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The search for the perfect name for your western house can be tricky and lengthy.

You might want to draw inspiration from famous western horse names (such as the ones owned by John Wayne or Roy Rogers) or name your western horse something quirky and unique. Either way, we have a well-compiled list of western horse names that’ll bring your name search to a halt.

Your western horse might be majestic, funny, elegant, or powerful. No matter their personality, giving them a name that suits them the best is important.

Western horse name options can be easy to come across, but this ease also makes these names incredibly common and cliche. If you’ve got a beloved horse to name and are looking to give them a perfect name that suits their personality, Kidadl is your one-stop platform to end your search soon.

We’ve  compiled a list of over 100 best horse names for your western horse that will end your search. If you want some more inspiration why not look at mythical horse names and Native American horse names.

Female Western Horse Name List

Looking for horse names for mares? If you have a female cowboy western horse and are looking for a name for her, the process can be quite a pickle.

Here we have compiled a thorough list of names for mares from which you can pick one that suits your horse the best. Your search for the best names for mares finally concludes here!

1. Annabelle (English origin) meaning “favored grace”.

2. Annie (English origin) meaning “merciful” or “gracious”.

3. Babs (Greek origin) meaning “traveler from a foreign land”.

4. Bailey (Middle English origin) meaning “bailiff”.

5. Bella (Italian origin) meaning “beautiful”.

6. Bells (English origin) meaning “melodic ringing sound”.

7. Bess (Old English origin) meaning “God is my oath”.

8. Betsy (Old English origin) meaning “God is my oath”.

9. Blaze (Latin origin) meaning “stutter”.

10. Boots (Dutch origin) meaning “maker of boots” or “seller of boots”.

11. Candy (American origin) meaning “bright” or “sweet”.

12. Charlotte (French origin) meaning “petite” or “free person” or “little”.

13. Cheyenne (American origin) meaning “seizing by the heel”.

14. Cowgirl (American origin) meaning “country girl” or “southern girl”.

15. Crazy Alice (French origin) meaning “noble” or “kind”.

16. Dakota (Native American origin) meaning “the allies” or “friendly”.

17. Dawn (Old English origin) meaning “daybreak” or “light”.

18. Dolly (American origin) meaning “cute child” or “doll-like”.

19. Goldie (English origin) meaning “made of gold”.

20. Gypsy (English origin) meaning “a bohemian traveler”.

21. Jolene (American origin) meaning “God will increase”.

22. Justice (English origin) meaning “doing right by the law”.

23. Maybelle (English origin) meaning “lovable”.

24. Montana (Spanish origin) meaning “mountain” or “mountainous country”.

25. Morgan (Welsh origin) meaning “chief of the sea” or “captain” or “protector of the sea”.

26. Nevada (Spanish origin) meaning “snow-covered”.

27. Ollie (English origin) meaning “an army of elves”.

28. Pansy (American origin) meaning “a violet flower”.

29. Sierra (Spanish origin) meaning “mountain” or “groundedness” or “strength”.

30. Stormy (American origin) meaning “an impetuous nature” or “a violent and windy storm”.

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Male Western Horse Name List

Male horses are powerful, majestic, and superbly good-looking. If you are a cowboy looking to name your cowboy horse, look no further.

This list has meanings of all names of horses that are fun and fierce. We recommend horse names with a twist to give your horse an extra steely edge over other cowboy horses. We think these are some of the best western names for horses.

31. Amigo (Spanish or Latin origin) meaning “friend” or “to love”.

32. Amos (Hebrew origin) meaning “borne by God”.

33. Angus (Celtic origin) meaning “the one”.

34. Arrow (English origin) meaning “projectile fired from a bow”.

35. Bale (Old English origin) meaning “valley”.

36. Billy (German origin) meaning “resolute protector”.

37. Black Jack (English origin) meaning “God is gracious”.

38. Bourbon (European origin) meaning “to be hot” or “boiling hot”.

39. Buck (English origin) meaning “cowboy” or “deer”.

40. Carter (Irish or Scottish or English origin) meaning “transporter of goods by cart”.

41. Cash (English origin) meaning “maker of chests”.

42. Champion (Middle English origin) meaning “warrior” or “winner”.

43. Chico (Spanish origin) meaning “little boy” or “little child”.

44. Clyde (Greek origin) meaning “the keeper of keys”.

45. Cody (Gaelic origin) meaning “descendant of Cuidightheach”.

46. Colt (American origin) meaning “young or little horse”.

47. Copper (Roman origin) meaning “from the island of Cyprus”.

48. Dallas (Scottish or English origin) meaning “meadow” or “dwelling”.

49. Daniel (Hebrew origin) meaning “God is my judge”.

50. Denver (American origin) meaning “from the passage of the Danes”.

51. Diablo (Spanish origin) meaning “the devil” or “an evil person”.

52. Duke (American origin) meaning “the leader” or “the chief”.

53. Durango (French origin) meaning “strong” or “powerful”.

54. Eldorado (Spanish origin) meaning “the golden man”.

55. Hank (American origin) meaning “ruler of the home”.

56. Marshall (Old Scottish origin) meaning “love of horses”.

57. Major (Latin origin) meaning “better”.

58. Sunny (English origin) meaning “cheerful” or “belonging to the Sun”.

59. Tony (English origin) meaning “the priceless one”.

60. Wild Bill (German origin) meaning “resolute protector”.

Famous Western Horse Names

Drawing inspiration from famous horse names is an excellent way to find a horse name that’s unique and creative. Each and every horse name on this list is from famous TV shows, movies, or celebrities who have loved their western horses and named them incredibly fun names.

