city in Chegutu's southern region. The town of Mashonaland West in the Mashonaland West Province.

Gweru, is a Zimbabwean city located in the country's centre.

Joram, is the 'Father of Zimbabwean Sculpture'.

Kwekwe, is a city in Zimbabwe's central region.

Limpopo, is a river, which flows through Zimbabwe.

Mutoko, is a tiny town in Zimbabwe's Mashonaland East region.

Nelson, Nelson Chamisa, a Zimbabwean politician, believes in the Zimbabwean region.

Rusapeo, is a town in Zimbabwe's east.

Sango, is a settlement located on the Mozambique-Zimbabwe border.

Tokwe, is a river in southern Zimbabwe.

Zave, is a hamlet in the province of Mashonaland West.

Biblical Shona Boy Names

Choose one of the traditional biblical shone names for boys if you want something that sounds familiar and feels wonderful. Here are some of the most interesting names related to the origin of the culture from Bible: -

Bvumai- means 'Admit'. This could be a code name for admitting to an adversary that you were wrong, that you were defeated, or that you committed the crime.

Chenjerai means 'to be cautious', be smart. One bearer of this name is Zimbabwean Freedom Fighter Chenjerai Hunzvi.

Chimurenga, is a Shona term that translates to 'revolutionary fight'. The Shona people of Zimbabwe speak the Shona language. This word is occasionally used as a surname.

Dzinashe, means 'It is with the Lord'. Dzinashe Machingura is a well-known bearer of this name.

Majaya, is a name usually given to the last child born in a family.

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