71 Awesome Cookie Names From Around The World

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Cookies are famous chewy and crunchy snacks and the best accompanist to hot beverages.

Cookies are everybody’s favorite sweet treat. Whether it’s Peppa pig or the Cookie Monster, no one can say no to this delicious goodness.

Cookies come in different shapes, flavors, and sizes. There are six different types of cookies, molded cookies, drop cookies, pressed cookies, refrigerator cookies, and rolled cookies.

All these cookies are delicious and unique in their own way. If your favorite cookie is Oreo, then you would be thrilled to know that it is the world’s favorite cookie. Oreo is one of the most loved ice cream flavors as well.

Everyone loves chocolate and there is no surprise that chocolate chip cookies are the most famous cookies in the world. Check out the list of cookies names below along with cookie business names ideas that you can choose from.

Girls Scout Cookie Names

These types of cookies are sold by going door to door or at cookie booths in schools. There are so many varieties of Girl Scouts Cookies. Check out the list below to know the popular cookie names.

Thin Mints Cookies (American Origin), meaning ‘mint cookie’, is a vegan flavor cookie. It has a chocolatey coating.

Caramel Delites (American Origin), meaning ‘caramel cookies’. These cookies have vanilla flavoring and coconut topping.

Di-si-dos (American Origin), meaning ‘peanut butter cookie’. This cookie has a filling of peanut butter between oatmeal cookies and this recipe belongs to Little Brownie Bakers company which officially bakes Girl Scouts Cookies.

Peanut Butter Patties (American Origin), meaning ‘peanut butter cookies'. These cookies have vanilla biscuit layered with peanut butter and is covered with chocolate.

Lemonades (American Origin), meaning ‘shortbread’, is a lemon icing flavored cookie baked by ABC Bakers company.

Trefoils (American Origin), meaning ‘shortbread’. This cookie was baked by Little Brownie Bakers company. It is a traditional Scottish biscuit that is baked with one part white sugar, two parts of butter, and three to four parts of wheat flour.

Girl’s Scout S’mores (American Origin), meaning ‘marshmallow cookies’. It is a cookie sandwich filled with chocolate and marshmallow. These cookies are baked by Little Brownie Bakers company.

Toffee Tastic (American Origin), meaning ‘toffee’, is a popular cookie flavor. These are glutton-free butter cookies made with butter, flour, sugar, and toffee filling.

Caramel Chocolate Chip (American Origin), meaning ‘chocolate chip’, is a classic chocolate chip cookie flavor that ABC Baker company bakes for Girl Scouts.

Lemon Ups (American Origin), meaning ‘lemon flavor’. This cookie has a crispy lemon flavor with a sweet glaze on one side.

Toast-Yay (American Origin), meaning ‘French cookies’, is a type of cookie inspired by French toast. These cookies are dipped in sweet tasty icing.

Apple Cinnamons (American Origin), meaning ‘cinnamon flavor’. These cookies were shaped like apples and had a cinnamon sugar flavor.

Cabana Cremes (American Origin), meaning ‘cream sandwich, is a vanilla flavor cookie sandwich that is served with vanilla creme and lemon cream.

Daisy Go Rounds (American Origin), meaning ‘daisy-shaped cookies’. These cookies were baked in cinnamon sugar flavor.

Echo (American Origin), meaning ‘reflection’, is a classic delicious dark chocolate flavored cookie with vanilla filling by the LBB company.

Granola (American Origin), meaning ‘breakfast cereal’. It is a type of rolled oatmeal cookie.

Ice Berry Pinatas (American Origin), meaning ‘jam cookies’. These sugar cookies have berry jam and icing in the center which makes this crunchy treat more delicious.

Strawberries and Creme (American Origin), meaning ‘strawberry cream’. This cookie sandwich has vanilla cream and delicious strawberry jam filling.

Scot-Teas (American Origin), meaning ‘scouts’, is a classic shortbread cookie flavor with sugar sprinkles.

Oxfords (American Origin), meaning ‘flavor name’, is a type of chocolate cookie that has a classic vanilla cream filling.

Thank You Berry Much (American Origin), meaning ‘berry flavor’, these cookies have chewy cranberry and crunchy rice crispies. This cookie flavor was introduced by the LBB company.

German Cookie Names

German has excelled in all expects of desserts. There are so many delicious rich German-flavor cookies and cakes that we can’t resist. Here are the names of must-try German cookies.

Lebkuchen cookies (German Origin), meaning ‘soft cookie’, are soft, chewy, and nutty cookies.

Vanillekipferl (German Origin), meaning ‘German vanilla crescent cookies’, are shaped like mini croissants.

German Hazelnut Cookies (German Origin), meaning ‘hazelnut flavor’, is a cookie with a buttery texture.

German Cinnamon star Christmas cookie (German Origin), meaning ‘cinnamon flavor’, this cookie is made with egg whites, powdered sugar, and almond flour.

Springerle (German Origin), meaning ‘Little Jumpers’, is a crispy and chewy cookie.

Spekulatius (German Origin), meaning ‘spice cookies’, is a type of shortcrust biscuit.

Heidesand (German Origin), meaning ‘heath sand’, are traditional German browned butter shortbread cookies.

German Marzipan cookies (German Origin), meaning ‘almond paste’, It is crisp on the outside and chewy on the center.

German Hazelnut Macaroons ( German Origin), meaning ‘sandwich’. Macaroons cookies are crisp on the outside and chewy from the inside.

Kipplens (German Origin), meaning ‘Pecan snowballs’, are soft delicious cookies that melt in the mouth in seconds.

Spritz cookies (German Origin), meaning ‘to squirt’, are soft texture, buttery sugar cookies.