From John Wayne to Billy The Kid, these are some of the most famous horses ever. If you have a western horse in need of a name, this list is going to be your saving grace.

Little girl riding the horse

61. Allen’s Gold Zephyr, the original Trigger belonging to Roy Rogers. One of the unique horse names.

62. Bad Jim, the famous horse belonging to Billy The Kid.

63. Banner, a famous horse belonging to the Hollywood movie star, John Wayne.

64. Buster, belonging to the famous American actor, film director, composer, and producer, Clint Eastwood.

65. Buttermilk, the buckskin Quarter horse belonging to the world-famous cowgirl, Dale Evans.

66. Duke, John Wayne’s most famous horse in Hollywood movies.

67. Dynamite, the majestic and fierce horse belonging to the fictional legend, Zorro.

68. Falcon, belonging to the famous American Olympic swimmer Clarence Linden Crabbe II, famously known as Buster Crabbe.

69. Feather, belonging to the famous western movies star, Allan Lane.

70. Flash, belonging to the American Western singer, Eddie Dean, also referred to as the ‘best cowboy singer of all time’.

71. Henry, another one of John Wayne’s famous horses.

72. Koko, the flaxen liver chestnut belonging to the "the Arizona Cowboy" star, Rex Allen.

73. Lightning, the wonder horse belonging to the popular western American movie star, Tim Holt.

74. Little Trigger, the famous Roy Rogers’ horse.

75. Old Blue, the original horse belonging to the famous cowboy star, Tom Mix.

76. Old Dollar, the 17-year old movie horse belonging to John Wayne.

77. Old Thunder, belonging to Gregory Peck and starred in the American epic Western film, The Big Country.

78. Phantom, Roy Rogers’ beloved horse that became a Hollywood superstar.

79. Rusty, the majestic and fierce horse in the 1941 movie Wanderers of the West, belonging to Tom Keene.

80. Sheikh, belonging to the singing cowboy of the 1930s, Sykes Smith Ballew.

81. Silver, the majestic white horse famously known for The Lone Ranger.

82. Silver Cloud, the majestic horse belonging to Hardy Murphy.

83. Sonny, Wild Bill Elliott’s famous horse.

84. Stardust, the popular horse belonging to the American stage, screen, and television actor, Gene Barry.

85. Tex, the famous and majestic horse belonging to Daniel Reed.

86. Trigger, a majestic horse owned by Roy Rogers who also named his other horses with Trigger as inspiration.

87. Trigger Junior, one of the most famous horses owned by Roy Rogers.

88. Whisky, belonging to Kirk Douglas.

89. White Flash, belonging to the American star Tex Ritter.

90. Zip Cochise, a horse who was owned by John Wayne and was an Appaloosa style.

Creative Western Horse Names

When it comes to finding names for your horse, especially western horse names, it can get very difficult to find something that’s unique and creative. You want to avoid naming your beloved horse something that thousands of others have already named their own horses.

A creative name sets your western horse apart from all others and helps you really bring out the personality of the horse. Your search for such unique names is over with this extensive list of creative western horse names with their meanings.

91. Arizona, meaning “the good oak tree”. This western name suits your sturdy and wise horse very well.

92. Belle, meaning “the beautiful one”. A perfect choice for your elegant and sweet mare.

93. Curly, meaning “full of curls” or “locks of hair”. A great name for your sweet female western horse.

94. Danny, meaning “God is my judge”. This name is very suitable for a strong and majestic male horse.

95. Emmett, meaning “all-containing strength” or “universe”. One of the best names for your powerful beast.

96. Fanny, meaning “the free one”. The perfect name for the cowboy horse who refuses to get tamed.

97. Gomez, meaning “man” or “son”. A good name for your beloved little male horse. One of the best names you'll find.

98. Hampton, meaning “from the village by the town”. A popular name for the horse who loves his home.

99. Ingrid, meaning “fair” or “beautiful”. Name your beautiful female horse this name and watch her shine.

100. Jolly, meaning “happy” or “cheerful”. Got a horse that’s always happy and smiling? Name it Jolly!

101. Krusty, meaning “a foolish fellow”. Perfect for your horse who’s hilarious and funny.

102. Larry, meaning “crowned with laurels”. Want your silly little western horse to win all life? Name them Larry.

103. Maggie, meaning “a beautiful and pristine pearl”. Nothing suits your female horse better than a name that’s so beautiful and simple.

104. Nathan, meaning “gift of God”. Got a horse that’s superbly beloved to your heart? The name ‘Nathan’ will suit him perfectly.

105. Oliver, meaning “the olive tree”. An excellent name for yellow or brown colored horses that are sweet and docile.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. From war horse names to show horse names to western horse names, we’ve got excellent recommendations for all.

If you liked our suggestions for Western Horse Names, then why not take a look at something different like American boy names or cow names. There are loads of fun and unique name ideas in all of these articles for you to enjoy and maybe even choose from!

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