63 Car Club Names For Racing Fans

Oluniyi Akande
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Originally Published on May 11, 2022
Fact-checked by Vikhaash Sundararaj
Some funny car club names are Generals of Motor, Piston Rods, Stick Shifters, Stanger Stable, and extortionate obsessions.

Planning to start a community to share your love for cars with other automobile fans, but can’t think of a good car club name?

A good name should reflect the vibes of your club. A perfect name would help you build a community of people who have similar tastes.

A club is a great way to make connections, meet new people, and grow your knowledge and passion for things you are interested in. Having a car club would give you the opportunity to share your views about automobiles with the right people.

If you want to have your own famous and expensive car club like ‘Classic Car Club Manhattan’ or ‘Club Sportiva’, but can’t think of a cool name.

You should not worry much about that. To make your work easier, here is a list of badass car club names for you. From funny car club names to cool car club names, this car club name list below has it all. Claim these good car club names right now before they get taken away.

Cool Car Club Names

Having an obsession with automobiles is a cool thing on its own. It is only natural to go with car club names that reflect this coolness.

Hence while choosing your car club name, you should opt for cool names. Some popular name options are Beyond City Limits, Clubbin On Wheels, Islanders Motor Sports, Savage Lowriders, Kool Kids Club, and several others. Read the list below to find out cool car club names for your car club.

Back Alley Bullies (American Origin), meaning ‘back street bullies’, is a savage name for a car club.

Break Dancers (American Origin), meaning ‘Acrobatic style of street dancing. If you want your club to have an interesting name, go with the ‘Break Dancers’.

Broken Studs (American Origin), meaning ‘Part of the motor vehicle’, is a cool car club name.

Cemetery Gates (American Origin), meaning ‘Graveyard’, is a badass name for a club.

Creeping Death (American Origin), meaning ‘scary end’, is a badass name for a racing car club.

Criminally Insane (American Origin), meaning ‘illicit and crazy’, is another savage name idea for a car club.

Death Car Club (American Origin), meaning ‘to die’. The death car club is the coolest name for the club.

Drag Queens (American Origin), meaning ‘exaggeration’. You should name your car club Drag Queens, it sounds cool.

Dumb Shifts (American Origin), meaning ‘silent’. Dumb Shifts would make a good name for your car club.

Fast and Furious Club (American Origin), meaning ‘wild’. We can’t forget fast and furious while talking about cars.

Ghetto Knowbodies (American Origin), meaning ‘minority’, is a wordplay with nobody. Ghetto Knowbodies is a cool name idea.

Knight Drivers (American Origin), meaning ‘horseman’. Knight Drivers is a punny car club name.

Kool Kids Club (American Origin), meaning ‘cool kids’, name that clearly states who can join this car club.

Midnight Runners (American Origin), meaning ‘racing in night’. If you like going on drives at night, then Midnight Runner is a perfect name for your car club.

Piston Slap (American Origin), meaning ‘part of a motor’, makes a cool car club name.

Rising Sun Chasers (American Origin), meaning ‘dawn chaser’, perfect name for a racing car club.

Shift Heads (American Origin), meaning ‘gear change’, is a cool car club name.

Silver Foxes (American Origin), meaning ‘attractive’. Silver Foxes is a cool car club name.

Skeletons of Society (American Origin), meaning ‘rigid framework of organization’, is a good choice for a car club name.

Smokin Axles (American Origin), meaning ‘shaft’. Smokin Axles is a perfect name for fast car clubs.

Speed Demons (American Origin), meaning ‘speed monsters’. Speed Demons makes a cool name for a racing car club name.

Stick Shifters (American Origin) Stick Shifter is a famous car club name idea.

Team Sweaty (American Origin), meaning ‘clammy’, is a cool car club team name.

Twisted Torque (American Origin), meaning ‘force’, is a good car club name.

Wrong Fitment Crew (American Origin), meaning ‘misfits’, a cool car club name.

Funny Car Club Names

Clubs are for spending a good time together with friends while talking about the things that bring us joy. Having a funny car club name would make more people curious to join your car club. Some naming ideas are Latin Lowriders, Muddy Trailers, Midnight Runners, Import Assassins, and Stanger Stable. Check out the funny names for your car club.

Burnt Rubber (American Origin), meaning ‘blazed tires’. No one can guess Burnt Rubber is a racing car club without becoming its member first.