Pfeffernusse (German Origin), meaning ‘pepper nut cookies’, these cookies are round sweetened with molasses and brown sugar.

Nussecken (German Origin), meaning ‘Nut Corners’. These types of cookies are made from shortbread layers and jams.

Dominosteine (German Origin), meaning ‘layered Christmas cookie’, is made with gingerbread and marzipan covered in chocolate.

Amish Sugar Cookies (German Origin), meaning ‘soft cookies’, are popular German cookies.

Angel Eyes (German Origin), meaning ‘shortbread cookies’, these types of cookies are filled with jam.

Spitzbuben (German Origin), meaning ‘Shortcrust pastry’, is a crispy cookie sandwich filled with a sweet jam.

German Chocolate Macaroons (German Origin), meaning ‘chocolate sandwich’, this cookie tastes like German chocolate cake.

Choco Crossies (German Origin), meaning ‘cork flake cakes’. This is a nonbaking type of cookie made from coconut, cornflakes, and chocolate.

Healthy oatmeal cookies with dates, nuts and flaxseed on a wooden board on a gray textured background, top view.

Cookie Business Names

Creative cookie names make customers curious about the taste of the cookie. People love trying out uniquely named food. Here are funny cookie names and ideas that you can consider for your delicious business.

Cookies and Company (English Origin), meaning ‘company of cookies’, is a simple and effective cookie business name.

Sweet Tooth (English Origin), meaning ‘fond of sweetness’, is a cool name for a cookie company.

Cookie Day (English Origin), meaning ‘day of cookie’, is one of the cute cookie names for dogs.

Vanilla Dreams (English Origin), meaning ‘dreaming about vanilla’. Vanilla is one of the most used ingredients in cookies making it a perfect name for the company.

Delicious Desire (English Origin), meaning ‘tasty wish’, is a creative cookie business name for selling Fortune cookies.

Cookie Monster (English Origin), meaning ‘monster that loves cookies’, is a funny name for the business.

Gingerbread Dough (English Origin), meaning ‘gingerbread’s dough’, is a good Business name.

Ginger Cakebar (English Origin), meaning ‘ginger cake slice’. It is a good name if your business bakes both cookies and cakes.

Crispy Business (English Origin), meaning ‘crispy cookies’, is a funny business name.

Ugly Cookies LLC (English Origin), meaning ‘cookies that look ugly’, is a creative business name.

Awesomeness (English Origin), meaning ‘good quality', is a good name for a cookie and cookie business.

Yummy Tummy Treats (English Origin), meaning ‘tasty treats’, is a cute cookie business name.

Chewy Cookie (English Origin), meaning ‘chewy biscuits’, is a good business name.

Sugar Daddy (English Origin), meaning ‘a generous benefactor of a cause, is indeed a unique and creative name for the dessert business.

Italian Cookie Names

There are so many traditional Italian cookies that people bake on Christmas. To know popular delicious Christmas cookie names, check out this list.

Musstazzola (Italian Origin), meaning ‘ancient sweet’, is a delicate pastry that is filled with semolina, almonds, cinnamon sugar, and honey. It is a traditional sweet Christmas treat.

Canestrelli di castagne (Italian Origin), meaning ‘little basket’, these cookies are made with chestnut flour and honey.

Masstazzola di riesi (Italian Origin), meaning ‘ancient treat’, is a traditional Christmas cookie. Its recipe includes whole wheat flour, cinnamon, sugar, almonds, and cloves.

Canestrelli Novesi (Italian Origin), meaning ‘little basket’, is a hard crunchy cookie that is baked with flour, olive oil, Gavi wine, sugar, and yeast and it is shaped like a ring.

Mandorlotti (Italian Origin), meaning ‘crispy biscuits’. For baking this cookie, we need flour, sugar, egg whites, and chopped almonds. Bake cookies until they turn crispy.

Esse di Raveo (Italian Origin), meaning ‘traditional cookie’, is an S shape cookie. For Baking these cookies we need butter, flour, sugar, eggs, and baking soda.

Cannestrelli Biellese (Italian Origin), meaning ‘wafers’, are thin chocolate cookie wafers with a layer of hazel-chocolate cream between them.

Amaretti (Italian Origin), meaning ‘soft biscuits’, are almond-flavored popular cookies from Italy.

Sospiri di Ozieri (Italian Origin), meaning ‘traditional sweets’. These types of cookies were baked during weddings. For baking this cookie, the recipe includes ingredients like sweet and bitter almonds, powdered sugar, and grated lemon zest.

Biscotti Del Lagaccio (Italian Origin), meaning ‘crunchy cookie-rusk’, is a famous type of biscotti that is baked with only flour, butter, yeast, and sugar. This cookie was known as double-baked biscuits in the beginning.

Biaxin (Italian Origin), meaning ‘golden yellow sweets’, is a classic cookie made from sugar and flour. Nowadays, this cookie is available in different types of flavors such as coffee, orange, chocolate to name a few.

Biacoli (Italian Origin), meaning ‘sea bass’, is named after their shape. This cookie is prepared with flour, butter, sugar, yeast, egg whites, and a ‘pinch of salt.

Tiliccas (Italian Origin), meaning ‘spiral cookie’, is a famous traditional cookie.

Ginetti (Italian Origin), meaning ‘round shape’, is a traditional Easter treat.

Biscotti Regina (Italian Origin), meaning ‘cookie-rusk’, is a type of cookie that is covered with sesame seeds.

Susamielli (Italian Origin), meaning ‘traditional Christmas cookies, this cookie’s dough is cut into strips and then turned into the letter ‘S’.

Zaletti (Italian Origin), meaning ‘yellow’. This cookie is traditionally made without sugar.

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