80+ African Queen Names From The Past, Present, & Mythology

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African women assumed a significant part throughout the entire existence of the landmass.

In the old world, Africa was home to a part of the world's best heads. Among those pioneers were sovereigns that drove their domains with precision and power.

Their power has left a perpetual blemish on history. This is a summary of Queens who have been regulated as queens in various countries (separate sovereigns for discrete countries). Included also are Pharaohs and Empresses, similarly to various titles in case of more unobtrusive states (Grand Duchess, Archduchess, Duchess, Princess, etc).

Ancient African Queens

14th century BC head of statuette of queen Tiy with feather crown in Egyptian Museum on September 2, 2015.

We have created the perfect list of ancient African queens.

1. Queen Aminatu, was Queen Bakwa Turunku's eldest daughter. The cavalry-trained Queen, known as a skilled military strategist, fought several wars.

2. Queen Idia, was the mother of Esigie.

3. Queen Nefertiti, was a queen of Egypt and the wife of King Akhenaton

4. Ndlovukati, is the Siswati title given to Eswatini's female monarch, almost equal to a Queen Mother in other nations.

5. Iyalode, Across most Yoruba traditional states, the Iyalode is a high-ranking female chieftain.

7. Queen Hangbe, ruled the Kingdom of Dahomey during the early 18th century.

9. Empress Taitu, was Ethiopia's strong queen and empress. She was an adept diplomat who played a significant role in stopping Italian imperialist plans for Ethiopia.

10. Queen Abla Pokou, was an Akan queen who lead her people from Ghana to the Ivory Coast and established the nation of Baoule.

11. Iyoba of Benin, or The Queen Mother was a significant person in Benin's Edo dynasty, which governed areas of West Africa for seven centuries.

12. Queen Calafia, was a medieval legend who commanded an army of Black women and rode gryphons.

13. Queen Nanny of the Maroons, an Obeah lady who was a leader of Maroon in Jamaica in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

14. Candace of Meroe, The name was derived from the inherited rank of the queen-mother of Meroe. Candace was a personal name given to the queen of Ethiopia by classical authors.

15. Queen Ranavalona, was of Merina descent and ruled Madagascar from 1788 to 1861, creating it into an independent state.

16. Queen Ririkumutima, was Queen Mother and a prominent political leader of Burundi.

17. Queen Makeda, a queen of Ethiopia, etched in history and legend, is said to have ruled Sheba.

18. Queen Idia, the wife of Oba Ozoluaand is renowned for playing a very key role in the rise and rule of Oba Esigie, her son.

19. Queen Muhumuja, Sovereign used extraordinary strength and intensity to fight colonialism in Uganda after the king passed on and her son was denied claim to the seat.

20. Queen Nzinga, fought for her kin in Ndongo while Portugal attacked the country.

21. Queen Njinga Mbandi, ruled over Ndongo and Matamba. After their father's death, she was noted for supporting her brother, Ngola Mbandi, in establishing himself as King.

22. Sarrounia Mangou,  a well-known queen in Niger, personifies Nigerians' resistance to French colonization in the late nineteenth century.

23. Queen Yargoje, ruled the Hausa kingdom in present-day Northwest Nigeria.

24. Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, was the first Black Queen of Great Britain.

26. Lovedu Rain Queen,  is said to bring rain via ceremonies and calls to her holy ancestors.

 27. Ahebi Ugabe, was the queen of Nigeria in the mid-1920s.

28. Erelu Kuti, is the sovereign mother of Lagos and is a title borne by the royal princess of the Lagos family.

29. Efunsetan, was a rich and persuasive lady that had piles of slaves, ranches, and subordinates.

30. Majaji, a great warrior queen of the Laovedu tribe.

African Queens From Myths & Legends

Audre, Adaliya, Alyssa, and Amber are some African girls' names. Below is the name of some famous queens of Africa.

31. Queen Moremi, a legendary Yoruba Queen, has helped liberate the Yoruba kingdom of Ife from the Ugbo Kingdom.

32. Candace Amanirenas of Meroe, is most popular as the sovereign who won ideal terms from Augustus Caesar.

33. Nubian Queen Amanitore, a famous queen in South Africa.

34. Queen Shanakdakhete of Meroe, an African warrior queen of African origin administered the Kingdom of Kush in old Nubia from 170 to 150 BC.

35. Nawidemak, was a queen in Africa of Kush who governed either right off the bat in the first century BC or first century AD. Popular princess in African culture.

36. Malegereabar, as a sovereign or Candace of Kush (cutting edge Sudan) from 266 to 283 CE.

37. Queen of Sheba, is a figure previously referenced in the Hebrew Bible. She is one of the popular black queens of Africa.

38. Berber Queen, al-Kahina bint Djarawa al-Zanat, African name for queen of Africa that is famous among kings and queens of Africa.

39. Amina Queen of Zaria, She ruled during the sixteenth century.

40. Candace Empress Of Ethiopia, popular African queens names in South Africa popular among African queens and kings.

41. Hatshepsut Queen Of Kemet, was the famous queen of Egypt.

42. Nefertari - Queen Of Kemet, likewise called Nefertari Meritmut, was an Egyptian princess of African origin.

43. Nehanda Mbuya Nehanda, also called Mbuya Nehanda was a svikiro, or soul mode of the Zezuru Shona individuals.

44. Amazon Queen Of Matamba, was Queen of the Ambundu Kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba, situated in present-day northern Angola.