Busted (American Origin), meaning ‘deranged or shattered’. Choose, a cool name for your car club and call it ‘busted’.

Clubbin On Wheels (American Origin), meaning ‘partying in car’. You should name your car club Clubbin on the wheel if you like to party.

Crank Stronkers (American Origin), meaning ‘crazy and humorous’. Crank Stronkers is an among car club name ideas list.

Cross Dressing Steers (American Origin ), meaning ‘direct’, is a funny car club name.

Mid America Muscle (American Origin), meaning ‘slice of America’, is another funny name option to choose from.

Mother Truckers (American Origin), meaning ‘lorry driver’. Mother Truckers club name will make people laugh.

Pist and Broke (American Origin), meaning ‘pee’, is a funny car club name idea.

Scoop Heads (American Origin), meaning ‘current important information’, is a funny name for a car club.

Sissy Strutters (American Origin), meaning ‘swagger’, Sissy Strutters would make a unique funny car club name.

Slow and Spurious (American Origin), meaning ‘illegitimate’. Slow and Spurious is a funny take on a popular movie name.

Sticks Car Club (American Origin), meaning ‘twig’. Sticks Car Club is a funny name for a car club.

Selecting cool car club names is important for the success of your car club.

Lowrider Car Cub Names

If you like specific types of cars and want to build a community to discuss such cars.  Then having a car club name that gives people a clear impression of what it is about should be your priority. Check out such interesting names for your car clubs. 

Automophiles (American Origin), meaning ‘a car enthusiast’, is a good name for your car club.

Car Ramrod (American Origin), meaning ‘a weapon’, is a cool and precise name for a car club.

Club Overkill (American Origin), meaning ‘excessive use’, is a good name for a car club.

Distorted Illusion (American Origin), meaning ‘strange vision’, makes a perfect lowrider car club name.

Generals of Motors (American Origin), meaning ‘basics of cars’, is a classy name.

Iron Maidens (American Origin), meaning ‘Iron Frame’. Iron Maidens makes a perfect car club name.

Latin Lowriders (American Origin), meaning ‘ Latins who drive lowriders. Latin Lowrider is an elegant name for a car club.

Muddy Trailers (American Origin), meaning ‘dirty open cart’. Muddy Trailer is an interesting name.

Phantom Lords (American Origin), meaning ‘spirit-peer’. Phantom Lords is a good Lowrider car club name.

Push Rods (American Origin), meaning ‘to Drive’, makes a good car club name.

Road Blocks (American Origin), meaning ‘a barricade’, you should name your car club ‘Road Blocks’.

Rusty Badges (American Origin), meaning ‘out of practice’. Rusty Badges would make a good car club name.

Savage Lowriders (American Origin), meaning ‘a savage lowrider’. If you want a badass name for your Lowrider car club, Savage Lowriders should be your first choice.

Street Dreams (American Origin), meaning ‘dreams of being on streets’. Street Dreams is a wordplay with sweet dreams and is a good car club name.

Import Car Club Names

Import cars have their own fandom. These cars are awesome and we understand why you would want to start a club for import cars. Read this list of car club name ideas that you can consider for your own car club.

Angel Rust (American Origin), meaning ‘heavenly body’. Angel rust is a good name for a car club.

Beyond City Limits (American Origin), meaning ‘out of league’. Beyond City Limits is a cool name for import cars club.

Blue Enigma cc (American Origin), meaning ‘mystery’, gives such a strong impression.

Car Group (American Origin), meaning ‘Group that deals with cars’. Car Group is a simple name and does the job perfectly.

Extortionate Obsession (American Origin), meaning ‘Expensive Hobby’. Extortionate Obsession car club name would leave a strong impression.

Import Assasins (American Origin), meaning ‘Executioner’. Import Assassin is a badass name for your car club.

Irish Car Bombs (American Origin), meaning ‘Irish Cars’, is a unique name for a car club.

Islanders Motors Sports (American Origin), meaning ‘water motors’, is a good club name for people who are into water sports.

San Diego Shifters (American Origin), meaning ‘gearshift’, is a good car club name.

Speedwagon Cruisers (American Origin), meaning ‘light motor truck’. If you want your club to have a unique name, you should name your racing car club ‘speedwagon cruisers’.

Stranger Stable (American Origin), meaning ‘new and sturdy’. Stranger Stable is a rare name for a car club.

Tokyo Drifters (American Origin), meaning ‘drivers of Tokyo’, is a cool Import car club name.

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