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Before we start with bear nicknames, let's look at the word's origin.

The word bear has derived from the Middle English word 'Bere.' Bear is generally associated with a mixture of amusement and fear because of its large size, strength, and temper.

A Teddy Bear is always a perfect source of comfort and cuddling. A Teddy Bear's soft fur, the belly, those cute bear eyes, or that small bear button nose.

Whatever the reason, something magical and comfortable is there that only children can understand. Not only children, but at some point in our life, we all have cuddled with our teddy bears or other stuffed animals.

A teddy bear always represents our childhood days. That is one of the reasons why we want to name our child something related to bear. Did you know there are some famous bears? Some celebrities were named bear, like Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th American president, who was often called Teddy.

Keep reading and get some unique ideas for Teddy Bear names.

Funny Nicknames For Bear

We often call our loved ones by funny nicknames just for fun. Call your friends with these funny and cute nicknames. Check out these funny nicknames for bears and pick the one most suitable for your friend.

  • Beary Potter - In reference to the similar name of Harry Potter from the 'Harry Potter Series.
  • Bubbles - This is for a very talkative and bubbly friend.
  • Crazy Bearie - This is for a bear friend who is a little crazy and cute.
  • Foody Bear - This is for a bear friend who is always eating.
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy - Is for a friend who has tightly curled hairs.
  • Grumpy Bear - This is for a friend who is friendly but always complaining.
  • Gummi Bears - In reference to the character from the cartoon series 'The Adventure Of The Gummi Bears.'
  • Lazy Bear - This is for a bear friend who is very lazy but sweet.
  • Loyal Bear - This is for a bear loyal to everyone.
  • Paddington Bear - This is a fictional character from the 'Paddington Bear' series by Michael Bond.
  • Panda - In reference to an endemic animal, the panda bear is primarily found in China.
  • Pooh - In reference to the popular Disney cartoon character from 'Winnie The Pooh.'
  • Rawr - In reference to the sound of a bear.
  • Wonderheart Bear - This is for a friend who is friendly and kind-hearted.
  • Yogi Bear - In reference to the cartoon character from the 'Yogi Bear' series.

Common Nicknames For Bear

Here are some of the common nicknames for bears hand-picked for you. Select your favorite Bear names.

  • Bart - This is a Hebrew name that means furrow.
  • Brownie - Can be a good name for wild brown bears.
  • Buddy - Can be a common name for your kid.
  • Chocolate - This can be one of the bear names as it is also associated with the brown color bear.
  • Goldie - Can be a nickname for grizzly bear in reference to its Golden Color.
  • Hugsy - In reference to when kids hug their toy bear while sleeping.
  • Inky - Is something very dark, like ink.
  • Oreo - It is a dark brown color like a brown bear.
  • Paws - In reference to bear paws.
  • Pearl - Is associated with the white polar bear.
  • Polar - In reference to polar bears or white bears found in the Arctic Circle.
  • Stuffy - Is for the stuffed bear.
  • Ted - Can be a short name for Teddy.
  • Teddy Bear - This is a generic and cute nickname for someone named bear.

Cool Nicknames For Bear

You can also call your loved ones by cool pet names. Check out all these cool nicknames and pick your favorite bear nickname that matches the person's personality. Here you will find the best nicknames for bears.

  • Adalbert - Means noble bear.
  • Armel - Is for a bear prince.
  • Armelle - Refers to a bear princess or prince.
  • Arthur - In Celtic means bear.
  • Artis - Is another variant for bear.
  • Barrett - Means the strength of a bear.
  • Becky - This is a Hebrew name that means bind, enchantingly beautiful, or tie.
  • Benate - Is someone who has a brave personality like a bear.
  • Berne - Is someone who has a bold personality and strength like a bear.
  • Beverly - Is an Old English name that means a meadow of beavers.
  • Bianca - Is an Italian name that means fair or white.
  • Bjorn - Means bear.
  • Blake - Is an Old English name that refers to someone with black or dark-haired.
  • Braxton - This is an Old English name that means a badger.
  • Brenda - This is an Old English name that means a sword.
  • Brendan - For a bear who is a prince.
  • Calysta - Refers to a beautiful bear.
  • Eden - Means a delightful bear.
  • Espen - Means god bear.
  • Gerben - Means spear bear.
  • Humbert - Refers to a young warrior bear.
  • Koda - Refers to a little bear.
  • Oberon - Is another variant for noble bear.
  • Orsa - Is for a little she-bear.
  • Orson - Refers to bear cub.
  • Torben - Refers to thunder bear.
  • Ursel - Refers to a little male bear.
  • Ursula - Refers to a little female bear.
  • Vernados - Refers to the courage of a bear.

Cute Nicknames For Bear

Cute little nicknames are the names formed by attaching a word or two that can be given by the personality trait of the name bearer. Brainstorm your idea and pick the most suitable cute little nicknames for bears from here.

  • Bright Bear - This is a perfect nickname for a bear who has a bright personality.
  • Baby Bear - Can be a generic nickname for both boys and girls.
  • Baby Boo - Can be a cute nickname for little boys and girls.
  • Bear Prince - This can be a nickname for baby boys.
  • Boo-Boo - Is a fictional character and the best friend of Yogi Bear, an animated series.
  • Care Bears - In reference to a famous cartoon television show for kids. The show would feature colorful toy bears like Share Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Wish Bear.
  • Cheer-Bear - This is one of the bear names for a friend who has a cheerful personality.
  • Chubby - Is for a chubby and cute little both boy and girl.
  • Claws - Refer to bear claws.
  • Cuddly - Is for someone who likes to cuddle.
  • Cuddlebug - In reference to the cuddling of a teddy bear.
  • Cuddlesworth - Is for a cuddly bear.
  • Eddy Teddy - In Old English means Rich Guardian.
  • Fudge - This is a cute name for your kid who likes their brown bear.
  • Gentle Ben - Is a character from 'Gentle Ben.'
  • Grizzly Bear - In reference to the furry grizzly bear. Also, a character from the series, 'We Bare Bears.'
  • Honey Bear - This is for a child who likes to eat honey.
  • Koala - In reference to the Koala bear, which can be found in Australia.
  • Little Bear - Is for your little kid.
  • Lucky Bear - This is one of the bear names for a cheerful and happy kid.
  • Princess Bear - This is an excellent way to call your baby girl.
  • Marshmallow - Is for someone with a sweet tooth.
  • She Bear - Can be a cute nickname for your baby girl who likes to play with toy bears.
  • Snowball - Refers to a white teddy bear or the polar bear.
  • Snuggles - In reference to snuggling with a teddy bear.
  • Softy - Refers to the softness of a teddy bear.
  • Stuffed Bears - This is the perfect nickname for someone who likes to play with a stuffed bear and other stuffed animals.
  • Toy Bear - This is a perfect nickname for your kid who loves to play with their toy bear cub.
  • Tubby - Is a similar word to chubby. Tubby means someone cheerful.
  • Tuffy - Is for a bear who likes to eat toffee.
  • Twinkle - Refers to a bear's eyes that twinkle in the moonlight.

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