73 Tantalizing Breakfast Names From Around The World

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Every country has its own traditional culture for breakfast, which is an important meal.

Breakfast is tempting, after all, it is the first meal of the day. Popular and fancy name suggestions for breakfast foods are often found on restaurant menus.

Delicious breakfast foods require delightful names at a restaurant. The name of the breakfast food will reflect how tempting the dish is. It is significant to name your breakfast food rightly with a strong meaning. Stop searching, as here are some unique, fancy, and popular names for breakfast foods across countries.

Classic Breakfast Cereal Names

Cereal is a healthy breakfast food, and so is porridge with milk. Here are some classic and aesthetic names for one of the most popular breakfast foods across the country.

Alpha-Bits, also called Frosted Alpha-Bits from America and made by Post Foods, contains frosted alphabet-shaped multi-grain cereal bits.

Apple Jacks, are available in orange and green colors. Apple Jacks is often a family favorite American cereal.

Cap n Crunch Berries, are really good stuff. It is a berry-infused version that is miles ahead of the standard offering.

Chex, is derived from the checkerboard square logo of Ralston Purina, which owned the product line before General Mills.

Cookie Crisp, is a bowl of crunchy, mini-chocolate cookies, Cookie Crisp is the perfect way to start any morning, amongst the best ideas for breakfast foods.

Corn Flakes, or cornflakes are a breakfast cereal made from toasting flakes of corn (maize).

Corn Pops, comes in chocolate peanut butter pop and cinnamon corn pops. Mixed in milk, it is a ready-to-eat meal for breakfast.

Crazy Cow, cereal was somewhat of a novelty item that had an unusual trait. The round, multi-grain cereal pellets were coated with an excipient of a drink mix.

Crispy Critters, is a sweetened cereal made of oats, consisting of animal-shaped pieces, similar to animal crackers.

Froot Loops, are ring-shaped, fruit-flavored, and multi-colored cereal pieces from America. One of the most popular breakfast foods.

Home Fries, are an American breakfast food. It is a type of basic potato dish made of pan or skillet-fried chunks. You can eat fries with a brown bread sandwich.

Honey Comb, in 1995, Post Foods created an awesome little monster mascot by the name of Crazy Craving.

Kix, is an American cereal from General Mills, which is quite popular.

Lucky Charms, is a beautiful amalgamation of oat-based toast and different colored marshmallows in different shapes. Lucky Charms is one of the most popular cereal names.

Malt-O-Meal, was an American producer of breakfast cereals headquartered in Northfield, Minnesota.

Oatmeal, is a European dish, meaning the preparation of oats that have been dehusked, steamed, and flattened.

Shreddies, are a breakfast cereal first produced in Canada in 1939 by Nabisco. One of the more popular breakfast foods.

Waffle Crisp, is a sweet cereal with a combination of oat, corn, and wheat. You can eat it in a small waffle shape.

Weetabix, is a whole grain wheat breakfast cereal that tastes even better than biscuits.

Popular Mexican Breakfast Names

Here are some Mexican breakfast names that will keep you going throughout the day. All these are a must-try. 

Chilaquiles Rojos, is a fried tortilla with various sauces and dips. It is very famous because of its tempting fried taste.

Chilaquiles Verdes, is served with salsa verde, the spicy green tomato sauce made with onion, garlic, and chile.

Enchiladas Suizas, is made of corn tortillas filled with chicken and drizzled with spicy salsa verde.

Enfrijolada, is Mexican breakfast food. It is popular throughout Mexico due to its nutritive value and the availability of inexpensive ingredients.

Entomatadas Rellenas, de huevo is a variation of this breakfast using just egg whites.

Huevos Veracruzanos, is a specialty of the state of Veracruz. It offers different flavors.

Memelas are Antojito, (aka masa-based snacks) that hail from Oaxaca. It is a delicious dish for breakfast.

Menudo, is a popular breakfast in Mexico, particularly after a big tiring night. This is a must-have for breakfast.

Migas Con Huevos, is a crunchy Mexican brekkie that brings a twist with egg mix. It is a slight variation in the egg, which is very healthy and tasty for breakfast.

Molletes, is a treat that consists of healthy ingredients like cheese and beans. It is easy to make breakfast.

Nopales Con Huevo, is a traditional dish from Central Mexico, that consists of nopal cactus with eggs. Simple to make for breakfast.

Papadzules, are found in numerous restaurants and cantinas in the region. The breakfast food is frequently consumed for breakfast on the streets of Yucatan.

Pozole, Verde is a traditional Mexican soup. It is another great breakfast and an all-day treat.

Quesadilla, is a Mexican breakfast food consisting of a tortilla. Quesadillas also make a filling breakfast.

