61 Catchy Cleaning Business Names To Help Your Company Shine

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Originally Published on Jun 07, 2022
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Cute house cleaning business names and window cleaning business names require some serious brainstorming.

Today's world is all about business and their brand name.

With an array of new business ideas, the number of entrepreneurs are also growing in the market. Appealing businesses with catchy brand names grow and attract consumers.

A business runs because of many factors, such as good products, effective marketing, smart branding, and quality. Similarly, a good business name is also a big contributing factor to the success of a business. A good name attracts customers and generates curiosity among them to see, test, and buy products.

If you are thinking of starting a cleaning business, your first task is to look for a perfect name for your company and do effective branding. Then go for marketing and quality. Assure top-notch quality because only then customers will come back to you.

Your name attracts consumers so choose a very appealing name.

Here is a list of names of cleaning companies that you can choose from.

Catchy Cleaning Business Names

Check Maid Cleaning is a great name for a maid business that can make any space dream clean with all dust being swept away by the cleaning fairies.

Dirty Cleaning Service is a cleaning service provided to clean homes. That is why this name is suitable for a home cleaning business.

Dust to Clean is a smart and attractive name for a cleaning service.

Extreme Cleaning Maid is a simple yet catchy name. It simply suggests that the company cleans any kind of a mess.

House Cleaning is an innovative name for house cleaners and house cleaning services providers.

Magic Maids Team is one of the unique cleaning business names striving to deliver a clean home.

Maids in Blue is a catchy name for a cleaning company. Like Men in Black, maids in blue can be cleaning heroes striving for extreme clean services.

Neat Freaks is a catchy and modern society name, with a fresh and clean conscience.

Spotless Cleaning is a simple and catchy name, it literally means that the cleaning will be spotless and all dust will be swept away.

The Hygiene Machine name is very attractive for a cleaning company because of its innovative and unique fusion.

Twinkle Clean is a catchy name that increases curiosity. Why would a cleaning company name itself Twinkle? Well everyone can have their conclusions, one such conclusion can be that the company cleans so good that the surfaces twinkle.

Two Men and A Bucket is catchy and very attractive. The concept is that two men will come and clean your house or office. Hence, it is an attractive and innovative name.

Clever Cleaning Business Names

Clever ideas need clever names. If your cleaning business is very innovative with clever ideas to clean the houses and offices, then here are a few clever name options for your business to attract customers.

Here is a list of clever cleaning business names:

Clean Break Maid Brigade, like a fire brigade saves us from fire and related hazards, similarly a maid brigade will save us from cleaning hazards.

Dust Shine Magic Maids is a house cleaning business that provides all types of cleaning services, which can be interpreted from this name.

Final Touch is one of the most interesting cleaning business name ideas.

Grime Busters is a simple yet clever name It simply means sweeping dust from houses or offices.

Maid in Heaven, maids are hard to find these days and if you find one, you feel like you are in heaven. Hence, the name Maid in Heaven, which is a clever and amazing name for a cleaning company.

Neat 'n' Tidy is a simple name, which means that all the rooms will be neat and tidy after cleaning. It is a very clever name for a cleaning company.

Perfectly Clean Team, it has no deep meaning but simply means that fresh cleaning services for diamond shine rooms will be provided.

Superior vacuums, if you wish to provide vacuuming services then this name is the perfect name for the company.

The Clean Sweep means a one-sided victory in the game. But in cleaning, sweeping means wiping away dust and dirt. This name will be a perfect meaningful name.

The Cleaning Trust shows that the trust consumers will put in your company is what you value. This name will be perfect for branding as it will show that customers can trust your cleaning services.

The Complete Cleaning Service is a simple name with a simple meaning, complete cleaning of rooms, walls, and bathrooms will be provided.

True Shine Sparkling Homes, sparkle means 'to shine', showing that after cleaning, all the surfaces will shine. It is a very attractive name.

Business owners need the frequent cleaning services for office and they look for professional cleaning companies and services providers.

Creative Cleaning Business Names

Creativity is the key to every business. If your business is creative and innovative, customers will definitely come. The same goes with the names, if your company name is creative, it will attract consumer to try your product or service you are providing.