45. Tiye -The Nubian Queen Of Kemet, a popular African name for a queen.

46. YAA Asantewa, Yaa Asantewaa was the sovereign mother of Ejisu and one of the popular black African queens in the Ashanti Empire.

47. Dzunginidini, Mother of the First Rain Queen and popular African warrior queen.

48. Maselewane Modjaji, Rain Queen I, was the main Rain Queen and famous queen in the African culture of the South African Balobedu clan. Maselekwane ruled from 1800 to 1854.

49. Masalandbo Modjaji, Rain Queen II, succeeded her mom Modjadji I to turn into the subsequent Rain Queen and she was one of the ancient queens in the history of Africa.

50. Khetoane Modjadji, Rain Queen III, turned into the third Rain Queen from the South African Balobedu faction of the South African Limpopo Province.

51. Makoma Modjadji, Rain Queen IV, was the fourth Rain Queen of the Balobedu faction of the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

52. Mokope Modjadji, Rain Queen V, was particularly customary in her capacity as Rain Queen.

53. Makobo Modjadji, Rain Queen VI, was the sixth in a line of the Balobedu group's Rain Queens. It is known that Makobo Modjadji had the power to control fogs and streams.

54. Dihya, drove a Berber protection from the incomparable Arab extension of Northwest Africa, which was then known as Numidia (advanced Algeria).

55. Madame Yoko, controlled the multitude of the fourteen clans of the Kpa Mende Confederacy, one of the biggest ancestral gatherings in Sierra Leone.

56. Menen Leben Amede, instructed her military and went about as official for her child Ali Alulus.

57. Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh, one of the queens under king Gizo.

58. Nehanda, was a priestess of the Mashona country of Zimbabwe.

59. Kassi, an Empressof Mali. She was the chief wife and paternal cousin of the Suleyman of Mali.

60. Nyabinghi, the 'concealed sovereign' battled to liberate Africans from English subjection and rule.

Modern African Queens

Queen mothers are leaders of Africa. Fari's African name means queen. Danica Barnard is the present queen of Africa. If you are looking for modern queen names, this is just the right list for you.

Golden crown on a velvet cushion on a deep red background with copy space.

61. Pabir queen, Sovereign queen mother who have likewise been recorded in the custom of the Pabir in northern Nigeria.

61. Dzugudini, an excellent girl of 'the renowned ruler Monomatapa,' was the establishing Rain Queen of the Lovedu.

62 Isadshi-Koseshi, battled as wildly as the men and warrior queen, contradicting intrusions of the Fulbe conquerers who assaulted the Nupe for steers and slaves, particularly ladies in the modern-day.

63. Swazi, is called by honorific titles, for example, 'Mother of the Country' and Indlovukati, 'Woman Elephant.'

64. Kandake - the empress of Ethiopia, Kandake was the name given by Europeans to any Queen or Empress of Ethiopia.

65. Aqualtune, was a princess of Kongo and warrior queen who drove a huge number of 10,000 in the Battle of Mbwila, where she was gotten.

66. Cleopatra VII, was a Hellenistic co-head of Egypt with her father and later with her spouse Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV.

67. Yennenga, was an unbelievable fighter woman gifted in lance and bow, considered by the Mossi individuals as the mother of their domain.

68. Arawelo, was an incredible old Somali sovereign. The sovereign challenged the gender roles of the time.

69. Efunroye Tinubu, was a ground-breaking named aristocrat in Colonial Nigeria. one of the popular queens of Nigeria.

70. Lozen, was a female boss and prophet of the Chihenne Chiricahua Apache.

71. Masalanabo, is to be crowned Queen Modjadji VII officially, in 2023, when she turns 18.

72. Mmanthatisi, during the early 19th century, was the leader of the Tlokwa people in southern Africa.

73. Queen Mucassa, was a legendary warrior and a Jaga queen.

74. Queen Turunku, was queen (Saranya) of Zazzau, the African word for queen. the enormous domain of the Hasau individuals that had appeared by 1050.

75. Mbande Zinga, was Queen of the Ambundu Kingdoms of Ndongo and Matamba situated in present-day northern Angola.

76. Llinga, a fighter sovereign of the Congo outfitted with ax, bow, and sharp edge combat the Portuguese in 1640.

77. Kaipkire, warrior, and leader of the Herero clan of southwest Africa in the eighteenth century drove her kin in fights against British slave brokers.

78. Nandi, was the warrior mother of Shaka Zulu. She fought slave merchants and prepared her child to be a champion.

79. Mantatisi, fighter sovereign of the Batlok was during 1800 struggled to spare her hereditary grounds during the fights between Shaka Zulu and Matiwane.

80. Zewditu, was the first female leader of an internationally recognized African country and the Ethiopian Empire's first empress pregnant.

81. Zipporah, is referenced in the Book of Exodus as the spouse of Moses, and the girl of Reuel and Jethro, the cleric and sovereign of Midian.


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