Tamal Y Atole, is tempting breakfast food. Add some chicken to make this one of the best breakfast foods.

Tamales, are mixed with cheese sauce and are made from a corn maze and steamed in a corn husk, tamales are a must-have breakfast treat.

Torta de Tamal, is a popular Mexican street food item that is usually consumed for breakfast, consisting of a soft bolillo roll filled with tamal.

Box with sandwich, cookies, nuts, fruits and avocado

Breakfast Pastry Names

There are various types of pastries worldwide. Here are some sweet and savory reference names that will leave you tempted to add them to their breakfast food.

Bagel, is a Poland dish. It is a baked bread dish with cheese and butter. You can also have a sausage along with it.

Boh Lao Bao, is a special breakfast dish from Hong Kong. It is served plain, with butter, and in slices.

Cornetto, is a French croissant and more like a cake. It is a beautiful combination of sweetness and croissant served with coffee and a sausage on the side.

Deblahs, are wonderful pastries from Tunisia. Delicate form and syrup flavor flower-shaped pastries are amazing.

Dutch Baby Pancake, is an American dish baked in an oven. It is relatively thicker than other pancakes and is an alternative for breakfast.

Ensaymada, is a Mallorcan dish. It is a buttery and sweet pastry with a sweet cheese topping. It is a healthy and soft breakfast dish.

Gyeran-ppang, is a sweet Korean dish. It is a perfect handheld breakfast snack. It is served with various toppings.

Hash, is a culinary dish from France. Hash is a great dish as it gives you an opportunity to use up leftovers. Hash is a must-have with some biscuits and hot coffee.

Idli, is an Indian dish, these fluffy white dishes are popular all over India. Easily made and less time-consuming.

Koeksister, is a South African delicacy served with sticky syrup and is known for its plaits. It has a sugar coating and is syrup-soaked from the inside.

Kolach, is a fruity pastry topped with cream.

Monkey Bread, is a popular breakfast pastry across the US, which is often accompanied by juice.

Pan Dulce, is a variety of sweet bread served with Pandaria and consumed widely in Mexico.

Pancake, is North American breakfast food. It is a flat cake served with whipped cream and some coffee.

Pastelitos, is sweet, creamy filled Cuban puffs in guava and cream cheese patelito.

Scones, are lightly sweetened pastries served with dried fruits, chocolate chips, and citrus zest.

Stroopwafels, from the Netherlands is a waffle served with caramel syrup. It’s a marvelous breakfast dish.

Tart, is a French dish, it is baked and consists of a filling over a pastry base with an open-top left uncovered.

Famous Breakfast Restaurant Names

Eating outside is a delicacy. Finding for new reference to visit? We got you covered. This section will highlight famous breakfast places and new name suggestions.

Another Breakfast, is a great name for an upcoming breakfast restaurant.

Big Muesli, is a good name for a restaurant that works from morning to night.

Breakfast Junction, is an interesting name idea that is self-explanatory.

Cafe Early, is one of the unique name ideas for a restaurant.

Coffee and Sandwich Shop, is one of the simple and straightforward breakfast restaurant names.

Coffee Eats, is amongst the funniest breakfast restaurant names.

Dawn Grub, is one of the fun name ideas for a breakfast restaurant.

Daybreak Diner, is a unique and catchy name for a restaurant that serves delicious breakfast food with hot coffee.

Federal Cafe, Barcelona, Spain. They bake amazing dishes and their specialty is baking. One must visit to try their muffins.

Jack’s Wife Freda, New York, NY, is certainly one of the healthiest spots. The food is a healthy mixture of two combinations, American breakfast, and Mediterranean breakfast.

Kepos Street Kitchen, Sydney, Australia. It has a great ambiance and vibe. One must visit here for a warm breakfast and a warm environment in the morning.

Maison Dandoy, Brussels, Belgium, Waffles were invented in Belgium. Waffles here are at another level.

Mama's On Washington Square, San Francisco is famous for omelets and for banana pancakes. Very quick service and they have provided lovely breakfast for years now.

Morito Hackney Road, London, United Kingdom, they use no preservatives and are famous for handmade breakfast. They offer delicious hand-made food.

Scrambled, is a playful name for a restaurant that serves great breakfast food in the morning.

Sunshine Eats, is a catchy name for a restaurant where you can eat all your favorite breakfast foods, like potatoes and eggs.

The Breakfast Place, is a simple name for a restaurant serving breakfast foods such as poached eggs with potatoes.

The Wolseley, Westminster, United Kingdom, is a famous English breakfast cafe that is very healthy and famous worldwide. The food served is of top-notch quality.

Waffles & Eggs, is one of the fun names for a place serving English breakfast for Americans.

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