Here is a list of creative cleaning business names.

Beyond Beauty because when everything is clean and organized, it looks beautiful. This is why naming beyond beauty can be effective marketing and branding strategy.

Brooms and Roses, cleaning services use brooms and even place roses in vases, that is why you can have this creative name for your all-service cleaning company.

Crystal Clear Magiclean is an integration of two words, magic and clean. A great cleaning business name.

Dirt Devils Dust Busters, like daredevils, cleaners are also risking their health in order to provide services. So, having a company name Dirt Devils will attract consumers.

Freedom Clean Co, if you want to provide mopping services this name is an amazing choice.

Fresh Doctor Cleaner, like there is a doctor for serving diseases, the doctor cleaner will serve people with cleaning services. An interesting cleaning business name.

Just Shine Time is an effective name for a company that wants to give all types of cleaning services.

Moms on the Go, moms have to spend a lot of time cleaning everything. So, if you are focusing on moms, then this name will attract them as they will be free from cleaning and can focus on other activities.

Mr. Sparkling Clean is a simple, creative, and effective name. It is one of the interesting cleaning business name ideas.

Save your stress, cleaning is a big stress for everyone but if you appoint someone to do the cleaning for you, then it becomes stress-free. That is why this name is effective.

Super Maids Shine Time is similar to the name Sparkling Time. A great business name choice for a cleaning service.

Twinkle Time Cleaning Maid is a creative cleaning service name. One of the unique cleaning business name ideas for a maid service.

Commercial Cleaning Business Names

If you want to start a commercial company and outsource your cleaning services, then you will need to have a proper professional and commercial name for your company.

Here is a list of commercial cleaning business names.

Alpha Cleaning Services, alpha is the first letter so, it will imply your that your company is the first and the best cleaning service provider.

Best Clean Queen, a simple name with a simple meaning.

Classic Cleaning is a simple, commercial name for a cleaning company.

Clean Theory is a simple yet interesting name for a peachy clean team.

Cleaning Clean Right Hand, as right hand is used for a person who is always by your side and provides you emergency service. So, a maid service can be your Cleaning Clean Right Hand.

Crystal Clear Solution, a complete service provider can name his company with this.

Do the Right Cleaning, as the right cleaning service will always be provided. So this name will be effective.

Insideout Peacy Clean, for a full cleaning service inside the house and outside the house. Therefore, Insideout is an appropriate name.

Pro-Clean Dust Busters is indeed an interesting cleaning business name.

Rent a Maid is a simple name that means 'renting a maid' for services.

Spiffy Clean Maid, a maid works at home for you and does the job.

The Butler Did It is an amazing name, a butler is a serviceman at big mansions who provides services to the master. This is a similar concept so this name suits.

White Glove is an innovative name, a maid will wear gloves while cleaning so white glove a cleaning service will be a good name.

Carpet Cleaning Business Names

Truth be told, carpets are most challenging to clean because they come in different materials and have varied restrictions based on a type of material. So a carpet cleaning business is a great choice. But it needs a clever and attractive name.

Here is a list of carpet cleaning business names.

Carpet Cleaning 911: 911 is always an emergency contact so why not inspire by it. It is an emergency contact for carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Crew is a very interesting name for the company.

Carpet Dust Bunnies is an interesting name for a carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Humans is a great choice for naming your business.

Carpet Masters is a simple and attractive name that requires no brainstorming.

Carpet Parlour for grooming carpets.

Clean Carpets Professional isa simple name for a carpet cleaning company that cleans all kinds of carpets.

Dr. Carpet is similar to the name Dr Cleaner, this can be a carpet cleaner doctor to sweep clean all the carpet problems.

Dusty Might Carpet Care is a simple name for a carpet cleaning company that means to clean carpet and other related objects to spotless condition.

Lemon Fresh Rug Remedy, as remedy means therapy and treatment, so a rug remedy is rug treatment and cleaning.

Rug Flux is a simple and innovative name that you are free to choose.

Sweep Carpet Guy is a simple name example for a company cleaning all kinds of carpets.

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