69 Aesthetic Names For All Your Favorite Things In Life

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Aesthetic names for girls and baby boys are extremely popular in present times.
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We have compiled a list of some of the best, cute, and cool aesthetic names for you. 

We all want to stand out and project ourselves as different from the crowd and naming our pets or business something different could be the best way to do so. In this world of digitization, having a unique name for your business could help you actually reach more people and spread awareness.

At the same time, people can recall your business’s name easily if it's aesthetically correct and unique. While naming our pets, we look for the most beautiful and meaningful names too as we want to connect with them deeply. Here are some ideas for such good aesthetic names that we have collected for you.

Aesthetic Dog Names

Dogs are not just like friends for many of us, they are like a part of our family and to find a name that suits them is challenging. So, we have collected a list of unique names which are cute, lovely, and different.

Alpaca is a type of animal with soft fur.

Bobo is a highly educated liberal that is non-uniform.

Chewbacca is a name from the ‘Star Wars’ movie.

Clapton is the name of a famous guitar player and a good name for your pooch.

Fergus (Scottish and Irish Origin) means ‘man of power or presence’.

Ginkgo (Chinese Origin) is a type of root or tree.

Kauri (New Zealand Origin) means a 'coniferous tree'.

Kite is something that flies and could be a good name for a happy dog.

Melvin (Irish Origin), meaning ‘chief’, can be a good name for the leader of the pack. 

Nacho (Mexican Origin) is a type of food that is eaten as a snack.

Noodle (Asian Origin) is a type of food with a slender strip of dry dough.

Pistol, meaning ‘someone who is energetic’, is a type of handgun as well.

Scooter is a type of vehicle as well as someone who keeps shuffling.

Socotra (Yemen Origin) means 'dragon tree'.

Taz (Tasmanian Origin) is also a cartoon character from ‘Looney Tunes’.

Violet (Latin Origin), meaning 'purple', is derived from the name Viola.

York (English Origin) is a popular surname in England and is derived from the name of a place called Yorkshire.

Aesthetic names for dogs can really add to their personality.

Aesthetic Cat Names

Our feline friends are constant companions and they have some strong personality traits. here are some names that will suit their personality perfectly.

Ajax (Greek Origin) is one of the Greek heroes of the Trojan war.

Atlas (Greek Origin) is the god who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders. 

Bagheera, meaning 'tiger-like', is a unique cat name for a cat that resembles a tiger.

Calvin is inspired by the comic strip 'Calvin and Hobbes'.

Cat Whisknet is after actress Kate Winslet who gets her name put through the cat pun meter.

Coco is short for coconut and a lovely name for a cute kitty of yours.

Fat Louie is the cat belonging to Anne Hathaway’s character in 'The Princess Diaries' (2001).

Fluffer Nutter is a  funny cat name inspired by a sandwich made of peanut butter and marshmallow crème.

Grigio is Italian for 'gray', and if you’re a wine drinker, you’ll dig this name too.

Indigo can refer to your Siamese cat’s lilac (violet)-tinged fur or those beautiful blue eyes.

Latte is the purrrfect name for coffee lovers.

Luna (Latin Origin) means the ‘moon goddess’.

Ruby (Latin Origin) is a name of a bright red colored gemstone. 

Twyla (American Origin), meaning ‘twilight’, is a cool name for a female cat. 

Zemira (Biblical Origin), meaning ‘a song, vine, or palm’, is a different kind of name for a pet kitty.

Cute Aesthetic Names for Your Business

Whether it be aesthetic Instagram names or aesthetic blog names, aesthetic business names have the power to make or break your business. Your business is like your baby too, and you want it to grow and prosper.

For this reason, we have come up with some of the most aesthetic business names that are easy to recall for your business ventures.

Allure Appeal could be the name of a young and budding fashion retail page on Instagram.

Big Cosmos could be a name for a department store.

Bigger Stones can be the name of a crystal dealer.

Botanic Beauty for a plant nursery. 

Cosmo Cure sounds good for a therapist’s firm.

Green Mint, a cool cafe with this name, could be an attractive place to be at. 

Healing Smile could be the name for a dentist’s clinic.

Pretty Bee for honey collecting company.

Purple Effect is probably a good name for anyone who loves the color.

Reveal Cosmetics sounds perfect for an environmentally-conscious brand. 

Spotless Beat is the perfect name for some type of cleaning company.

Taking Light could be the name of a photography studio or social media page.

Urban Archive can be the name of a men's wear shop. 

Wonder Layer can be a name for a clothing company.

Aesthetic Last Names

Be it baby names or names for girls, last names are like an identifying factor for our personality. Many times, you may have a great first name but not so great last one, which could dampen your identity. Here are some cool and aesthetic last names for you to choose from.

Aphelion (Greek origin) means 'point of the orbit at the greatest distance from the sun'.

Bain (French origin), meaning 'bath', sounds like a good last name.

Bread (English origin) means 'good grazing'. It will be fun to tell the real origin of the word bread. 

Dalloway (English origin), meaning 'dweller of the valley', is perfect for a person from the valley. 

Ditka (Czech origin), meaning 'important in war', is a weird one for people who like to fight.

Edevane (Welsh origin), meaning 'protector of prosperity', sounds like a rich people’s last name. 

Escoffier (French origin), meaning 'to dress up', is a good one for someone who sews.

Gow (Celtic origin), meaning 'who works with metal', is a cool last name.

Merrick (English origin), meaning 'fame rule', is a good one for people who want to rule.

Ogden (English origin), meaning 'oak valley', sounds like an interesting name for a family living in a valley.

Omega (Greek origin), meaning 'the end', is also the famous watchmakers. 

Prevost (French origin), meaning 'a chief', sounds similar to provost.

Tobin (Irish origin) is related to people who originated from Aubyn in France.

Villin (old English), meaning 'commoner', is a word very close to villain.

Aesthetic Baby Girl Names

You want your baby to girls have a great life and for that, you make many plans. One of the most important plans is identifying aesthetic baby names. Here are some suggestions from our side for your perusal. 

Auclair (French origin) means 'clear'. It can also be one of the cool names for girls.

Annabelle (English or Latin origin) also combines Hebrew and French words Anna and Belle that means ‘grace’ and ‘beauty’ respectively.

Aria (Hebrew or Italian origin), meaning ‘song’, ‘melody’ or ‘air’, is a special name. In the Albanian language, the name means ‘treasure’ or ‘gold’.

Gardenia, meaning ‘garden’s flower’, is surely a beautiful one.

Hollis (Anglo-Saxon origin) means ‘dweller of the holly tree’.

Juniper (Latin origin) means ‘evergreen and young’.

Lorelei (German origin), meaning ‘alluring’, is a beautiful name.

Milana (Czechoslovakian and Slavic origins), meaning ‘favored’, is derived from Milena.

 Oriana (Italian or Latin origin), meaning ‘dawn’, is a great name.

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